Banishing herbs, banishing oils, and banishing chants to get rid of ghosts and exes.

Banishing Herbs, Oils, Chants, & Rituals to Free Yourself

Are you having problems with pesky, unwanted ghosts in your house? Sometimes we can live with the dead, sometimes we can’t. Same with ex-lovers. Are they helping or harming you? If it’s the latter, time to KICK them to the CURB! Whether your problem is ghosts or an ex, banishing is the best way to keep them out of your life. A personalized banishing ritual with butt-kicking banishing herbs and oils is best performed on the Waning Moon. The Waning Moon un-does things. It puts things into reverse or decreases things; hence, the BEST time for banishing something or someone from your life! Learn how to make your own banishing oil and apply it to a ritual below.

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What is Banishing? What is a Banishing Ritual?

When someone says they are performing a banishing ritual, it means they want to eradicate or annihilate something from their lives. Completely get rid of it. Banishing rituals are often cast to remove negative energy and entities from our homes and lives, as well as to cut someone out of our lives completely. Sometimes a banishing is necessary to get rid of someone who is causing harm to us personally, our property, or our loved ones. Some may say banishing another human being is “wrong” or morally incorrect, but I beg to differ. It’s simply protection.

How you perform a banishing ritual is entirely up to you. There are truly many ways to get rid of someone or something. My first tip is this – use what you have on-hand. Don’t go out and spend a ton of money on anything fancy. Sometimes ingredients as simple as a handful of salt and a black candle is enough to remove a person or thing from your life.

What Happens if a Banishing Doesn’t Work?

If one banishing ritual doesn’t seem to “work”, try something else and on a different day. Don’t forget to raise enough energy during the ritual to catapult your intentions into the ether. And believe in yourself. In addition, consider whether a banishing is actually necessary. Sometimes we may need to cast a different type of spell: a cord cutting, binding, or hex-breaking may even be required.

Powerful Banishing Herbs

Having a problem with ghosts, negative entities, intruders or stalkers? Time to stock up on at least ONE of these banishing herbs, though two is better! Find them in your backyard, local forest, grocery store, online, or nearby metaphysical store.

1. Thorns

While not technically an “herb”, thorns (aka prickles and spines) from nearly any plant or tree work wonders as banishing herbs and as an ingredient in banishing rituals. The thorn serves as a protective weapon, psychically pricking any intruder (be it spirit or person). Trees with thorns include:  honey locust, hawthorn, black locust, and american plum. Plants and shrubs with thorns include:  roses, firethorn, bougainvillea, blackberry, raspberry, and cacti. Use heavy gloves and caution when removing thorns or spines from a plant or tree.

2. Garlic

Did you ever wonder why garlic is used to ward off vampires in the movies? Garlic has been used for centuries in exorcisms of many kinds – from ghosts to illness. Its cleansing and protective qualities make it one of the best banishing herbs to get rid of ghosts and ex-lovers.

3. Pepper

When you have too much pepper, you sneeze, right? Think of pepper as a powerful banishing herb in this way – sprinkle a ton of pepper in a circle around your house and it will drive away any negative entities. Pepper is used in hoodoo recipes like hot foot powder to send an enemy far away. Pepper’s magical associations include the element of Fire, which serves to “inflame” any ritual it’s part of. This herb has been used for centuries in warding off evil and the evil eye. 

4. Sage

Most people know white sage is probably the most powerful banishing herb to use in a house. It clears out negative energy and entities with ease. But sage smudging alone will not work to banish a ghost or person from your home and life forever. Measures must be taken to keep them away for good. This is why a banishing oil and ritual are crucial (cleansing, blessing, and protecting).

5. Rue

Rue is one of my favorite banishing herbs because it packs a real punch. It’s cleansing properties go beyond cleansing – rue is powerful for warding negative spirits and energies. Grow it in your garden to have quick access to it. Be aware – the smell is pungent but I believe that’s part of why it works so well. In addition, rue sometimes causes skin irritation for some people. So test it on your skin before using it in a bath or other topical uses. Rue in a bath banishes any spirit attachments. Moreover, adding rue to any spray, floor wash, or floor sweep banishes negativity from the ground up.

6. Salt

Salt isn’t necessarily an herb but it is a boon in any herbal cabinet for many magical reasons. It’s one of my most-used banishing herbs. Salt is purifying but also protective. It absorbs negative energy when sprinkled over thresholds. Added to the bath, it cleanses your aura and literally strips away negativity. Salt’s protective powers make it an essential ingredient in protection and banishing spells. 

7. Chili and Cayenne Powders

Truthfully any spicy or hot herb has banishing properties. This includes chili and cayenne pepper of which most people have right in their kitchen cabinet. Chili or cayenne powder can be added to hot foot powder to send an enemy far away. Add it to your home protection powders and sprinkle over the threshold to banish unwanted spirits and enemies. Moreover, add a little extra chili powder to your bowl of chili to ward off spirits and negativity.

8. Agrimony

Agrimony is one of those herbs that drives away anything you don’t want near you. Old boyfriends, unwanted spirits, negative energy, illness, ALL the bad things. Traditionally, it has been used to ward off the evil eye and stop the rumor mill in its tracks. Add it to herbal oils, powders, salt, and basically any other concoction to banish illness and negativity in the home or workspace.

Salt is a powerful banishing herb.

The Triple Threat Banishing Ritual for Your Home

Now you’re thinking “great. I know the best herbs for banishing, but how do I use them?” I know how confusing banishing rituals seem, so here is the triple threat banishing ritual I use to keep ghosts and intruders out and away from my home. The triple threat is 3 steps: cleansing, blessing, and protecting. For further banishing rituals to keep exes and creepers away scroll down.

1. Smoke-cleanse your house of negative energy with an herb bundle (rosemary, cedar, palo santo, and sage are best)

Cleansing is the first part of the process and should NEVER be skipped. White sage is extremely effective, which is why Native Americans have used it for years. If you can’t get a hold of white sage, culinary sage and rosemary also work (among others). While smudging chant the following: “With this sage, I cleanse all negative energy away. Only positive energy can stay.” 

2. Dip your finger in your homemade banishing oil (see below for recipe), and draw a protective symbol on every window and door. 

Whatever symbol you use for protection is at your discretion. I typically use a cross, the rune Thurisaz (the thorn rune), or a bind-rune of my creation. Other options for protective symbols include:  personal sigils, the hamsa, the eye of horus, the troll cross, and the Helm of Awe. While blessing the windows and doors, chant: “I banish all forces that seek to harm me. As for me and my house, we are strong and free.”

3. For a triple measure of protection, draw a circle with banishing herbs around your house.

Moving in a clockwise direction, start at your front door and circle your house in a mixture of banishing herbs. An example of an herbal banishing mixture is salt, pepper, and garlic powder, but any banishing herbs will work. Following your circle, bury a thorn in all four corners of the property. This creates a barrier of protection around your house.

Make your own banishing oil by following this banishing oils recipe

DIY Banishing Oil Recipe


  • olive oil (base)
  • black pepper
  • garlic powder
  • dried hot peppers (with seeds)
  • jar or bottle with air-tight lid
  • gloves


  1. IMPORTANT: Wear gloves to protect your skin and membranes from pepper oils which can cause rash and burning.
  2. Fill an air-tight jar/bottle three-quarters of the way with herb mixture.
  3. Pour olive oil over the herbs, almost to the top of the jar/bottle. Leave about a quarter of an inch empty at the top.
  4. Close jar/bottle with an air-tight lid. 
  5. Shake the jar/bottle liberally. 
  6. Place in a dark cabinet.
  7. Shake the jar/bottle daily for two weeks (up to a month).
  8. While wearing gloves, strain the herbs (or leave some in) and re-bottle your banishing oil. 

Creeper-Be-Gone: Powerful Banishing Ritual to Get Rid of Exes

In addition to using the banishing ritual above to keep creepy, intrusive exes away from your house, you also need to protect yourself while out and about. Also on a Waning Moon, perform the Creeper-Be-Gone banishing candle ritual. Don’t be afraid to add or remove things to fit your needs and preferences. 

A black candle is best. Dress the candle with one of your banishing oils (once again wearing gloves if ingredient was pepper). Stick thorns into the candle. Carefully burn a photo or small piece of paper with the ex’s name on it, while repeating a banishing spell chant like the one at the top of this post. Once the candle is burned out, gather up the remnants of the banishing ritual and bury them off of your property. Then say, “it is done.”

A Potent Banishing Illness Ritual

I wrote this ritual when I was struggling with a painful chronic infection. I’d been to numerous doctors, been on numerous antibiotics and other medications, with no lasting results. This is a powerful healing spell when performed with purpose. If you are struggling with a chronic infection or illness and need a boost of magic to heal yourself, try my personal Banish Illness Powerful Healing Ritual. For Bella Donna (premium) members only.


This powerful healing ritual should not replace the advice or treatment of a licensed healthcare provider. Please seek medical attention first, then proceed with the ritual in conjunction with medical treatment. You must also take care of yourself for this ritual to work. That means eating your fruits, veggies, lean proteins and healthy fats. Getting enough sleep. De-stressing. Drinking enough water. Exercising. The Universe/gods/ancestors won’t grant healing if you aren’t making a full physical attempt to heal yourself. This is similar to doing a ritual for a new job but never applying for any jobs and expecting one to just magically fall in your lap. Magic doesn’t work that way. 

What to Do:

Timing: Waning or New Moon
Intention: Banishing illness or infection in the body and disparity from the mind and spirit

Supplies Needed:

  • Banishing Oil (see above recipe)
  • Herbs: rosemary, basil, ground pepper (already infused in the oil but for added effect!)
  • Stones: black tourmaline, obsidian, desert rose
  • Black Chime Candle
  • Athame/knife or pin
  • Candle Holder/Plate
  • Lighter


  1. Carve the runes Tyr, Naudhiz, and Thurisaz into the black candle. (Learn about the runes here)
  2. Anoint candle from bottom to top with banishing oil. As you do this, envision your illness as black particles in your body. If there’s a specific spot in your body the illness is affecting, visualize the black particles in this spot.
  3. Next, roll the oiled candle in the 3 loose leaf herbs. As you do this, visualize those black particles beginning to break apart into smaller pieces.
  4. Place candle in candleholder and light it.
  5. Place the three stones around the candle.
  6. Now repeat 3, 5, 7, or 13 times: “As the fire burns, it shall burn away the illness in my body. Let it burn bright and strong, until the no longer comes.” (Feel free to change the wording to fit your needs. The important thing is to really feel the words you speak, and visualize the black particles disintegrating and leaving your body never to return.)
  7. Let the candle burn out on its own. Gather the remnants in a bag and burn in a bonfire or bury at the graveyard (burning to burn away the illness for good or burying at the graveyard to put the illness itself in the ground).

PROECTION Spell Kit: SHIELD the Home from Negative Energy


SHIELD the Home Protection Spell Kit for deflection and warding of Negative Energy entering and affecting the household. Includes a beautiful set of handmade witch’s bells, cedar tip herb bundle, herbal protective oil, herbal infused salt, 4 small raw crystals, and instruction card.

Banishing herbs list for those looking to get rid of ghosts and exes.

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