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The Owl Spirit Guide and Owl Mythology Around the World

There’s something special about owls. I can’t speak for everyone, but they’ve always been one of my favorite animals. Owls have been around for millions of years. Prehistoric cave paintings of owls prove they are one of the oldest birds in existence. With age comes wisdom, which seems to draw us to this majestic bird. Let’s talk about the owl spirit guide and the importance of owl mythology through time.

The Owl Spirit Guide

If an owl has come to you in your dreams or in waking life, the owl spirit guide is trying to connect with you. The owl spirit guide appears to lead us from one phase in our lives to another. It’s often been seen as a “bad omen”, which is a misunderstanding. The owl doesn’t bring death to your doorstep; however, he may warn you of impending danger or an ending of some kind. Otherworldly wisdom is brought to the individual visited by the owl spirit guide. I consider myself lucky when visited by this wise creature.

The owl spirit guide sees through the darkness of any matter.

The Owl Spirit Guide Warns Us

Once when new neighbors moved in, a screech owl sat on the cable box on the side of my house. The owl spirit guide was warning me to protect my home. Ironically, the new neighbors were trying to “shoo” him away. She never moved. I followed her guidance and envisioned a white circle of light around my house to keep unwanted visitors away. In addition, I performed a protection ritual and the next month the nosy, obtrusive neighbor moved.

See Through the Darkness

The wise owl spirit guide reminds us to listen to our intuition – the inner voice that most people ignore. It also reminds us to protect what is ours and see through the darkness. The owl spirit guide also brings moments of clarity and calls us to dive deep into the spiritual and mystery realms.

Owl mythology is found all over the world and varies by culture.

Owl Mythology

There are owl myths and folklore from all over the world ranging from whimsical to ominous, depending on the culture and time period.

La Lechuza: Owl Mythology from Mexico

In Mexico and in the Southwest U.S., there’s a fearsome owl creature called La Lechuza. This evil owl was once a black magician or witch who was cursed and turned into an owl for eternity. Legend has it that if you see La Lechuza, she will whistle at you and upon waking the next morning you’ll be covered in wounds and bruises. Obviously this is one of the negative aspects of owl mythology; however, I suspect La Lechuza might have once been a positive figure since mutated by the church.

Greek Owl Mythology

In Greek mythology, the owl was associated with the wise goddess Athena. Owls were the guardians of Athena’s temple and represented wisdom and protection. If an owl was seen before a battle, the ancient Greeks knew a victory was in store. Athena’s familiar was a little owl!

Blodeuwedd was a goddess in owl mythology of Celtic Welsh tales.
Part of the Goddess oracle deck by Rana Janto.

Blodeuwedd: Welsh Owl Goddess

Owl myths are found in Celtic lands, as well. The welsh goddess Blodeuwedd was punished and changed into the an owl after plotting to kill her husband Lleu. Modern pagans and witches honor Blodeuwedd and see her as an empowering icon for women who have been betrothed to men they didn’t choose and for women who are bound to decisions they didn’t make.

More Owl Myths

Some Native American tribes looked to owls for wisdom and protection and wore their feathers as talismans. Owls were considered messengers or bearers of news and sometimes considered psychopomps (a spirit that guides the dead to the afterlife). Owls are also sometimes thought to be a shapeshifting witch or sorcerer or someone’s astral double in animal form.

Modern Fear of the Owl

I’ve noticed through the years when an owl is spotted most people automatically consider it a bad omen. Superstitions of the past rear their heads today including the owl being a bringer or messenger of death. While I have to admit I’ve seen an owl or two before the death of an individual, it doesn’t make these spirit guides evil. They are warning us and guiding us to another phase of life. And perhaps they are there to guide the dead to the afterlife. Those are all good things, right? The owl spirit guide is a gift to the discerning spiritual individual not a bad omen.

The owl spirit guide isn't a bad omen, he's a psychopomp and teacher.

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