111 Angel Number Meaning

111 Angel Number Meaning: 12 Reasons You’re Seeing It Everywhere

Numbers play a huge role in our lives. They are literally woven into everything we do. The universe functions on numbers, and because our souls are part of the universe, we do too. Often the universe speaks to us via signs. And sometimes these signs are numbers. Maybe you keep seeing 111 or 1111 everywhere lately. Here we talk about the 12 reasons and ultimately try to define the 111 angel number meaning.

First, What Are Angel Numbers?

Put simply, angel numbers are three or more numbers in a row that frequently make an appearance in your life. But these aren’t just random numbers. They hold meaning because of where they originate – from the spirit world. The universe and our spirit guides speak to us through signs, and sometimes numbers are the easiest way to get our attention. Perhaps your spirit guide tried to send a hawk to you, but you never look up at the sky. So they send you a sign on your phone, alarm clock, and wherever else they can reach you with angel numbers. Angel numbers typically have different meanings, depending on the number. But why are these numbers so powerful?

The Power of Numbers and Numerology

It blows my mind to try to think back to the first person who counted on his or her fingers. How did they realize that numbers even existed? Did they wish to quantify something but didn’t know how? Did the universe guide their thinking even then? Scholars believe the first form of math was counting on fingers, then came tally marks on stone or in sand, etc. Tally marks for counting purposes date back at least forty thousand years, then came ancient numeric systems via glyphs. Our mathematics system today is thousands of years in the making and far advanced. And we truly have the universe to attribute it to.

Numbers aren’t just practical. They’re spiritual. And the reason we are examining angel numbers to begin with. Believe it or not, in Medieval Times, some mathematicians were accused of witchcraft! Astronomy and astrology both go hand-in-hand with numbers for a reason. Think about just how powerful the number 13 is – a large portion of the population believe 13 is unlucky. Some people are so afraid of it, they have triskaidekaphobia. Airplanes skip the number 13 in rows, and many buildings call floor 13 fourteen instead. Just as a number can cause strong fear, numbers can also evoke strong feelings of love and enlightenment.

111 Angel Number Meaning: 12 Reasons You’re Seeing It Everywhere

Everyone’s experience with angel number 111 will vary. You might not attribute the same meaning to it as your friend. That’s because we are all different in mind, body and soul. We are all connected, but your experience of human life and spirituality is completely unique to you. That being said, here are some of the 111 angel number meanings we know of:

1. A New Opportunity Awaits

Breaking the number 111 down to its most basic root, we have the number 1. Numerology defines number 1 as the basis for all experience and opportunity. One possible 111 angel number meaning is new opportunity. This could be a career change for you or a new path in your spiritual journey. If you’re seeing 111 or 1111 on your way to a job interview, this is a clear cut sign. Be open to receiving the message.

2. Your loved one is telling you they’re all right

While the 111 angel number meaning can carry specific lessons, I’ve found it also carries a broader statement. Our loved ones on the other side also use number signs to speak to us. And sometimes seeing the angel number 111 and 1111 means simply that your loved one is saying hello. And that they are okay. I’ve had numerous ancestors and loved ones use this form of communication from the other side. And it always brings a smile to my face.

3. An ancestor is near

Conversely, this number appearing also means your ancestor or loved one might be near. Have you ever found yourself saved from a dangerous situation and immediately see 111 or 1111? Your ancestor was there looking out for you. This angel number indicates their presence. For example, once I had a brush with death on a highway. A man pulled behind me and nearly caused me to wreck going speeds over 65mph. Eerily, after I swerved and just missed him, my daughter and I saw a black cloud follow the man’s car down the highway. We breathed a huge sigh of relief and felt something wash over us. Looking at the clock on the dashboard, it said 11:11. I knew immediately it was my loved one who intervened and saved us from catastrophe that day.

4. 111 Angel Number Means MANIFESTATION

We all have desires in life. When these desires never come to fruition, they’re called wishes. When they actually happen in real life, it’s called manifestation. Have you ever needed something so bad that you wished for it, imagined it, almost tasted it? Then it happens in real life and you wonder how on earth you made that happen? The angel number 111 will appear in situations like this, if you’re paying attention. It means your higher self and guides manifested exactly what you needed at that time in your life.

5. Your guardian angel is watching over you

Similar to feeling your ancestor’s presence when this number makes an appearance, your guardian angel will also use 111 to make itself known. And in this instance, we see why they are called “angel numbers”. When you were born, you were assigned your own personal guardian angel. That guardian angel stays with you and watches over you your entire life. They may protect you from dangerous situations, aid in healing during times of sickness, and comfort you in the worst of times. And if you need a boost of faith, send you angel number 111.

6. It’s Time to Cleanse and Release

Angel number 111 occasionally signifies a time of renewal. To make way for new opportunity in our lives, we must release something from the past. Sometimes it’s a toxic relationship. Sometimes it’s a bad habit like alcohol, smoking, or eating junk food. But in order for us to receive the blessings of a new opportunity, we have to learn to let go. If you’re seeing 111 or 1111, it might mean it’s time for you to cleanse your life of things that no longer serve you. Once you’ve done this, you’re ready for a new, healthier way of life. If you’d like to learn more about cleansing rituals, click here.

7. Step up to the plate

The number 1 represents leadership. If you’ve been thinking about going for that promotion and you’re seeing 111 angel number popping up, pay attention. It could mean it’s time for you to step up to the plate. Go for that leadership position and then give it all you’ve got. But leadership doesn’t just apply to the workplace. In every family, there’s a leader. In every group of friends, there’s a leader. There’s even a leader (or more) in every classroom. Maybe that leader is you.

8. 111 Angel Number Meaning is HEALING

If you haven’t caught on yet, we believe the angel number 111’s meaning is all about the self and one’s connection to the universe. When our connection to the universe is cut off, we typically also suffer personally with health issues – both physical and mental. If you’ve been in a state of disconnectedness, it’s time to start the healing process when you see 111 or 1111. Start with shadow work, which is truly a lifelong process. If you’re in need of physical healing, now’s the time to find the ROOT of the problem.

9. New Relationships

Your last relationship was toxic. You cut the tie a while ago and have been on a personal journey since. Just a few weeks back you wondered if it was time to start dating again. Then when you went online to start your Match profile, you noticed the time was 11:11. In this instance, angel number 1111 means a new and healthy relationship is on the horizon. You’ve learned to love yourself, and now you’re ready to give that love to another.

10. Self Love

You are number 1. And you should treat yourself as such. If you’ve been neglecting your self care, 111 angel number will come around to remind you to love yourself. Take that long, relaxing bath. Go on a vacation by yourself somewhere you’ve always wanted to go. Have you always struggled with self esteem? You’re being called to work on it. Wake up and use personal affirmations every day. Exercise and care for your body. Self love is crucial and the universe is reminding you of this.

11. Spiritual Awakening

Back in 2011, I had a major spiritual awakening. And wouldn’t you know it? I started seeing 111 and 1111 everywhere I turned. When I looked at the clock, when I paid a bill online, and on and on. I wondered what this meant. Then my guides came through and told me, rather blatantly, that I was having a spiritual awakening. I was being shown things about the physical and spiritual worlds that I never would have imagined. I’ve never looked at my spirituality the same since. Perhaps you’re awakening to your higher self, your past lives, and even the world around you. 111 and 1111 will become a prominent number in your life…at least for a little while.

12. Star Ancestors

In addition to our angels, earthly ancestors, and other loved ones using angel numbers, there are also star beings that utilize this method of communication. Remember I said numbers are the structure of the universe? Doesn’t it make sense that other-dimensional and elevated beings from the stars might also send us signs via numbers like 111? When this angel number shows up, and there’s a connection with Ancient Egypt, pay close attention. They may be reminding you of other starry incarnations. Or giving you a message from the Divine.

Places You Might See Angel Number 111 and 1111

As we said before, everyone’s experience will be different because we are all unique souls. But there will be some overlap. Here’s a list of places and ways in which you might see the 111 angel number:

  • On the clock: 1:11 or 11:11 (you don’t check the clock often but when you do, you see this particular angel number more than once in a small period of time)
  • Calendar dates: special events occur on dates like January 11th or November 11th; you may meet someone whose birthday is 1/11 or 11/11; anniversaries, etc.
  • Money and receipts: on a bill, check, or receipt, the angel numbers pop up to say hello
  • On license plates: you’re driving down the road and notice plate after plate with 111 angel number
  • Newspapers and magazines: seeing it on ads in the newspaper, pages of magazines, etc.
  • Book page numbers: you see a message or line in a book that resonates on a page like 11, 111, or 1111
  • On the TV: the channel you’re watching happens to be 111 or the number comes up in a commercial, etc.
  • Online: this angel number when seen anywhere online when you least expect it
  • Transportation: you notice your bus number is 111, taxi phone number, etc.
  • Billboards and Street Signs: seen on street signs, billboards, store signs
  • In dreams: sometimes your guides will send you these numbers in your most vivid dreams – this is a BIG sign of spiritual awakening!
  • Conversations: perhaps the number is mentioned in a conversation with a friend or family member OR you hear it passing someone on the street

What To Do When You See Angel Numbers 111 and 1111

Confusion is common when folks start seeing this number everywhere. What does it mean? Who is sending me these signs? If you’re still not sure, my recommendation is simply to ask. Ask whoever is sending you these angel numbers to step forward via a dream, vision, or another CLEARER sign. Not sure of the message? If you practice divination of any kind, this always helps to bring clarification. I use runes or oracle cards to sort out any complex signs from my spirit guides. If you don’t practice divination, ask again for another sign and that it clarify on the repetitive angel numbers. Once you receive your answer, thank your spirit guides for their lesson. Then take it to heart.

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