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Thoth: Egyptian God of Wisdom & Writing From Atlantis and Beyond

Thoth Egyptian God of wisdom and writing calls to those he feels are intelligent, creative and seek the hidden knowledge. Maybe he’s calling to you. Learn all about his mysterious origins, power, and how to work with him in your pagan or spiritual practice.

Who Is Thoth, the Egyptian God?

Thoth is an ancient Egyptian god of wisdom, writing, mathematics, magic, medicine, balance, philosophy, and creation. The name Thoth is the Greek version of his Egyptian name Dhwty, pronounced Tehuti (they-HOO-tee). Thoth is depicted in one of two forms—as an ibis or baboon. Or as a man with the head of an ibis or baboon. Anthropomorphic gods were common in ancient Egypt.

Thoth largest cult resided in Khnum, a thriving ancient city circa 3000 BC that would later be called Hermopolis (because of Thoth’s association with the Greek god Hermes). But Thoth’s history goes back further than Khnum. Many believe he has been a prominent figure on Earth since prehistory…possibly to the times of Atlantis.

Thoth: The Ibis & The Baboon

Thoth is depicted as one of two animals—an ibis or a baboon. The ibis was sacred to the ancient Egyptians. This solemn and serene bird floats through the air with ease. The ibis breaks the barrier between air and water, and therefore breaks the barrier between the dead and the living. Just like Thoth.

There were thousands of mummified ibises given as offerings to Thoth in ancient Egypt. Ibises walked freely through the Thoth’s temples and that the priests fed them daily. The Ibis hieroglyph was the symbol for Thoth.

Thoth is also symbolized by the baboon. Baboons traded and imported from other parts of Africa to appease Egyptian royalty. This animal’s import accelerated during the high times of Thoth, since the baboon was sacred to him. No one is sure why the baboon was associated with Thoth but historians believe Thoth took this form when he became A’an (the god of equilibrium).

The God of Wisdom & Writing

Thoth is the Egyptian god of writing. He is illustrated with a book or scroll in his hands. Thoth is a scribe and record-keeper and therefore frequently calls to writers. He willingly protects and guides modern writers, authors, publishers, poets and editors. In addition to writing, he is the Egyptian god of wisdom and philosophy. He keeps record for the gods and the dead. And he keeps record of his own philosophies. Moreover, Thoth and his wife Seshat are credited with the invention of hieroglyphics. Thoth’s ancient priests’ most sacred duty was inscribing hieroglyphics on temple and tomb walls.

In his most ancient form, Thoth maintains Universal movement. He is part of the eight-god pantheon Ogdoad. These were primal creator gods in ancient Egyptian mythology. Thoth’s other domains include: medicine, science, mathematics, magic, and mediation. He keeps balance between good and evil, light and dark.

Thoth’s Ancient Origins: Atlantis and Beyond

Thoth’s origins are mysterious at best. Some believe Thoth is the son of Ra, while others say he sprang forth from the head of Set. However, modern occultists believe Thoth is much older than Ra or Set. Could Thoth have originated in Atlantis? Was he a god? A human? Or something else during Atlantean times? Anything is possible.

Hermès Trismegistus wrote The Emerald Tablets of Thoth in the sixth century. Hermes Trismegistus claimed to be Thoth reincarnate. Some believe he had also come to earth as Enoch, Noah, and Moses. The Emerald Tablets are the sacred texts of the Hermetic movement and were favored by Medieval alchemists. The tablets connect Thoth to Atlantis. When Atlantis was destroyed, the people and gods of Atlantis dispersed and went elsewhere in the world. Thoth escaped to Egypt and aided in its establishment. And was tasked with keeping the ancient records safe. As an intriguing side note, there are sacred records buried under the Sphinx.

Before Atlantis, Thoth came from elsewhere in the Universe. When I worked with Thoth extensively in 2011 and 2012, he confirmed his otherworldly origins with me. He lived many lives on Arcturus in a higher dimension. Thoth is a Carian…a bird-like extraterrestrial who came to earth to aid in the creation of humanity. He is a creator god of cosmic origins. He may also have been Lyran before his time in Arcturus.

How to Work With Thoth, Egyptian God

Work with Thoth just as you’d work with any other deity. Establish a connection by telling him you want to work with him in your spiritual practice. Set up sacred space for Thoth, including a small altar space with candles, his image, offering bowls, incense, etc. Provide regular offerings to him. He particularly loves writers, mathematicians, magicians, and all who seek to understand the nature of the Universe. Thoth calls to starseeds. Thoth is a teacher, above all, and when he comes to you be ready to learn and transform.

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  2. Lyssa

    November 28, 2021 at 8:27 pm

    I have had dreams of Thoth. In one I was actually attending a school in his name. I’ve never worked with any deity and have no connections to Egypt that I’m aware of but I’m just so called to him I feel like I need to do something. This article is very interesting, thank you.

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    I’ve always been a writer and been drawn to Egyptian deities. Great article! And thank you so much!

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