Witchy Bedroom Decor Ideas and Themes

Witch’s Home: ENCHANTING Witchy Bedroom Decor Ideas

Your home is your sanctuary. The place where you take refuge from the outside world. And your bedroom? Another sanctuary within a sanctuary. A place to rest, heal, and be intimate. Somewhere you can be yourself. So why not make it a magical place, too? Here are our freshest witchy bedroom decorating ideas almost anyone can incorporate into their witch home’s décor.

First, Choose a Witchy Interior Design Theme

There are SO many styles of interior design these days. This also means witches can use this to their advantage. Not to mention, some of the “themes” match our witchiest vibes. Choose one of these witchy interior design themes FIRST and use this as a base for which to do your shopping and decorating:

  • Bohemian: I’ve noticed caravans of witches gravitate towards the Bohemian home decorating theme. Vibrant colors, intricate embroidery, and Moroccan designs entice the hippie witch at heart.
  • Shabby Chic: witches that prefer a feminine, farmhouse or antique style love shabby chic themed decorations in their house. Pinks, whites, and pastel colors define the shabby chic theme. Floral patterns are witchy and shabby chic, as is distressed furniture and décor.
  • Celestial: this theme reminds me of something you’d see a fortune teller living in. Or an astrologist. Dark colors like black and navy blue reflect the night sky, embellished with gold and shimmery stars, planets, suns, moons, etc.
  • Victorian: you can go gothic with the Victorian look or just keep it true Victorian style. Either way, many witches associate the Victorian period with being “witchy”. It’s mysterious and classic. Antiques go a long way with the Victorian theme.
  • Rustic (or Farmhouse): I love this theme! It reminds me of my childhood home. Hardwood floors, apron sink, aprons hanging on the wall, a pie safe in front of the kitchen window. My grandmother had a farmhouse style home and I thought it was perfectly magical! Adapt this to your home.
  • French Countryside: similar to the farmhouse or rustic look but geared more towards what you’d see in the countryside of France. Look it up. You’ll love it.
  • Coastal: this theme is PERFECT for sea witches. Everything is based on the beach, ocean, and coastal vibes. So if you live near the beach OR are just a water element person, consider the coastal motif for your witchy bedroom.
Combine shabby chic with Victorian for your own unique witchy bedroom design.

Then Decorate…Witchy Style!

1. Quilts, Comforters & Pillows

The bedroom is called the bedroom for a reason. The bed is where we sleep, rest, and make love. So make your bed sacred. Your pillows, sheets, and comforter should all be super comfortable. In addition, to make your witchy bedroom stand out, choose a comforter or quilt that matches your witchy style. This can be anything from gothic in shades of black, gray or red, to Bohemian in bright, fun colors and patterns.

Choose colors that mean something to you. There’s magick in intention. Put red in the bedroom and spice up your romantic life. Blues and grays will calm and relax before bedtime. Etc. There are plenty of shops that also print Tarot cards onto duvet covers, quilts and comforters. OR grab yourself a quilt with your favorite witchy podcast hostesses here.

2. Witchy Bedroom Suns and Moons

One of my favorite witchy decorating pieces is my collection of suns and moons in my bedroom. I have three golden suns that hang above my headboard, and a banner of the moon phases that I’ve draped across my antique armoire. A witch’s home decor should include items that represent and honor nature, including the sun and moon. We follow the sun and moon phases, don’t we?

3. Dreamcatchers & Suncatchers

I’ve always had at least one dreamcatcher in my bedroom hanging above my window. Purchase dreamcatchers nearly anywhere these days, or make your own for a more magical effect. If you take a trip out west, buy an authentic Native dreamcatcher and support their efforts. This is a great witchy decor piece PLUS serves to filter out the bad dreams. In addition, suncatchers in the window catch the sunlight and disperse beautiful rainbow prisms into your bedroom. Don’t forget to cleanse and re-charge your suncatchers and dreamcatchers. Negative energy will build up on these things.

4. Witchy Antique Decor

Some of my favorite witchy bedroom decor are my antique pieces I inherited from my grandmother. I have a HUGE Victorian armoire that’s been passed down in my family since at least the late eighteen hundreds, and I also have an antique vanity mirror and brush set that I keep on my dresser. I realize not everyone is as blessed as me to inherit such amazing magical pieces, BUT you can find antiques that speak to you at local markets, antique shops, and even thrift stores. Be sure to cleanse it before bringing it into your bedroom!

5. Magical Jewelry Display

Every witch has a big collection of witchy magical jewelry. So why not display some of your favorite pieces as witch home decor? Purchase a display case for your necklaces and earrings. You can also find jewelry hangers where you can hang your witchy necklaces, earrings, and bracelets for all to see.

6. Witchy Curtains

The windows are the eyes of a house. In your witchy bedroom, you should have curtains that can be drawn shut but also bring an air of magick to your room. There’s curtains made of lace, light, flowy materials, and black-out curtains with rich, brocade fabrics. Again, your witchy curtains should match your witchy style and the rest of the bedroom. Dab a little essential oil on the curtains before opening the windows. This allows the wind to blow the aroma around your room!

7. Crystals and Stones

Crystals are wonderful witchy decor pieces to have in the bedroom. For aesthetics and for magick. Some of my favorite bedroom crystals are: rose quartz (for love), selenite (for peaceful sleep) and obsidian (for grounding and protection). Set crystals and stones on your dresser and nightstand OR purchase large crystal towers from a wholesaler or HomeGoods. Yes, HomeGoods sells large crystals and stones for cheap!

8. Himalayan Salt Lamp

A Himalayan salt lamp is perfect for the witchy bedroom because of the soothing ambiance it sets AND because of its ability to cleanse the air of negative vibes. Turn it on and let it stay on for at least a few hours before bedtime. Then enjoy it’s warm glow before drifting off to sleep.

9. Candles

This one’s an obvious one. Candles are always found in a witch’s home, and the bedroom is no exception. Similar to the effects of a salt lamp, candles give off a warm ambiance and some even scent the air with soothing and lovey aromas! Light a few to set the mood before love-making. Fancy candelabras and decorative sconces on the walls also add a magical touch.

10. Oil Diffusers

While not a witchy decor piece, per se, essential oil diffusers are GREAT for the bedroom. Diffuse lavender oil before going to sleep to calm your nerves and provide a restful night’s sleep. Jasmine oil diffused in the bedroom will amplify the romance. Eucalyptus to cleanse any negative vibes that might be present.

11. Protective Charms and Wards

Protect your bedroom like it’s your fortress. Hang witch bells from the doorknob, dreamcatchers in the window, and place protective stones and charms around the room. I use mirrors to reflect negativity off of my bed, but others may tell you to never face a mirror at your bed. It’s truly what you feel comfortable with and what you believe. Witch balls can be hung from the ceiling to trap negative energy. Windchimes are also great as a warding device. As are witch’s bells for your bedroom door.

Places To Shop for Witchy Bedroom Decorations

Truly you can shop for witchy bedroom decorations anywhere you feel drawn to. There are no actual witch home interior stores, that I know of, so you have to piece your bedroom together with items from various places. I’ve found quite a few unique pieces at thrift and antique stores (make sure you cleanse them, unless you like having extra spirits around…it depends on my mood!). Walmart and FiveBelow both sell metaphysical décor like sun and moon wall art nowadays. These are great inexpensive places to shop. Look online at Etsy, Ebay, and even Amazon, for magical items that are in your budget. The Pyramid Collection and Spirit Nest both have witchy home items you might find worthwhile.

Witch’s bells made by StampItOutLoud on Etsy. Hang on your bedroom door to ward off negativity.

12. Tarot and Celestial Decor

Many independent tarot and oracle card artists sell witchy bedroom decor embellished with their designs. Get a quilt or duvet with The Priestess card for your bed. Or go with a celestial witch theme and decorate with stars, constellations, moons, etc. There’s SO much out there on nearly every home interior website and in stores. Try Wayfair, Overstock, Target, Amazon and more. OR buy local.

13. Dark and Luxurious Fabrics

Depending on your style of witchy decor, choose fabrics that match. For instance, if you’re more into the Bohemian vibes, choose flowy fabrics like tulle, see-through nylons, linen, etc. MY favorite kind of witchy fabric for chairs, sofas, and headboards is velvet. If you can’t afford real velvet, go with the less expensive “plush” fabrics in dark or luxurious colors like purple, dark red, black, dark blue, etc. Add an accent chair or antique vanity to your bedroom for a witchy look.

Witchy Bedroom Decor – Make It Yours!

Everyone has a different style of decorating. So just because you see a witchy bedroom online that’s draped in black velvet and lace doesn’t mean YOUR witchy bedroom decor needs to mimic that! Make your witchy bedroom your own. If you like pink, then decorate your witch’s home in PINK. Truly it’s all about intention and what effects the colors and styles have on YOU and your family.

Cleansing and Blessing Your Witchy Bedroom

Don’t forget, your bedroom needs to be kept clean, organized, and spiritually cleansed from time to time. Negative energy can build up anywhere in the witch’s home, including the bedroom. If you’re experiencing discord in your relationship OR you’re having nightmares, it’s time to cleanse! I use an herb bundle and smoke cleanse my bedroom with a window open. I also turn on my Himalayan salt lamp to cleanse the air of impurities AND I’ll sometimes diffuse purifying essential oils like mint or lavender in the bedroom. You can also bless your bedroom and invoke good energy by calling on your guides to fill the space with positivity.

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  1. Love the ideas! I’m not sure if the wifi is good here, but I wasn’t able to see pictures. We’re in the process of moving and I want my room to reflect my craft. I plan on incorporating each room to reflect my beliefs. Mind you this doesn’t include the kids rooms lol.
    I actually have a large collection of jewelry inspired by everything Wicca. I also make jewelry and sell the many things I make. While giving a shout out to the Metaphysical Shop I buy my crystals. @TheSydneyOdditorium ! Beyond great service and the knowledge of what he and his wife have in their amazing store is truly inspiring. To be able to make a purchase and have the seller know exactly what the crystal is for and how it helps, to knowing the place where it was mined.
    Thank you for the informative article, I loved it!
    Blessed Be
    ***below is my shop name, it’s not up and running as I was hacked and lost my accounts! Will be up and running eventually***

  2. Funny…guess I’m a witch! For years I’ve loved all the things you have mentioned…I always liked being different too! I think I’m a good witch!

  3. Thank you for the inspiration. Just ordered a new bed and planed to change the decor. I don’t sleep well at all now ,but I’m going to use your ideas. Hopefully it well change . Thanks again 🙋🏻

  4. There are certain oils that can be used in a diffuser with cats around as they are diluted such as lavender and frankincense but the cat must have the option to leave the area if need be .As with everything we must always use caution and follow safe guidelines.

  5. Great article! However, if you have a cat, essential oil diffusers can kill them. There is something in essential oils that is toxic to cats. We burn inscense isntead for the kitty.

    1. There are certain oils that can be used in a diffuser with cats around as they are diluted such as lavender and frankincense but the cat must have the option to leave the area if need be .As with everything we must always use caution and follow safe guidelines.

  6. I just found your site and enjoy it. Lots of good stuff! However, I hate statements like “Every witch has a big collection of witchy magical jewellery” because… well, it’s just not true. There is no aesthetics that every witch follows, nor a set lifestyle. We’re all different! I, as a witch, own only a handful of jewellery, carefully chosen and loved. This isn’t at all a bad article and I know it’s just supposed to be inspirational. I just don’t like statements that suggest you have to own certain things to be a witch. Love from Sweden!

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