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Car Magic: Rituals, Charms and Tips to Make Your Ride Magical

Spend a lot of time in the car? I don’t know about you but I spend quite a bit of time in my vehicle transporting kids and going from point a. to point b. If you have a long commute to work or live out of your car, here’s our tried and true car magic, rituals and charms to make your ride an enchanting one!

1. Car Magic: Spirit Communication

Your car is made up of energy. To some people, our cars even have a soul or consciousness. Either way, why not start a good relationship with your vehicle? Have you named your car or truck? Have you talked to your car or truck? My vehicle has a magical name and he is rather pleased with it. Name your car and tell it what its name is. Talk to it daily like it can hear you. Maybe it can! If anything, it makes your car rides more enjoyable.

2. Magical Car Charms

Something I’ve done for many years is craft a protection bag for my vehicle. Mine is simple to make and takes 2 things: a small sachet or bag and a couple pinches of dried wormwood. Wormwood is traditionally used for protection in one’s travels. I replenish the wormwood once every 3-6 months. You can substitute with any herb you feel has protective qualities and add protective stones, too! In addition, hanging sun catchers or protective charms on your rearview mirror is a great way to add magic to your car!

3. Divination As Car Magic

First of all, safety comes first! Don’t attempt any form of divination or car magic while driving if it distracts you from the road! Now that we’ve got that out of the way, another magical thing I enjoy doing while in my vehicle is impromptu divination. A couple things you can try while sitting at a stoplight, stuck in traffic, or in the school’s car circle include:

  • Cloud scrying: gaze up at the clouds and see what patterns they are taking. Are they giving you a message?
  • License plate scrying: notice the license plates around you. Are there numbers or letters that recur? Are there bumper stickers that seem to be screaming a particular message at you?
  • Oracle or Tarot: ONLY do this when you’re at a complete stop, waiting in a parking lot, etc. I like to keep a deck of cards in my car for impromptu divination sessions when I’m waiting on my kids, etc. Spread the cards on the dash, on the passenger’s side, OR choose one card from the deck

4. Meditation and Music

YES you can meditate in your car. NO you shouldn’t try this while driving! Again, if you’re sitting in the car waiting on a family member, try listening to some relaxing music OR try a ten minute guided meditation. If you want to do simple car magic WHILE driving, listen to magical music. Something that transports you to another time and place yet still keeps you focused on the task at hand – driving. I prefer listening to my own playlist I’ve made with witchy songs OR listening to Celtic or Native American music.

5. Mini Car Cleansing Rituals

Doing miniature cleansing rituals in your car is rewarding and makes your vehicle feel that much more like YOUR sanctuary! Keep a small bundle of herbs for smudging in your glovebox. Take it out and smudge your car once a month or when you feel like there’s pent-up energy. OR keep it in your car to smudge yourself before coming home from a particularly stressful day at work.

6. Car Protection Visualization

While parked OR before a big road trip, try this car protection visualization technique:

  1. Visualize (imagine) a white light starting underneath your vehicle.
  2. With your mind’s eye, watch the white light creep up over the hood and over the roof reaching down and back around to where it started at the bottom of your vehicle.
  3. Then watch as another white light starts at the bottom of your vehicle and envelopes the right side, up over the roof, down the left side and ends underneath your vehicle again.
  4. Keep this image of a white light bubble enveloping your vehicle in your mind’s eye for as long as you’d like (I usually try at least 5 minutes).
  5. Then state “this impenetrable bubble of white light protects and defends my vehicle and all who ride in it. So be it.”

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