Physical Characteristics of a Witch: Could I be a witch?

Could I Be a Witch? 16 Telltale PHYSICAL Signs of Being a Witch

You’re wondering “could I be a witch?” While people say there are no physical signs of being a witch, I beg to differ. Our physical DNA carries memories of our past lives, whether passed down through ancestral bloodline or personal karmic memory. Keep in mind, witches come in all genders, shapes, sizes, cultures, and more! Witches don’t always look like the Owens Sisters from Practical Magic or Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus. You may have one or all of these traits and be a magical, otherworldly person. More than one trait doesn’t mean you’re more magical than the next person. BUT just for fun, here are the most common witch birthmarks today.

Physical Characteristics of Witches Today

1. Old Soul Eyes and/or Large Eyes

The eyes are the windows to the soul, so the old saying goes. Every witch will have one of two types of eyes (if not both):  deep “old soul” eyes and/or large, penetrating eyes. Witches reincarnate often, which means most witches are “old souls” dating back centuries (sometimes thousands of years). Look a witch in the eyes and you will get sucked in. You can literally see their wisdom by looking into their eyes.

Many witches also have large, penetrating eyes that are almost alien-like. This is because many modern-day witches are indigo and crystal children. Others are even starseeds – souls that have incarnated here from other dimensions and star systems. The deep or large eyes are the most popular of the physical signs of being a witch. Every witch will have one or the other eye characteristics (if not both).

2. Special Witch Birthmarks and Moles

During the Witch Trials in Europe and Colonial America, accused witches were searched for “witch marks” which were birthmarks or extra nipples. These witch marks were where the witches suckled their familiar spirits, according to the witch hunters. HOWEVER, actual witch marks are birthmarks or moles of unusual shapes that tell a story of a witch’s past life. Take a look at that red or blue birthmark and divine a symbol or pattern. This mark from a past life was given to you as part of initiation or potentially in torture after being accused or executed as a witch. Witch birthmarks also show shapes of countries, sigils, and ancient alphabets.  

3. Palm Signs

Your hands tell your life’s story. Have you ever looked at the lines on your palms and finger-pads? There are telltale physical signs of being a witch on your palms, so look at them carefully! Three or more vertical lines just under the pinky fingers on the palm of the hand are known as the Samaritan sign (a.k.a. the healer sign). Witches have the ability to heal, and so many witches carry this palm sign. A cross in the middle of the index finger (called the Mystic’s Cross) is indicative of clairvoyance (the ability to “see” clearly), which is a psychic ability that many witches possess. A small circle on your palm underneath the ring and middle fingers indicates strong intuition. A circle on the bottom palm, opposite your thumb, also indicates clairvoyance. ALL are indicative of a natural witch.

Physical signs of being a witch include palm signs seen here.

4. Tattoos

YES, this may seem “cliche” but hear me out. Tattoos have ancient origins. In ancient Celtic culture, tattoos were marks of royalty, lineage, occupation, and map to the otherworld. Two five-thousand-year-old ancient Egyptian mummies were unearthed and found with tattoos on their skin. The woman’s tattoos are thought to signify her magical knowledge and abilities. Yet another Egyptian female mummy named Amunet has tattoos that signified her status as a high priestess. The point is, if you have tattoos with deep meanings you are emulating a past life tradition that was once widespread over the ancient world. Tattoos are amulets and talismans to a witch. They are our ticket to the Otherworld and signify devotion to particular deities.

5. Clumsiness

While not a clear physical sign of being a witch, clumsiness fall in the realm of magical characteristics. Why? First, because witches spend half their time with one foot in this world and one in the next, making them more likely to be “flighty” or have their “head in the clouds” in this life. This leads to clumsiness. Trip over your own feet a lot? Drop things constantly? Is this because your head and soul are elsewhere from your body? A sure sign of being a witch! Not everyone is as graceful as a ballerina, and in this case, that’s a good thing! It could also be because witches are often high in their head chakras, connected to the spirit world. Grounding techniques help re-root us to the Mother Earth and relieve some of our clumsy tendencies.

6. “Praying” Knees

Again, something that perhaps carried over from a past life, “praying knees” are an abnormality in the bone structure or skin over your knees. Do you knees always looked bruised or beat up with no known reason? You were a priest, priestess, or religious devotee in a past life. Witches lived many past lives in religious and spiritual positions. They can’t help but seek out the other realms and divinity in each incarnation in one way or another. OR if you have bruised, busted knees now because of gardening or kneeling for ritual, then this should go without explaining!

7. Body Temperature

Often, a witch’s body temperature may be different from the layperson. Either an abnormally low body temperature or the witch has the ability to increase his or her body temperature. This physical characteristic doesn’t happen because of an illness (if you’re unsure, please see a health care provider!) but is due to otherworldly reasons. Consistently low body temperature in witches is may be attributed to starseed origins. A starseed is a person who’s soul has incarnated on other planets before this life. Funny enough, many starseeds are drawn to magick and witchcraft.

In Tom Cowan’s Book Fire in the Head, he states shamans have had the ability to increase their body temperature for centuries. There’s documentation of this amazing gift. Have you ever had someone say you’re a furnace? This is because you have divine energy naturally running through you. Reiki practitioners also have the ability to project warmth from their hands and feet. 

8. It’s In Your Veins

The veins in your hands often tell a story. Have you ever looked at your veins and noticed they form symbols or patterns? My veins in my left hand clearly resemble the rune Algiz, and when I’m really hydrated, they look like the Mother Goddess with her arms raised to the sky. Other witches I’ve met also have symbols in the patterns of their veins. Sort of like your veins are a physical manifestation of what’s in your soul. (You know, DNA and all).

9. You Look Younger Than Your Age

Have you had people mistake you for being younger than your actual age? Are you in your thirties or forties and still get carded for alcohol? Because of the vitality running through our chakras and bodies, witches often look youthful. So when someone asks you how do you have such healthy skin and look so young? You tell them you bathe in the blood of your enemies (just kidding). It’s because true beauty comes from the inside and radiates outward. 

10. Wild, Untamed Hair

In ancient times, many of our ancestors’ tribes believed having long hair was a source of power. Both men and women in certain cultures kept their hair long as it was linked to having clairvoyance, being connected to the spirit world, and also linked to strength. The story of Samson and Delilah in the bible reflect this belief. I’ve known many witches who have naturally leaned to keeping their hair long and untamed. I believe this is an inherent custom they’ve carried over from past lives. So if you always preferred keeping your hair long, wild or untamed, this is another physical characteristic of being a witch. (Does every witch have long hair? No, but this is a common trait.)

11. Born With a Caul

Babies born with a caul have long been considered to have special abilities and natural born witches. The “caul” is a portion of the amniotic sac that’s still around the baby’s head upon birth. It is rather rare. In some European communities, being born with a caul actually meant the opposite of witchcraft – it meant the baby would have the abilities to ward off witches. And ensured fertility over the land which meant the village people were prosperous. Interestingly, and conversely, a baby born with a caul in Romania was thought likely to become a type of vampire.

12. Born With a Tail

Being born with a tail is another physical characteristic of a witch. While this isn’t typical, it does happen and in the old days people believed these babies were from the Otherworld. These babies with tails were considered changelings – fairy babies exchanged for human babies. In modern times, if you’re born with a tail, the witchcraft community believes you are of elemental origin. Which isn’t a bad thing at all. And links you inextricably to the Earth, the Otherworld, and witchcraft. In India, children born with tails are sometimes believed to be an incarnation of a monkey god. 

13. Red Hair

In Scotland and Ireland, especially in centuries past, it was believed if you had red hair you were a witch or one of the sidhe (fairy folk). We aren’t quite sure why they believed this, but it looks like other cultures may have found red haired individuals alarming or suspicious too. Perhaps it’s because red hair is a rarity or because it reminded folks of fire. And fire, to early Christians, meant Hell and association with the Devil. To me, red hair is beautiful and a trait to be celebrated.

14. Extra Digit or Nipple

In some cultures, particularly during the Witch Trials in Europe, if someone was accused of witchcraft and they were found to have an extra digit (finger or toe) OR an extra “nipple”, they could very well be a witch. I believe that anything or anyone who was different, or anyone who had a deformity of any kind, was looked down upon and folks lumped them into the “worst” of society. Which at that time was the witch. Again, there is NOTHING WRONG with having an extra finger, toe, or nipple (or any other physical deformity for that matter). But if you do have one, you have the PROUD claim of the witch’s mark!

15. Hypersensitivities

Witches tend to have hypersensitivities to certain things. That might manifest in the form of allergies…maybe you’re allergic to things most people aren’t allergic to. Typically the allergies are towards things that are manmade or contain chemicals: alcohol, latex, cigarette smoke, tampons/pads, certain fabrics, etc.

In addition, you may be ultra-sensitive to sounds, lights, tastes and textures of foods, aromas, and even sensations on your skin like fabric, shoes, etc. NOW, keep in mind, there is something called sensory processing disorder which is a symptom and/or diagnosis that goes along with neurodivergent conditions. BUT I’ve found that many witches also either have this diagnosis or are sensitive anyway.

16. Hag Hands

If you’re asking yourself, could I be a witch and you have also been told you have witch hands your entire life, the answer could very well be YES you are. Witch hands, or what I like to call hag hands, are a particular shape of hands and fingers. If you have hag hands, your palm and back of your hand will be long and thin, and your fingers will also be long and thin. You will see the bones in the back of your hand and your fingers will also look bony. The skin will be tight and wrinkly, as well. They say eyes are the window to one’s soul, and palms tell the person’s fate. But guess what? Palm readers actually analyze and intuit the individual’s hand and finger shape too!

Now you’re really wondering, could I be a witch based on these physical characteristics?

The easy answer is, absolutely! But typically there are mental and spiritual signs to back up the physical ones. For example, you have an undying love for nature, seek out alternative healing methods, are drawn to metaphysics (crystals, herbs, angels, etc), astral project naturally, are empathic, see or sense spirits, rebel against the “norms” of society, etc. Read our 35+ signs you’re a witch in your heart and soul to find out more signs!

Some witches claim it is their religion, while others say it is simply a magical practice. Fortunately for those with physical signs of being a witch, there aren’t as many witch hunters around tracking you down! Even if there were, they wouldn’t be looking at REAL witch birthmarks, they’d be looking for ridiculous notions like red hair, extra fingers, and physical abnormalities.

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200 thoughts on “Could I Be a Witch? 16 Telltale PHYSICAL Signs of Being a Witch

  1. I have a birth mark that looks like pinched skin it looked like a four sided star but not perfect shaped

  2. I have all these signs and have such wrinkly hands I have some that aren’t even listed here, but mostly I’ve known as a child I am a witch and have been because I was born on Halloween. I dressed as a witch so many times as a kid. I want to know if theirs any significance to my birthdate possibly? I’m 27

  3. Another one with the doubt .-.
    In the post it says witches could be old souls, or reincarnations from other worlds or indigo and crystal childs .-. I really dunno what am I, can u help me? :3

    I can remember things before I was born, as my mommy going to visit some aunties, but aunties I never met in live in places I´ve never been; well I was there but I was still a fetus in my momma´s belly .-.
    Since kid I´ve seen everybody adults and kids as babies who act without sense, and I´m not talking about the new ethics coming through, but more like if I´m s a granny looking his grandchildren fighting for an apple that you can just cut in two, but well someday they will grow and stop fighting for nothing?..

    I´ve always had problems connecting with people of my age and adults, but babies and old people connect easily with me; its like kids searched to pass some time with me and old people wanted to tell me everything.

    A witchfriend once said I wasn´t from here, and my husband originally as a joke, but everytime with more confidence says someone like me couldn´t come from here México, neither here the Aarth and our time, but more from something feline..
    Plus the tipically premonitory dreams and ghost seeing .-. Also I think my self therian :3

    1. Sounds like you’re an old soul from another planet/dimension! I you feel you’re feline, your soul probably lived a life or more in the Lyran constellation.

    2. Hello all.
      1. 3 marks under ||| my pinky fingers
      2. Circle under my ring and index finger
      3. Mole under my chin on my neck
      4. A new development in my left knee ( so much pain and no explanation )
      5. Intuition is strong – too strong
      6. Empathic gut feelings – to the point of my whole body feeling energy
      7. I feel the presences of demonic or evil at night in the dark
      8. Nature, animals and water call to me with a powerful force.
      9. AM I CRAZY!?

      1. I’m worried i may be both light and dark. The dark side of me is strong but I can controll it.

    3. I have the craziest lump on my hand it’s shrunk a little as I got older started to notice it a lot more when listening to my intuition there lots of circles around it too

    1. Hi guys im from Albania and last year just found out that i come from a line of seers, my grandfather had the same ability and i have it too. Reading about the witches marks and confronting the sign i have 4 of them including warts, the cricle surrounding it and the cross and the Samaritan sign. Lately ive been feeling stronger like my magic is growing and have that feeling of a rush energy flowing inside of me. Starting with some protection spells that really worked i built a barrier for my friends and they can feel it too.

      1. Hi im from Albania too I have been practicing witchcraft for a while now but only recently did i find the desire to get into it like really seriously, i have a simian line in my right hand, i have done a couple of spells that have worked. i know for a fact that one of my great grandmothers was a witch. my grandmother used to do divination with turkish coffee.
        i have had dreams that pretty much showed me that i was a witch. Interested in witchcraft since i was like 10 or something. I have all the hand symbols and many other features described in this article
        I live in shkodra and im typing in English for the sake of this page.
        And i would really like to get in touch with you
        it would be so great.

      2. Lmao I know the girl from this picture. Did you have permission to use her photo?

        1. Every photo I use is from a public domain or paid-for royalty service. I don’t use any copyrighted photos.

    2. HELLO! I’m not sure weather I am a witch or not and not even sure I’m commenting in the right comment box…but I do have a burning question. Before I ask my question I would like to give a brief history of my life. I was born old which meant for a child I could comprehend most things a normal child couldn’t, I was self sufficient as a child and knew how to take care of myself even when mom or adults are not around. I have experiences dreams that comes to reality which makes me feel its repeated or it happened before. I have had messages through dreams from my love ones. I have experiences force field, strong rays, strong essence of divine power and angels. I have meet my ancestors in my dreams. I have even dream of being at the heavens gate trying to talk to my love ones. I have had dreams of love one talking to me the night or the very hour he or she is letting go of the last breathe. I have strong intuition and I can always tell when someone is sincere or lying. I have a round dark birth mark on my left ankle just above my foot. I passed on the birth mark to my oldest daughter only hers is lighter and heart shape. Have always been addicted to good health, exercise, healthy food. I love plants and been planting little gardens since elementary school days. I value peace and love and promote it daily. I have dark brown big eyes which often times get me teased for being moon eyes. Being following with witch craft post this year and have been enthralled. Now, my question is, am I a witch? If so, what do I do with it? How can I develop it to more good use?

      1. Sounds like you definitely have abilities. Research modern witchcraft further to see if it interests you.

      2. I have a horrible mole on the leftside of my jawbone and I have bakers cysts behind noth my knees.. I see my palm says a healer.. help any ideas

  4. Hello thanks for this insightful article. I have signs all over the place 🙂 I come from a family line of phycics, mediums and craft practitioners. I can even remember past life’s. I am told I have a deep but far away gaze that makes me sweet unless I’m angry. I’m always carrying crystals or stones . I’ve been called chibi kitsuni (little fox) by friends growing up. It is indeed my spirit animal.

  5. I relate to every single one of these i have huge eyes, i had a birthmark on my neck that had a big skintag in the centre i had it removed as a child, also the battered knees they always look bruised and are bumpy and tbh im not on them very often my partner has noticed this to lol i think he thought i had been up to somthing , i posess the girdle of venus and empathy lines, always have been drawn to nature and definetly never conformed to societys norms, thanks for sharing xx

    1. Deneen – Just because you don’t relate to any of these doesn’t mean you’re NOT a witch! Being a witch is truly in your heart and soul. And I guarantee you have at least one of these traits whether you’re see it or not.

    2. I have everything on this list. I think that it’s very awesome . I’ll be doing some research.

  6. I have a birth mark on my lower right leg of a four leaf clover. I have vivid dreams of me in Ireland. Standing on a cliff overlooking the ocean and me just spinning, happy as a lark. Had my pass life cards read. Celtic card came up as well as high priestess and persecution and inquisition. I knew I was persecuted for my witchcraft. I also have red moles and crosses on both my index fingers. I creep myself out with the stuff I know about people. Someone told me I need to stop be scared of it and just embrace what I am and that I won’t be judged for it like last time around. I’m actually even weary about posting this. I have green eyes also. My mother told me I was born old that I never acted like a child. She says I raised myself.

  7. Wow! So many comments. We are not alone! Joy! I am 57. I grew up quite strangely. Early years (up walking till about 6 years)on a farm “exploring” nature. I’m told I was a problem child, I took off in the morning chasing a butterfly. When I lost that, I’d follow a grass hopper for a while. And on and on I’d go. Catching bugs etcin a jar to bring home. No one could find me. My mother was and still is intelligent but strange. After my parents divorced there was lots of abuse so I was just trying to survive. I developed complex PTSD. I could leave my body. They call it disassociation. I spent my late 20’s and 30’s being a mom and going to therapy. During my early 20’s I went to a grocery store one day where someone working there was really rude to me. So I left the shopping cart full of groceries in an aisle and went to a different store but I was very upset. The next week that store burned down. The man who was my primary abuser eventually died of stomach cancer-he literally decomposed from the inside out while still alive. I hear it smelled bad.
    As I age, I find I have a deep need to spend time in a forest. It rejuvenated me. I’d love to just live there.
    Sometime when I don’t know what to do I’ll get this moment…one second everything is unclear, the next it’s like things shift and I suddenly know what to do. It’s strange.
    My husband works with people addicted to all kinds of things so there are lots of very low vibrational people passing thru our lives. We try to help them. Occasionally I meet a new one and within a minute or two I get a bad feeling about them. Con artist, predator, or something.
    I don’t have big eyes, they’re actually narrow due to high cheek bones. I recently did my DNA and found I am English, Irish, and Scottish. I would love to know if any of this means anything to you. IF I am a witch, I could really use a boost in my intuition! Oh and are auras real? I can not see them.
    Thank you-Jackie

  8. Hello everyone! I have a family line of psychics, on the female side only, and it seems to have past down through my daughter. She is now 16 and has seen ghost her entire life. I grew up in a house haunted by family and once my daughter was born we have been haunted ever since. We have moved numerous times and it takes about a year before they start. Nothing dangerous, thankfully. I’m 36 and my senses all seemed to be heightened lately. A month ago I feel asleep on our couch and dream’t I got up to use the bathroom and once I exited the bathroom I was yanked from the back of my hair towards my bedroom door way, which was right next to the bathroom. Then I woke up back on the couch with the back of my head tingling. Was that an out of bodies experience? Did I astroproject to the bathroom? LoL. But whats funny was when I woke up I had to pee! So I basically had to do the same thing. I stopped at the doorway when exciting though and looked around. It was a bit creep! I’ve had a strong connection with stones and plants since I was little, but have never seemed to get any healing practices right. I used to try and call upon the wind, when I was 10 and when I’d get a gust I swore it was me. It feels a bit silly. I can project heat from my hand with consecration too. I feel I need a guide to help me, but I’m not sure how to find one. We live in a rule town that I desperately loath, so it seems hard to find like minded people too. I’m trying to reach out and see what come’s back. Thanks for reading!

    1. Same here! I would love a guide as I have had similar experiences and I didn’t know I had been “practicing”. I was adopted but found out that relatives are witches- some practicing and others that walked away and stopped manifesting their abilities

    2. I have heat that comes from my hands too. Usually, they are cold but, when I message my husbands feet he says he can feel the heat coming from them. You can heal.

  9. This is all so wonderful to see- so many of us reaching out to support and encourage each other- many of us reaching out for guidance and education. THIS is what sets witches apart from other groups of women- we truly do (with few ‘bad apple’ exceptions) embrace those new to the craft. We’re also grateful for the wisdom imparted upon us by more experienced witches. We are a family, where all are loved, welcomed and accepted. THIS is so important- thank you for doing all the hard work you do to keep this site going.

  10. I was born wit a veil over my face I can see spirits an visions an deju and I can see in dreams visions when someone is goin to die

    1. I am 66 years old and I believe I am a Witch. I have always had most of the gifts and “urgings” noted. I have all the hand markings. I have two tatoos that have deep meaning for me. I have known since I was very young that there was another realm beyond our own. I saw Angels at the age of two and “angels” was one of my first words. I have always felt most at rest in a deep forest or near a body of water. I love nature. I have always grown plants in my home outside in a flower garden. I have “seen things” ahead of time, at the present, from the past and startled and scared people by what I’ve seen. I have always been drawn to Taro, Psychic and Palm Readings and believed in them. I am very into Numerology. I have hidden my “leanings and talents” because of my Christian beliefs and training. I always felt them to be in conflict and pagan, and therefore satanic. I felt sinful for my thoughts and desires. I have fought this all my life. It has caused me a lot of stress and anxiety. I have known that there were some who bravely walked the Witch path daily, but they were much younger than I for the most part and looked at as being rebellious “Hippie New Agers” who would grow out of it and take corporate jobs some day. It is only in the last two years that I have finally found the courage and decided to lower “my rigid guard” and explore more of what I felt was right for me, what had been pulling at me all of my life. For most of my adult life I have felt that there is a Great Goddess that I/we should be worshiping in addition to God. I have felt so for many years and been afraid to say it out loud for the ridicule and rejection I would receive. I now worship her and my Angel Guides in private, still because others look at me so strangely when I mention it, and seek to find more information on others who do the same. I want to walk freely “in my own skin” at this stage of my life, and pursue what I feel I was destined for. Witchery. I am not talking black cauldron bubbling, black hat, spell casting, wicked old hag type witchery. I mean healing, clairvoyance, life enriching, Taro Reading, Psychic, good spell casting, Goddess and Luna worshiping, garden tending, nature loving Witch. I will shock many by my “coming out”, especially my family who I raised in strict Christianity. However, I am not saying one has to completely block out the other. Be ready to compromise your beliefs and blend them. Don’t be afraid to follow your destiny and don’t wait as I did. Be Happy. Be Blessed.

      1. You can very easily be a Christian witch (I think Jesus was a witch- water into wine , feeding the multitudes, , prophecy, rising from the dead…so many!) and I believe our abilities are created by our creator- in that sense how can it go against you? Have confidence- trust that Spirit wouldn’t lead you places you aren’t supposed yo go. Trust the truth that is revealed to you by your Creator. You are special and lucky- the universe has chosen you- let fear of no man’s judgement sway you from your natural path.

      2. Thank you so much! I too have felt things from a very young age – I’ve read about witches and wiccan practices since high school. (I’m now 55 years old). I feel a draw to nature, animals, spirits, and music (music is power to me)! I’ve have been interested in the native american culture and their following of nature and spirits because it feels more natural to me than Christianity. My grandmother would know/sense things before it would happen. I had unusual red marks on my forehead in the shape of wings when I was born and those same marks still appear from time to time. Have many moles and my mother and I share the same mole in the same exact place on the same leg. I have wanted meaningful tattoo symbols but working in corporate american when I was young – it was prohibited. I love herbs, oils and natural medicine and did I mention music! When I was around 17 I met a man who told me that my eyes never showed any expression, my eye looked old, when I laughed or spoke he could see no expression in or around my eyes, he directly told me I was a witch. This really shocked/surprised me. His comments have stuck with me all theses years. I looked at my self in the mirror and he is right, when I smile, laugh, cry, talk, happy or angry my eyes stay the same. I feel things all the time and when I go against what I sense it’s always wrong. So I have learned to better follow what I feel. I want to explore more and be involved in this world of nature and holistic life but I feel along in on this path – within my circle. So thank you all for sharing I feel more understood.

      3. Love and light to your path. We just have to be authentic to who we are. Me too, im no longer resisting and afraid to be rediculed. I AM embracing and contribute for the gool of all. 🙏🥰🍀❤️

      4. I love your post and can relate on many things you touch on. Good luck on your journey! Blessed Be.

      5. I never argue with people about politics and RELIGION, mainly because I always felt that being a witch is no ones buisness but my own and those who share my beliefs. As for politics it’s just not worth it. I also was raised Christian, but loosely. I Chose to go to church when I was young with my friend and her family. You can believe in many religions. If your a witch then your a witch and embrace it. I haven’t practiced lately, which I regret. For over a couple years my luck has been horrible. I could go on and on. Now hopefully that I’m practicing again not only can I help others but myself as well. After a few weeks I’ll leave another comment and I’m sure I’ll be revealing great news!!! I do carry all the physical signs which I honestly didn’t know about till today except for the extra nipple sign. Blessed be my fellow witches!!!!!🙂

      6. Candice you struck a cord in me.. reading what you wrote was like speaking my true self. I too raised my children catholic/Christian as was I yet have always felt different, asways searching which has caused severe anxiety and depression. Thank you for speaking to my soul! Blessed be, Jennifer

  11. While reading through these comments, I do not know if I am any kind of witch or “Special!”but I will say, that I love nature, growing things, being in nature, I love fire and water! I have never noticed any markings. I will start to
    looking for them! I am very spiritual! I been told my eyes are beautiful! My granddaughter is a “old soul!” Which her family does not understand her Reiki abilities ! She had studied and had her degree to perform! I

    She had abilities! But back to me, I have books, cards, crystal but have never had the time to study them! I love the moon and stars! I have several Marking on my hands but never been read. I would love to find out my “ abilities” so I can determine what I am. I have feeling about people and have only been scared of 2 men, even though they never did anything to me! I feel deeply! I just have cane back from being extremely ill with an blood disorder that is treatable but not cureable! I have as all my immediate family has atopic skin problems! I now have time to study! Do you feel if there is something I am ?

    1. Donna…
      I have a red bump on the right side of my left breast. Not raised, like a mole… looks like a freckle, but it’s not a freckle. Very curious if yours has the same characteristics..?

    2. I have a tiny red mole also. Has been there as long as I can remember. Would love to know the meaning as well

  12. Hi! I love how many comments there is on this article 💜 And it made me want to share a little bit too 😊
    I’ve always been drawn to witches and witchcraft, fairies and angels as a kid, and as a teen also. Now that I’ve just turned 30, I do believe I am a witch (or rather I chose to be a witch). I’ve just started really getting into it. I only perform full and new moon rituals for now but I would love to learn and perform more spells and rituals. I will check your website for advices and books to read as a witchling ^^
    About physical signs, I don’t know about my eyes even though I’ve had compliments on them. I do know that I am clumsy and drop things a lot, I bruise easily and often have bruises on my knees -out of the blue-, I have tattoos that I made as reminders and amulets. I’ve always been drawn to Palm reading and tarot, I am just now learning tarot seriously (I was gifted an oracle deck as a teen but it frightened me as it was a really dark and not a positive tarot). I have several crosses on both my index fingers, I have the loop on my left hand (which is my most powerful hand when it comes to prana, reiki, or however you prefer calling that energy) but not on my right, I believe I have the lines under the pinkies. I do believe I am a healer of some sorts, and have some kind of clairaudience (in the form of songs stuck in my mind out of the blue) and some kind of clairvoyance too (I see things in water drops, wood ceilings, paints, clouds, mountains, etc.). I fancy herbs and essential oils for a little while now, and I’ve been really digging crystals and crystal healing.
    Thank you for this article and all your information, I am grateful because this (and some comment you left to someone) made me decide I was a witch indeed. 💜

    1. Hi Lillith,
      Try Witch School ( I learned so much here, even tho I am a natural witch, as you are. Good luck and welcome!

        1. I went and will go again tto loved it. They have many free classes that u can earn degree or certificates in . And there are paid ones as well. If this is the same witchscook i wemt to you will learn under the Correllian Nativist tradition.

          Blessed Be

    2. Hi Lilith – That’s great to hear! Check out our group on FaceBook to connect with like minds. Search for Otherworldly Oracle group. Blessings!

      1. I cant explain my attraction to wiccan and everything. I joined the group on FB. Maybe I can get some answers there too.

    3. 30 is usually the age a witch wakes up if they weren’t brought up with the practice. I was also 30 when I was like “hang on a minute”. It’s a freeing experience waking up… Then comes the ability to not give a crap what people think about you. Nice to meet you!!!

      1. I have had a sense I have been in a place before but it is has been in a dream. I have dreams then find out that’s what happened. I get a sense of something that is happening or going to happen but feel sadness. It use to scare me but now it’s like preparing me to what is going to happen.
        I have tattoos a witchy moon and star, an owl, compass and a heart with an anchor with the word faith in the middle of the heart.
        As for the signs, I do have 3 lines on the left had under my pinkie.

        This has been very interesting.

    4. Wow, I feel like I have a human familiar! I love your story:) I have always been drawn to tarot and have always been claircognizant among other things but mostly I have felt very weird and like I just didnt fit in. I would tell people things and they would get freaked out. Especially my parents when I was a child( I would tell them where we were going as soon as we started driving). I am now 38 and things are really starting to surface! About Five or Six years ago I went into a store to look for a gnome for my husband. He loves them:) The cashier was a nice woman, little older than me but there was something about her. As if someone else was speaking through me I said…Are you a……….. ???? And she said witch?? I nodded and she smiled and said yes. We talked for a short while and she had told me that she visited a place where there was a younger woman dressed in “Older” clothing sitting near a garden by herself and they started up a conversation. Turns out that this was at a very nice but old hotel. Someone asked “Michelle” who she was talking to and when she turned back to the lady, the lady was gone. Crazy huh? That baffled me for years. How did I know?? What? Why?? Then three years ago I’m sitting at the doctors office reading and my 8 year old daughter is interested in this older lady and wants to help put a puzzle together with her. I glance over greet The woman “Cleta” and figure “no problem, I could use a little mommy break and enjoy my book”. Cleta kept asking me to join them, then asked curious questions and I politely said thank you but I’m deeply enjoying my book but I kept answering her odd but sweet questions. After a little while her husband comes out and she says ” hun, read her for me” . He looks over to her, says hello to my daughter Savanna and comes over to me, raises his hands half way to his waste and turns his palms upwards to the ceiling. Cleta asks me to close my eyes and rest my hands on his. I dont remember a word of what I was thinking, it was like I was just floating or under a spell (figure of speech). So I do it and she says do you see anything and he says , yes…yes I do. Cleta says, does she have any psychic abilities or is she a…things were a little quiet and I remember thinking a what, I opened my eyes and saw her wink at him twice. Savanna was amused at this point and paying close attention so he pokedfun and said you mean is she a winker?? Savanna laughed and then he got real serious, turned back to me grabbed my hands and closed his eyes. He says….Yes. But it will get stronger as she gets older. Cleta gets up pulls me away from savanna(just out of earshot) and says you need to go to reiki. You are a healer. Stay out in nature, you need to be near the elements. She starts running her hands around me and I felt this power. She went over my breast ( I was at the cancer dr for my breast, everythings ok but she had no clue why I was there though) she tells me I’m having issues right there and then the receptionist calls my name. I thank her, she hands me a card and tells me to come when it’s time. (It was to a place called parastudy). I thanked them and as I was walking away still processing and kind of numb from the ordeal, Savanna asks the husband ( is my mommy a witch???) My heart dropped, and he smiled, looked at me, looked back down at her IN A NOW CROWDED WAITING ROOM and said yes dear, and she has a Native American spiritual guide too. Three feather….and I still cant remember the name but it began with an A. I’ve never seen them since but talk about bazaar! My life has been turned up side down. In a good way. My husband is fully convinced due to things I’ve said and done. I did a freezer spell on a cat to leave my squirrels alone, and my birds( I used to feed him but I was scared of rabies after killing the squirrels) so I wrote whatever I thought of on a post it but made sure it was done with love and no harm, folded it up, stuck it in a clean plastic container, filled it up with water, put the lid on and months later he showed up on my windowsill. Before I did the freezer thing he was a sickly, beautiful white outdoor cat who roamed the neighborhood and after he came back a fat happy cat who looked in good health. I must admit that I miss seeing him and wonder how he is. The thing is that, i never knew that was a spell. It was natural. Being in my birthday suit under the full moon is a hobby of mine that I now realize “wasnt normal” hahahaha. O well, I didnt mean to talk your ear off. It’s nice to identify with someone else:) thanks for the wonderful article!!@

    5. I am unsure of what to say other than I want your opinions. I’ve always been told my eyes are beautiful and large and people can see my feelings through my eyes, even as a young child. I have the palm markings, I’m at my most relaxed while in nature and I’ve always had a heightened sense of feelings. Without trying or even meeting an individual I automatically know if they are of good intentions or not. Sometimes I become exhausted mentally by an individual and have described it as exhausting and I needed to get away from that person in order to recoup. I am extremely clumsy on most days. I have a circle birthmark on my left leg (front, above ankle), doctors, friends and even strangers have commented on my “strange” birth mark. What does everyone think OR am I just being ridiculous?

      1. You are a witch- you know it in your bones.
        (I love this site- allowing us to encourage, uplift and educate each other. Beautiful.)

    6. I got to where I bruise easily too. That’s one reason why I never got to do karate. A girl pinched me in high school and caused a bruise for a week.

  13. Well I have all of the above but I know without a doubt that I’m a witch, sensitive, empath & otherworldly. I have all of the physical traits and all of the other traits and more. I have huge lime green cat eyes with gold rings around them and what looks like shards of gold velvet inside them. Within one of my eyes, there I have a coal black dOt and gold around that. No others like it and I’ve still yet to meet anyone else with this . I can see and talk to spirit and have since a very young age …. I can move things items with my energy without using my hands even. Though I’m not advanced there. I can will things to happen and though I write spells and cast them I don’t have to , I just put my energy forth . Ibdoblove ritual though and am very ritualistic in just about all info, say, feel, am.. I love nature and grew up in a deep forest and on a lake. I’ve always had an insanely connection with all animals. I know when someone is up to know good or luring or cheating. I know when something is gonna happen… I do feel I walk between the veil and it very hard on me at times and yet I don’t know what I’d do otherwise. I also astral project often and go to other worlds/dimensions upon sleep or meditation. I am a healer also and perform reiki or accupressure and it is a big help to others as well as massage. I luv creating my own potions and oils etc… It’d be awesome to live in a house like the one on Practical Magicka…and own a little witchypoO shop like that of the film…

  14. This was a great insight for me, I have big green eyes and was born red hair, I have a birth mark next to my heart, I was born on a full moon, I have the 3 lines under my pinkie. I have been to psychics or tarot reading 5 times, 1 said I was the oldest soul he ever encountered, 4 told me I a was an Empath, of the last 4 I was also told I was a Shaman and a healer in past souls . I am chemist now, and bar tended in college, pretty much my whole life has been mixing things. I have gardened since I was a child, and mostly grow herbs all year long in my home. I am very athletic but always a clutz, and spend much of my free time with rescue animals. So maybe……Thanks

  15. I’m curious about freckles. I remember learning about constalations as a kid, and I noticed my arm freckles have two big dippers and Orion on my arms. I have hardly any body freckles so it surprised me when I was little. I never forgot, so I tell people i have the stars on my skin. I have a lot of the other physical and experiential signs too, and I’ve been practicing witchcraft for a short time. I haven’t thought about my constellation freckles as a physical sign. If so, that just makes them all the better!

    1. I have the Orion constellation on my left arm too. I’m trying to figure out just now (I’m almost 22) if I want to practice. I was raised in a really religious family but, I’ve done some reading and I identify as a Storm witch, in my mind that is. I’m just trying to do some research right now on the practices and history of the subject. I’ve actually had two past life dreams too.

  16. I have very difinite “W” on both palms. At times I feel very witchy. I do feel most close to Earth. I feel her anxeity and torment. I relate best to Wiccan beliefs. Does this make me a solitary witch?

    1. I have the eyes . I love everything about magic, i get that tickling feeling when i see or hear about magick❤

  17. I’ve always known I’m an empath but some of these signs are also really speaking to me as I am developing. I absolutely have very strong feelings an intuition. Have a red heart-shaped birthmark on my left eye and a very large Crescent Moon birthmark on my right butt cheek. I also have three of the four markings on my hands, bright green eyes and red hair. It’s funny because of the young child older people used to act like they were scared of me. As I get older I am definitely much more intuitive and definitely get way more premonitions then when I was younger.

  18. I have a total of 8 birthmarks but I have a Blue dot on my right shoulder. I have all the palm signs and I’ve known for a long time I was a Witch! My main strength is healing and weather also the Moon! I’ve had past life dreams before which some where beautiful but some where not! I love who I am I just still want to learn more about why I have so many birthmarks and some other questions! Now my eyes I’ve had a lot of people tell me they are piercing, dominant, but very mysterious.

  19. Wow I have a lot of signs. I have many healing signs on both hands under my pinky. There is one cross on my left index finger and 3 crosses on the right. I have clairvoyance on my right but not my left and neither show intuition but my intuition is very strong. I’m always told I have beautiful eyes although they’re not big. They’re almond shaped and brown. I have 4 birthmarks and many moles. There’s a slight birthmark on my left wrist and one on my right ankle. And on my left arm I have one that looks like a fish or an arrow head and another that looks like a hat or a car. And speaking of extra fingers I was almost born with an extra pinky but a bone nor nail never grew in it. The doctor just cut the extra skin off.

  20. I had a twin sister we are identical she was killed in a car accident 14 years ago but when we were born we found out we share the same birth mark on our shoulder blades and the actually mirror each other and I have the healer lines

  21. i hae no signs but i was b orn 10/10/1946 and a full moon i dont know if it means anything all 10

      1. I have a tiny horseshoe on my left lower abdomen and a small red cross on my left lower, inner arm.

    1. I have all signs that were mentioned…but the third nipple….but I gave birth to sons that have it. I grew up believing that there was something not normal in guess you would say but I like most grew out of what I knew to be true…I recently had to go and stay in my childhood home and while there. ..Things that I long forgot started happening again…I know and remember it all…I am a 5th generation witch and to say it out loud…I love it but also have that fear locked inside me…from the burnings I was told. This is a wonderful gift and only thing that holds you back …is yourself…so be unafraid…and be who you were born to be…remember your path is like no other…what anyone finds thru their journey…is only up to that person. I am only now starting my journey….and I am looking forward to where I end up…I am a traveling Registered Nurse…so here I go! Good luck to you all…Blessed Be!

      1. Hi… it seems we have a lot of similarities. I am a nurse too and since childhood days i feel that I am already destined to be healer all my life. I possess most the signs of being a witch… physically though except i have a very jet black hair and look way younger than my age ,spiritually and most of the characteristics and only now in these age of social media and internet that i am enlightened that these questions and doubts which were bothering me since childhood have an actual answer. I always felt different and i am afraid to ask because most often, people who were close to me were laughing at me that at a young age of 13, I discovered that i can naturally heal. Sometimes I advice sick people of what they will do get better but me myself doesn’t know where all those advices come from and they get better. And from that time on I blindly turn away from this magical gift due to the bullying of these people. And another thing was that I don’t want to get mad or become so angry with someone because I observe that the curse coming from my mouth has a bad effect on the person i got angry with. And is these possible that a witch can heal but at same time can destroy or inflict sickness or bad omen. And that is what I’m afraid of, since the word witch to most means we are evil. That is why I admire you that you feel so proud and comfortable having this privilege. God bless you on your journey. I’m hoping and wishing to bravely follow my path and become more comfortable with it. Well being a nurse,oftentimes I unconsciously applying and practicing my healing gift aside from the medical side, and that I’m happy of the privilege of being a nurse.

    2. I always beleave When I was kid in switches ,paranormaal, the mysteries from univers, but im coming from catolic family, in this time i was feeling I dont belong in this time, I have some of the signs, they said i have dark brown big sad eyes, big black sign on the neck,a small red heart-shaped sign on my chest. Resume: I died in the day of my father day i was 15. My life was a very big nightmare till 2015. I awake and acept and get free to follow my real path to find my self.

  22. I have a third nipple and when i asked doctors for removal they all said that they wont do it cause it will cause them bad luck

  23. What about scars. I was born with a scar on the higher right side of my forehead it is perfectly circular slightly bigger then the eraser end of a pencil….i always wondered about my eyes because their so big and go from bright bright blue with a navy ring around them and green around the pupils to wolf/steel grey when I’m angry and a really soft baby blue when I’m really calm or at peace. And Ever since I was a kid I would be able to look into someone’s eyes and know who they are it gotten even stronger as I age, it’s like the whole world stops and I can zoom right into their soul it used to freak me out still does sometimes haha.

  24. I have that same birthmark between my eyes and both my of my palms show Clairvoyance and I have a spirit in my house, I often sense her.

  25. I was born with a red birthmark right between my eyes that went up to the mid forehead…it only shows if I’m frustrated, upset or angry. My right hand has two signs and my left has one…

    1. Me too! How funny, it also sometimes appears when I just come out of a spiritual practice or weekend.. I also have the same kind of birth mark around the dream chakra, at the back of my head/beginning of my neck. I am happy to hear I am not the only one.

      1. I know I am a witch but I have never known anyone else to have the back of the skull/neck birthmark. At 48 I’m secure in who I am but it’s been a long journey. My question to you…….what are your gifts? I can Connect to the spirit world, I am good at spell work, I am good at intuition, I’m an empath, I can read people in seconds, I can feel the energy around me, I see the dust – I do not mean the dust partials in sun light. I dont see color arias (I keep trying to though) I see people as bright inside or dull or dark, shades vary, I have been told my aria is huge around me. That cracks me up, it enters a room ahead of me announcing me like a Harold….I get a kick out of that for some reason lol

  26. I’ve wondered for many years if I am a witch, more so now that I have passed 18, my mother was definitively a witch, she practiced paganism and was a healer, she was a therapist. I’m unable to speak to her about these things as I am in foster care, but I have a few of these attributes (piercing green eyes that everyone has ALWAYS pointed out) plus birthmarks but most of all this ridiculously strong gut instinct and awareness, always older than my years etc..
    is there anything I could do to confirm it in a more definitive way??

    1. Ella learn to meditate and connect with your inner self ( witch) there are no set rules to being a witch only the desire.

  27. I have 2 dark wine birth marks on the bottom of my left foot. I have searched and cannot get any information about this type of mark on the bottom of my foot. I would like to send you a picture for your thoughts about it.

  28. Also I’ve a green/brown freckle? beauty mark under my breast, that my daughter also has (she appears to have the Empath ability too) as well as a birthmark in the shape of a maple leaf in freckles.. I’ve always felt a connection to the maple leaf mark.. though I’m not sure what it means..

  29. I’ve felt people’s emotions as if they were my own, knew when someone has ill intent, usually my “gut” feelings are spot on and I don’t ignore my intuitive nature. In the past when I have ignored it, very bad things happen. I’ve seen things in dreams, that happen usually within weeks or months of dreaming it, I believe I’ve dreamwalked, have psychically met up with ppl I care deeply for in dreams & knew instantly by emotions even in dream state that a friend was thinking of killing himself (I called him when I awoke, and flat out asked him, he’d asked how I knew, I told him I’d met up with him in a dream, felt it. We had a productive talk.) My foster sister had told me for yrs that she thought I had “abilities”, and I’m drawn to those in need & will do whatever I can to help. I was labeled “overly sensitive” as a child (after a trauma in childhood) and I started feeling emotions, sensing and seeing spirits after that. I believe the negative experience unlocked something?

  30. I have 3 moles on my lower back that form a perfect triangle. After reading the article, I also have many of the attributes. But I am really curious about the formation of the moles.

    1. My daughter has so many of the moles that form a perfect triangle it’s crazy. I think she counted 8 triangles all together.

  31. Hi… So witches run in my family but I’ve never been sure if I was one. Reading this it mentioned birthmarks shaped like countries. I have a large birthmark that is shaped exactly like South America, like to the T! Is there a meaning to it?

  32. I have the cross on my left index finger although it looks upside down. I have 3 lines under my pinky on my right hand . I don’t have clairvoyance but I do “feel” things I get goosebumps up my arms neck and face. I have the uncanny ability to tell if someone is lying to me and my intuition is on point. I’ve been told I have an old soul and that my eyes are piercing. (They’re dark blue outlined light blue inside and green around the pupil). I have an extra nip (that’s my birthmark) and I’m covered in tattoos that are of true meaning to me (mostly butterflies). I don’t know if I’m a witch but usually everyone says I’m “witchy”.

  33. I’ve always been told I have big eyes. I Got made fun of most of my childhood for it. The elderly were In awe of my eyes said I could “look right through them”. I’m a massage therapist I have the healer marks. I have a gift of knowing family members who have passed on, like pictures in my memory they would pop up.
    Worldly situations would happen and I would dream about it. I dreamt about the war and the bombings happening and woke up so terrified, but so empathetic. It’s when Canada started accepting refugees. I love gardening and growing my own herbs. I live in the woods and when I cook I really put the love into everything and I believe my cooking heals. I call on my ancestors for daily guidance.
    Glad I stumbled upon this.

  34. I’ve never really felt like I’ve belonged. Very few friends, drawn to the night and natural way of living. I try be helpful but falls on deff ears. Nature is so calming to me. What can I do to slowly find out more about feeling more witch like?

    1. Pay attention to signs and your intuition. They could be very subtle hints, birds and animals are usually drawn to witches, nature has a very intoxicating and healing effect. People around you will also be effected as well as you can sense what others are feeling either through there energy or behavior.

    2. Get more into healing herbs, learning to cook with fresh from your garden herbs. Live by example, post on social media about the healing properties of plants. Meditate, find a time that works best. There’s a plethora of information here in Pinterest as well. Learn about smudge sticks, crystals, etc. Take care.

  35. I feel like maybe my magic is closed off? When I was young I saw ghosts all the time and predicted that it would snow in FL in 1989 and it did! Now that I am older I can still sense spirits and evil but I can’t see them. I have a friend that made a wand using oak wood from a fairy mound (with permission). The quartz he used is pretty big and nearly clear and he let my boyfriend hold it. While holding it my boyfriend mentioned that he could feel the vibrations of its power and passed it to me. I felt nothing but the weight of the object and it made me very sad. Is there anything I can do to unblock my magic again?

  36. I am searching for two things and I trust that people here could help me.. I have too many lucid dreams and nigthmares like horrible nigthmares and I want to know why and how can I control this what does this mean…. and for my partner she just sense things with her hands like flahsbacks when she touches people or things ai want to know the name for this gift please help me guys!!

    1. Victoria – for your nightmares and lucid dreaming question – I recommend reading Robert Moss’ book Conscious Dreaming for answers. As for the sensing things with hands, it’s a form of clairsentience. Have your partner look into that.

    2. I’ve wondered about myself, my grandma on my dad’s side had did spells in her day, although I’ve only heard it was for ill intent. For some reason, I’d feel drawn to the books. Now I know, because I have found two different marks described above. One for clairvoyance, one for healer. It’s unclear what might’ve been for me but I have had times where I’ve dreamt of a place I never been but it felt familiar. My family doesn’t believe anything good could come from spell books. Since growing up like that, I stayed away, but I’ve began to practice psychic abilities. That being telekinesis. That’s the ability my great grandma had on my mom’s side of the family. I’ve only got to move a feather, with nothing to interfere the still air, moving it with only my thoughts. Sometimes I like to lay back and watch as I get it to turn around and around. I’ve done chakra meditation as well. It’s helped me feel much lighter and more content. I don’t know if any of you have done this but my eyes were closed one day and I saw a fly, fly up to the ceiling. This was before I actually realized the fly was in the room. That was the moment I understood the third eye ability. Of course, I can’t control it. It may happen without me realizing it.

    3. The ability to pick up information, images and information through touch is called psychometry.

    4. The ability to pick up images, facts and information through touch is called psychometry.

  37. I have the healers marks on both hands & i am retired from 30 yrs in the medical field. My family always wants me to touch somewhere they are sore. My hands also get hot. I feel as if i have taken the pain from many people into my own body. I can also smell death before a person dies. And i can tell if a person is bad whether i see them or not. A person could just say a name or talk about someone they are dating etc…If i do neet one i have absolutely no compunction of telling them with my eyes that i know what they are about.

  38. I have alot of the signs. I have a birthmark on my right pinky finger. I was hypnotized and I was hung to death for killing g my husband in a past life. They said that I was a witch in my passed life. I used my healing powers to help the elderly pass from this world to the other. I can smell death and sense spirits. At work they call me the angel of death. I find peace in helping people cross over. It’s very draining when I’m opened to my empathy. I have learned to block some of other people energizes. I scare my family some times.

  39. I have several signs as mentioned; but what I would love to know if it means anything, is the large 3 7’s I have in my right palm?

  40. I have a birthmark on my side that looks like butterflies and I was born with purple eyes that soon enough turned a gold green

  41. i know im a witch, i have the healing marks, i am a tattoo artist, i only like doing tattoos with meaning behind them, i have endless stories of spiritual encounters ive had, uhg the list goes on , not to mention my name is Crystal lol

  42. Hmmm. I fi d this all so interesting..I have the healing marks .. And i was a massage therapist… I still use touch but i am selective of who I touch… As I feel their energy and sometimes it isnt good.
    I do turn to holistic healing and i make my own tinctures and remedies. I am an empath to a degree. . i trust too much.
    I also have the extra teets. Jus sayin.. My mother told me about hers although she was just playing …. At the time i was little.
    She knew things and i swear she had eyes in the back of her head.. Often when i would rub her head i would look for them.
    I truly wish that i had the power of “seeing”
    What i do see are accidents. But i never know if they happened….. Which on most occasions i am glad.
    Anyway, i am so glad i stumbled(?) Across this site … Thank You, many Blessings to you all. Love and Light Always. S

  43. I have the healer lines in both hands and have often wondered why for no reason whatsoever my hands will be hot. I mean crazy hot. I have a birthmark and my father had the exact same mark and now my nephew has the same mark in the same place. My nephew and I both have the same exact mole in our hairline. From the moment he was born we have had a connection like I have never felt to anyone else. I have feral cats on the farm where I live that will not even show themselves if anyone else is around but will climb into my lap and fall asleep. I’ve had mourning doves eat from my hand. I’ve always wondered what any of that meant.

  44. I believe anyone can be a Witch, no matter if they have “physical” signs or/and hereditary bloodline. Yes, magic can be a genetic/hereditary, but not all witches know/are. I may be misinterpreting your general message, but the opinion of “only hereditary witches can be witches” really irks me. I’ve been a witch for 13 years, and as far as I know, I’m the only witch in my biological family. lol If you don’t have these signs and/or hereditary bloodline you are just as valid. 🙂

    1. I think you’re misinterpreting. I believe every witch has at least one of these signs, but if they don’t, that doesn’t mean they can’t be a witch.

      1. Hi I have the cross on bought index fingers, also have at least 10 marks under bought my pinky fingers. I’ve a sm strawberry birthmark on my right hand and I always seem to know by looking at a picture if someone is dead or alive. I see the numbers 1111 every where too.

  45. I have a birthmark that looks like onenof the 7 continents, I have cross patterns both of my index fingers and the sign of healing, clairvoyance and intuition on my right hand

    1. How interesting!! I have A birthmark on my left hand from my thumb to almost pointer finger in the shape of Africa. Depending on my body temp how well you can see it.

  46. I have a birthmark of a crescent moon.
    I also have the healer lines & cross for clairvoyance.

  47. I have more than one birthmark healer indentations on my right hand. And I have 3 beauty marks that are in line and resemble Orians belt. My fiancé says that my eyes are a deep but pure brown in coloration and a lot of different people tell me that I have eyes that can look into each and everyone’s soul and tell which are good and which are bad.. predictions come naturally and 80% of the time I’m correct the other 20% my predictions come out differently.. does all this mean I’m a witch?

  48. I was an odd child in general. I have big eyes one brown and one gold. I was able to heal people and I think angels and spirits trust me. I think I’m a witch.

  49. I have the small dipper constellation on me in 2 or 3 places. I’ve always wondered if that meant something.

      1. I don’t have any of the markings on my hands. I do have extremely deep meaningful tattoos, and hazel green eyes that deepen in color or radiate in color with changing moods. I have a heightened sense of smell with people (this sounds weird) but I smell evil in people. I mean real evil. I don’t feel like a witch – but I feel something…

        1. Angela,
          Hi, my name is Robin. I have a very high sense of smell also. My whole family have all these characteristics. And sometimes I get made fun of thru my life because of my ability to smell death. Wither it be spiritual or dead carcasses a half mile away. Have a great day..

  50. I used to scare? people because of the look I gave them. I would love to live in a dense forrest. I don’t need much. Never have met an animal that didn’t like me while being mean to other people. I fell of a bus in my elementary school days. To this day I have a blue mark on my knee. A lot of people don’t know how to take me. I’ve witnessed spirits around me, including bouts of cool air around me. I haven’t let anyone know me totally. I have the palm signs as well.

  51. My eyes also change colours. My husband always knows when I’m mad, says I can shot fire from my eyes. I’ve got the healers marks and am currently a nurse but also dabbled in natural healing with oils and riki. I have bring home ghosts often and so do many of my children. I’m able to sense when a loved one is in danger and when someone is dishonest. I love the country and animals and live on a farm. I love thunder storms and starry skies.

  52. Greetings! I find I have hazel and gold Old Soul eyes, the four lines of healing, a red birthmark on the back of my right hand and one on my left knee. i am also the clumsiest person i know. i drop everything! Walk into walls and doors (ok, i’m legally blind, but i’ve done this all my life, even at a young age when i could see!) So very glad I found this site, now I know there are others of the same ilk and i am not alone. i also have red hair. my entire life i was ostracized by my parents and siblings for not looking a thing like them, very pale skin, red hair, hazel eyes while they were all dark and swarthy hairy italians. my mother used to refer to me as “la strega”-the witch, even when i was very young. she absolutely hated me and dammed me at birth. now, in my late 50’s i am welcoming the honor it is to have these gifts . Thank you all for being here so i can read your stories, Now i don’t feel so alone!

    1. Omg your life sounds just like mine. Same here, I have 8 siblings with dark brown eyes and look Italian but I’m auburn hair and green eyes. My eyes change colors with my moods. My mom and siblings say I was switched at birth, they even checked my blood type. I was my dad’s favorite but always felt that my mom did not like me. I have seen several ghosts and can feel when they are a around me. I’m not afraid and actually welcome their company. Oh and yes I have always been clumsy. I can send my thoughts to others to get them to respond either by phone call or whatever. Yes I have always felt a little gifted and intuitive but I don’t know what to do with it?

    1. We are not alone. I too have the Healer’s Mark and have ALWAYS been attracted to Angels. My birthmark is (more pink than red) a HEART on the bottom of my foot! I have beautiful healing/ protective crystals all around my home. Finally, this past two years I am beginning to understand why I have always felt so “different”.

  53. Oh my goodness! I just checked my palms and I also have those circles opposite my palms! As well as the healers mark, fear of burning and old soul eyes.

  54. Oh and the clumsiness I have down. Just at work tonight, (which I guess being a nurse would still make me a healer in this lifetime as well. Lol) I ran into 5 different items and my gymnastics coach used to make jokes how I could do flips in a straight line but trip walking over my own feet. He used to say he would have to put me in bubble wrap and I have fallen both up and down the stairs enough times as well.

  55. I do not have large eyes. My eyes actually squint when I smile, but my eyes have always been interest. They change colors. Blue, green, to gray and in the sun all notable with a ring of gold around my pupils. I have all the signs on my palms. I only know of one mole under my left armpit. I am not sure if it is different looking because it is hard for me to see it. I have had it since I was born. As for being a witch, well I already know I am. I have been for many lifetimes and my twin flame has been with me in every one. Her and I were once the same soul. I know about a few of my past lives. We were both healers in one during a time of war before they took us apart from each other. I have had strong intuition even as a child and my dreams and visions have always been strong as well. It has been interesting reading this article. I have quiet enjoyed it.

    1. Wow. Same as mine. My eyes change color blue green dark very clear. And I have a 4 leaf clover around my pupil draw in yellow.

    2. Wow your comment caught my eye not only for many similarities we share but the major one is the joke you mentioned on your left arm pit! I’ve only known of 2 others people in my family having this, my mom’s older sister, which she pass away at age 24 *stories of her were that she was a loving person, a healer persay, animals loved and followed her, she was extremely good with herbs, shes could calm anyone around her with just her presence* and the other person in my family is on of my nieces, she thought it was hideous until her mother, my first cousin, told her I had it. When she saw it we compared it and they were identical! She was amazed because she never thought anyone else had it except for her, I was just happy to actually see it in person, I didn’t get a chance to see my aunts, but did get to see my nieces. She is wild, not sure she knows what she is yet, I think shes confused right now, and has a but of struggles “doctors” diagnosed her bipolar which I dont think she has, but I’m not sure if I should tell her what she is, yes she is over 21 so i can if i want to, I’m just saying it because shes already been taking medication and dont know how she’ll react to the news…

  56. I have three birthmarks on the left side of my body. I have been shown several past lives. The birthmarks are bullets, firing squad as a rabbi who refused to give the Reich kabala secrets. I was drown as a witch before that but I loved the stars then. I have three palm signs and my eyes change to black from blue and green when I’m angry.

  57. Well, my mother was psychic but I am not, only very intuitive and sometimes I travel in my dreams receiving messages for me or help others. I consider myself spiritual person but don’t know if I am reincarnated with but I do have 2 big eyes, that I always thought that’s why I am so curious and read so much, but I was born with my feet different from another. The shape of my toes are different It looks like I have on foot egypcian style and another Greek style, never used opened toes shoes cause since young people would laugh!

  58. My grandmother is Indian, and is a healer. We never thought of it as witch craft, it was just who we were. We love and can’t live with out nature. We all have always had dreams of thing to come, deaths, sickness, people in need, or just need us to talk. We all knew we had gifts we keeper hidden, from my Pentecostal Grandfather and his church. More than once because we healed someone they tried RID us from the devil. My sister and I now openly practice. Now that my grandfather has pasted way. I have a birth mark on my inner thigh , my family called it a strawberry, or. Tree. My eyes change color with my mood, I have always been told my eyes are beautiful and hypnotizing. I have always had a kind heart and soft spot for all animals. I always try to find the good in humans, but trust my gut, my vibe I get from a person has never been wrong. I can’t wait to LEARN more.

  59. This is good to know. I’m a black American, and I have two different color eyes. My right eye is black, and left eye is brown. I have a heart shaped mark on my thigh, and I also have dreams about numbers, and things that’s about to happen. I can also feel other people pain, and I can heal people just by rubbing and putting all of my Entergy in my hands. My daughter can also describe what you look like just by talking to you over the phone, and she also do spells without even knowing she’s doing it. Ex: she wrote 3 things on her notepad, and all three happened. I do practice a little Wiccan, and now my daughter want to start doing it.

  60. I have the vertical lines under both of my pinkies and that doesn’t surprise me. I am always getting calls from friends asking how to use alternative methods to heal their physical problems. I’m a Certified Holistic Nutritional Counselor and I’m constantly looking for holistic ways to heal the body. I absolutely love the forest and I feel at peace there. I avoid organized religions like the plague and even as a child I hated going to church! I felt so unwelcome there! I have gray blue eyes that ripple have said they glow when the sun hits them. My grandmother was able to sense when something bad was happening to someone close to her and she had several sightings of recently departed family members. I’ve always been fascinated with Paganism, Wicca and the Occult. Now that I’m almost 60 I feel much more comfortable with who I really am; a witch!!

  61. While I don’t formally practice, this article caught my breath. I have a large birthmark on my leg that I have always referred to as a “torture” mark. Even when I was 2 or three years old. I never knew why. It just was. When I was a little girl, my parents were watching a documentary about Salem. While I don’t remember it much (I was about 6 or 7) I do remember the dread I felt and I became hysterical and told my parents that I never wanted to go back there. (We have never been there). To this day, I can not watch or read anything about the “accused” witches in early America without having nightmares.

  62. I’m sitting and reading this after having, earlier in the day, yet another surgery to amputate part of a toe (diabetic osteomylitis, which has cost me two full toes and two partials). I wonder if this falls under the heading of clumsiness, lol.
    As I’ve discovered myself and my gifts, it’s almost as if I’ve had to sacrifice parts of myself for my soul to grow into my “witchiness”. And I truly don’t mind. I can heal others, I have a huge affinity with plants, a small amount of clairvoyance, a connection to birds (especially hawks), and a palm that freaked out a palm reader. I have so many of the signs mentioned in this article. And all I did when I read it was think, ” Yep, I knew that”, lol. But thanks for a great read!
    P.s. I know it might sound odd, but I am seeing the advantages of the issues developing in my 50+ year old body. My pain and health issues increase my empathy towards others.

  63. this is very cool! I was born and raised in Charlton/Sturbridge Mass. and our house was surrounded by old native stone walls that were protected as landmarks. I always was in the woods talking to unseen things and foraging yummy plants and pretty rocks. Years later i was in a school therapy type group heavy on religion and the Christian God, and we had to share how we felt about our higher power. When i admitted i felt that my higher power was ‘nature, the wind in my hair and the water that flows in the stream’ i was actually removed from the group and reprimanded, i didn’t really know anything back then and had to just fall in line until i grew up. i have always been in love with the night and the moon and her stars. managed to fall down my stairs at least a few times because my clumsy self was too busy looking out the window at the moon instead of where i was going! even my tattoos- i not only wanted them, but ‘needed’ them to permanently mark things, a heart locket (before they were a “cool” tattoo thing) with a skeleton key for each of my children. our astrological symbols. a symbol for the word “faith”. a black cat for my familiar. And yes, all my kitties have choosen ME! I do have some of the marks, especially the eyes, my husband says he fell in love with me the moment he looked into my eyes, and each of my kids has one or two of these traits as well.

  64. This was a lot of fun! I come from at least four generations of witches, I’ve had magical gifts since I was a child. I don’t have all the markings you speak of but I have three daughters and they have every one of them. Their eyes are black. You can’t tell the iris from the pupil, and people are always remarking on them. They all large dark blue/purple birth marks across their backs/butts and they all have supernumerary nipples (third nipples). They each were born with a different gift. The oldest could see and speak to the dead and used to freak people out because they couldn’t deny it. The middle one is a true empath. She literally feels things that are going on in the world with larger groups of people, and even on smaller scales with individuals. When she was a child she felt the sorrow of the people in the earthquake in Haiti, and woke up shaking and bawling because “there were a lot of people hurting and they are scared because they can’t find their families”. (About an hour later we found out about the Earthquake and they described exactly what she had to us). The youngest has the gift of sound. She can hear voices that she describes as coming through a veil when she is near sleep, or sitting quietly at night in her room. I haven’t checked their hands, but I will. I don’t have many of these physical characteristics, but I do have a large Celtic Triad on my back that symbolizes my three girls <3

    1. Very cool now I’m looking at my crazy birthmarks and I have a deeper understanding of my horrible knees!

  65. This trips me out…I have always known I was different. I had someone tell me that I was a witch…I was like whaaa😮. Everything you have said, I understand. I have purple,blue,gray eyes…people have always asked what color they are, I have to ask because they change. Last year, I went to AZ, we had Ravens follow us after that…we live in SC…they dont live here…there is a pair that is here now. I have had dreams since I was a kid, or tell people not to do something cause they would get hurt…..people would get mad cause I spoke the truth. I have double W in my palms. My grandmother was a healer, I have all those markings. It is crazy and my kids will tell me things before they happen. I’ve always been fine with it. I use essential oils, love my garden, spend time outside listening to everything. Now I get it.

  66. I meet all those requirements 🤗🤗🤗😚😚😚😉….Ive always had the suspicion of being a witch because of ancestry and the feelings Ive had since childhood. Im totally thrilled now, i have clarity. Thank u soooo much. I want to learn so much more and I plan on it.

  67. Love the reading. I have big dark brown eyes and people are always complimenting me on them. They will approach me on the street just to stop me and compliment my eyes. I have always had a large port wine stain(birthmark) that literally covers 1/4th of my body. Plus 6 other small ones to match it. One of them is even white. I only have a couple of the palm markings and am sometimes clumsy, not always. When I have a clumsy moment I find myself looking up to the sky and making comments like “really” or “why did that have to happen”. Now I think I might know. Thank you for sharing this article, very informative.

    1. Carly – You should examine the birthmarks to see if they match any old symbols or even countries! Thanks for reading and commenting!

  68. Well, first off my name glenda aka ( good witch of the north). I believe to have a special trait is grand, I have been told that every time I predict something ( not tragic) it comes to past. I been told so many times that when I call or appear at some ones home they were thinking of me. I love doing good things for people, but also I have been told that you don’t want to angry me, I don’t think so. What a honor to be among such outstanding people, or sisters.

  69. I have big eyes and have all the signs on my palms. I also have a mole on my collar bone that all the women on my mother’s side have, it’s on the collar bone on each of us. I knew when my grandmother, aunt, and some others was going to pass away. I knew what the sex of my children was when I was pregnant without having to get an ultrasound ever done. I’ve dreamt of things that have happened, I can see colors (auras) around people in my dreams so it let’s me know who to watch out for. I love to be around animals, they make me feel calmer. My son has come to me telling me about him having dreams of people & seeing colors (auras) around the people. I’ve told him it’s ok and that it’s just a gift that we have and it’s a good thing, so not to be freaked out about it.

  70. Hi I have the deep eyes, always been clumsy, had my great grandmother with me since I was 13, I have a mole right beside my right nipple, always gets mistaken for my nipple lol, I love nature my fur babies, 2 cats one dog, always loved animals, my spirt brother informs me my spirt animal is a wolf, love orcas too, always drawn to the moon and water, I feel at home near water, the house I’m supposed to live in I’ve seen in a dream, it’s in the native bush, with water near by, my ancestral blood line is Romania, Irish Druid and welsh, with s bit of English thrown in lol

  71. You act like a witch is a different species. It’s that thinking that got people hanged and burned. It’s a way of life or a religion. It’s not something you’re born with.

    1. Witches aren’t a separate species, it has to do with reincarnation and carrying certain reminders of previous lives. The article addressed the fake marks people used to use to try and find witches. And yes, a witch can be born as well as made!

  72. I’ve known for a long time now that I’m a witch 🙂 everything I read just helps to confirm it (plus I’m a dreaded ginger so there’s that too lol)

    1. Hahaha! Heather, too funny! But yes, the red hair was a “sign” of a “witch” back in the day, wasn’t it?

  73. I have so many of these signs. Two nipple looking growths under my breast, telepathic, empathic, humanitarian, I live in rainforest surrounded by animals and my foster babies. Without realising I used to set up an alter with candles etc when I was a child. Very good intuition and can predict what’s going to happen moments before it does. People always say I have a ‘grounded’ feeling to me.

    1. I don’t really know if I have the circles or my palm but I do know I have tons of lines on my hand. It is hard to tell where one line starts and another begins sometimes. I have bad feelings a lot and I am usually right about things. I have had times where I’ve thought that I had ALREADY thought that the moment had already happened, like it happened multiple times. I feel dark presences a lot at night to the point where I feel like I’m surrounded sometimes. I have two birth marks on me (one to the right of my belly button the other under my left armpit) in the shape of a bulls head and maybe a hoof or squished heart or something. I’ve always felt different from my family like I didn’t belong and I always felt I knew more than I should as a child. I understood a lot of things and knew about a lot of things that kids shouldn’t know about. I’ve always been attracted the the supernatural, nature, the elements. There would be times where I thought that I could control fire and what’s interesting is that fire follows me at times. When holding a lit match I know I won’t get burned because it always goes out before it reaches my fingers and I can barely feel the heat of it at times. I’ve also believed I could take away my loved ones pain. Small instances but I’ve always wondered if it was possible for me to be a witch or something?

  74. Amazing read! I have a pale red birth mark between my eyebrows and 1 at the nape of my neck. Never looked to see what shape it resembles. All of my daughters and my 2 grand daughters have the same markings.

  75. I have all these signs, I love the night. I am learning that there were indeed witches and healers in my family. I am embracing my path. And my saying is this: Do you stir my cauldron? Do you ride my broom? Then walk away quietly.

  76. Hello, im from romania and now living in germany ,i always feel that something its wrong with me ,im not in norms ,im thinking different i have a lot of signs on my body :mules big and small ,black,brown ,red. I have also a birthsign on my leg ,a knife. Three year ago i had made tatoo ,too . I have on my arms a pentagrama ,yin and yang made from wolf ,2 skulls with a rose and the name of my children with signs: angelina i have a angel, antonio made a rose and selena i made a moon. Im addicted with the moon ,when is full moon i always have candels ,i like fire its my favorite, i can easily read people ,i know what say want before they speak ,i had probleme with electrycity. Im clumsiness a lot and im feeling i cant not feat in this world. I dont like to live a pattern ,i want a free live where a can live for my own rules not society rules . Sorry for my english maybe i dont write everything correct because im learning deutch .

    1. Wow! What a magical place to live…Romania! What history there. It sounds like you are indeed a natural witch. Thank you for commenting Elena! If you’re on FaceBook, I have a group called Otherworldly Oracle who have people of like mind. We’d love for you to join us!

  77. Wow. I have them all. Very strong on eyes. People will be talking to me and totally stop mid sentence and mention my eyes. My knees are always bruised and my birthmark resembles a wolf. I live by water and in a forest. Really connect with nature, animals, and people. I have collected rocks for many many years. And I have learned I have extra bones in my body, my mother as well, and my grandson was born with 2 extra fingers and an extra toe and me and him are very close. My intuition is always right. I have had dreams of my past lives as well. I’ve seen my death over and over.

  78. I lost my left eye at 14 months of age. I always had what i refer to as ‘visits’ at night which terrified me as a small child and I was too afraid to tell anyone. I lived with this until my late 20’s and then asked for spiritual intervention from a psychic lady to make them stop, which they did for a time. Jump ahead and i ended up working with this lady years later, fine tuning my abilities particularly those of ‘journeying/chanelling’. I have a natural ability to hold jewellery and see images and funnily enough, am a jeweller by trade. I am extremely connected to nature and have many one to one encounters, enough to share in a book i’m sure! Now in my 50’s I wonder at where my spirituality will lead having reached the other side of menopause. I think i may be a witch lol.

    1. Oriel – Many shamans were blind or missing limbs, etc. It sounds like you are indeed a witch! Which is a good thing.

    1. I have every single one lol. I have just started using magic again slowly in tarot,crystals a d meditation. I have lineage to Joan of arc I’ve learned and I have lived my whole life agraid if my. Passion to the craft, to nature, to the moon to smoke. Idk. I believe I was either punished in past life for magiks or I was reminded of Joan idk but the cards say I’m going through a wake up phase and a change. I think my blood lines are winning over nurture… Naturally born into it and can’t ve afraid just respectful always… Right. I do wish I could fobd my people tho 🙁 so much going on this day and age… :/

  79. Loved the reading. Sitting here and checking my knees now. LOL! I knew there was always something different. Ever since a little girl. I’m half native. Always felt spirit around me. Growing up I would see little Indian boy staring at me through grandmas window. Through out my life so far has been very witch like.
    I have a lot of empathy. Physical and emotional. Born in the year of 1970. I have the 👀.’S. I’m finding more and more as I go on being humbled with who I am. Thank you for this article. Very exciting comments😇

  80. I was born with severe Atopic eczema, have memories as far back as 3years old in this life, have most of the signs of both natural born witch and Shaman. I have used cards since I was 18, been able to sence spirits and sometimes see since I was 14 , precognitive dreams, dejavu, ocassionally telekenisis and have started fires when unable to controlmy temper.. Always have spontaneous flashes of absolute knowing and telepathy.

  81. I have the healer mark as well as the love of nature, disliking of society norms, intuition and precognitive dreams. Plus I’ve always loved magic, paganism and witchcraft. I think its safe to say I am a natural witch!

      1. I have the large staring eyes too, and despite my young age I’ve always interacted with those much older than me more than those my age. I’ve always felt like a very old soul. Discovering I have physical traits of being a reincarnated natural witch just rings so true for me and is actually a big relief!

          1. I was told by various psychics and channelors that I am in fact an incarnated Elf, and so I naturally feel an extremely close connection to magic, paganism and nature itself.

  82. I don’t have all of them either…I’m kind of a cross btwn a Shaman & a Witch. I have most gifts one can have. My eyes aren’t huge etc. but I got the “criteria” of being an adult Indigo Child.

  83. I’ve been asked many times throughout my life if I was a witch. I have almost all these signs. Never considered myself a witch though. Funny.

  84. My eyes are large, brown with black, green blue, gold lines running through them. Many people have said I have witch eyes. LOL.

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