Athena Goddess of Wisdom, War, and More

Athena Goddess of Wisdom: 12 Ways to Work With Her Fierce Energy

I would argue that Athena is one of the most prevalent Greek deities in modern paganism. She Who Fights in Front isn’t just a goddess of wisdom, but also a goddess of war, patron of heroes, and a symbol of female empowerment. Call on her for protection, revenge, healing, strength and courage. Learn how to work with Athena goddess of Ancient Greece here.

Who is Athena, Goddess of Ancient Greece?

Athena, also known as Athene and the Ever Powerful, was born in full battle-gear from Zeus’ mind. She quickly became Zeus’ favorite child. What is Athena a goddess of? She is first and foremost a goddess of war and wisdom. Her origins may be older than ancient Greece…she could be from ancient Libya in which she was a snake goddess. In Greek mythology, Athena is a protector of her people but is easily enraged and prone to jealousy. Make her your matron goddess above the others, and she will reward your loyalty.

If you plan to work with Athena, know that she appreciates loyalty and heroism and despises Aphrodite and Ares. It’s best to keep these deities away from Athena. Some believe Athena was originally an ancient fertility goddess, as her earliest symbols include owls and snakes. Both powerful sacred animals associated with fertility and mother earth goddesses.

12 Ways to Work With Athena Goddess of War in Your Practice

As said previously, if you plan to work with Athena, know she can be jealous and easily enraged. That being said, many pagans and practitioners have found a working relationship with Athena rewarding. She particularly loves soldiers, blacksmiths, and shipbuilders. And Athena Goddess of wisdom will come to bless and protect weddings and those who want to conceive.

1. Read and Study Athena’s Myths

The Greek mythos is so in-depth and massive, you won’t ever run out of reading material on Athena. Start with her origin myths and stories, including the theories of her true Libyan origins. Then read any and all Greek myths featuring Athena: Medusa’s death, the story of Arachne, Athena’s battles with other gods, Athena and Heracles, and her part in The Odyssey. Also read about the experiences and thoughts of other pagans who work with Athena the Greek Goddess of Wisdom. By getting to know Athena’s nature through her myths, you’ll understand how to appease her and avoid her anger.

2. Set Up Sacred Space

Set up altar space for Athena the Goddess. Dedicate a shelf, counter, buffet, etc. to Athena’s work, clean and cleanse it. Then add offering bowls, candles, incense and incense burner, and an image of Athena. Praying to Athena and working with her energy in a grounded place like an altar is helpful in developing a secure relationship with this goddess. Plus it makes her feel loved and welcomed.

3. Appropriate Offerings

The gods were always fond of offerings. Athena is no exception to the rule. She prefers candle light and incense, as well as wine, olives, honey, pomegranates, and artistic offerings like poetry, song, woven crafts and linens, sculptures, etc. It’s also traditional to bathe her statue/image in river water to cleanse and anoint. Figurines and items to represent owls and spiders are appropriate. As are images of ships and nautical objects.

4. Be a “Night Owl”

When you invoke Athena to your ritual space or ask for her aid in a magical working, do this at night. Athena’s priestesses always honored and worked with her energy at night and therefore are called “night owls”. Owls are Athena’s sacred animal. You can learn more about owl goddesses here.

5. Study and Support Owls, Athena’s Sacred Bird

Athena’s sacred animal is the owl. Study owls to honor her: their habitats, the different kinds of owls, what they eat, how they reproduce, etc. How can you protect owls and therefore further honor the Greek goddess of wisdom? Put an owl box in your trees on your property. Support local wildlife by building a native plant garden that supports the pollinators, rodents, and thus the owls. Donate your money or time to a local bird or owl rescue.

The Caryatids at the Parthenon in Athens. A site that once housed a large statue of Athena.

6. Visit Athens, Greece

Athena is the original presiding spirit of the city of Athens, Greece. In fact, this goddess lends her name to the ancient city. If you have the ability, the ultimate pagan pilgrimage for Athena’s children would be to visit her sacred city! Be sure to spend a day or more at the Parthenon on the Acropolis. The Parthenon served as the center for her worship in ancient times.

7. Arts and Crafts for Athena Goddess of Metalworking

Because Athena is a goddess of metalworking, smithing, and the domestic arts, any skill you perfect in these areas becomes an active service in her honor. Learn to make metal jewelry or go all in and learn how to smith metal with your own forge. If metal working isn’t your thing, consider learning a domestic skill like sewing, weaving, or knitting.

8. Honor Athena on the 3rd Day and Dark Moon

Athena celebrates her birthday on the third day of every month. Give Athena offerings and spend time with her on this night every month and watch your relationship with her flourish! She also favors the first night of the Dark Moon.

9. Seek Wisdom

Being the Greek goddess of wisdom, any pursuit of knowledge honors her. Consider going further with your education. If you finished high school, now’s the time to go to college and get your Associate’s. Don’t want to go back to school? Pop open the books and truly dive deep into a subject. While knowledge is a great thing to have, wisdom takes it a step further – applying knowledge to real life in an honest, just manner. So take what you learn and apply it to your life.

10. Wield a Weapon for Athena

As Athena is a goddess of war, learning to use any type of weapon is appropriate. Athena particularly favors spears, lances and swords. But archery is also appropriate.

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22 thoughts on “Athena Goddess of Wisdom: 12 Ways to Work With Her Fierce Energy

  1. Last night I had a dream where my name was Athena, I had never paid much attention to her. Now that I’m reading about her, I see she’s very similar to me or what I aspire to be…except the vrgin part, I’m a Scorpio lol

  2. I’m so sorry but the six statues at the parthenon in Athens are not Athena. I’m hoping maybe you are talking about the image underneath the it bc it isn’t loading but I don’t think so. I believe the six’s statues are known as the Caryatids.

    1. You are correct. I mislabeled the photo of the statues there and have since corrected it. But yes, there was once supposedly a large image of Athena in the parthenon.

  3. i was laying down and some reason opened my eyes and started saying Athena and i felt a certain energy waver through my whole body. wat does that mean?

  4. I’ve had a tough time recently, but know little about deity work. I spoke out loud in the dark that I wanted some spiritual help. The next day I was out with friends and feeling happy for the first time in a while, and I just heard the name ‘Athena’ in my head multiple times and felt a sense of calm. Could that be her reaching out, or is that wishful thinking? I hadn’t set an alter/made any offerings or anything. I’d just asked the universe for some help.

  5. Athena is very straightforward and values offerings. She is kind but also stern like a mother. If she’s your deity she will make it clear.

  6. Can deities appear themselves just by whispering to you? I tried the pendulum and this is my first time someone is contacting me and it was sstraight and strong yes, the spirit said that they are Athena.

  7. She honestly reached out to me I always that I was to work goddess Kali or Lilith but for some odd reading lately I noticed I had a thing for owls and never did before and another I read that also represent her came and sat on my back porch for about 3 minutes it was a Heron (I looked it up) but it didn’t dawn on me until weeks after seeing this bird around town like 50x that it was her and out the blue one day I pad $5 for a sick child and idk y I choose the owl even my daughter that 4 asked y an owl and I said idk but the kid getting it needs this owl.

  8. argh i rlly wanna work with athena too, i think shes my goddess as well. But i’ve tried giving her offerings and building an altar for her yesterday, however she didnt come to my dreams although i think she gave me some signs before i gave her offerings… should i continue trying or change to another deity?

    1. Give it some time. It may be months before you are able to discern deliberate signs from a Goddess. Patience is key and very rewarding.

    2. I personally work with athena as my goddess and i found that i missed all of her signs if you are struggling with reading her signs or maybe missing them ive discovered she responds very well and seems to appreciate directness so just ask her for a bigger sign or something you cant miss because she delivered for mine

  9. I want to work with athena but I have 1 queastion, if I cant Dow working with metal or blacksmith what about woodcarving? would she be fine with that?

  10. I want to learn how to work with deities but I have so many questions. Can you help be my guide?

      1. She is your guide..on a path that teaches patience,strength,and wisdom…you have been blessed with ancient knowledge you can trust.

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