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10 Modern Magical Tools for the Savvy Tech Witch

We’re modern witches in a modern world. So why not use technology to our advantage in our craft? Yes, there are some who are what I like to call purist witches, which is absolutely fine! They prefer candlelight over electricity (who doesn’t?), homegrown foods over store-bought, etc. But we don’t all have the ability to move off the grid and live like our ancestors did. And I truly believe our ancestors made due with what they had, so we should make due with what we have too. I’ll bet anything our great grandmothers would’ve given their last nickel for the chance to use a washing machine or have air conditioning in the summer. With that said, let’s dive into the ten modern magical tools for the savvy tech witch!

1. Essential Oil Diffuser

An essential oil diffuser is a perfect tool for the modern tech witch. Plug it in or add batteries and the diffuser will turn water with essential oil into steam and disperse it through your sacred space! My favorite essential oils to diffuse are lavender to help soothe nerves and put me into a sleepy state, peppermint to cleanse the air of negative vibes and invigorate the senses, and orange to celebrate the sun and lift my mood. The great thing about essential oil diffusers is you’re not polluting the air like with paraffin candles, and you’re using essential oils without having to research topical and internal effects, etc. Mix essential oils together in the diffuser for your own magical diffuser blends or get blend ideas from Pinterest!

2. Himalayan Salt Lamp

For the tech witch or technopagan who has sensitivities to smoke given off by burning herbs, a Himalayan salt lamp is the perfect solution! Himalayan Salt Lamps are lamps made of mined Himalayan salt from Pakistan. They emit a low, warm glow and give off minerals that naturally cleanse the air around them. Leave the lamp on for a few hours to experience the real benefits. These lamps not only set a nice, comforting ambiance in your sacred space, they also clean the air of negative vibes and some people claim they soothe allergies and improve sleep! Want to cleanse your space without smoke? Use a Himalayan salt lamp!

3. Twinkle Lights

Want to create a heavenly and inviting atmosphere in your sacred space and around your magical home? Add a few strands of battery powered twinkly lights to your altar, bookshelves, nightstand, wherever! Typically this type of lights are used during Christmas to bring Christmas lights inside the home, but I have two sets of white twinkle lights that I leave on my altar and in my shadow box year-round! Not only does it provide a warm, welcoming glow to my living room, it calls to the ancestors and gods “welcome to this space! Come make yourself comfortable!” My daughter says they remind her of pixie lights. Buy twinkle lights from Target or online at Amazon for fairly cheap. It’s a decoration for the tech witch that won’t go out of style.

4. Witchy Mobile Apps

We are living in a world where nearly everyone owns a smart phone. And if you don’t? Well, you’re a witch living in the Dark Ages. Why not use your mobile phone to your magical advantage? If you haven’t already added a moon phase app to your phone, there are dozens of free ones to download for iPhone or Android. I use a moon app to remind me of the moon phase if my life has gotten too busy, and also to see what astrological sign the moon is in. But there are more witchy mobile apps to choose from! Try out the Rune app to learn the runes or for a mobile rune casting. There are also tarot card and oracle card apps, Wicca herb and crystal apps, as well as Wheel of the Year apps that will tell you the exact dates of the upcoming sabbats! Check out the full list of my favorite witchy mobile apps here.

5. Flameless Candles

Have a problem with curious and mischievous pets or children? I have the perfect solution for you, tech witch! They’re called LED flameless candles and are a wonderful substitute for the real thing. Some people can’t keep candles burning because their cat might knock them over or their kids get handsy, so turn on a flameless candle to provide that warm candlelight glow without the hazard of an open flame. When it comes to ritual or offerings, flameless candles shouldn’t be used in substitute of the real thing (real fire is just too powerful to substitute), BUT if you want a candle for decoration on your altar or throughout the house use flameless candles.

6. Food Dehydrator

For the tech witch who is also savvy in the kitchen and with herbs, a food dehydrator will quickly dry herbs from the garden. I’ve also used it to dry apple and orange slices for magical teas and ciders. Often witches will dry herbs naturally on racks or from hanging features, but I find it’s quickest and easiest to pop them in my food dehydrator. Then I can remove the herbs, put them in their jars, and put away the food dehydrator to use the counter space for something else. I usually have dried basil, sage, oregano, and more in approximately an hour. In addition, I’ve found flower petals retain their color much better when put in the dehydrator. 

7. The Black Mirror

I’m not talking about the Netflix show, but I am referring to the main concept. Are you a tech witch who loves scrying but can’t carry your black scrying mirror around everywhere you go? I have an easy solution for you – your TV, computer, or smart phone screen acts as a black scrying mirror when in the “off” mode. You’re going to use your smart phone black screen or computer screen in the same way you’d use your black scrying mirror. Soften your gaze, put the black mirror in your peripheral vision, and wait for images to appear. Just make sure to cleanse your phone or computer screen with smoke (don’t burn it!), white light visualization, after using it for divination purposes.

8. Electric Tea Kettle

What modern witch doesn’t enjoy a cozy cup of hot tea? Whether you drink teas for magical reasons or just to relax in the evening, an electric tea kettle works quickly and efficiently. Though I love using my stove-top tea kettle, there are electric tea kettles that boil water in less than five minutes! Another great thing about electric tea kettles is that you can set the temperature of the water and some hold up to a liter of water. This is a wonderful feature for tea lovers who follow the “perfect temperatures” for certain teas, and the liter-volume feature allows for a large group (your coven) to have tea at the same time.

9. Tea Infuser

Now for my favorite of the modern magical tools! Can you tell I’m a freak for tea? I adore mixing my own herbal tea blends and watching them steep in my large, clear tea diffuser from Teavana. I prefer this method over using a metal tea strainer or ball because I dislike the metallic taste the metal sometimes gives off. Plus, with a tea infuser, the loose leaf tea floats around and isn’t packed into a ball, leaving more room for the flavors and constituents to steep into the hot water. This means tastier and overall better cups of tea! Don’t have a lot of time for ritual every day? Throw a couple loose leaf herbs (make sure they’re edible first!) into your tea infuser and sit down before bed for a magical cup of tea.

10. Tablet

I know. I know. Real books are so much better to hold and smell, etc. Trust me, I’m a bibliophile and appreciate books with the best of the book nerds. BUT there are some advantages for the tech witch to use a tablet for reading purposes. A. it leaves more room on your bookshelf for other spiritual tools and items. B. you won’t feel like your contributing to cutting down trees. And C. e-books are often much cheaper than their paperback counterparts! I use my tablet to read witchy fiction novels, as well as some non-fiction spiritual books. I admit that many of my magical reference books are in hardback or paperback versions, but I LOVE my tablet too.

11. Food Processor

Of course we witches love our mortars and pestles. But sometimes we need a quick means of grinding herbs into a powder. That’s what a food processor is for. The small cup-sized processors are best for small batches of magical herbal powders. But as a kitchen witch, I also use the large food processors to make sauces, pestos, hummus, etc. 

Embracing Technology

Just because you embrace technology in your magical and spiritual practice doesn’t make you less of a witch or less of a person. Everything in moderation! What I mean by this is – if you’re going to use a tablet to read, take care of it and don’t buy a new tablet every year. I’ve had mine for at least 3 years now and it works like a charm. Same goes for all of the magical tools listed here – buy one that will last you a while. Some people get new phones or new TVs every year just to have the next best piece of technology. This is wasteful and silly. You’re not only spending too much money on material things – you’re polluting the earth at a higher rate! In addition, keep in mind flameless candles don’t work as well for ritual as the real thing – candleflame. Obviously fire is more powerful than a battery-powered light. Use your head and choose wisely. And above all, stay savvy, tech witch!

The modern tech witch 10 magical tools

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