15+ Kitchen Witch Tools for the Pro Kitchen Magician

Kitchen Witch Tools: 15 Essentials for the Pro Kitchen Magician

What would life be like without the scent of homemade bread floating out of the kitchen? Without that familiar clink and clank of pots and pans as mom prepares Sunday dinner? The legit kitchen witch needs the right tools, ingredients, AND magick. Here’s my 15 essential kitchen witch tools for modern times AND ways to use them magically.

First, Must Every Kitchen Witch Have These Exact Tools?

When I first started cooking, I had a limited supply of tools and ingredients. But I didn’t let that stop me. So don’t let it stop you! If you don’t have the money to afford all of the kitchen witch tools listed here, don’t fret. One day you will, so in the meantime, choose more affordable substitions for your tools and ingredients. And the most important thing? Put YOUR energy and intention into each meal, herbal tea, and brew you make. Then it will all turn out fabulous.

Our 15 Favorite Kitchen Witch Tools and How to Use Them

Keep in mind, it’s taken me fifteen years of cooking and kitchen witchery to acquire all of the tools below. Each year, ask your significant other or family member to purchase one of these for you as a gift. Find some of these items at second hand shops or on sale online. Take your time. The right kitchen witch tools will come to you.

1. Dutch Oven: An ESSENTIAL Kitchen Witch Tool

My absolute favorite kitchen witch tool is my dutch oven. In fact, I have two but shhh don’t tell anyone. The one I use in my kitchen the most is a Le Creuset and is fire engine red. Every time I use it, it just feels like a witchy experience. I have another dutch oven (cast iron from Target – thirty bucks!), I call it my cauldron, and I use it outside over an open fire. What can you do with a dutch oven as a kitchen witch? SOOOO much! My kitchen dutch oven is used to make magical stews, soups, roasts, homemade bread, mulled wine and ciders. My outside dutch oven (cauldron) I use to bubble unguents and herbal concoctions over an open fire. I also use it to burn loose incense on charcoals and to burn petition papers.

2. Instant Pot

For the kitchen witch on the go, the Instant Pot is a modern dream. Yes, it’s similar to your classic dutch oven or cauldron, but it’s kicked up a few notches! The Instant Pot is a pressure cooker, similar to what the pros use, that cooks your food at lightning speeds. It cooks rice in five minutes. Whole pot roasts that would usually take 8 hours in a slow cooker take 1-2 hours in my instant pot! I’ve also made baked potatoes, tamales, soups, stews, macaroni and more. If you love to make magick in the kitchen but don’t have a ton of time, the instant pot is your best friend.

3. Tea Kettle

Whether it’s electric or on the stove, a tea kettle is a necessary tool for the kitchen witch. One of my favorite forms of magick is crafting, brewing and drinking tea. The tea kettle is very old and most assuredly has been used by kitchen witches for ages. I prefer a kettle on the stove and one that whistles is even better! Draw a symbol in the air over your kettle to quicken the boiling process. Buy one on Amazon, at a second hand shop, or wherever is affordable.

4. Tea Infuser

Continuing with our tea talk, if you make your own herbal tea blends, you’ll need a good tea infuser. There are tea balls (cheap) as well as cup infusers that act as a way to infuse your hot water with the herbs of your choice. This prevents the tea leaves from being in your cup. However, if you like having the leaves in your cup to “read” when you’re done drinking, more power to you! You can purchase these online almost anywhere. And don’t forget: you can drink tea for magical intentions PLUS craft teas as offerings to your ancestors or gods. In addition, using tea as an herbal mist is effective as a cleansing method for one’s space.

5. Spoons and Spatulas

Everyone needs an assortment of utensils including large spoons, spatulas, tongs, ladles, etc. The kitchen witch doesn’t need a wand, he or she uses their magically charged spoons! Purchase special kitchen witch spoons here at spiritnest.com. I like the spoons with witchy symbols and moons. It adds an extra magical touch to every meal you make! But if all you have is a plain wooden spoon, a hand-me-down spatula, and utensils, this is ALL you need!

6. Chef’s Knife

Yes, a block of knives is a boon in any kitchen witch’s space. HOWEVER, throw out that block because you only truly need one knife in your life. The chef’s knife. My husband gave it to me as a gift last Yule and let me tell you. I haven’t had to use another knife since. Slice through potatoes, meat, and all manner of herbs like butter. While I use my chef’s knife, I imagine it’s an alchemical tool that aids in turning ingredients into magical meals with just my intention. I don’t recommend using a chef’s knife for things outside of cooking, though. It’s too sharp and they’re typically too expensive to use for anything except food. Use your old (dull) kitchen knives for carving candles, cutting twine, etc.

My Le Creuset dutch oven, tea kettle and kitchen witch

7. Cookbooks and Herbal Guides

Where would I be without my favorite cookbooks and herbal guides? In cold depths of Niflheim, I tell you. I have an entire shelf with cookbooks of all kinds: antique cookbooks gifted to me by ancestors and modern cookbooks for easy meals and multi-cultural dishes. My favorite cookbooks include: The Art of French Cooking by Julie Child, Salt Fat Acid Heat by Samin Nosrat, Celtic Folklore Cooking by Joanne Asala, The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook (don’t laugh, there are GREAT recipes inside!) and Great Easy Meals by Food Network. My favorite herbal guides (both magical and medicinal) include: Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs, Homegrown Herbs by Tammi Hartung, 20,000 Secrets of Tea by Victoria Zak, Incense Oils and Brews by Scott Cunningham, and Rosemary Gladstar’s Medicinal Herbs.

8. Food Processor

The small cup-sized food processors are a wonderful alternative to a mortar and pestle for grinding up herbs in a hurry. I like my mac-daddy food processor for chopping veggies and herbs and blending magical sauces like: hummus, pesto, and chimichurri. KitchenAid makes a functional and affordable food processor with different blades and settings. I don’t recommend investing in a large food processor if you don’t like to make herb sauces, chip dips, etc.

9. Sieve

A sieve is an essential kitchen witch tool for a few reasons. One is for straining herbs out of oils, sprays, floor and door washes, etc. The other is simply for being able to quickly rinse beans, vegetables, and fruits for quick use. In its basic definition, a sieve “removes unwanted material” and leaves the desired material in place. Truly, it’s a cleansing tool. And it’s affordable.

10. Bottles and Jars

Now you know witches be lovin’ their bottles and jars. It’s a real addiction for some of us (not me shhh). But for real, any time you are about to throw out a used spice bottle, old olive or spaghetti sauce jar, or wine bottle with a twist top, keep it for your magical purposes instead! Mason jars are great, but not everyone can afford them. So re-use and repurpose! Bottles and jars are great containers for herbs, roots, moss, bark, powders, oils, curios, dirts and more. In addition, many a spell can be cast using a bottle or jar.

11. Food Dehydrator

I bought a food dehydrator for twenty five dollars online about ten years ago. I use it EVERY. SUMMER. While the cheaper dehydrators won’t dry out fruits or veggies like a professional one, they are PERFECT for drying herbs out quickly. Plus I’ve found that flowers will retain their original color by using a dehydrator as opposed to air drying them. If you grow your own herbs and flowers, or forage for wild materials, a dehydrator will be your best friend.

12. Herb Scissors

Another kitchen witch tool that’s super helpful for herb gardening is herb scissors. This is a pair of scissors with multiple blades that makes it easy to shred herbs into strips. After, you can store your herbs in a jar or bottle. Sure you could crumble or rip herbs with your hands, but that seems to take forever. So does regular scissors. I promise you, if you’re into gardening, you’ll want this pair of scissors.

13. Mortar and Pestle

A traditional kitchen witch’s tool, the mortar and pestle is used to grind down herbs, salts, nuts, and other ingredients into a blend or powder. I’ve also used mine to make red brick dust AND cascarilla powder. A modern substitution is the food processor; however, as I mention in our newest podcast (A Witch’s Tools posted below), the mortar and pestle is best for releasing oils in fresh herbs. Rather than chopping them in a food processor.

Listen to our podcast on A Witch’s Tools:

A tea infuser from Teavana

14. Coffee Maker

Yes, your coffee maker is a magical kitchen witch tool. Why? Because it makes magical bean juice that literally brings us back to life every morning. Seriously though, coffee has many magical uses. Adding coffee or coffee beans to nearly any spell will speed it up and add extra energy. In addition, adding a cup of black coffee to a bath purifies one’s aura and wards off negative entities. Not to mention, who doesn’t love the smell of coffee in the morning? The aroma in and of itself is magical.

15. Cast Iron Skillet

Our cast iron skillet comes out on the weekens when we’re making big breakfasts. Just using it makes me feel the love for my family and reminds me its the weekend. Just having cast iron in the kitchen wards off trickster spirits and negativity. The best thing about cast iron is you can use it on the stove, put it in the oven, and use it on the grill or over an open fire. It’s durable and magical on many levels.

16. Chopping Boards

A practical kitchen witch tool that noone can do without – chopping boards. I have multiple chopping boards and find I like the plastic kind the best for everyday use. Though the wooden ones are pretty! You can have a special chopping board made with your family’s name burnt in. OR better idea – have runes, magical symbols, or even your intentions burned into the chopping board to make it extra witchy. Chopping boards are necessary for protecting your counters when chopping veggies, meats, herbs, fruits, break and cutting pizza. They also make great charcuterie boards!

16. The Kitchen Book of Shadows / Grimoire

Every witch worth her salt has a book of records. Also called a Book of Shadows or Grimoire. For the kitchen witch, this book is versatile and fun and includes everything from heirloom recipes to witch’s ingredients, spells, ancestral info. and much more. Basically anything you want to record as part of your kitchen tradition should go in your grimoire. Speaking of…add these kitchen witch grimoire pages to your book:

Kitchen Witch Recipes Grimoire Pages: 32 (DOWNLOADABLE Files)


Download a thorough and powerful set of 32 miscellaneous Kitchen Witch Recipes Grimoire Pages (SIZE: North American standard letter size 8.5″ by 11″) with magical recipes for tea blends, roast chicken, seasonal soups, mulled wine and more! – DOWNLOAD the Files and PRINT for your own personal kitchen witch Book of Shadows today! Makes a…

Other Kitchen Witch Tools and Ingredients…

Truly what you need in your kitchen witchcraft is up to you. But there are a few other things I recommend trying out: a string of peppers or garlic bulbs to ward off negativity and illness, a kitchen guardian poppet (homemade is best), candles (red is good to represent the hearths of our ancestors), and a kitchen witch doll. I also keep a variety of pots and pans, all sizes, collanders, containers, a knife sharpener, etc. Some folks like to build their altars in the kitchen. If you’d like to see how to make a kitchen altar, click here. AND if you’d like to learn more about how to turn your home into an Otherworldly Household, our exclusive book is out now:

15+ Essential Kitchen Witch Tools

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