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Signs You Live in a Real Haunted House: Is My House Haunted?

Are you wondering if you live in a real haunted house? Weird noises, cold drafts, and a history of tragedy might be plaguing your house. But do these add up to a real haunting? Are you asking google “is my house haunted”? Here we provide you with the signs you live in a real haunted house.

The picture below is a picture of me in 2001 (don’t judge my look – I was ill) with unexplained mist in front and around me. If you look towards the bay window, where the dogs are playing, you’ll see a red circle that I have drawn around the ghost of a little boy who died in the house. This was not a picture with double-exposure and no one smoked in the house. The misty figure in front of me may be a ghost of an older woman who also died in the house. 

You might be able to snap photos of a ghost in a real haunted house. I questioned is my house haunted and got photo proof!

Check out the ghostly figure in front of me and the little boy ghost behind me in the red circle.

Signs that Your House Is Haunted

You hear footsteps at night, things just don’t feel right, how do I know if my house is haunted? Do the footsteps count? Does it count if my house is super old? How do I find out if my house is haunted?

In my lifetime, I have lived in at least three haunted houses all at least sixty years old. Keep in mind not every older home will be haunted. Also, your house doesn’t have to be old, it could be brand new and be a real haunted house. In these cases, it could be the land your house sits on that’s haunted. Or the woods nearby, etc.

Sights in a REAL Haunted House:

  • objects are lost then pop up in obvious places
  • shadows move
  • sighting of a ghost or dark figure in your home
  • objects move by invisible force
  • doors open and slam shut of their own accord
  • pictures or videos of ghosts or ghostly activity
  • nightmares, sleep paralysis and sleepwalking
  • lights that flicker or turn on/off by themselves
  • flickering televisions and radios; channels and stations changing by themselves
  • cell phones, cameras, etc. that when fully charged are immediately and inexplicably drained of battery
  • animals react to something unseen; dogs bark at the air or cats meow or hiss at the air
  • shadows or figures moving in your peripheral vision

Sounds in a REAL Haunted House:

  • thumping sounds like footsteps on steps and floors, walls or ceilings
  • scratching sounds on walls or ceilings
  • disembodied voices – screams, calling of names, cries, moans, recorded EVPs, laughs
  • whispers in your ears
  • music that comes from somewhere unknown

Scents and Odors

  • strange odors or scents with no known origin
  • odors could include bad odors such as sulfur, death smells (rotten smells) or could be sweet smells such as floral perfume scents or smells of food such as cupcakes or bacon


  • a metallic taste when encountering malevolent spirits/ghosts
  • taste of food or chemicals with no known reason

Touch or Sense

  • hairs raise on the back of your neck
  • you get chills when it’s not cold in the house
  • cold spots or unusually warm spots
  • a sense of someone watching you
  • feelings of discomfort or unsettling feelings
  • physical feeling of being touched, grabbed, choked, or even attacked
Living in a real haunted house might involve being touched by a ghost. Is my house haunted?

Being touched by a ghost in a real haunted house is a terrifying experience.

More Signs You’re in a Real Haunted House

There are many more signs of living in a real haunted house. Keep in mind that you could be experiencing a few of these things and your house could still be haunted.

Each haunting will be different just like every house is different. Obviously if you’re experiencing physical attack or violence by an unseen force, either you or your house is probably haunted. And in this case, find a priest or someone who can aid in cleansing and blessing your home.

There are a few ways of documenting proof your home is haunted:

  • videotape different areas of your home where supernatural things are thought to occur
  • set up recorders to try to catch EVPs (electronic voice phenomenons)
  • call in a team of ghost hunters or paranormal investigators
  • ask that a psychic or medium come to your home
  • conduct a séance and ask for confirmation from the ghost haunting your house (which I advise against unless you are entirely skilled in the realm of spirits…if not, this could anger the ghost or make your situation take a turn for the WORSE)
  • look into the history of your house (who lived there before you, the land it stands on, what tragedies if any have occurred there)
A real haunted house will consist of a residual haunting, one that plays over and over.

A real haunted house is home to a ghost, residual energy, a demon or elemental. Is my house haunted by a ghost or something else?

What Type of Ghost Is Haunting Your House?

Depending on the type of paranormal occurrences you are experiencing will determine the type of spirit that is haunting your home. If you’re experiencing slight sights, sounds, smells, etc. then your house is most likely haunted by your average run-of-the-mill ghost or trapped soul. It’s possible your house is experiencing residual energy. Residual energy is energy that’s stuck in a certain place because of a particular tragedy or trauma. If you’re experiencing malicious paranormal activity, then there could be three different types of spirits or ghosts present. It could be a poltergeist, a demon, or an elemental.

Poltergeists are usually just what we refer to as “noisy ghosts”, ghosts that make a lot of noise. They might bang some pots and pans around, and sometimes will physically attack the home’s residents. Usually the poltergeist activity surrounds a young woman or child. If you have a poltergeist, you’re living in a real haunted house.

An elemental is an ancient entity. There are elementals in the desert, in the mountains, or in the old ancient sacred places of the world. If an elemental’s homes is disturbed, then they can show up very angry. This is a RARE haunting and is probably not what you are experiencing. If you feel it is, it’s probably time to move or find a way to appease the elemental spirit. They aren’t easily removed by normal means.

If the spirit in your house is violent and/or manipulative, it could be a demon. Think about the people in your home – has anyone played with a Ouija board or done seances? A door could have been opened in your home that hasn’t been closed and a demon might have come through. Call your local priest, psychic, or shaman to cleanse your home.

If you live in a real haunted house, you may have a ghost or a spirit of another kind.

Depending on the kind of spirit that’s haunting your house will determine what you choose to do about it.


  1. Stefany

    August 1, 2020 at 7:28 pm

    Fascinating! I believe I have lived in a haunted house but the experiences were mild – must have been a regular ghost 😬

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