Beyond our ancestors and angels, are there any guides willing to help us reach enlightenment? Willing and ready to help bring humanity into the next dimension and achieve harmony with one another and all that is? The answer is a resounding YES. They are called Ascended Masters in the spiritual community. And here we will meet many of them and learn how to connect with them spiritually on our paths to growth.

First, What is an Ascended Master?

The term “Ascended Masters” is somewhat new but the concept is ancient and crosses cultures worldwide. This group of spiritual beings has been guiding us since the beginning of time. It’s just that they’ve been called something else, including bodhisattvas, gods, saints, light elves, valkyries, the Hidden Company, psychopomps, the Mighty Dead, the Great White Lodge, archangels, Tzaddikim, archetypes, spirit guides, and loa. As you learn more about these Ascended Masters, you’ll notice they can all be classified as something else. But the truth is, they are all elevated souls that are committed to helping humanity in its ascension.

Some were incarnated in a human body, while others have never incarnated. For those who came into an earthly body, after death they merged with their higher selves, sometimes called “light bodies” (Penczak, Ascension Magick). If we were to define a spiritual heirarchy between us and the Divine/Source, Ascended Masters would lie in between…in the middle. They are, essentially, mediums or channels of the Divine. And we can reach out and connect with these Ascended Masters in order to receive the Divine’s blessings and enlightenment.

Ascended Masters A-Z

There are literally dozens of Ascended Masters…or more. And, keep in mind, a spirit you consider an Ascended Master may very well be, they just might not be considered one by the general population…yet. Here we will meet some of the more prominent or well known of them.

1. Adonis

Adonis is an Ascended Master who taught two others – Sanat Kumara and Vywamus. According to AM lore, Adonis ran a school on Venus to train Planetary Logoi (the spirits of the planets). We can reach out and ask him to aid us in aligning our heart chakras with our spirits and free wills. He is the keeper of Christ Light within all beings in the Universe. And apparently, Adonis is over eighteen million years old.

2. Aradia, Queen of Witches

She might not be a typical Ascended Master, but she is one of the Mighty Dead in the witchcraft community. Aradia is a historic figure who was born in Italy in 1313 and of whom taught others of the religion of witchcraft and how to use magic to throw off oppression. Charles Leland wrote of her in his book Aradia: Gospel of the Witches in the late eighteen hundreds. Aradia may be a daughter of or the incarnated avatar of the goddess Diana.

3. Atlanto

Atlanto is an Ascended Master who is more concerned with keeping the Cosmic Day of Brahma flowing and not so much with ascension of the human race. However, he is available for guidance, wisdom, and healing when asked. He is a powerful healer.

4. Averan

When I picture this Ascended Master, I see him sitting cross-legged in the very center of the Milky Way galaxy, overseeing the ins and outs. This Ascended Master is what many call a Cosmic Master and his job is to guide the ascension of the entire galaxy…not just of Earth’s.

5. Bridget

To pagans, this name will sound awfully familiar. Bridget, aka Brigid, began as a beloved triple goddess in ancient Celtic Ireland. She was then turned into a saint and remains so to this day. Because of her healing and creative abilities, she has become one of the Ascended Masters and grants healing and prosperity to those who work closely with her. Some pagans connect with her divine aspect today, as well. You can visit her sacred wells in Ireland, as well as where her sacred flame was tended at Kildare.

One of Brigid’s symbols, Triskele

6. Christian Rosenkreutz: Ascended Master and Rosicrucian Leader

Have you ever heard of the Rosicrucians? Well, Christian Rosenkreutz is the legendary (and likely mythical) founder of the Rosicrucian order. He is an Ascended Master and well known for being the patron of Ceremonial Magick today. Legend has it that he was a noble Jesuit who traveled the Middle East and the Holy Lands in search of wisdom and healing powers. Once his journey was over, he came home and taught what he had learned to his friends and allies. They became great healers and founded the Rose Cross Order, aka the Rosicrucians.

7. Cuchulain

If you’ve studied Celtic lore, you’ve likely heard the name Cuchulain before. Also known as the Hound of Ulster and Setanta, this demi-god was a legendary hero in Irish myth and the son of the god Lugh. Modern pagans see Cuchulain as an Ascended Master and one that teaches us how to fight wars with honor and valor. If you’d like to learn more about him, read the Ulster Cycle of Irish mythology.

8. El Morya

El Morya is a chohan (a Celestial Being) and an Ascended Master who works in the first ray of light and is a sacred king. He may be invoked to guide and protect those in a role of authority including politicians and religious leaders. According to Penczak, El Morya is believed to have been King Solomon and King Arthur in his past incarnations.

9. Gwydion

Gwydion is an Ascended Master of the seventh ray and teaches shamanism, magick, shapeshifting, and wisdom of the hidden realms. He is known as a Welsh wizard, featured in the Welsh mythos of The Mabinogion, namely the fourth branch. The Welsh Triad and and the Book of Taliesin also mention Gwydion. He is an Uncle of the Welsh god Lleu and a brother to the goddess Arianrhod.

10. Gwynhwyfar

You’ve likely heard of Guinevere from the Arthurian legends. Her traditional name is Gwynhwyfar and she is not only the queen and wife to King Arthur, but the personification of the land. She is a well known goddess in Avalonian magic and lore. This Ascended Master will help you align with your land spirits and elemental cycles, and bring the Sacred Feminine to your practice.

11. Hilarion

Chohan of the fifth ray, Hilarion has one of the most crucial roles to humanity’s ascension: aiding in the advancement of science and psychic fields. Some believe this Ascended Master incarnated as Saint Hilarion, a student of the library of Alexandria, who was born pagan and converted to Christianity. Hilarion will help purify a space or person, removing evil, and healing those who ask. He may have also incarnated as Paul the Apostle.

12. Isis

Isis, while mostly known as an Ancient Egyptian goddess, is also an Ascended Master and is woven into Atlantean myth in the new age community. She will teach magic, healing, and the sacred feminine to those who call on her. In Egyptian myth, this mother goddess was able to resurrect her husband Osiris by giving birth to the god Horus. She can transform herself into any form she wishes but typically chooses the form of a bird or a woman with beautiful feathered wings.

How to Work with ISIS Goddess of Motherhood & Magic
Isis, Goddess and Master

13. Kumeka

An Ascended Master and chohan of the eighth ray, Kumeka is a cosmic master who works to prepare us for the New Age. By initiating those who are ready into the higher dimensions, he helps pave the way for ALL of humanity to ascend. His energy is intense, purifying, and healing.

14. Kuthumi

Another master of the rays, Kuthumi resides in the second ray and initiates souls into higher realms of spirituality. The new age community believes he may have been a teacher of Madame Blavatsky’s or a Sikh spiritual leader. He is called on to facilitate communication between humans and elementals. He may have incarnated as many different leaders and healers including John the apostle, Saint Francis of Assisi, and Pythagoras.

15. Lao Tzu

The founder of Taoism is Lao Tzu and he is also considered one of the Ascended Masters. You can call on him to learn the balance in life, Tao energy, and how to live in harmony with all that is.

16. Marko

No, not Marco Polo. Marko the Ascended Master aids Hilarion in the fifth ray of light and focuses on mental advancements in medicine, logic, discovery, science and technology. He is highly intuitive and bridges the gap between members of our planetary hierarchy and those of other dimensions and galaxies. In this way, he is a medium and channel.

17. Mary Magdalene

One of the most popular and beloved of the Ascended Masters is Mary Magdalene. She might not be popular among Theosophists but among those seeking the divine feminine. The concept that Mary Magdalene was a prositute deters some from reaching out to her. But we must remember, sexuality is a sacred energetic process. And there are those who believe Mary Magdalene was one of the disciples and a priestess to Jesus of Nazareth. Read the Gospel of Mary Magdalene to understand her importance to Jesus’ story and you’ll also realize why her books were left out of the New Testament.

18. Merlin

You’ve heard of this famous wizard. If not in mainstream media, in story books from your childhood. Merlin is a figure in Arthurian legend and an Ascended Master. In new age belief, Merlin isn’t just one wizard but an entire line of wizards whose job is to oversee the royal bloodlines of Britain. Merlin has become an archetype and a household name, and can be called upon for studies in leadership, wisdom, magick, shamanism, and more.

19. Mother Mary

Mother of Jesus of Nazareth, avatar of the Divine Feminine, and an Ascended Master – Mother Mary. If you’re looking to connect with the Divine Mother, ask for Mother Mary. She is the highest protector of women, children, motherhood, healing, and ascension. Legend has it that Mary ascended into Heaven, body and soul, at the end of her earthly life. Just like Jesus. Some believe she’s manifested in other lives on earth including White Buffalo Woman and Kuan Yin.

20. Nada

Lady Nada works closely with Jesus in the other dimensions and realms, but particularly in the sixth ray. Her focus is spiritual devotion and truth in religion. She may be the same spirit as Mary Magdalene. She is helpful in healing religious trauma and spiritual scars.

21. Pallas Athena

An Ascended Master and Greek Goddess, Pallas Athena’s focus is on wisdom. She may have lived an earthy life as a priestess of Athena’s and reached enlightenment during her time here. Call on her to bring more wisdom into your headspace, inventiveness, and intelligence.

22. Paul the Venetian

Master of the fourth ray, Paul the Venetian’s job is to inspire and influence humanity to spiritual enlightenment through the arts. If you’re an artist, writer, or crafter, Paul the Venetian is a great guide.

23. Quan Yin

Even if you’ve never heard of Ascended Masters, you might still have heard of Quan Yin also spelled Kuan Yin. She’s not only a master but a goddess, spirit guide, and bodhisattva in Buddhism. Quan Yin is one of the most compassionate and kindest masters there are. Call on her to learn compassion, generosity, and to reach enlightenment.

24. Saint Germain

Saint Germain is invoked for his healing abilities specifically with the violet seventh ray. He is a master of the seventh ray and one of the most beloved of all the masters. Honestly, I find Saint Germain fascinating, as he’s not technically a Saint in the typical sense. But truly he was an alchemist in his incarnation here on earth. His name was Comte de Saint Germain and was well known for his alchemical knowledge and abilities…some say he could turn metal into gold. And that he had cracked to the code to immortality here on earth. Saint Germain is the patron saint of magick, metaphysics, witchcraft, and ceremonial societies.

25. Sananda

Sananda is the spiritual name of Jesus of Nazareth and is the chohan of the sixth ray. Obviously the image of Jesus as an Ascended Master may be controversial to some, but it makes total sense to those who have felt his presence. We know he is a manifestation of God-energy, just like the rest of us. Yet he has ascended and bridges the gap between humanity and Source. In other lives, Sananda (Jesus) may have been Joshua of Egypt, Enoch, and Adam in the Garden of Eden, according to new age lore.

Jesus, aka Sananda, Ascended Master of the 6th Ray

26. Sanat Kumara

If the Earth has a soul, a spirit, and is occupied by a cosmic master, then it is Sanat Kumara. He is considered the planetary logos of earth and supposedly came from some other world to aid this planet. The ley lines and vortices all over the planet are likened to his aura. And his story is tied into Hindu myths where he slays demons and leads the god in battle and famine.

27. Solomon

Solomon, King in the Old Testament, is an Ascended Master and a magician. He is well known in ceremonial magic for his abilities to bind powerful beings such as angels and demons to hsi will. He is credited with the Goetia and can be called on to facilitate higher learning in the magiacl arts.

28. Thoth

An ascended master and Egyptian god, Thoth (Tehuti) is a guide for writers, mathematicians, healers, and magicians. They say he wrote The Emerald Tablet of Thoth and may have incarnated as Hermes Trismegistus or the Buddha himself. Thoth is a scribe, astronomer, and may have initially been an Atlantean before making his way to Egypt. Call on him when you are studying healing, magic, writing, alchemy, and spiritual growth.

29. Venus

Goddess, Ascended Master, Planet. She is the counterpart of Sanat Kumara, earth’s planetary spirit or logos. She is also the planetary logos of the planet Venus (if you didn’t already figure that one out). All of her qualities as a Roman goddess flow through to her manifestations as a master. If you call on her, she will provide guidance in the matters of love, compassion, sexuality, marriage, and relationships in general. Aphrodite is Venus’ Greek equivalent.

Ascended masters
Aphrodite, Venus’ Greek divine equivalent.

30. White Eagle

White Eagle is an indigenous Ascended Master who works with all who call on him, no matter their heritage or ethnicity. He first manifested in the early twentieth century and was the driving force behind the establishment of the White Eagle Lodge. In modern times we seek to understand and respect native culture, and so White Eagle is the one to call on to help facilitate that work.

Ways to Spiritually Connect with the Ascended Masters

Being that the Ascended Masters are ascended, it only makes sense that we work on our own ascension in order to fully connect with them. The first way we can do this is to raise our vibration. How do we raise our vibration? We hear this phrase a lot in the magical community but often no explanation as to how to actually do it. First thing is purification. Of body, mind, and soul. This means releasing toxic habits and people from our lives. Clearing our minds of negative thought patterns. And purifying our souls through energy work and cleansing rituals. In addition, here’s how else we can raise our vibrations and work with the Ascended Masters:

1. Work with the Seven Rays

The seven rays of light represent energtic vibrations, consciousness, and frequencies in the Universe. Each ray represents something distinct from the next. When we learn to work with these rays, we automatically work with the Ascended Masters who oversee and reside within these rays.

  • The First Ray (RED) represents will, power, and force. Chohan is El Morya
  • The Second Ray (BLUE) represents love, compassion, kindness, understanding. Chohan is Kuthumi.
  • Third Ray (YELLOW) = logic, idea, reasoning, communication. Chohan is Serapis Bey.
  • Fourth Ray (GREEN) = creativity, the arts, love, harmony through contradiction. Chohan is Paul the Venetian.
  • Fifth Ray (ORANGE) = science, technological advancements, knowledge. Chohan is Hilarion.
  • Sixth Ray (INDIGO) = religion, spirituality, dedication. Chohan is Sananda (Jesus).
  • Seventh Ray (VIOLET) = ceremonial magic, ritual, healing, shifting. Chohan is Saint Germain.

2. Work with the Spiritual and Planetary Hierarchy

In Penczak’s book Ascension Magick, there’s an entire chapter on working with the spiritual hierarchy of the Universe. This includes the planetary logos and the seven rays of light. I highly recommend familiarizing yourself with the hierarchy and incorporating these beliefs into your practice.

3. Meditation

Meditation is when we are in a state of reception. We quiet our minds, bodies, and souls enough to hear the Divine speak to us. We allow the Ascended Masters to show us things, teach us, heal us, communicate with us. Even if you think you’re bad at meditation, I promise you’re not. It takes practice and time. Try guided meditations. Try different kinds of music and atmospheres. You’ll find the right combination.

4. Become Reiki Attuned

One of the best gifts I gave myself was becoming Reiki attuned. It not only helps heal and soothe others, it has helped me heal myself in so many ways. In addition to having divine energy flowing through you, being a channel of the Universe allows you to be opened to all the Universe wants to give. This includes becoming attuned to a specific Ascended Master. Seek our a qualified Reiki master in your area and consider attuning.

Ascended Masters A-Z and How to Connect Spiritually

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