How to Make Your Home Magical With Witchy Decorating

Make the ULTIMATE Magical Home With Witchy Decorating Ideas & More

To make sacred space means to cleanse and prepare an area for divine connection, like a “sanctuary” in a church. You can make your entire home into a magical, sacred space. The first step in making your home a magical home is to envision it as one big magical circle. The witches of olde believed their homes were living, breathing entities. And when you start to look at your home in that way, you’ll see how beautiful and enchanted it becomes. It will take on its own life in conjunction with yours. It will comfort, heal, protect, and guide you. Learn how to make YOUR magical home with cleansing, protection, gardening, and witchy decorating ideas below.

1. Protection for Your Magical Home

We all know that our homes protect us from the outside world. They also give us privacy. But when we make our homes magical, we also have to think about spiritual protection. If you’ve never energetically cleansed your home, this will be your first step to making your home magical. This is also something to repeat once a month (preferably on the new or waning moon) or whenever you feel the need. Cleanse your home after illness, discord or spiritual intrusion, as well.

Cleansing Your Magical Home

A spiritual home cleansing is a removal of negative energy that has either invaded or built up. I’ve found the most powerful way to cleanse a home of negative energy is a smoke-cleansing ritual. Some of the most powerful herbs for smudging are: white sage, rosemary, and palo santo (among others). Research how to do a smudging ritual and then cleanse your home. Don’t forget to open the windows or doors to allow the negative energy to escape. This is crucial. If you can’t use smoke to cleanse your home, there are MANY cleansing methods to try including sound cleansing, purifying sprays, simmering potpourris and more.

Make red brick dust and sprinkle it over the thresholds of your magical home.
Make red brick dust for the thresholds of your home.

Set Up A Magical Barrier

Following the cleansing ritual, set up a magical barrier. The first way to do this is to bless your doorways, windows, and all openings to your home including chimneys and exhausts. You can use a bit of olive oil, essential oils, or any kind of oil and draw a protective symbol on each window and door. For example – a pentacle, triquetra, cross, runes, etc. This same blessing ritual can also be done with a bit of holy water or moon water. Use what you have!

Add Protective Elements All Around

After you’re done with the cleansing and blessing rituals, add other protective elements to your home:

  • protective bags containing herbs, objects, stones (hang them on doors, over windows, place under beds, etc.)
  • sprinkle salt (or witch’s black salt) in the windows and over your thresholds
  • hang dreamcatchers in bedroom windows
  • iron horseshoes over doorways
  • pictures of angels, deities, ancestors, etc.
  • place four guardian statues or wards in the four corners of your property
  • red brick dust sprinkled over thresholds
  • plants with protective properties around the home: i.e. rosemary, roses, bougainvillea, hawthorn, oak, birch, etc.
  • string of garlic or peppers hung in the kitchen or by the front door for protection, warding and blessings
  • hang witch’s bells from the front door

Last but not least, call on your ancestors, gods and goddesses, angels, guardians, guides, etc. to protect your home from all negative energy.

2. Waking the Home’s Spirit

In ancient times, our ancestors from many different cultures, believed that buildings and homes had consciousness. They believed their homes had a spirit unto itself. Witches who practice the old ways know that by waking the home’s spirit and cultivating a relationship with it, we are invoking a sense of peace, stability, and protection. We are creating a sacred sanctuary by acknowledging our home’s spirit and caring for it. Some witches say that once you have established a solid relationship with your home’s spirit, there’s not much of a need for extra wards and amulets for protection. Your home will protect you.

Here’s a few ways to work with your home’s spirit:

  • Wake your home’s spirit by laying your hand on the wall and speaking to it. Tell it your name and talk to it gently and like a friend. Ask your home it’s name and what it likes and dislikes. What it might need in this moment (trust me, you will be told…just be prepared to do some housework and potential maintenance)
  • Set up a small altar to honor your home’s spirit. A small house ornament or figurine works wonders for this. Add a small cup, bowl, candle, etc. for offerings
  • Name your home and call it by that name (this can be different from the name it told you. Keeping its true name secret is best to protect you and your home from magical attack). Consider names like Smith Manor (last name + house), the House on the Red Hill, the Creekside Cottage, etc.
  • Provide regular offerings like water, candlelight, incense, etc.
  • Sing and talk to your house as much as you feel like (this is like cultivating a friendship…you talk to your friends, don’t you? So talk to your house!)
  • Keep up on the housework as best you can. Try not to neglect your home and keep up with maintenance as best you can.
Herbs in the kitchen and plants in the halls. Witchy decorating ideas should always include the elements.
A magical home should have all 4 elements represented

Then, Decorate Witchy! Witchy Decorating Ideas

Not everyone can have a magical log cabin in the woods as their witch’s house. But that doesn’t mean your apartment in the city or home in the suburbs isn’t as magical! Now, this is the fun part. With these witchy decorating ideas, the enchanting effects are really amped up. Depending on the objects and placement, these elements will draw in abundance, health, love, peace, success, etc.

Witchy Decorating Theme Ideas

My witch’s house is your average one-story home in the suburbs. Built in 1980. Nothing too super witchy about it. But that didn’t matter to me. I’ve made it my magical home with love and with my own personal style. I use the four elements as a major theme in my home, as well as some rustic decor. I recommend using your interior design preferences to guide your witchy decorating. Here’s a few themes to consider:

  • The hedge witch’s home: houseplants everywhere, a big herb garden, a hedge of roses or bushes around the property, wildlife and animal decor (paintings on the wall, statues, throw blankets, etc.) This theme is somewhat rustic, as well.
  • The modern witch’s sacred space: essential oil diffusers, light palette of colors (light gray, white, pastels), crystals in every room, and a meditation space
  • The cottage witch’s home: a kitchen full of magical tools, kitchen altar, herbs in the windowsills and kitchen counter, possibly a shabby chic (see more below) or antique theme for furniture, super comfy sofas and chairs. And definitely your sweetest kitty cat sitting in a rocking chair
  • The retro witch’s home: antiques from your preferred era or decade, colors to fit your favorite period (rust orange, mustard yellows, greens for the 70s; pink and light blue for the 50s; red and light blue for the 40s, etc.); lace or linen curtains in the kitchen, an ice box and pie safe in the kitchen
  • Bohemian Theme: I’ve noticed caravans of witches gravitate towards the Bohemian home decorating theme. Vibrant colors, intricate embroidery, and Moroccan designs entice the hippie witch at heart.
  • Shabby Chic: witches that prefer a feminine, farmhouse or antique style love shabby chic themed decorations in their house. Pinks, whites, and pastel colors define the shabby chic theme. Floral patterns are witchy and shabby chic, as is distressed furniture and décor.
  • Celestial: this theme reminds me of something you’d see a fortune teller living in. Or an astrologist. Dark colors like black and navy blue reflect the night sky, embellished with gold and shimmery stars, planets, suns, moons, etc. Great for astrology-loving witches and starseeds
  • Victorian: you can go gothic with the Victorian look or just keep it true Victorian style. Either way, many witches associate the Victorian period with being “witchy”. It’s mysterious and classic. Antiques go a long way with the Victorian theme. Gothic witches love this theme
  • Rustic (or Farmhouse): I love this theme! It reminds me of my childhood home. Hardwood floors, apron sink, aprons hanging on the wall, a pie safe in front of the kitchen window. My grandmother had a farmhouse style home and I thought it was perfectly magical! Adapt this to your home. Great for hearth, cottage and forest witches
  • French Countryside: similar to the farmhouse or rustic look but geared more towards what you’d see in the countryside of France. Look it up. You’ll love it. Great for cottage and hearth witches.
  • Coastal theme for Sea Witches: this theme is PERFECT for sea witches. Everything is based on the beach, ocean, and coastal vibes. So if you live near the beach OR are just a water element person, consider the coastal motif for your witchy bedroom.

Add the Elements Fire & Air

The best witchy decorating ideas center around the four elements. By hanging wind chimes at your doorways and around your home, you add pretty, whimsical sounds and invoke the air element. This brings open communication for those who enter and carries wishes away on the winds. Wind spinners are fun in the garden.

Solar Flare Witchy Wax Melts With Mango and Banana


Solar Flare Witchy Wax Melts with Mango and Banana (Handmade With Soy Wax and Quality Ingredients in RITUAL Space!) A Summer Solstice, citrusy, bright aroma of mangos and bananas. Solar Flare Witchy Wax Melts smell like they were made especially for Summer time. Like you were just sunbathing on the beach and took a bite…

One of my favorite methods of enchanting my home is to use candles. We have candles in nearly every room. Light them and watch your home’s ambiance change from mundane to magical! You’re calling on the element of fire by doing so. If you can’t use actual candles, LED candles work just as well (they take energy to work don’t they?)! As well as witchy wax melts which is candle wax that you melt in a burner that doesn’t require fire!

Earth & Water Element

Houseplants bring in that earthy energy. African violets, succulents, and ivies are my favorite but experiment with different houseplants to see what you like best. Be careful what kind you get – some are toxic to pets and children. Place around your home for earthy, healing energies. Small herb gardens with grow lights in the kitchen are helpful for kitchen witches.

Rose quartz, amethyst, and selenite are great for the home. Small water fountains and vessels of water honor the water element in your magical home. So do mirrors. Some people are afraid of mirrors or have strange superstitions attached to them. I say as long as you cleanse pre-used mirrors before hanging them, you should be just fine!

Read the Otherworldly Household: A No-nonsense Guide to Enchanting the Witch’s Home:

The Otherworldly Household BOOK: Signed Copy


Grab a signed paperback copy of Kitty Fields’ The Otherworldly Household: A No-nonsense Guide to Enchanting the Witch’s Home with detailed info. on how to transform your house into a magical sanctuary!

My herb cabinet in my kitchen

Magical Elements for the Witchy Home

IvyRose quartzCandles
Christmas CactusSeleniteWindchimes
African VioletCitrineDreamcatchers
Jade plantAmethystMirrors
Mother-in-law TongueBlack TourmalineWitches’ Bells
Culinary HerbsBlack ObsidianWitches Balls

Witchy Decorating Ideas By Room

Each room in your house has its own energy, it’s own unique magic. If you have an entire house to decorate and dedicate to your magic, consider each room as a separate entity. Here’s some ideas for witchy decorating by room:

1. The Witch’s Kitchen

Probably my favorite room in the house is the kitchen. The kitchen links us to our ancestors, the fire and water element, and to various kitchen gods and spirits. Set aside a cabinet solely for your magical herbs and supplies. A kitchen altar with candles, offering bowls, heirloom cookbooks, and herbs is a perfect way to honor your ancestors and household spirits. Add pictures of herbs to the walls, add a kitchen witch doll to watch over the kitchen, and light a red candle when you’re cooking to connect to the hearth-fires of the past. Leave a cup of coffee or tea for your ancestors in the morning. Learn how to enchant your kitchen here.

2. The Magical Bedroom

A lot of magic happens in the witch’s bedroom: sleep and dreams, relaxation, meditation, and intimacy. First and foremost, make sure your bedroom is comfortable and serene. Candles, Himalayan salt lamps, and crystals for love and passion are perfect witchy additions to the bedroom. Lots of pillows and comfortable blankets, quilts, etc. are a must. Make your bedroom a cozy sanctuary within a sanctuary!

3. The Witchy Bathroom

I associate everything in the bathroom with the water element. So ocean decorations like seashells, ocean paintings, and the colors of the ocean grace my bathroom walls. Crystals associated with water are also great in the bathroom, i.e. moonstone, ammonite, etc. Succulent plants do well in bathrooms because they soak up the extra moisture in the air including jade plants and cacti.

4. The Living or Family Room Made Magical

The Living Room, aka Family Room, is magical because it is the meeting place of the entire family. Make sure the furniture is comfortable, clean and inviting. Add photos of the family and ancestors to your walls. An ancestor altar is perfect for the family room, so the ancestors see what’s going on in the family’s lives and partake in the daily comings and goings. Candles and LED candles set the mood in the evenings. Mirrors reflect the light and provide good feng shui for energy. And I also provide comfortable throw pillows and blankets – enough for everyone.

5. The Laundry Room

The laundry room may not seem like a magical place, but it is! The water element is also represented strongly in the laundry room, so any water deities or spirits you’d like to honor, this is a great place to do so! In addition, adding magic to your laundry is as easy as keeping a bottle of moon water and lavender essential oil on your laundry room shelf. Then add a cup of moon water or a few drops of oils to the laundry to enchant your clothing!

My dining room with handmade rustic dining room table, ancestor altar in the back, and all set up for fondue friday night

6. The Dining Room

A beautiful centerpiece in the middle of your dining room table turns your dining experience into a magical one. Change it with the seasons and sabbats, for instance: sunflowers during the Summer and evergreen foliage for Winter. Set a place at the table for your ancestors when you have a big meal and want to invoke their presence. Hang talismans from the chandelier. Add tall taper candles and eat by candlelight.

7. The Witch’s Home Office

I don’t have a home office, BUT if I did, I would make it like a sacred retreat. I would set up a meditation corner complete with comfortable floor pillows and aromatherapy. My desk would have a vision board above it and prosperity spell jars on it. But some more ideas – keep black tourmaline near your computer to ward off negative vibes. House plants cleanse your home office’s air and keep the vibes positive, even when you’re stressed to the max. If you have a window in your home office, set your desk facing towards it. This way you can look out the window and see the clouds, insects, and birds.

8. The Witch’s Attic or Basement

We all know how creepy an attic or basement space can be. Don’t be afraid to witch-ify these spaces and make them part of your sanctuary. First clean and declutter. Then spiritually cleanse the space and invite in good energy. An attic might become a witch’s arts and crafts room. Or a space for seances! A basement becomes a witch’s ritual room where you can draw your circle on the floor with chalk and invite your witchy friends and family to join in. If you have attic space, consider decorating with mostly the air element, since the attic is “up in the air”. If you have a basement, consider decorating with the earth element. Since the basement is within the earth itself. You could even consider decorating it like an ancient prehistoric cave!

Consider Setting Up An Altar(s)

Another special way of adding magic to your home is by setting up an altar. Be as discreet or as elaborate as you’d like and as your lifestyle allows. Find a tabletop surface, wall shelf, bookcase, etc. on which to place your altar. Preferably, it should be out of reach of pets and small children (unless you want to make it a pets or childrens’ altar).

Types of Altars

Make an altar to represent the four elements: earth, air, fire, water. Set up an altar to honor your gods and/or your ancestors. OR create a meditation space. Add stones, seashells, feathers, and herbs to the altar. Pictures of angels, deities, ancestors, etc. work well. Place candles, incense burners, oil diffusers, and more on your altar. Altars are great on kitchen counters to honor ancestors and hearth goddesses, too. The choices are endless!

Hibiscus growing in my garden

The Magical Home’s Garden

What magical home would be complete without a garden? Some people say “I have a black thumb”. I used to say this, too. It’s truly about putting in time and effort, and eventually you’ll learn what grows well in your climate and what doesn’t. Purchase or grow plants that are native to your area. You will have plants that are acclimated to the land where you live and easy to grow. They will also attract and supply food or shelter for essential wildlife such as bees, butterflies, rabbits, birds, etc.

Magical Wildlife Energy

When you grow native plants around your home, you invite mother nature to take up residence. Those positive energies will translate to positive energy inside your home, as well. If you don’t have a yard, grow plants in pots on a balcony, patio, or even in a sunny window! Herbs do well in pots, and so do many flowers.

Butterfly & Bee Gardens

If you’re a pagan and have never considered helping your local wildlife by planting native and beneficial plants, please consider it. Since starting a butterfly garden, my family has gotten so much enjoyment out of it. My kids get to see the stages of a butterfly’s life cycle – from egg, to larva/caterpillar, to chrysalis, to an adult butterfly. Not only is it wonderful for your home’s magical energies, it’s also entertaining and educational!

Outside Altars and Garden Spirits

If you have a garden, consider setting up an outside altar to honor your nature spirits and fairies. A stump, a large stone, or log are all great altar surfaces. As long as its flat enough to set offerings on. Offerings for garden spirits can be put in seashells, small cups, or laid directly on the earth. Fairy offerings include: wine, mead, milk, cream, cakes, cookies, fruit and all things sweet. Add a Green Man or Green Woman plaque to your garden gate. Invite the benevolent nature spirits to take up home in your garden and watch your plants flourish!

More Ways to Witch-ify Your Space:

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  1. ” Do no harm “. Decorate with the intent to bring in positive energy /clear out negative energy and you’re good to go. Use candles on globes to prevent accidents. Blessed be.

  2. It’s been too long since I’ve come across such a thoughtful, well written, interesting and informative article. Article isn’t the right word, though. More like an inspirational handbook! Thank you for putting so much thought and honesty into this, I’m going to print it out, I hope that’s ok! You should write a book, if you haven’t already! ❤

  3. I have 3 salt lamps. One in my room, one in my son’s room, and one in the hallway. I also have 3 cats, NONE of which have ever licked any of the salt lamps…..

  4. I have enjoyed all of your comments and posts. I am a witch and a christian. I love my garden, all my talisman objects. I love spells to help others. I believe in all the good we have to offer.

    1. Witch and Christian? Please elaborate. This is one issue I’m having before starting my witch journey! I was raised southern baptist but for as long as I can remember I have ALWAYS been drawn to otherworldly things (the moon, stars, astrology, divination l, etc). Any help/explanation would be super super helpful. Looking to officially begin my journey with the new moon!

    2. This is certainly helpful I am learning to be an elemental witch a new journey for me . I appreciate your advice and tips

  5. Hi I’m new to this. Could you please tell me who the four guardians for the four corners of your property are. Thanks.

    1. The 4 guardians can be many things and anything you feel is protective: 4 angels, 4 pieces of protective stone like tourmaline, 4 charms with protective symbols, 4 gargoyles, etc.

    2. The guardians of the watchtowers are also sometimes referred to 4 of the archangels, for example north is earth energy and archangel Uriel. East is Air energy and archangel Raphael. South is fire energy and archangel Michael. West is water energy and archangel Gabriel.

      I hope that helps.

  6. This is an amazing, thoughtful post that I can tell you made with love! Thank you and I’d like to add it as a resource in my own site!! THANK YOU!

    1. No salt lamps if your familiar is a cat. Dangerous to them.
      I’d love to see more pictures of these ideas 🙂

      1. Salt lamps are dangerous for cats?? I haven’t heard that one. How so?? I have 3 salt lamps and a cat. Though I don’t turn them on daily, but still, if it’s dangerous, I’d like to know. My cat has never even looked sideways at my lamps. So I would really like to know, I don’t want to harm my cat, but I love my lamps too.

        1. It could kill them and had killed cats before. If they decide to lick it a bunch. Which idk if you can make sure that NEVER happens then your good to go.

        2. Cats will lick the salt causing dehydration. Much like a cat will eat plants they will be drawn to lick the salt. It is dangerous to keep them within reach

  7. Thanks for writing! I loved the picture of the altar and the idea of putting out pictures of ancestors to protect the home.

  8. OMGoodness! I happened to stumble across your site while looking for something else altogether! I LOVE this page in particular! I was recently asked why I was not a Witch? My reply was that I am Christian. I know, I know. I was gently told that that was okay, I could still be a Witch. I let it go but it would creep back to me every so often. I live a more Witchy way of life. I believe in Spirit and in the Energy around me. My Higher Power is God. I know I have “spirit guides” and that I give my Guardian Angels a run for their money on a quiet day! I do Hands on Healings, am a Reiki practitioner and am a Certified Aromatherapist. I have been gifted with being able to hear, smell, occasionally see and feel the spirit world. I know I have past lives in which I was a “powerful Seer and healer” but did not use my gifts then for good. Perhaps that is why I am reluctant to use them now. But I have never considered myself a Witch. I honestly don’t know what that means. As I was reading your page, I kept thinking, “yep, that’s what I do” and then I realized that I am doing all this intuitively! Thank you! This one page has clarified so much for me. I am eager to explore this more!

    1. If you practice Witchcraft, you are a Witch. It’s that simple. Ask yourself this question: Do I practice Witchcraft? If the answer is yes, you are a Witch. Witchcraft is an art; anyone can practice it regardless of faith. I’m a Taoist. Was a Buddhist before that. They go together. So, being a Christian Witch is fine. I just tell people that I’m a Witch without quantifiers. Don’t explain yourself to people. You are a Witch.

    2. Im so confused how you’re a real Christian. Im am NOT at all saying you are Not Christian, so please don’t take offense, but I thought Christians were not allowed to do any thing that really falls into believing ANYTHING other then Their ways. I actually met people banned from their churches just for searching up earth based religions. I think you are a Witch. You are far to informed on the witch/pagan ways to be Christian. This is ONLY what I have known. This is not a fact, I may be completely Wrong and I’m fine with that. I was just curious about this. I’m very open minded and I like to hear about things I may be misinformed about. Thats all.

      1. You should do more research about Christian witches and magical Christianity practices and beliefs before coming in with a judgemental attitude and telling someone that they aren’t what they are.

      2. Some Christians believe you can not be both & pick and choose things from the Bible to back that up, but it in not true… There is actually Christian Churches for witches now. You should do some research on the topic. Of course you will get hard core bible belt people who will say others wise.

        Being a witch is not a religion. You can be from any religion and still be a witch, or no religion at all.

      3. I’m Christian, but I regard myself as “Spiritual”. I have a gift that’s been passed down thru my family. I am an Empath and it makes it difficult to sit among my peers in church and not “feel” EVERYONE’S energy! My husband is okay with my empathic abilities; my mother in law is NOT. She frowns on my fascinations with Pagan Holidays, decorating for Halloween because I was born on the 29th of October and my folks always incorporated my birthday with Halloween. I consider myself a “kitchen witch” most of my magic comes in the form of food, herbs and gardening. I recently bought Palo Santo wood sticks and white sage bundles…..much to the chagrin of my MIL….she wanted to know what Palo Santo wood was; I told her it was “Holy” wood used for smudging….the look on her face was like I rubbed dog shit under her nose! I’ve been spiritual LONGER than I’ve been Christian. I love my spirit guides: they are my long deceased ancestors and I greet them regularly. Am I torn? Yes, I am. I belong to the KIng of Kings….but I cannot deny my roots.

        1. 7 For 11 years, my MIL lived with us. She is a very strict Christian. I was terrified that she’d find out I was Pagan and have me exorcised, or kick me out of the house. The first thing I did when she moved in to her sister’s house was a cleansing ritual with white sage.

      4. Actually there are many witchy elements in the bible. Blessing your home, people with oil, Meditation, Believing in spirits, soul curses, guardian angels…. So rise up and live life the way you choose. If you’re Christian then you only have one judge and he already knows your heart.

      5. I felt this way for a long time but if you think about it, Christianity borrowed a lot of pagan practices because that was what they knew. It also helps to remember that the Bible is a collection of writings chosen from many more that were used for five previous centuries. I recently discovered that the gospel of Mark actually ended where the angels scared the women and they never spoke of their experience to anyone. It was changed. I don’t know what you would call it, a miracle perhaps, but instantly turning water into wine sounds magical to me.

      6. Being Christian means simply one is a follower of Christ. Even Ghandi read Christ’s teachings. I am a hereditary Witch, as it has been in my family for generations. Some own up to it, some do not. Point is, your personal beliefs are exactly that. YOUR PERSONAL BELIEFS. If you wish to (like Most Witches) take something from everyone, witch and religion you meet and make it or adapt it to your way of life. You. are. a. Witch. The beauty of being a Witch is that there are no rules. What you choose it what you are. Most true witches are solitary, because we have problems we generally know the answers will be found within. If you are a witch then your eyes, all three are open and you are aware. You will on occasion be called to gather and join for a touch of positive energy from your circle. Those “family” of your soul that re-energize you when you are feeling empty. But a Witch, in my opinion, is a person that is flexible, aware, adaptable, fearless, respectful, always learning, always observing, non-judgmental, compassionate, empowered, fun-loving, weird, passionate, sometimes kinky, but always true to themselves first.

    3. There are many Christian Witches. Being a witch itself isn’t a religion, it’s just what you are. Witches practice all types of religions or none at all. Some believe in God/Jesus & others believe in Greek gods, some have nature as their god or no gods at all. It’s quite an amazing community actually. If you are on FB look up Christian witch groups & join one. They are normally privet & none of your fb friends will know you have joined it, in case that worries you. A many of us are still in the “broom closet”, LoL. But having that community to help guide you in your path helps so much. There is also one called DIY witch’s you may like. We have witches of all walks of life though so you’ll see a bit of everything there. A Christian witch group may be a good start for you. 🙂

      Blessed be

    4. Thank you for this great article filled with magical ideas. I love everything about this page/group … Always considered myself ” christian” .. as I grew up my belief was that of Jesus Christ being my savior and salvation is mine because of his blood. As I grew older , I learned many things and began questioning almost everything. I still very much have faith , and pray in the name of Jesus.The power in prayer has been revealed to me many times . I believe in karma, the cosmos , the sun and moon affecting and influencing us, words becoming actions when spoken , tenfold and the power of three.. I believe that there is good in everyone even when it’s hard to see. At this stage in my life, I consider myself spiritual and dont confine myself to any particular religion because I use teachings and practices from many without choosing to submit to all their rituals and beliefs if they I dont agree with them…i know that i am clearly a witch… my interests are herbs and flowers, stones and Crystal’s, candles and lighting ceremonies for deceased loved ones, essential oils ,and astrology and horoscopes along with tarot. I make my own potions and smudge sticks and charge my Crystal’s regularly… I also have been diagnosed with acute , severe , chronic progressive RA over 25 years ago and have had more success with my “alternative therapy” than I ever had from any prescription.. although I do still need a biologic or I suffer terribly. That is what started my journey of self discovery and I havent looked back. I still pray in the name of Jesus… and i also believe that the universe is listening to my prayers and chants and that what gives them power to manifest what i ask of it.

    1. The joy and Magic of setting up your own altar, should be done by you using your intuition, and using tools that mean something to you,shells, feathers, crystals, candles, flowers and a beautiful bowl filled with sea salt to protect you and incense,really enjoy the magic of creating your own special altar, with your own special energy. Love and Light Michele

  9. Cats need greens. If you plant a pot of grass or wheatgrass for them they will usually leave houseplants alone. Had both all my life, that worked for me.

    1. All this I have always gravitated to. I just need to make some extra special touches, and with all your help I have a wonderful start to what’s been lacking. At this time in my life I new something was missing, I was looking for special education or articles on life change and suddenly this way of life jumped out at me with a vengeance. I believe my guide finally got my attention. There has been subtle hints laid out to me everyday for the last year and a half. Now’s my time to start anew! I’m so grateful I finally noticed the signs. Blessed Be!

  10. I live in a small apartment and I have a cat. My cat is not afraid of fire and has put his face in a lit candle when he was younger, so I only have one candle burning in my apartment and that is only when I am home. He has a weird fascination with fire. So I use flameless candles instead on my altars and all around my apartment. Also, I can’t have real plants because of him, so I have artificial jade plants, etc. Is this an acceptable practice? I would love to have all of the 4 elements, but can’t risk fire or having my cat destroying real plants. Please let me know and thanks so much for sharing your information. I do smudge my apartment as often as needed too

    1. Amanda – I use LED candles more than real candles on an everyday basis because my 4 year old son is too curious about fire. I believe it’s just as effective to create a witchy ambiance. Same with fake plants – I use those as well as real.

      1. I use hurricane gloves at times that need protection from fire. I sometimes find them at thrift stores. With plants finding edible (safe) for cats is difficult, but planting in a terrarium may be an option.

    2. Have you considered having some indoor plants for your cat? Catnip has pretty purple flowers. Catgrass is also nice for them to nibble on. If s/he has her own plants maybe she will leave yours alone. 🙂

    3. I planted micro greens for my cat… Different herbs and lettuces,,The pots of greens were known as Mittin’s salad bowl… The only thing she didn’t like were chives.

  11. I think I’ve had 3 of the 4 elements around me all my life. I just didn’t realize it. Working on my alter. This is so wonderful of you to share your magical home. Thanks. Love from Kentucky

  12. How wonderful. I’m almost 80 and starting my life over again and this is what I’ve been thinking of doing. I cant hardly wait.

      1. How do I cleanse and protect and bless my home from an extremely negative person that also lives there?

        1. I’ve been in this same situation. I would smudge/ring bells every time they left the house, left an OM chant cd playing on repeat at the lowest possible volume, opened the windows or doors every day (even cracking the, for 10 minutes helps!) to get the energy circulating, and everything else I could think of to help clear the negative energy. At first, they became really agitated (they had no idea what I was doing, and just thought the incense smelled great), and then they spent less time there. Although it helped from things getting too bad, it didn’t compare to how things improved once I moved.

    1. welcome to the world of crones, the wise ones, where age is a blessing where wisdom is sought and cherished,not looked down on by the ignorant, who will one day be crones.

  13. thank you. my home needs cleansing of negativity, and i will begin now. you have inspired me. thank you again

    1. I have a cat in my apartment I just start buy fake an real plants.she doesn’t bother fake but I have 3 money tree she starting bother I think it’s the smell she indoor cat.I light candles an oils incense I enjoy it Also use crytals learning how meditate

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