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7 Types of Spirit Guides + How to Communicate With YOUR Spirit Guide

There’s so many terms being passed around the pagan and new age communities. Spirit guides, guardians, familiars, allies. The list goes on. It can get pretty confusing. Here I seek to clear up the confusion and define six different types of spirit guides. PLUS teach you how to communicate with your spirit guides. Spirit guides don’t have to be elusive, hard-to-reach beings, because they are literally right beside you. Their main objective is to guide and protect you. Learn more here.

7 Types of Spirit Guides

1. Ancestral Spirit Guides

There are two types of ancestral spirit guides. The first is an ancestor or someone from your family (bloodline) that has died and is guiding you from the other side. The ancestral spirit guide could be someone you knew well such as a sister or grandparent, or it could be an ancestor that died long before you were born – back to ancient times! The second type of ancestral spirit guide is the mighty dead. Christopher Penczak speaks of the mighty dead often in his work. But essentially, the mighty dead are people who have led magical and powerful lives and have passed on. Now they seek to guide us on our witchcraft or pagan paths. An example of a mighty dead ancestor might be Merlin or Doreen Valiente.

Ancestral Spirit Guides’ Mission

What does an ancestral spirit guide do? It is a part of their other-dimensional existence to help guide you through life. They will watch over you and help you make positive decisions in life. You’ll feel their loving presence in times of sorrow and darkness, when you need someone the most. They are also around to protect and guide children in the family.

2. Animal Spirit Guides

Everyone has at least one animal spirit guide at any given time in life. You have one permanent animal spirit guide or guardian, and also animal spirit guide messengers and teachers. Animal spirit guide messengers bring messages needed at a particular moment in life, and then they disappear. Some might resurface at later points in your lives, while others are meant for that moment and that moment only.

How Can You Tell a Guardian from a Messenger?

Some of us instinctively know which animal spirit guide is our life guardian. If unsure, this animal spirit guide is ever-present in your life no matter the phase or age. We may have dreams of this animal or possibly even become this animal in our dreams or visions. Animal spirit guide messengers come into your life for a shorter period of time then leave when their message is received.

Animal spirit guides can be lifelong totems or temporary messengers.
Animal spirit guides are one of the types of spirit guides.

3. Ascended Masters

Ascended masters are one of the types of spirit guides you may have during your lifetime. They are spirits who have nearly transcended their earthly incarnations and are close to reaching divine perfection. Some people believe Jesus is an Ascended Master, along with Mary Magdalene, Isis, Osiris and the Buddha. They are guides to those who have a BIG spiritual purpose in life including enlightenment, healing, unifying, and purging old societal patterns. But, I believe anyone can call on them for guidance.

4. Lifetime Spirit Guide

We can’t talk about the types of spirit guides without discussing the most important one – the lifetime spirit guide. This is the spirit guide that’s with you your entire life. They often show up in dreams and meditations. You can learn how to communicate with your spirit guide easily. This spirit has lived more than one human incarnation, and they are fulfilling an experience of expansion by guiding you. This is the person in your dreams you feel you’ve known for years but can’t quite place.

5. Elemental Spirit Guides

What is an elemental spirit guide? This type of guide is an elemental spirit – meaning a nature spirit. Examples include gnomes, dragons, mermaids, sprites, pixies, selkies, etc. This type of spirit guide often attaches or links itself to a magical person who may have had elemental origins themselves. Elementals are also particularly fond of witches. There’s a long history between the fae and witches, after all. I met an elemental spirit guide through a meditation once, and he told me he also watches over my child.

6. Angelic Spirit Guides

Did your grandma tell you not to be scared of the dark when you were little because you had a guardian angel watching over you? Mine did. The angelic spirit guide is called a guardian angel by many. I believe everyone has a guardian spirit guide of some kind, and maybe some of us even have angels looking over us. Angels come from a higher spiritual dimension, some called it Heaven, and swoop in to save us when dangerous moments happen. They might also come when we call on them to stop nightmares or help us heal.

7. Starry Beings / Ancestors

Another lesser known type is the starry being or star ancestor. These are beings from another star system, planet, and other dimensions. They typically call on people who have starseed origins or light child origins to guide us in helping the planet ascend. The starry beings might seem frightening at first, because we’re not used to seeing them on this plane, but most come with a positive intent. Cleanse and shield your space and ask your starry ancestor guides to come to you in a vision or dream.

How to Communicate with YOUR Spirit Guide

Some of you might be thinking, “Okay, now that I know I have different types of spirit guides how do I contact them?” First, you don’t have to have a spirit guide of every kind. You might have one or two or potentially all of them. But first focus on communicating with one. Learning how to communicate with your spirit guide is much easier than it seems, and there are different ways to open the channels of communication. Be open-minded and willing to listen.

Ways to Communicate with Your Spirit Guide

  • Dreamwork – learn how to lucid dream or simply focus on the intention to meet and talk with your spirit guide in your dreams at night.
  • Meditation – do a guided meditation in order to meet your spirit guide (you can download these and play it while meditating)
  • OBEs – out of body experiences can be used in order to meet and talk to your spirit guide though usually it takes a lot of practice in order to master this skill.
  • Pendulums – use a pendulum to ask yes or no questions of your spirit guide. This method is an effective and simple method of contact.
  • Automatic writing – put your questions down on a piece of paper and allow your spirit guide to come through your own hand and answer on paper.
  • Oracle Cards – another means of divination to contact your spirit guides is by using oracle cards. Be sure to cleanse and bless them before use and speak directly to your spirit guides when asking the cards a question.
  • Signs & affirmations – by far the easiest way of communication with spirit guides is to simply talk to them. Either in your head or out loud and ask them to give you signs. These signs might come through nature, random conversations, TV commercials, familiar songs, etc.

You don’t have to know them all.

Maybe this all seems overwhelming – how do I go about communicating with ALL my spirit guides? How do I know which one is which? Don’t stress about it. One guide might make himself/herself known to you and you’ll communicate well with him/her while the others stay silent for most of your life. It’s not a necessity to know all of your guides by heart or by name. Start talking to them and see what happens and who comes through.

4 major types of spirit guides and how to communicate with YOUR spirit guide!


  1. Margaret

    August 9, 2021 at 4:12 pm

    I’m ten yrs old and in the broom closet. After going to a camp I learned about a certain spirit guide from a legend, and found that it is my own. There is also a woman from South America in my dreams, and she teaches me what she knows about witchcraft via automatic writing. However, the spirit guide (not the woman) cannot talk, and instead communicates by making words and images out of bones through the mind’s eye. I can sense its presence, and it also makes the room smell like Cinnamon. But… I have one question. Can spirit guides guide multiple people? I think I met a kid who has the same spirit guide.

    1. Margaret

      August 9, 2021 at 4:39 pm

      That camp also had a few other legends of its own. And a murder happened a long time ago. Blue Girl, nobody knows her exact name, is a friendly ghost who supposedly protects the camp is often seen at night, as a blue orb or as a blue little girl. Probably a dead indigo child. I saw her late at night… same with another group, where the kid with possibly one of the same spirit guides as me also saw her. In that hour long class we learned (from the other boy and me) that there could be a dangerous spirit roaming. All white and no face, and blue girl was spotted with her, and the new ghost girl had a knife. We summoned them, and at night I saw a white and blue orb in different places. We asked another definitely friendly ghost named Bobbi who was, (a while ago), at the camp area on the week they rent it out to other camps. His story of (death?) leads to another UNFRIENDLY spirit who is a man in a yellow raincoat. He comes when it rains in the summer. The only problem is- in CA there is always a drought and it never rains at this camp… He has not been spotted since turning his friends into practically zombie-ghosts, and then making Bobbi disappear. We used an Ouija board and rapidly asked him questions, which made me nervous because probably nobody except for me knew the dangers of one of the boards, nor did they cleanse, set a protective circle, or anything to protect us. And I was not about to reveal that I was a witch… Bobbi said that the new ghost is not friendly… So the CITs who ran the class made an excuse that ‘Bobbi has a grudge on her’. I can’t blame them for wanting to make sure the little kids wouldn’t be too scared. But I was the youngest one there… And often times people think I’m 11 or 12. And then my brother is a Junior Counselor who everyone knows because he’s freaking 6 FT 9!!!! And only 17. So I’m tall for my age. Just like my eldest brother… But anyways… I had a dream the night before I went to camp… I was in my backyard. It was raining. The man in the yellow raincoat was there. And I was using and Ouija board!!!!!! It was a replay of me saying ‘are you nice?’ And it saying NO. Every time. After that class, those who instead did finger painting and the river stomp came back with squished blackberry all over them, which looked like blood. When we summoned MY SPIRIT GUIDE we smelled cinnamon, I could sense his presence, and through my mind’s eye I could see him. He’s a horse with a shadow, except he’s BONES. He’s friendly though, a protective spirit. The legend of ‘Long Horse’: a farmer rode out on his horse every day, doing chores, and then one day he went missing. The farmer? Never found. Long Horse? Is now a spirit guide. Long Horse’s name is not ironic… He is extremely long and tall… He’s black and yet his bones show… But nothing else except for a shadow. I’m obsessed with mythology, folklore, and the paranormal, and my favorite stories are ghost stories. Another strange thing: I switched schools last year. My previous school’s mascot: the headless horseman. I live where the legend comes from!!!! And then in the summer when I had switched schools, I became obsessed with birds. My new school’s mascot: a Jay HAWK. A kind of bird. I’m putting the pieces together… Does anyone have any idea where this is leading to???!?

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    Very intresting n informative.

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