Magical Cats: Ancient Worship, Folklore, Cat Spells and More!

Magical Cats: Ancient History, Folklore, & Cats As the Witch’s Familiar

Since ancient times, cats have been regarded as sacred creatures. Those of us who have the privilege of caring for a cat understand just how spiritual and mysterious they are. It’s said cats see the spiritual realm easier than any other animal…so it’s no wonder witches and cats are such good friends! In this article, we talk about just how magical cats truly are: their history, folklore, silly superstitions, magical cat hair, cats as familiars and how we can protect and care for these enchanting beings!

Our Magical Cats in the Ancient World: Where was the first cat domesticated?

A few years ago there were rumors going around that historians had confirmed the first domesticated cat was in Turkey. I remember shaking my head and knowing instinctively that the scholars were wrong – cats were first domesticated in ancient Egypt. Then, another discovery (which in my opinion was no NEW discovery at all), they said NOPE. The scholars admitted their mistake – cats were indeed first domesticated in ancient Egypt.

I doubt we could truly ever tell who the first person was to adopt or befriend a cat. But history shows us the ancient Egyptians regarded cats as highly sacred and spiritual animals. Basically, they put that pussy on a pedestal (pun intended). And if you killed a cat in ancient Egypt? It was punishable by death!

Mummified Cats

Cats were allowed to venture and live in sacred temples where only priests, priestesses and the pharaoh were allowed to go. They were also mummified, a funerary process reserved for the middle class to elite. Archaeologists discovered hundreds of mummified cats in 2018, along with a bust of Bastet (the cat goddess) and a bronze cat statue. These were found near Cairo at a dig site that would have been ancient Memphis. Mummified cats have also been found at the ancient site of Bubastis, Bast’s sacred city. In addition to mummifying their cats, the ancient Egyptians mourned the death of a cat and according to Herodotus “shaved their eyebrows” as a symbol of grief.

The Import-ance of Cats

Still other sources claim wild cats roamed the streets of ancient Mesopotamia and were used to rid homes of pests as early as 9500 BC! In addition, the skeleton of a cat was found in a tomb on the island of Cyprus. This is significant in that cats were not native to the island, which means they were imported. Import = important. In ancient Ireland and Britain, cats were sometimes believed to be fairies. They were referred to as the cait sidhe.

Ancient Magical Cat Goddesses

Multiple ancient cultures associated cats with their deities including the Egyptians, Persians, Indians, Norse, and more. Probably the first cat goddess that comes to mind for most people is Bast (Bastet), the Egyptian cat goddess of the home, women, children and pleasure. But there were many others. Sekhmet preceded Bast in ancient Egypt and is believed to be Bast’s ancient lioness form. Freya, Norse goddess of fertility and the home, rode in a chariot pulled by two cats. To the ancient Greeks, Athena, Artemis and Circe were just a few goddesses with connections to cats. In India, Durga and Parvati are linked to cats and in ancient Israel Asherah or Qadesh. Read more about ancient cat goddesses and gods here.

Cat-itude and Survival Instincts in Modern Years

Cats have attitude and for years they’ve shown us that they are superior. To all of us (LOL). In recent decades, the cats in the wild have shown a new survival trait – mating with domestic cats. About fifty years ago, the wild cats in Scotland began mating with the domestic cats…an anamole that hasn’t EVER happened, at least as far as modern archaeology can tell. But it makes sense if their population dwindles…they find the next best thing. A fat, contented housecat. Cats are just smart.

List of magical cat goddesses from multiple cultures.

Silly Cat Superstitions

Because of the connection between cats and witches, there are unfortunately quite a few old superstitions that put the cat in a negative light. For instance, if a black cat crosses your path you’ll have bad luck. Never leave a cat in the same room as a baby, it might suffocate it and “steal its breath”. My grandmother used to tell me this one as if it was the gospel! These are typical old cat superstitions in the United States perpetuated by the early Puritan settlers. In other parts of the world, black cats are good luck and bring fortune to their owners (my cat’s name is Fortuna – the goddess of fortune!) Sadly, the black cat is the most un-adopted cat in the U.S. today!

The Magical Cat as the Witch’s Familiar

In Medieval Times and the early modern era, the cat became associated with witches. Modern theories explain this connection, and most agree it’s because of the ancient pagan reverence of cats. To associate the cat with the witch meant to demonize it and further wipe out the old ways. Or so the Church thought. Witches were thought to be able to shift into cat form OR take on their cat’s body to exact their “evil deeds”. Another potential reason the cat was the witch’s familiar is because of its link to the moon – the cat is naturally a nocturnal creature and it’s eyes “glow like the moon” according to Scott Cunningham.

The Modern Witch’s Familiar

As a modern witch’s familiar or magical pet, the cat grants good fortune to its magical owner. It also protects its owner’s body at night while the owner is “out traveling” the astral realms (during sleep). Cats see into the spirit realm, making them the perfect magical companion. Read your cat’s movements and behaviors – unusual movements may indicate bad weather OR spiritual activity. Ever notice your cat playing with something invisible? He or she could be making mischief with your household spirits! According to Doreen Valiente, cats enjoy being present during seances and have been known to astral project!

The cat is a traditional witch's familiar.

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Protective Charms for YOUR Magical Cat

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE my magical cat friend! So I’ll do whatever I can to make sure she’s safe and comfortable. Here’s a few ways you can magically protect your feline friends:

  • A small bell on a cat’s collar scares off evil spirits
  • Cowry shells on a cat’s collar protect it from the evil eye
  • The first day your cat comes home, let it see its reflection in the mirror – this anchors it to your home so it won’t run away
  • Feeding your cat the last of your meal from your plate keeps it at home according to Cunningham (I’m sure it does! LOL)
  • Invoke and pray to Bast for your magical cat’s protection and good health
  • A statue of Bast in the home guards your household cats from harm
  • Burn a cat candle and carve protection OR protective symbols on the sides then burn with prayers of protection over your cat
  • Save the cat’s baby teeth and add to a protective charm bag which you keep somewhere safe for the cat’s life

Magical Cat Hair Charms and Properties

In certain folk magic traditions like American Hoodoo, cat’s hair and whiskers are used in various charms and spells. It should go without saying you should never remove a cat’s hair or whiskers for your own magical selfishness! But, we all know, cats shed and their hair is used in the following ways:

  • Black cat hair is lucky for gamblers (keep in the wallet or pocket before gambling)
  • Add cat hair to nearly any spell to intensify its effects
  • Depending on the color of cat hair the desired effects will vary. For instance, white cat hair brings clarity and connection to the gods while black cat hair is lucky and good for use in divination
  • Use black cat hair in combination with other ingredients in Hoodoo to break up a couple
  • Use cat hair in shapeshifting rituals when shifting into cat form

Cat Whisker & Claw Magic (Contributed by Koala Anne)

A magical friend of ours named Koala Anne has forged a new path with cat magic including using whiskers and claws in unique and potent ways. Here we include her inspirational cat magic contribution.

Whisker thickness represents strength/resolve. Meaning a very thick sturdy whisker would make a stronger, sturdier spell/intention. The personality of the cat also lends to whisker correspondence—

  • The Dream Weaver: aids with dreams and realizing goals, sleep, astral travel
  • The Guardian/Protector: protection, strength, power, focus, healing
  • The Familiar: protection, guidance, love, strength, release, sensuality, healing
  • The wise owl: spirituality, astral travel, psychic awareness, heightened sensitivity
  • The Skittish One: aids in unseeing, protective, luck, navigation
  • The Bubbly One: luck, protection, healing, magic potential, aids with difficulties, self love
  • The Lazy/sleepy One: sleep, astral travel, aids with dreams, guidance, healing, love

Whiskers and claws combined are helpful in dealing with difficult people. Cat claws are used for sharp wit and ferocity, “digging your claws in”, holding fast, not letting go, and protection.The length of the cat whisker represents the length of time the spell will last, or takes to manifest. A very long whisker will aid in a long term goal. A short whisker – a short term goal.

Whisker Color Properties:

  • White whiskers generally aid with protection, purity, healing, and luck
  • Black whiskers generally represent warding off negativity, binding, and spiritual powers
  • Brown whiskers generally aid in grounding, balance, family, animals, familiars, and decision making
  • Gray/Blue whisker represents neutrality, shielding, deities, resolve, persistence
  • Orange/Copper whisker generally represents joy, happiness, strength, peace, truth, success, and encouragement
  • A colored whisker with white bands aids in stability, love, comfort, physicality, peace, and closeness

A Whisker Crystal Spell Bag for Healing

For ailments, put a whisker inside a satchel of crystals that have been cleansed, programmed and have been working all day. The whisker goes into the satchel at bed time until morning, working throughout the night. Program intentions while in the satchel and also ask the crystals to give the down low. In the morning, whisper your wish to the whisker then burn it completely. Rub the ashes onto the ailment.

Please Note! It should go without saying that whiskers, claws, and cat hair should never be taken from the cat. But the cat itself will gift you with these items, should it deem you worthy.

More Cat Magic and Ailuromancy Omens

There’s so much magic exuding from cats, it’s difficult to end this article! So here are some more ways in which to use magical cats in your practice:

  • Use cat shaped candles for various purposes: black for reversals, green for good luck and red for love
  • Cat’s eye stones aid one in “seeing in the dark” OR to promote invisibility
  • Applying the cat’s eye make-up makes the wearer seductive and aids in attracting a lover
  • Use black cat oil in seances and divination to call on the spirits
  • Attract your cat to your rituals with a little catnip in the center of circle!

Every type of animal can be used to read fortunes and divine messages. But the magical cat in particular is a powerful messenger of otherworldly omens. Performing divination by means of a cat’s behavior is called ailuromancy. Interestingly, old tradition says that if a cat licks itself against the grain, a rainstorm is coming. In addition, depending on how the cat acts the morning of a wedding will determine the outcome of that marriage. When certain stray cats of certain colors appear in your path, certain gods are imparting you with their wisdom.

Our Magical Cats: Their Ancient History, Charms, Spells, and More

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14 thoughts on “Magical Cats: Ancient History, Folklore, & Cats As the Witch’s Familiar

  1. Hi, I was just adopted by a pure black kitten. He’s maybe 6 months old. I was just wondering if there was any significance to the fact that on his right side he has one really long white eyebrow and on the left he has one really long white whisker. Thank you for any input.
    Blessed Be

  2. i had a familiar that i grew up with and he died shortly before i turned 18. but a couple years later my dad and i were talking about how we might be able to fix a pair of my old boots and he found a cat whisker hidden in the sole. he said that if you put a cat whisker in your shoe theyll follow you forever…and that described my cat perfectly. i could tell the whisker was his too as crooked and coloured as it was so its interesting n sweet. he would follow me everywhere he could i would have to go take more breaks from farmwork because he would sneak out of the house and be panting in the grass as he followed me. jus yeh…thought id share another thing about cat whiskers if thats alright =) thanks for the article its cool!

  3. I feel like my cat guards a particular room in our house, our master bathroom. I sense it is some small portal or opening to the spirit realm as it was believed that a previous owner may have passed away in the bathroom. He is always sitting in the doorway of that bathroom for no particular reason or he is sitting on the bath mat to the shower. I really believe cats are always guardians and protectors from spirits that may be maleviolent.

  4. Thank you for your articles, I enjoy reading them a lot. Last year it where cats that litterally brought the magic in my live. Cats kept coming to me (and most of them tried to stay). It happend so much (out of nowhere), I started thinking this has to have a meaning to it. So I started searching for answers, and found out, I could possible be a witch. Since than, my live has changed a lot in a good way. For the spirits, it is true. I have had cats most part of my live (normally just 1, or 2). About 6 years ago, I had two male cats, and we lived in an apartement. I was sitting in the livingroom, and there was a table with side flaps, to make the table larger. First I heard a tikking noise. After a while I looked up, and saw that the cable of a lamp (not plugged in) was hanging over the flap of the table. The cable went up in the ear, and then dropped gainst the side of the table. Over and over. Like someone was lifting it up, and then dropped it. That spooked me a bit to be honest. I called my mother (yeah, I know, but at that time I was just scared), to ask what I should do. She told me to ask it to stop and go away. So I did. My two cats both started hissing and ran after something from the livingroom trough the hallway and to the rontdoor. My guess is that they saw what it was (before they where both looking at the cable as well), and they knew I was scared, and tried to scare it away.

    1. If he’s a puppy he could just really like you and not want to leave you, but if there’s a specific energy you might feel (like if it’s a different feeling than if a dog would just follow you simply because they like to be near you) then you could look into it. I also know that animals have magic in them, and they are magical beings, so really either way you have a magical companion! By the way, I’m still a really new witch (I’ve been practicing for about a year and a half now) so don’t take my word for it, that’s just what I interpret it as (as of right now). I hope you’re having a good day!

  5. Since I began practicing magick,my cat grew closer to me. Now, after I cast a protections spell for…uh, well other people from me, she became guarding my bed and will yowl to wake everyone up to help when I have on of the nightmares. She’s a magical, loyal little babe. I don’t know what I’d do without this sweetheart. She is definite proof of the magic kg cats.

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