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The Surrency Ghosts: TRUE Terrifying Tales of Haunted Georgia

There’s an undeniably dark side to Georgia. It’s incredibly haunted. The historic city of Savannah isn’t just haunted, its restless spirits will follow you home. While Atlanta has its own unsettling past. But they aren’t the only disturbed places in the state. There’s a small town called Surrency that’s just as haunted. Its terrifying tale begins in the eighteen hundreds with the Surrency family and continues today with the famous Surrency spooklight.

The Surrency Ghosts Arrive

Before the town was established, the Surrency family owned a farm in the eighteen hundreds. They were a normal family but had accumulated some wealth in opposition to less fortunate folks in the vicinity. Mr. Surrency also owned another home in a different town. By all accounts, it was a beautiful farmhouse and the Surrency family seemed very comfortable there. At least for a time.

Doors and Windows Slam Shut…

Things at the beloved Surrency home took an unexpected turn. Weird things began happening – windows inexplicably slammed shut then flew open by unseen hands. Doors slammed. But these were mild occurrences compared to the horrors to come.

The Clock Strikes Thirteen?

The Surrency family became a haunted family. Objects flew off shelves. The old clock began to strike thirteen and the hands spun wildly out of control. The Surrency children noticed red eyes on their property around the house at night and they refused to leave the house. Meals were thrown into their laps. It seemed there were dozens of spirits haunting the Surrency home. Moreover, these spirits were dedicated to harassing the family.

The family lost sleep and couldn’t eat because of the constant torment. One source mentions the ghosts twisted the family’s forks any time they tried to eat a meal. Seemingly an exaggerated ghost story, some claimed the Surrency family made it up for attention. Yet numerous people paid witness to the Surrency family’s bizarre haunting.

The Surrency ghosts include the spirits on the Surrency farm AND the Surrency Spooklight that haunts the train tracks.

The Surrency Ghosts Became a Tourist Attraction

The Surrency haunting became a tourist attraction. Scientists, mediums, and clergy visited the Surrency home. The locals believed Mr. Surrency was “in league with the devil,” which seemed to explain the ghosts and the family’s wealth. However, a visiting psychic medium’s believed the Surrency family had extra-sensory abilities. The family didn’t recognize their abilities which angered the spirits.

As time passed, the Surrency ghosts became more aggressive. They targeted the little girl: pulling her hair, twisting her sheets, ripping her out of bed. Finally, the Surrency family decided to move. That day, an andiron lifted itself from the fireplace and struck the Surrency boy. Then it floated back to the fireplace, leaving the boy bleeding and crying on the floor.

Even after the Surrency family moved, they still experienced hauntings. But none as bad as what they endured on the farm. The farmhouse was abandoned for many years but the locals still visited it. Train rides brought attracted ghost hunters to the dilapidated property. Eventually, the haunted Surrency house burned down in 1925.

The Surrency Spooklight

Strangely enough, the famous Surrency ghosts aren’t the only haunting in town. Another paranormal occurrence is the Surrency Spooklight. A yellow ball of light is seen on hovering over the Surrency traintracks. This will o’ wisp has been spotted since the early nineteen hundreds and it still seen today.

If you approach the Surrency spooklight, it disappears. Many theories abound to explain the spooklight logically, but none have been proven. Does the Surrency spooklight have a connection to the frightening haunting of the Surrency family? Perhaps the town itself is haunted.


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