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Sacred Mother Goddess Dedication Ritual

Sometimes the Mother Goddess beckons us. Some of us may heed that call and dedicate ourselves entirely in her honor. What does it mean to dedicate oneself to a god or goddess? It means to pledge our time, effort, and service in that god or goddess’ name. Dedication is different from initiation but similar in ways. In this article, we share an intimate, sacred Mother Goddess dedication ritual to our Bella Donna Members Only.

Goddess Dedication Ritual

What You’ll Need:

  • An offering for the Goddess: incense, herbs, or flowers
  • A white candle
  • Multiple candles (for lighting purposes)
  • Clean, white clothing
  • Coconut oil (or other skin-safe oil for anointing the body)
  • A quiet place where you won’t be disturbed
  • Music to alter your state of mind

How to Perform the Goddess Dedication Ritual:

  1. Cleanse yourself and your space beforehand (smudge/cleanse your space and take a ritual bath/shower). Put on loose, comfortable clothing.
  2. Turn down the lights, light some candles and turn on some relaxing, meditative music OR nature sounds.
  3. Breathe slowly and purposefully. Now is your time to relax and get into an altered state of mind.
  4. Gather all your tools, offerings, and white clothing to be placed in the circle with you.
  5. Cast your circle or lay your compass. Mark your magical boundaries at this time.
  6. Once ready, light the white candle and say, “Mother Goddess, I come to you as your humble child. I am your daughter/son and seek to connect deeply with you this evening. I invite you to my circle in light and love.”
  7. Now present your offering to the Mother Goddess. If it’s incense, now’s the time to light the incense. If it’s herbs or flowers, present the offering by holding it up to the North. State, “Mother Goddess, I give you this offering out of respect and gratitude and reverence. I come to you in awe of your beauty and power on this Earth. Please accept this gift of pure love and admiration.”
  8. Close your eyes and really think about the ritual you’re about to perform.
  9. With oil in hand, start at the top of your head and anoint the crown of your head. Say, “I come to dedicate myself to you wholly. In body, mind, and spirit. I dedicate the crown of my head to you, that I may connect with your Divinity and accept your light and love.”
  10. Next, anoint your third eye and say, “I dedicate my third eye to you, that I may see what you see. Both beauty and darkness. This realm and the next.”
  11. Anoint your mouth and throat and say, “I dedicate my mouth and throat to you, Mother Goddess, that I may speak your truth when it is necessary. That my words may serve you and humanity. That I may speak up for myself in times of darkness. That I may speak your light in this world.”
  12. Take more oil and anoint your chest, “I dedicate my heart to you. That I may love you and the Earth and all its creatures. That I may share your love with those in need.”
  13. Next, anoint your solar plexus and say, “I dedicate myself, my confidence, self-esteem, and body to you. Pledge to care for the body you’ve given me. I reject the notion that I am not good enough because I am good enough. I AM a child of the Mother Goddess. Forever and always.”
  14. Anoint your sacral chakra and say, “I dedicate my sexuality to your purpose. I will use my sexual energy wisely. I create my own reality and may I birth forth ideas inspired by your creation.”
  15. Next anoint your root chakra and say, “I ground myself in your holy name, Mother Goddess. May my roots mingle and mix with yours. May I learn how to heal and protect myself with the power of your creation.”
  16. Last, anoint your knees and feet and say, “Lastly, I dedicate my path to you. I will walk the path of the Mother Goddess, treading lightly on this planet until the day these lungs cease to breathe. Forever and always. So mote it be.”
  17. Stand and bask in the glory of the moment. Feel the Mother Goddess’ love all around you. Feel her nurturing presence.
  18. Now, undress and put on your clean, white clothing. This represents purity and seals your dedication to the Mother Goddess.
  19. Release the circle. Ground and center.
  20. Place any leftover offerings on your altar for the goddess.
  21. Don’t drink alcohol or do drugs for the rest of the night. This would negate the purity of your ritual.

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