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Jesus Magic: A Modern Witch’s Perspective on the Christian God

If you couldn’t tell, in this article, I plan to tackle a controversial figure in the witch community – Jesus. Wow, those two words hardly ever go in the same sentence, now do they? Jesus and witch. Well, they should. And here we will explore Jesus’ magic. We will dive into the historical and biblical aspects of Jesus, the acclaimed Son of God, and compare his said abilities to the abilities of witches. Was Jesus himself a witch? Let’s find out!

Disclaimer: I’m not Christian But I Believe in Jesus’ Magic

Disclaimer: I’m not here to push Jesus on anyone who doesn’t believe in him as a spirit, historical figure, or otherwise. I am not a Christian and I don’t believe in proselytizing. So if you feel triggered by the Christian concepts being used in a witchy way, feel free to read something else on the website. I’m not here to convince anyone my perspective is right…it’s just MY perspective and nothing more.

That being said, I feel it’s important to look back at all the major historical figures, especially religious figures, and try to understand the esoteric nature in each of them. I do believe in Jesus as a god and/or a guide (though he isn’t a deity I regularly work with). If Christian verbiage is troubling to you, skip the next section. But hang in there, it gets juicy.

Who Was Jesus of Nazareth? From the Religious and Historical Aspects

Jesus is a name that is known worldwide. The largest religion in the world is now Christianity. Second in line is Islam. Both religions know who Jesus is or was, but one favors him over the other. The religion Christianity claims Jesus is the “Son of God” and was sent to earth two thousand years ago to save humanity from its transgressions. At least that’s what most Christians believe and proclaim. Versions of Jesus’ story and his importance vary depending on the Christian tradition. But most say Jesus is their savior, and that he was sacrificed on a cross to save the world from its sins. In a nutshell.

Historically, the Jesus figure isn’t so cut and dry. We have documentation (books in the Bible) that show he may have lived some two thousand years ago in Israel. But scholars debate if he actually existed physically or if he was a mythical figure like any other legendary god or hero. We have no remains to show of him, no DNA evidence, and no real documentation of his birth or death. There have been archaeological finds that were theoretically linked to Jesus including a bloody shroud, but none have confirmed his existence.

The Esoteric Nature of Jesus and His Magical Miracles

Here’s where the Jesus talk gets juicy to the witch community. At least to those who are open to it. Jesus’ abilities, as described in the gospels, are in alignment with witchcraft, magic, and mysticism. Just because Jesus performed miracles, doesn’t mean those miracles weren’t “magic” in their truest essence.

What is the definition of a miracle? A miracle is a surprising event that has no scientific explanation and therefore is thought to be the work of a divine agency. What is the definition of magic? Magic is the power of influencing the course of events by using supernatural or mysterious forces. Sounds pretty close to the same thing…particularly if we replaced “supernatural or mysterious forces” with “divine agency”. Isn’t a divine agency also supernatural and mysterious? Hence miracles = magic and vice versa.

Jesus’ Magical Miracles: Water to Wine, Raising the Dead and More

So we’ve determined that magic and miracles are just about the same darn thing minus simple semantics. Let’s take a look at specific magic workings cast by the Jesus figure.

Jesus’ Magic: Water Into Wine

First, how about when Jesus turned water to wine? If an alchemist accomplished this feat in the Middle Ages, it was called alchemy. Alchemy is defined as a “seemingly magical process of transformation, creation or combination.” Alchemy is taking one substance and elevating it – turning it into something more valuable. Back then, water often harbored bacteria and other parasites so it was not a favorable beverage. Wine was preferred because the alcohol content kept bacteria and other microbes at bay. This was truly a life-saving spell.

Lazarus, Come Forth! Jesus Raised the Dead

In the New Testament Gospel of John, Jesus goes to Bethany and raises a man from the dead. Lazarus was supposedly dead for 4 days when Jesus came to his tomb and called him up from the dead. This is called Resurrection and is an Abrahamic concept which shares similarities to the concept of reincarnation. In addition to raising Lazarus from the dead, Jesus is resurrected after 3 days of being in his tomb. But he is not the first god to be resurrected. In Ancient Egypt, Osiris is raised from the dead. Other ancient resurrected gods include Adonis, Ba’al, and Eshmun. Resurrection isn’t strictly a Christian miracle…it’s esoteric magic!

Jesus’ Healing Touch

In addition to turning water into wine and raising the dead, Jesus of Nazareth was a healer. Who else is in the business of healing? Witches! Going back thousands of years, witches were called on for herbal remedies, incantations, and healing charms. Some witches even have the power to heal with their hands. How did Jesus perform his healing? Most of the verses say people touched his cloak, or he laid his hands on them, but in one he spreads “clay” or dirt over a blind man’s eyes. After the blind man washed the clay off, he could see. Seems like a witch who didn’t need herbal remedies to me!

Jesus and His Magic Become the Son of God and His Miracles

Before the First Council of Nicaea convened in 325 AD, there were many different beliefs in Jesus. Some believed he was merely a man with divine abilities. Others believed he was a prophet or a messenger from God. Jesus’ elevation from historical religious figure to the Son of God occurred after a council of Christian bishops (known as the Council of Nicaea) met under the Roman Emperor Constantine three hundred years after the time of Jesus. This powerful group of religious leaders decided the Church would henceforth deify Jesus Christ as the Son of God. Not to mention, over the years, the gospels and writings about Jesus have been condensed and made into a book to support the agenda of powerful men.

What I find even more interesting is Jesus never called himself God. In the Gospel of John, he indicates divine status by saying: “Before Abraham was, I Am.” Or “I and the Father Are One.” However, these passages can be interpreted in a number of ways. Indeed Jesus ALSO said that we are all “children of God”. So, in my humble opinion, Jesus might have been a man with magical abilities who was very much in-tune with the Divine. That being said, Jesus’ message was always a message of love. And who doesn’t dig love? Love is something Christians and witches can both agree on. Jesus showed compassion to those who were cast out of society. He dined with thieves and prostitutes. He believed in human rights and acceptance, which are two values most witches support.

My Personal Experience With Jesus

I grew up in the Pentecostal Church in which the belief and reverence of Jesus as God was intensely pushed on me. Being a natural logical thinker, I asked questions about Jesus that were almost always condemned. As I got older, I realized I was pagan in my heart. I even put down those who believed in Jesus for many years. However, as I’ve grown in my path and in my life, I realized that Jesus is just another guide or god for people to believe in. He’s equivalent to Odin or Horus or any other deity out there. So yes, I believe Jesus could be a god. But the difference is he’s not MY god. And that’s okay! He has plenty of followers worldwide.

I’ll let you in on one secret, though. When I’ve been in a state of psychic or spiritual attack, I’ve called his name and just the mention of his name sends low-level entities running. That’s how I know he is real in one facet or another. This is why I never seek to put down Christians or those who believe in Jesus. Believe what you will. And so will I. But maybe, just maybe Jesus’ miracles were a little witchy.

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