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Haunted & Magic Mirrors PLUS How to Start Mirror Scrying

Some people hold a very real fear of mirrors and avoid having them in their bedrooms or in the house altogether. Some say not to have any mirrors facing your bed. There’s much to be learned when it comes to the history of mirrors, which explains the existence of haunted mirrors and magic mirrors. Can a mirror be haunted? Can mirrors be magical? Let’s find out…

Magic Mirror History

The mirror as we know it today was invented in 1835 by Von Liebig and is technically the “silver-glassed mirror”, but mirrors made of various stones and other elements date back to at least 6000 B.C. Mirrors in ancient times were made of precious metals or stones including: obsidian, copper, bronze, and iron. But what did the women do when they couldn’t afford such a luxury? Water was poured into a bowl and used as a looking-glass.

Romans and Celts believed and used magic mirrors
An Ancient Romano-Celtic Mirror

Magic Mirrors and the Water Element

Mirrors are directly linked to the element water, because as previously mentioned, water served as the original mirror. Because mirrors are akin to water, and water is a conduit for the spirit world, mirrors can also be conduits for spirits. Water reflected our images back at us, which to the prehistoric human being would have been magic in and of itself. But think about it this way – your reflection is only a copy of your true image. You’ll never actually see yourself as you TRULY are.

Mirrors of the Gods

In Ancient Greece, magic mirrors were featured in myths. The story of Narcissus tells of a god looking into a mirror and falling in love with his own reflection. Archimedes used a mirror in warfare to set ships ablaze in 212 B.C. The ancient Egyptians made mirrors of copper. A few of the preserved mirrors from ancient Egypt are adorned with the image of the goddess Hathor. And therefore were associated with sexuality and rebirth. The Anatolians (Turkey) made their first mirrors out of volcanic black rock called Obsidian; today, black mirrors are used for scrying purposes (more on that later). Mirrors found from this time date to 6000 B.C.

Narcissus was a god who saw his own reflection and fell in love. This is one of the first references to magic mirrors in mythology.
Narcissus gazing at himself in the pool.

Haunted Mirrors

Mirrors can be portals to the other side, so it’s no wonder there’s many stories of haunted mirrors. The horror movie Oculus goes into the gory details of a mirror so haunted it takes human lives. But haunted mirrors are not a new concept.

The Haunted Mirror at Myrtles Plantation

On the Myrtles Plantation in Louisiana, there are three souls trapped in a magic mirror. Legend has it, after the woman of the house and two of her children were poisoned to death, the mirror wasn’t covered with a cloth and their souls were trapped inside. Their images and even handprints appear on the mirror often, nearly frightening groundskeepers and visitors to death. Back in the day, it was tradition to cover mirrors when death was imminent for this reason.

A Haunted Mirror on EBay?

In February of 2013, a reportedly haunted mirror in England was auctioned off on EBay for $155. The sellers had acquired an antique haunted mirror by saving it from the dumpster outside their home. They claimed their landlord had thrown it out and once they brought it inside, they experienced bouts of bad luck. Bad financial problems and illness consumed their lives until they decided to get rid it. In addition, they saw shadows and experienced feelings of doom while around this haunted mirror. They sold it on EBay and haven’t had problems since.

Mirrors are haunted, just like the water

Magic Mirrors in Fairy Tales

Do we see ourselves staring back at us in the mirror or do we see someone else entirely? Lewis Carroll’s classic story “Through the Looking Glass” paints a terrifying picture of a girl named Alice who walks into another world by walking through a mirror. She finds an alternative dimension on the other side of the looking glass, full of monsters and surreal beings. She realizes our reflections aren’t always truthful.

Snow White & Vampires

One of our most popular fairy tales, Snow White, tells of an Evil Queen who consults her magic mirror when she has a question. Usually the question is in direct relation to her vanity, and she finds the mirror will never lie. This depiction of a magic mirror reflects (pun intended) the ancient divination technique of “scrying” (“seeing“). In addition, how about our fascination with creatures of the night? Vampires have no soul and cannot see their own reflection in the mirror. It’s said if you place a mirror in the doorway, it will keep vampires away.

Haunted Mirror Superstitions

Who hasn’t played the Bloody Mary game at a sleep-over? How to play varies from person to person, but generally what one would do is go into a bathroom and turn off the lights, say “Bloody Mary” three times or more. Then when the lights are turned back on, the ghost of Bloody Mary is supposed to appear in the mirror. In other versions, players call on the Candyman instead of Bloody Mary.

7 Years of Bad Luck & Covering Mirrors

If you shatter a mirror, you will have seven years of bad luck in any and all matters of life – love, money, health, etc. This belief dates back to Romans who believed the soul regenerated itself within seven years. And, well, if a mirror reflects one’s soul back it only makes sense why a shattered mirror causes harm. After a death in the family, some Irish and American families cover the mirrors in the house for fear the newly-departed soul would be trapped in the mirror (thereby creating haunted mirrors). If you watch the clip directly above, you’ll notice at about two minutes in, when Ruthie dies, the woman covers the mirror with a cloth.

Learning Magic Mirror Scrying

We can see why magic mirrors are regarded as one of the most powerful items in a person’s home. Today people use mirrors to attain answers to questions, including the future. This practice of gazing into a mirror and acquiring supernatural knowledge is known as mirror scrying. Purchase magic mirrors for scrying online or use your own mirrors at home. You can also make your own black scrying mirror (there are various tutorials online) OR use a piece of black obsidian.

Here’s how to start mirror scrying:

  1. Have your mirror in hand or in front of you.
  2. Turn down the lights and light a candle or use the light of a Full Moon.
  3. Relax your body completely and clear your mind.
  4. Allow your eyes to slightly close and gaze in the mirror.
  5. Focus on your question or intent and allow any images to take shape in the mirror. You may see it in the reflected light or shadows or you may see it in your mind’s eye. Mirror scrying takes practice. Don’t give up if you don’t get results the first time!

Modern Magic with Mirrors

In addition to mirror scrying, use these mystical contraptions in your spells and rituals for various intentions. Place mirrors facing outwards in the windowsills to reflect negative energy from entering your home. Set a candle on top of a mirror and “reverse” any negative spells sent your way back to their original sender. Learn more about reversal spells here. Mirrors can also be used in protective spells, strategically placed in bedrooms to reflect negative energies and dreams. And also in beauty spells and positive daily affirmations to increase confidence.

Magic & Haunted Mirrors: The History of the Mirror, It's Magical Abilities and How to Start Scrying


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