Modern Witch Fashion: Styles, Shopping and More

Modern Day Witch Fashion: Styles, Where to Shop and More

While they say witches don’t have a certain “look”, they are forgetting one important thing – the way you dress can be a powerful form of magick! Just as witches use candles and tools to project intentions into the universe, clothing and jewelry can also be used to manifest your desires. Don’t think of it like witches have to look a certain way, think of clothing as another exciting ritual to perform on a daily basis. You have to get dressed, right? Unless you live in a nudist colony, getting dressed is an everyday routine that can become just as magical as your next moon ritual! Learn how to dress magically in modern day witch fashion including witchy bohemian clothing and useful links.

It’s Not Easy Wearing It Witchy…

Recently I decided to give my wardrobe a makeover. I decided to clean out all of the clothes that a. didn’t make me feel magical or witchy and b. weren’t comfortable. That consisted of a large portion of my closet. So I’ve slowly been replacing my old clothes with things that bring joy to my daily life. Witchy items that make me feel mystical as soon as I put them on OR are super comfy. The problem is, as a witch in her mid-30’s, it’s difficult to find clothing that meets my standards. I am not gothic on a daily basis, so most of the gothic boutique stores are out of my realm of style. Truly, I’ve found that I have to look around at different stores to find pieces that I love. It takes a while and you can’t get frustrated. Just take your time. And here’s some suggestions as to where to shop…

Best Modern Day Witch Fashion Stores

What I’ve discovered in my search for modern witchy clothing is that you don’t have to find a specifically “witchy” shop. Heck, you can find witchy items at Target if you know what you want. Black and bohemian clothing are pretty much everywhere. And if you like jeans and sweatpants, same. It might take you longer to shop and find what you like, but you’ll figure it out.

  1. SpiritNest: they have cute tank tops, sweatshirts, and t-shirts with witchy sayings
  2. KillStar
  3. Kate’s Clothing (UK)
  4. PyramidCollection
  5. DollsKill
  6. Pyramid Collection: great for bohemian style witch clothing and for witches of an older age (you’ll find women and misses sizes here)
  7. Etsy: the sky’s the limit with your witchy clothing options on Etsy
  8. HolyClothing (I’ve purchased multiple dresses (Celtic and Viking style) from this store. They are high quality fabric and handmade, plus they treat their workers in India with respect and pay them equally.)
  9. Midnight Hour: high quality velvet gothic witchy dresses, skirts, bell bottom pants, etc.
  10. Shein: I know a lot of people don’t like this company but I’ve found quite a few witchy dresses for good prices there. If you’re on a budget, this is a great website to use for witchy fashion shopping.
  11. Venus: YES Venus actually carries some bohemian and witchy type clothing. You have to search around a bit but I’ve found quite a few Bohemian tops, black sweaters, comfy dresses and things that make me feel magical when I put them on. Particularly helpful for women in their 30s+ (since I no longer wear Junior’s sizes).
  12. Unique Vintage: they have an entire Halloween section that will knock your boots off. If you’re into the retro or vintage look, check out this online boutique.
  13. Thrift stores: you never know what you’ll find at your local secondhand shop. I’ve found everything from moonstone rings to black beaded clutch purses, black velvet leggings, witchy dresses, hippie skirts, hoodies and more.
  14. Antique stores: you may find a haunted piece of jewelry, shoes or other items
  15. Awe-inspired: this company makes GORGEOUS amulets and talismans with goddesses like Freya, Hecate, Brigid, etc.
  16. West Wolf Renaissance: one of my favorite places to buy Norse pagan and Viking type jewelry including rings, necklaces, and sometimes they even sell blades.
  17. Disturbia Clothes: sexy astrological patterned dresses, black plaid hoodies, black fur coats and all things witchy
  18. Vampire Freaks: super hott gothic dresses, accessories and more
  19. Cider: dresses and blouses with more of a romantic, cottagecore, witchcore or bohemian vibe but VERY witchy
  20. ROMWE: yes you will find this brand on SHEIN, of which causes much controversy among some of the pagan and witchy community. However, if you find the need to spend less on your gothic witchy clothes, and hippie witchy clothes, check out ROMWE on the SHEIN app. Affordable and (mostly) good quality clothing.

Modern Day Witchy Fashion Styles

First you have to decide what your witchy style is. Do you prefer jeans? Flowy skirts? Maybe t-shirts and hoodies? Are you gothic or do you like certain color palettes? A few witchy styles (or basically styles that you can make witchy) include gothic, bohemian, hippie, cottagecore, fairycore, romantic, witch chic, grunge, hipster, witchcore, goblincore (yes, it’s literally a thing), and more. Maybe you’re thinking, I don’t have a particular witchy style. And that’s okay too. That means you can wear things from many different styles and experiment.

Witchy Bohemian Clothing (My Favorite) Also Called “Whimsigoth”

A style of modern day witch fashion that is popular is bohemian clothing. I’ve always seen the bohemian style as a witchy style: flowy skirts, peasant tops, natural fabrics, crochet, and comfortable loose overalls and pants. If you want to make it extra witchy, you can specifically look for black or bohemian clothing in darker jewel shades in emerald green, dark purple, etc.

You might do a google search and find clothing called “romantic witch” that crosses that line into bohemian, as well. And now there’s an aesthetic called Whimsigoth that might turn up some options for you. This style is flattering for witches of all ages. And keeps you comfortable through the seasons. Natural Life Clothing is one of my favorite stores for Bohemian witchy style.

Witchcore and Cottagecore Styles

The style known as cottagecore has recently gained huge popularity, particularly among the younger generations. Cottagecore is essentially a nod to the old ways of living – simple, comfortable and airy styles that mimic eras gone-by. This style is inherently witchy bec ause it takes us back in time and gets us in touch with nature and a simpler way of living. Witchcore is a witchier take on the cottagecore style, but it includes a darker color palette and takes its inspiration from mainstream witchy shows like American Horror Story (Coven) and Sabrina. One staple I’ve noticed in the witchcore wardrobe is the everyday black hat.

Get Inspired With This Witch Aesthetic Slideshow:

Casual Witchy Clothing

If you’re more of a t-shirt and jeans kind of witch, there’s SO many options for you. Literally pair your favorite pair of jeans (any brand) with witchy t-shirts. You can find witchy t-shirts and hoodies almost anywhere. Even on Amazon if that’s your thing. Do a simple “witchy t-shirts” search online, scour secondhand stores, even find them at the mall. In today’s age, it’s actually trendy to practice witchcraft so this should be an easy style to emulate. Shirts with astrological signs, witchy sayings, herbs and mushrooms, animals, and witchy phrases are all out there on the market. So are hoodies, sweatpants and leggings with a witchy vibe.

Clothing Color Magick

Color is important when it comes to wearing your magick. Lots of witchy women love the color black, and while it’s also my favorite, there are other colors that can help you manifest effectively. Here’s a basic guide to clothing color magick:

  • White:  Purity, Angelic Guidance, Protection, Transformation
  • Black:  Repels Negativity, Mysteries, Divination, Beginnings, Balance, Binding, Banishing
  • Blue:  Healing, Water Magick, Wisdom, Peace, Loyalty
  • Green:  Abundance, Earth Magick, Fairies, Love, Fertility
  • Purple:  Intuition, Dreams, Psychic Abilities, Metaphysics, Spirituality
  • Yellow:  Communication, Solar Magick, Creativity, Life, Prosperity, Humility
  • Orange:  Energy, Vitality, Opportunity, Confidence, Harvest, Strength, Legal Issues
  • Pink:  Friendship, Self-Love, Harmony, Femininity, Romance, Creation, Sex
  • Red:  Passion, Lust, Anger, Ambition, Combat, Self-Esteem, Power
  • Gold:  Money, Wealth, Power, Royalty, Inspiration
  • Silver:  Divination, Lunar Magick, Psychic Abilities
  • Gray: liminal workings, traversing between realms unseen
  • Brown:  Security, Animal Magick, Fruitfulness, Grounding, Telepathy

What you wear you attract. So the day you wake up and want more money in your pockets, choose to wear a color you associate with money – be it green, yellow, or gold. If you want romantic love – wear red, pink, or green. Need healing? White, blue, or yellow are perfect for healing magick. Or you can wear the color that corresponds with the chakra in need of healing.

Modern Day Witch Fashion: Enchant your Boots

Witchy Accessories, Shows and Extras

Enchanted Jewelry

Witches love their jewelry. Magical rings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, earrings, and more become the witch’s amulets and talismans. Often, witches are gifted with these pieces of magical jewelry seemingly from the universe. Maybe your favorite magical ring was once your grandmother’s. Or maybe a moonstone necklace “found” you in a local thrift store on the full moon. My favorite stores to order amulets and witchy jewelry include Awe Inspired, West Wolf Renaissance, Troll Cunning Forge, and others.

Whatever the story is – wear your magical jewelry when you need a boost of energy or when you need to feel connected to Mother Earth and the Universe. You can also enchant your jewelry for different intentions. Certain symbols on jewelry mean certain things – for example you can find runes as charms, the hamsa to ward off the evil eye, pentacles to represent the elements and your Wiccan faith, etc. Order small glass vial necklaces and put your favorite herbs and magical items inside for protection, love, success, etc.

Magical Shoes

These boots are made for walking…and other magical things. Your shoes protect your feet, your feet take you places, your feet are magical. Charm your shoes by inscribing sigils or power words on the bottom soles. Do knot magic with your shoelaces or tie your shoelaces into various shapes like a pentacle. Sprinkle finely-ground herbal spell powders into the bottom of your shoes to take your magic wherever you go. I love my witchy black boots, but also enjoy wearing sandals. Wear what’s comfortable and makes you feel like yourself.

Witchy Hats and Magical Hair

Save the pointed witch hats for Halloween – there’s another hat that’s popular in modern day witch fashion – the wide-brimmed black floppy hat. This kind of hat goes great with black dresses, witchy bohemian clothing, and with a t-shirt and a pair of black skinny jeans! With the popularity of AHS Coven’s iconic witch fashion, black witchy hats are all the rage. How can you make your witch hat more than a simple accessory? Add your own flair. Stick a feather in the ribbon – different feathers have different magical meanings. Learn about feather magic here. Sticking feathers in your hair or hair accessories is another fun, witchy option. 

How you wear your hair is entirely up to you. Some witches say they wear their hair long because it makes them feel powerful and connected, while others say wearing it short or even the act of cutting it short feels rebellious and powerful. Some like to dye their hair wild colors like bright blue to match the sky or purple to represent the world of metaphysics. While others wear it a natural color or dye it jet black. Braiding your hair can be a magical ritual in and of itself. As can caring for it with natural products and oils. Treat your hair as if it’s a magical extension of you.

Witchy Nails

One of my favorite ways to wear my witchy-ness is on my fingernails. There’s so much creative room to go nuts with your nails. Go dark and gothic type of witchy with dark purple, black, and deep red nails with gothic designs like bats, spiders, moons, and witches. Or go pastel witch with pinks, blues, greens, with designs of flowers, suns, and animals. Whatever you choose to put on your nails is up to you, but make it fun and let it boost your self power! And check out our ideas for witchy nails here.

Medieval Witchcraft: How to Make Your Own Magical Garter

Make Your Own Magical Garter Amulet

Feeling inspired to make something sexy, discreet and witchy? It’s super easy and fun to do. Not to mention, it’s unique! Buy a cheap LACE garter online or in a lingerie store. Remember to choose a color to match your intention:

  • Black – to banish negativity, to protect from negative influence, to commune with the night
  • White – to retain purity, also a protective color, to invoke heavenly powers
  • Red – for passion; to induce lust; for ancestral protection
  • Pink – to attract romantic love
  • Green – for money; fairy craft
  • Blue – intuition, peace, healing, speaking your mind
  • Purple – increase psychic abilities, magical powers

Next, adorn it with charms, beads, and whatever suits your intentions. It’s best if your garter is lace so that there are holes to easily add charms. Buy charms and beads at a local craft store or online. They make Celtic charms, runic charms, suns, moons, stars, and more! Add one or ten to your magical garter. Your garter amulet will be hidden under your skirt, dress, or loose pants so make it what you want it to be. Another option is to purchase a flapper-costume garter pre-fitted with a small flask, then add your favorite enchanted elixirs, moon water, magical oils, etc!

Enchant Your Magical Garter

You’re not done until you’ve enchanted it. Take your garter amulet in your hands, and close your eyes. Mentally focus on why you made it. See yourself wearing it, and see it glowing with power. If you made your magical garter for protection, imagine the garter as a starting point to a protective circle around your body. If it’s a love garter, visualize an aura of pink light bursting forth from it and extending out into the universe. And so on and so forth. Hold this visualization in your mind for as long as you can, then release the image and say “so be it.” You just did some Medieval witchcraft!!!

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  1. I’ve shopped The Pyramid Collection before & I lost my money. The skirt I ordered never showed up. I called the company & asked for a refund. The customer service representative I spoke to said I had to return the merchandise. How can I return what I haven’t received? They would not refund any money to me until I returned the garment. Needless to say, I order from them anymore.

    Although, Holy Clothing gets my business often. Their clothes are well made & beautiful.

  2. I find the best clothes for me at our local thrift store. Not many people are into black so there’s usually a good selection in all sizes. I got my fave t-shirt dress there. It’s absolutely plan so I can accessorize it to the max if I want

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