Advice for Beginner Witches: First Steps to Becoming a Witch

First Steps to Becoming a Witch: Advice for Beginner Witches

New Witch? Confused? Read our advice for beginner witches. Often when people come to witchcraft they say they’ve “come home”. Which you would think would make the craft easy right off the bat. But in reality, it can be confusing. There’s a TON of information out there on the craft that wasn’t around when I was growing up. Sometimes there’s so much information that it becomes a daunting task to figure out what the first steps to becoming a witch even are. Let me reassure you – witchcraft is like being new to anything else: you have to study it, then practice it, and eventually it’ll come as second nature. It’s also about learning to tap into your intuition.

First, Let’s Define Witchcraft

When I first came home to the craft, witchcraft was considered a religion – pure and simple. It also went hand-in-hand with Wicca, and most people used the two terms interchangeably (Wiccan and Witch). Since the resurgence of interest in metaphysics, alternative healing, and witchcraft in the new millennium, the definition of witchcraft seems to have changed. Others will tell you witchcraft ISN’T a religion that it’s a magical practice. Some witches are adamant that it is a religion. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide whether you call it your religion or a practice. If I was to define it, I would say witchcraft is a way of life. It’s both belief and practice and lifestyle, all rolled into one.

Beginner witches should start by reading all they can get their hands on!
Time to crack open the books, beginner witches!

1. First Step to Becoming a Witch: Read and Study!

First of all, if you come to me and ask me where to start in witchcraft the answer will almost always be this: what have you studied? If you answer “nothing”, then this is the first step. I’ve seen many beginner witches ask for advice online, they’re told to read this or that book, and they don’t like the advice given to them. How does one expect to learn if one doesn’t want to put any effort into studying the topic?

Endless Resources for the Beginner Witch

There are literally hundreds of books on witchcraft. Here’s a few places you can find them: online through Amazon and other book sellers, thrift stores, book stores, and even in your local library. If you can’t get a hold of books, the biggest resource at your fingertips is – THE INTERNET. It’s simple, google the “first steps to becoming a witch” and there will be a plethora of websites on witchcraft basics. Google “how to do a witchcraft ritual” or “how to cast a circle”, etc. Technically, you don’t have to purchase a thing! A great website for older texts and free books of shadows, grimoires, mythology, and more is

Write the basics down.

What do you already know about witchcraft? Do you know the phases of the moon? Any scientific facts about the sun? What about the historical and natural sites in your area? Record all of the things you feel is pertinent to your witchy path. Then once you’ve read more of the basics, write them down too. Study them. When you know enough of the basics, then move on to practicing. Keep in mind, even though you might feel comfortable with the basics, you will never know all there is to know about witchcraft. The topic is so broad and so old (dating back thousands of years), that it would take multiple lifetimes to learn all there is to know about the craft. As witches, we know there is always room for growth and wisdom. And more lifetimes to come.

First steps to becoming a witch is studying, the second is practicing.
Choose a form of divination to study.

2. Practice, Practice, Practice

You’ve got a good grip on the basics, the next first steps to becoming a witch include actually practicing. Before you cast your first spell or perform a ritual, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I know how to raise energy in order to manifest this spell?
  • Do I know how to cast and release a circle? Or protect myself otherwise?
  • Why do I want to practice this ritual or cast this spell?
  • Do I understand the potential consequences of this practice if by chance the spell backfires or the ritual brings in unwanted energy?
  • Do I know how to banish that unwanted energy? Or unwanted spirits?
  • Am I practicing witchcraft because I am genuinely drawn to it or simply to put a spell on someone? (If the answer to this is a yes, I’m not discouraging you from making magick. I am simply urging you to evaluate your true desire to be a witch.)
  • Have I dabbled in different types of witchcraft to figure out what I like?

Your first spell…

My first suggestion is to practice a pre-written spell. I know there are some who disagree with me, but it is my advice. There are some wonderful spells in Cunningham’s Earth Magic books, as well as in Judika Illes’ Encyclopedia of 5000 spells. Keep the spell simple: don’t choose a spell that requires elaborate ingredients or more than a few steps. You’re practicing, not performing for a crowd. Go easy on yourself then pump up the volume when you’ve mastered the basics. Record your spell steps, intention, timing, and the results (whether good, bad, or indifferent). Once you’ve tried a few pre-written spells, then move on to writing your own. You’ll find that it will come as second nature to you. Sometimes you’ll even learn to do a spell in the moment. Without research…based solely on your intuition and Spirit’s guidance.

Simple Magic to Practice for Beginner Witches

Sometimes you’ll get the whim to cast a spell that requires little to no preparation and little ingredients. For instance, magic can be as simple as sweeping the negative energy out of your home with a broom! Weave magic into cooking: use herbs for specific reasons or draw symbols on your food. As you grow and familiarize yourself with the unique energies of the craft, move up the ladder of elaborate and difficult spells. Try different things. Don’t be scared to try new spells and rituals. I also highly recommend making your own tools and spell ingredients, if you have the means. Just like with everything else in life, there’s going to be trial and error. The more you do with your hands and use your mind and energy, the more adept you will become.

Otherworldly Oracle’s Resources for Beginners:

Beginner witches should seek a deep connection with nature.
Seeking a connection with nature is the MOST important step to becoming a witch.

3. Seek Connection With Nature

One of the most important steps to becoming a witch is to connect with nature. A connection with nature is essential. Connect with the Earth: plant a garden, walk barefoot, go for nature walks, pick up litter, support animal rescues. Commune with Air: feel the breeze in your hair, visit the top of a mountain, practice deep breathing, open the windows, collect feathers, watch the birds. Connect with Fire: have a bonfire, light a candle each day, follow your passions in life, eat spicy and hot foods, sunbathe. Connect with Water: go for a swim, take an herbal bath, put a small water fountain in your home, keep a dream journal, learn how to scry with a mirror or water source, make moon water.

The Importance of Learning the 4 Elements

I’ve seen witches online say they don’t use the elements in their practice. Everything in and around us comes from the elements. Are you practicing candle magic? Fire. Are you doing an uncrossing bath? Water. I could go on and on. The point is – when you’ve communed with Mother Earth, you will notice a change in your witchcraft. In the way you feel physically, too. Witches are close to nature and work with nature daily, because they know everything comes from the Earth and everything returns to the Earth. Your body, mind and soul will begin to align with the seasons, moon phases, and the eco-system where you live. THIS makes you a powerful witch!

First steps to becoming a witch include learning energy harnessing & manipulation.

4. Focus on Energy

The basis of witchcraft is about harnessing and manipulating energy to bring about change in the witch’s environment and life. So one of the first steps to becoming a witch is learning all about energy. Everything is made of energy and energy never stops moving. Visualization and meditation will teach you to focus your mental and emotional energy on an intention. Practice energy manipulation – there’s wonderful videos on YouTube and resources online on this topic. Work with crystals and simply try to tune into their unique energies, etc. Learn the various ways to raise energy for a spell: dancing, drumming, chanting, singing, visualization, praying, etc. For a spell to manifest, it must be sent into the ether. You can’t send your intentions into the ether without generating enough energy to break the barrier between mundane and spiritual.

5. Connection With Ancestors

Part of the first steps to becoming a witch is to connect with your ancestors. I say it’s part of the first steps, but truly many witches find this part optional. The choice is yours. But I will tell you this – even when I feel no connection to a god or goddess, I ALWAYS feel my ancestors’ presence. Your ancestors are important in the craft because their blood pumps through you. Thousands upon thousands of people came together to make you. Some people say looking into one’s heritage is pointless, but I am here to tell you that your ancestors provide powerful magic and protection. All you have to do is reach out to them. They’ve been here for you your whole life and will continue to be. Every witch has his or her own assigned ancestral guides that will be particularly active in your practice.

Ancestor Prayer Tutorial: Calling on Ancestors for Help
Seek connection with ancestors to empower your magic.

What if I’m adopted?

Some people say, well I was adopted so I don’t know how to find my ancestors. The answer to that is—try doing a DNA test, or if you already know your ethnicity, look up your people’s history, lore, and mythology to start with. For example, if your ancestors are from England, research the Celts and Anglo-Saxons, the history of England, the folklore, etc. In addition, we believe when we’re adopted, our adopted parents’ ancestors adopt us as their own too. So don’t feel thwarted in this regard.

How to Connect with Ancestors

Connect with your ancestors by using Ask your family members about your ancestors (grandparents, great grandparents, etc. – their names, dates they lived, where they lived, etc.) Set up an altar for your ancestors and invite them to join your practice, as well as protect your home. Connect by reading their history, folklore, and mythology (i.e. if you’re mostly European, you might be part Celtic, Slavic, Roman, Greek, Norse, etc.)

Animal spirit guides will come to the beginner witch when the time is ready.
Beginner witches often want to know their spirit animal.

6. Finding Your Animal Spirit Guides and Plant Allies

Often when a beginner witch comes to me, they want to know if one of the steps to becoming a witch is finding your animal spirit guide. This is not a necessity and you shouldn’t worry. Your animal guide will come to you. Don’t force it. The animal’s spirit will appear when you are ready and in random places: in the wild, on the TV, on the internet, in books, in conversations with strangers, in a song, etc. Your animal guide may come and go as it pleases and it will change depending on the phase of your life. The same goes with plant and tree allies – as you walk your witchcraft path, certain plants and trees will pop up. They want to work with you, so acknowledge them and incorporate them into your craft and daily life.

7. Working with Gods and Goddesses

Another big question from beginner witches is: how do I know my gods and goddesses / my pantheon? First begin by researching your ancestry. It’s always great to start learning and working with the gods of your ancestors. Often gods and goddesses will come to you, just as your animal guides will. When they do, set up an altar or shrine (it doesn’t have to be fancy), and honor your gods as often by leaving offerings, burning candles, burning incense, praying, singing, etc. But again, you don’t have to involve deity in your witchcraft path if you don’t feel comfortable with it. Start with ancestors, animals, or personal spirit guides. Maybe later you’ll feel a god calling to you.

8. Don’t Pressure Yourself

I want to remind you that witchcraft is a lifestyle and a journey. It’s not a competition or a race. You don’t have to be a guru, oracle, priestess or leader in the first few years of your path. Or ever, for that matter. In fact, most of the folks who say they are “gurus” and “elders” are typically saying these things to stroke their own egos. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself to learn it all immediately. Take baby steps and enjoy the process!

ALL Our Advice for Beginner Witches and the First Steps to Becoming a Witch!

40 thoughts on “First Steps to Becoming a Witch: Advice for Beginner Witches

  1. It’s great that you talked about how witchcraft is both belief and practice and lifestyle, all rolled into one. My sister recently got interested in witchcraft and it seems he wants to learn more about it. I have no knowledge when it comes to this topic, so I think she should just take witchcraft courses.

  2. If an otter is my spirit animal does that mean that it is my spirit guide? Also I want to learn magic but the only element I connect to is air I cant seem to get any other element to connect with me but air and my zodiac is Taurus I have no idea whats going on with me.. My parents think magic and spirituality is sin but i can feel others energy and I don’t know why. I feel drawn to outside and I feel like i’m not at home.. can anyone tell me why?

  3. Is it possible for animal spirit guides to be a departed pet? I am totally new to all this but feeling a pull towards it and whenever I think or read about spirit guides he is always in my mind ad I feel closer to him. Not sure if thats just because I want it too much though.

    1. Absolutely. I believe this – in my heart, I know. You said it yourself “I feel a pulling” – and that should never be overlooked. My familiar, (his name was “Gandalf” – 😂🤣😭) passed away tragically in my arms… and left me with no true understanding of why or what happened…. BUT – the days that followed his passing I swear and I know I heard him… the tiny footsteps he would take…. his ever-polite “meows” when he was trying to tell me something…..
      And as if that wasn’t enough to convince- those times that I had heard his presence after his passing- my dog did too. She would growl in confusion…. possibly even jealousy 😂🤣 So darling, all in all – I truly believe and KNOW that everything and everyone we have ever loved… becomes apart of us. So… you know the answer is there for you – and your own question… so you need not anyone to tell you if your pet that has unfortunately passed is there – or is your guide… The most beautiful thing about our creatures – they choose us just as much as we choose them… that is the purest and most irrevocable type of love that we could ever hope for… That being said – just ask/search yourself for the answer to this question… “Do you truly believe that for any “thing” so capable of love and affection could and would ever not continue to love and guide you in their afterlife?”…
      As I said…. despite what we may think…. we don’t choose them – they choose us. 💞

  4. Elliott Here just looking around now that i have
    does anyone know about karma and karmic debt
    mainly to perform a fire ritual to cleanse and protect one from black magic tampering!
    i am so tired of phone’s trying to say they can or sell me ! ha ha know what i mean !
    serious only please !

  5. I been having a strong pull to witchcraft. My sister and nephew follow the Orishas and yemaya and say that I should become one too. Yet I feel hesitant. How do I become more sure?

    1. You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to. Follow whatever your heart (and intuition) and see where it takes you. I followed mine and found my deities.

  6. This website in general is astounding to say the least. I’m a noob/baby witch/in the broom closet and am utterly taken aback by the information and interactions I’ve seen here. I have been interested in witches and witch culture for a very long time, but when I was introduced to reiki a few months ago and actually felt the flow of energy I was hooked and started doing research that has lead me here. I’m not into spells and things yet, but I have a rock collection that I’m learning about and I’m getting better at meditation/mindfulness and visualization. I’ve always been more happy outside, under the moon and talking to critters. I have noticed that dragonflies are particularly attracted to me? I see them almost every single time I am getting reiki done on me and most times when I’m just outside. I’m stoked to be here and learn as much as I possibly can!

    1. Hi Kbird,
      I loved reading your comment- I too am a noob/baby witch but have always been drawn to the lifestyle since I was 16 (I’m 31 now, and still consider myself a baby witch 🙂 ). Your comment resonated with me because of what you said about your introduction to Reiki. Me too! I found the power and energy work within Reiki is undeniable and the amount of psychic connection really brought so much more for me that still led me here. I recently became a Reiki Master and since then, it’s like the cosmic energy is flooding and I am more drawn to source exploring more into witchcraft to find the practice or create a practice that is right for me. If you’d like to connect or chat more, feel free to reach out! It is always so nice to have a community, especially among noobs :). Take care and wishing you love and light!

      1. hi I’m also just starting witchcraft I’ve just been so drawn into the thought of witchcraft for a long time even before i found out that my ancestors were witches and i would like to learn more so could we mabey chat sometime

      2. hi I’m new at witchcraft but I’ve just been so drawn to it even before I found out my ancestors were witches and I would love to chat more with you because I really want to learn more about witchcraft and myths and my heritage and that stuff so could we like chat sometime

  7. I am a new to this and I was wondering if anyone put there is going to help /or is willing to help

    1. sure hi i am new too but i pretty much know witch craft i am only here to lern how to cast beginers spells i can cast advance but not a beginers so how ae you and what is you problem

  8. I grew up in a Christian home and my family doesn’t know about my journey into witchcraft so I can’t get access to any form of books, PDFs crystals, stones or anything relating to witchcraft. I’ve read practically ever book or blog that I’ve researched and found online, on witch apps and on Wattpad. I am really dedicated to my craft but I am going to need help, can you help me??

    1. Tell them you want a crystal collection. That you are interested in herbs. You may not have books, but you have the web for info. You can love crystals and herbs, etc, and not even a hint of suspicion will come to you that you practice witchcraft.

  9. I’m not a very experienced witch but if you have been practicing for awhile then theres a good chance it may be a patron reaching out to you. The ladybugs could be a symbol of freyja a Norse goddess. Depending on what gods/goddesses you’re willing to work with you should try reaching out to her and see if she is trying to communicate or look up other symbols pertaining to her and see if you notice anything else. Examples of things you should look out for are brisingamen necklaces, boars, cats, vacia faba, and falcons. It would be even more likely if that cats were pulling a chariot. If you are feeling really intense emotion and are craving ale, apples, barley, or pork this is also a good sign. For more information on freyja you should check out .

  10. My name is reece I sometimes can s ence or do things I can’t explain but I can’t repeat on command I feel nature I feel people they are drawn to me. My family has strong abilities but ignores due to it being donned demonic by religious entities. Help me please I need to train my sight.

  11. Hi! Could I get an opinion on whether there could be a connection between me and ladybugs, one that could lead to one becoming my spiritual? In the past I often saw ladybugs inside my room, and I live at the 8th floor. It`s true that next to my block there`s a garden but the trees don`t reach this height. What do you think, is something like that possible?

    1. I’m not a very experienced witch but if you have been practicing for awhile then theres a good chance it may be a patron reaching out to you. The ladybugs could be a symbol of freyja a Norse goddess. Depending on what gods/goddesses you’re willing to work with you should try reaching out to her and see if she is trying to communicate or look up other symbols pertaining to her and see if you notice anything else. Examples of things you should look out for are brisingamen necklaces, boars, cats, vacia faba, and falcons. It would be even more likely if that cats were pulling a chariot. If you are feeling really intense emotion and are craving ale, apples, barley, or pork this is also a good sign. For more information on freyja you should check out .

    1. Your goddess – look into the Orishas like Yemaya and Oshun. Your ancestors – set up an altar, pray and ask them to send you a message they’re there. Offerings for ancestors help too.

    1. SO AM I! My family thinks it is part of demonic magic, but it’s not, well some are, but it really isn’t. If you want to be a witch then you can be a witch, it really doesn’t matter if you’re Christian, or Muslim, etc. It also doesn’t matter what your family says, I’m pretty sure if there are some family members that support you even if they don’t admit it. Well if you don’t have any family, or they don’t support you, you could always talk to mother nature, plants, bugs, insects, fire, water, air, sky, clouds, and animals. You can connect with them too!, it’s a win-win, eye for an eye!

    1. You don’t need things to be a witch. Go outside and connect with nature. Make natural altars in the woods or in nature. Work your magick there. You can cook with herbs for magical purposes. Or make yourself magical teas. NO one questions meals or tea! Take ritual baths with epsom salts. Salt is purifying and cleanses your aura. No one will question a bath! You can keep a small altar for a god or goddess in a basket or shoebox. OR even in an altoid tin! Artwork and poetry are offerings for gods and goddesses. There’s so many ways to be a witch without showing it to everyone. 🙂 bless you.

    2. I’m in your situation. Just acy like you found you are interested in herbs, nature, crystals, etc and that stuff. They will help you build a crystal collection, go for hikes, experiment with herbs, do yoga and meditations. People won’t think ur a witch. It is normal to be interested in nature. Find a way around it. Get whatever you need to do witchcraft, buy make it normal. When your parents are not around, cast spells, cleanse, etc, whatever you can’t do when they are around.

  12. I appreciate your tip to practice a lot to become a better witch. My friend wants to become a witch but we don’t have any of the supplies that are required. Once we find a place to buy witchcraft supplies, I’ll encourage my friend to practice, practice, practice.

  13. I always create my own spells; but, I know many like to use spells that are are written or tested. One of the best things I’ve heard lately (by Lupinhollow) is if you’re going to use someone else’s spell to take the time and know what and why those ingredients are used. Not only does this build/gather your energy and make your intent stronger; but, it builds your knowledge.

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