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Witchy Kitchen: How to Enchant & Decorate Your Hearth

I’ve been practicing kitchen witchery for years, and the first tip I can give you is this – make your kitchen a magical place where you’ll WANT to cook and make magick. A witch’s kitchen shouldn’t be a drab, boring place. It should be the heart of the home, filled with the aromas of bread baking in the oven, incense burning on the altar, and tea brewing on the stove. The walls should be covered with images of herbs, potions, and ancestors. Here, I teach you how to decorate your hearth and make your witchy kitchen a sacred sanctuary.

First, What is a Kitchen Witch?

Maybe you’ve stumbled across this article by chance and you’re wondering what a kitchen witch is. Let me explain it in simple terms. A kitchen witch is a person who makes magic in their kitchen: in the meals they cook, in the desserts they bake, in the teas they brew, and in any other way they like. Basically, it’s a witch who does most of their practice in the kitchen. Kitchen witchery tends to consist mainly of magical cooking and baking but truly can be any practice or work done hearth-side. Often practices that revolve around the home are included like household protection spells, herbal remedies for the family, and ancestor work. But, again, a kitchen witch can be anything they want to be and practice any way they choose. There are no set rules.

Now, For the Fun Part…Witchy Kitchen Themes

Are you ready to make your kitchen a magical, sacred sanctuary? A place where you feel the most magical and can make magick any time of day? There are many simple ways to add magic to your kitchen space, but if you’d like to do a complete witchy kitchen overhaul, I recommend choosing a decorative theme to start:

  • Bohemian theme: Vibrant colors, intricate embroidery, and Moroccan designs entice the hippie witch at heart. This can be as simple as adding pops of bright color to your kitchen with bright appliances, rugs, curtains, and utensils.
  • French countryside: some of my ancestors hail from France so this style has always drawn me in big time. Achieve the witchy kitchen French countryside look by toning down the colors in your kitchen to neutrals, with a lot of white and cream, as well as light wooden accents. A vase of fresh flowers adds a nice witchy touch.
  • Gothic witchy kitchen: I know a gothic kitchen witch who literally painted her entire kitchen black. You don’t have to go that far (although it looks fantastic), but you can add gothic elements to your witchy kitchen. Towels with skulls or witchy phrases, black appliances and tools, etc.
  • Green witch’s kitchen: a green witch’s kitchen might appear more rustic and have a myriad of plants: herbs in pots and hanging from the rafters. Crystals and sun catchers in the kitchen window. Linen kitchen towels and green and earth-tone accents
  • Celestial: believe it or not you can buy plates, cups, and bowls with starry designs to achieve a celestial witchy kitchen vibe. Frame a poster of the zodiac and hang on your kitchen wall. Accents like rugs, appliances, etc. can all have designs with stars, suns and moons.
  • Rustic witchy kitchen: some of the favorite kitchens I’ve ever been in were incredibly rustic feeling. The kitchen table and chairs were solid wood and a little worn down. An antique icebox or pie safe sat in the corners. Jars of herbs, roots, and spices lined the wooden shelves on the walls.
My portable kitchen altar with incense, candles, etc.

Quick and Cheap Ways to Shift the Vibe in Your Kitchen

You don’t have to spend a ton of money on creating your perfect witchy kitchen. Sometimes it just takes a simple change to shift the vibe and make it feel like a magical cooking sanctuary. Here’s some cheap, quick ways to do so:

  • Kitchen towels with witchy designs, gothic colors, Halloween vibes (check out the Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, and other discount stores)
  • Pretty glassware of different colors (these can serve as chalices for offering cups to the gods and ancestors or as decorations. Look at your local second-hand shops)
  • Glass mason jars and canisters: fill these with dried herbs, roots, spices and set out on the counter or on your kitchen wall shelf for a witchy vibe (find mason jars for cheap at Walmart and general stores, or second hand at thrift shops. OR recycle/reuse marinara jars, pickle jars, olive jars, etc.)
  • Place a candle and/or incense burner on the counter or on your stove (instant mini-altar!)
  • Print out pretty pictures of herbs, food, folk magic, gods and goddesses, your own ancestors, feasts, etc. from online and frame them. Hang them on your kitchen wall (frames you can find for cheap on Amazon or at HomeGoods, OR reuse frames you already have in the house)
  • Take a small pot, a bit of dirt, and a few herb seeds and grow herbs in the sunniest part of your kitchen or hang dried herbs in bundles
  • A vase with freshly picked wildflowers, flowers from the store or your garden, OR even fake flowers from the dollar store elevates the mood in any witch’s kitchen

Places to Shop for Witchy Kitchen Decor:

  • Spirit Nest: witchy kitchen wooden spoons, chopping board, aprons, etc.
  • BoredWalk: awesome kitchen towels and mugs
  • Local thrift stores: look for glassware, seasonal decorations, candle holders, unique jars and bottles, antiques, etc.
  • Flea markets
  • Dollar Tree and dollar stores
  • Walmart, Target, FiveBelow: decorations, utensils, towels, and even witchcraft supplies
  • Etsy: for custom, unique antique furniture, kitchen appliances, and witchy decorations
  • Burning HallOWS Redbubble: for kitchen aprons, mugs, clocks, etc.

Witchy Kitchen Tools and Appliances

Let’s say you’re on a budget. But you still want to bewitch your kitchen and make it feel magical. Consider the tools and appliances you currently own and use. Are you able to replace any of them with something witchy? For example, simply by adding wooden spoons with the elements or witchy sayings literally amplifies the magical vibe in the kitchen. And these are fairly affordable. If you already have wooden spoons, consider carving symbols and sayings in them yourself.

A few of the witchy tools I can’t live without in my kitchen include wooden chopping boards, a mortar and pestle for grinding herbal concoctions, an old school tea kettle, a tea diffuser, and stand mixer. My heavy stockpot has been turned into my cauldron. My chef’s knife is a boline. The key here is this – don’t just think of your kitchen tools and appliances as mundane things. Think of them as magical things – spoons become wands, the oven is your hearth, etc.

Cookbooks and Grimoires for the Witchy Kitchen

I have an entire shelf in my kitchen dedicated to holding my favorite cookbooks, recipes, and kitchen grimoires. Some of my most treasured heirlooms are cookbooks passed down through my family. If you have any of these, you should treasure them too. In addition, I keep a kitchen grimoire (or Book of Shadows) that consists of herbal magick, magical correspondences, spell recipes, witchcraft history, folklore and much more. If you don’t have one, consider starting one. You can use a composition book, spiral notebook, binder with sheet protectors, or even a fancy leather grimoire.

Some of my favorite witchy kitchen cookbooks and references include:

  • The Witch’s Feast: A Kitchen Grimoire by Melissa Madara
  • Kitchen Witch: Food, Folklore and Fairy Tale by Sarah Robinson
  • The Natural Witch’s Cookbook by Lisanna Wallance
  • Potions, Elixir and Brews by Anais Alexandre
  • The Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs by Scott Cunningham
  • Witchcraft Cocktails by Julia Halina Hadas

Organization, Purification and Cleanliness

Truthfully, before you start redecorating, I think it’s super important to declutter, clean and organize your kitchen space. When we declutter, we allow for fresh positive energy to move in and old stale energy to move out. And when we physically clean our kitchen, we also remove negative energy. Plus it’s just nice to live in a clean, decluttered space. When my kitchen is clean and organized, I feel the freedom to make magick. Instead of worrying about cleaning it. We typically do a deep-clean of our kitchen once a season (think Spring cleaning).

After you’ve cleaned and decluttered your witchy kitchen, we recommend a purification ritual. Smoke-cleansing is a popular and effective choice, but you can also make a simmer pot. I like t o turn high-vibrational music on during these rituals – Celtic flutes, Norse drumming, meditation music, etc. Use cleansing ingredients like lemons, rosemary, sage, etc in your simmer pot. Then save the remnants of the simmer pot and spray/sprinkle it around the kitchen.

Kitchen Altars

Many witches enjoy setting up and maintaining altars. For the kitchen witch, altars in the kitchen are a place where we honor ancestors, gods, and household spirits. Keep in mind, your kitchen altar can be as elaborate or as simple as you want. A shell on the wall, the corner of a counter, a shelf in the cupboard all work as space for your kitchen witch altar. Clean, cleanse and add to it whatever you feel drawn to. My kitchen altar is actually a pretty wooden tray on which I keep candles, incense, an offering cup, stones and figurines. When I’m not using my altar, I place it on top of my fridge to keep it sacred and safe.

Space for Household Spirits and Fae

Not every kitchen witch, but many that I know including myself, like to work with household spirits like ancestors and household fairies like kobolds, brownies, etc. A great way to honor and make household spirits welcome is to keep a separate, quiet space for them. For instance, clean off a shelf high in the pantry or cabinet. Then add things that would make a household spirit or kitchen spirit feel right at home: a small bed, dresser, nightstand, books, etc. You can literally make use of doll furniture for this task. Then invite your household or kitchen spirit to take up residence by speaking it into existence and offering them something sweet and homemade. I don’t necessarily recommend putting anything iron in this space, although I’ve found the idea of iron being a ward to fairies doesn’t always apply to the kitchen faery variety.

Making your Kitchen Witchy

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