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The Empath Series: Earthing Therapy, Flushing and Grounding Yourself

In last month’s Empath Spectrum Series article, Allorah talked about transmutation of energy and the dangers associated to those who have co-dependent tendencies or feel uncomfortable while attempting transmutation.  In this month’s installment Allorah discusses the alternative energy expulsion techniques of earthing therapy, flushing, and grounding yourself for those on the empath spectrum.

Earthing Therapy for Empaths

Earthing therapy is often misunderstood. People often use this term interchangeably with grounding but there are some major differences between the two techniques. Earthing therapy is the practice of spiritually attaching yourself to the surface of the earth. There have been many scientific studies that observe the numerous benefits of this practice that include improvement of circadian rhythms, negative ion contact acts as a powerful antioxidant, overall stress relief, and so much more. Here’s just one article on the matter: Could walking barefoot on grass improve your health? Some research suggests it can.

Earthing Therapy is Easier Than Grounding

Earthing therapy is often easier than grounding for those on the empath spectrum. It requires less time, less effort, and can be performed on the go more easily than grounding yourself.  The main difference between earthing and grounding is that, when you ground, you ground deep into the earth with your energetic body while earthing is merely connecting your physical and energetic body with the surface of the earth. Earthing therapy is also preferable to empaths because it does not pose the risk of becoming too grounded to the point of stagnation or chakra system blockage.

The Earth’s Charge, Free Radicals and Empathic Health

Because the earth’s surface has a negative charge, it creates a balance for the negative effects of free radicals (atoms that become positively charged instead of neutral after losing an electron) in our systems. When empaths feel or absorb negative emotions, we have a greatly increased chance of stress. Stress, in anyone, causes free radicals which then break down our cells and potentially make us physically sick. Multiply that by the rate and depth at which a person can feel or absorb emotions and you have a ticking time bomb. Therefore, it’s extremely important to maintain a healthy energetic body. Healthy energy body = healthy physical body.  

Earthing therapy is often easier than grounding for the empath.

How to Dispel Negative Energy with Earthing Therapy:

  1. Take off your shoes and connect the soles of your feet with the surface of the earth. This can be done indoors but it’s better if you can get outside to do it.
  2. Spend 5 minutes concentrating on your energetic body. Envision that your energetic body is a bubble around you.
  3. Envision that all the negative energy from the energetic body is being neutralized as the bubble swirls around you in a circular motion flowing out of your right foot and ending in your left foot.
  4. Ensure that as you do your visualization that the energy going into your left foot is white. If it isn’t, allow it to bypass your left foot to be earthed until it does appear white in your mind’s eye.

Flushing Negative Energy

Flushing is another means to rid yourself of unwanted negative energy. It’s like both earthing therapy and grounding except for the object that receives the energy and the flow of the energy. Flushing is one of my personal favorite methods because I like using my hands to transfer energy. I can just FEEL it better. Flushing often involves sending negative energy into an object which can then transmute the energy. I learned my favorite methods from a book for empaths which I will share in November’s installment of the Empath Series: Resources and Community.

2 Parts to Flushing

The important thing to remember about flushing is that there are 2 parts that you must complete or risk lethargy and exhaustion. When you dispose of negative energy by any method, you are expelling some of your energy as well. It’s an unavoidable byproduct. While earthing therapy allows you to utilize the earth’s energies by being energetically connected to its surface, flushing requires a different source of energetic refreshment – source energy.

The Best Objects for Flushing

You can use a wide variety of objects to do this but make sure they are objects that neutralize the negative energy lest you cause damage to a living organism. While I will only detail one object here, try this with bathing water, running water on your wrists, bowls of salt for your hands, tree hugging, etc.  

How to Dispel Negative Energy by Flushing:

  1. Wrap your hands around a Himalayan salt lamp.
  2. Close your eyes and envision all the negative energy flowing from around your body down into your hands and into the salt lamp.
  3. Once you feel like you’ve moved the negative energy into the salt lamp, envision a white light coming through your crown chakra. Follow the white light through your body filling each body part and each chakra until it escapes through your feet and surrounds you.
Grounding is helpful but not favored among empaths for regular use.

Grounding Yourself

Grounding is probably the method you’ve most likely heard of when it comes to connecting to the earth and centering yourself. While this method is prolific within spiritual practices, it’s not always practical for those who lead a busy life. It takes time and the ability to meditate for a longer period of time. It’s also not favored among empaths for regular use as it can be quite jarring to have your feeling senses turned down to minimal volume.

Grounding Yourself as an Occasional Practice for Empaths

However, grounding yourself is recommended as an occasional practice among empaths to generate a clean slate for the energetic body. It acts like a reset button and leaves you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated when it’s not overused. Grounding yourself combines the techniques of earthing therapy and flushing into one symphonic act. It transmutes, expels, and replenishes the energy body all in one go.

There are many ways to ground yourself such as through the use of crystals, food, and physical activity. However, here I provide my personal most effective method.

How to Dispel Energy by Grounding Yourself:

  1. Go out into nature if possible. If nature is a no-go, sit on the floor.
  2. Close your eyes and envision that there are roots growing from your root chakra into the earth.
  3. Envision that these roots are slowly and steadily extending further and further until they are rooted deep within the earth, nearly touching its core.
  4. Imagine white light beaming down into your crown chakra and pushing negative energy out of your light body. Imagine that the white light is transforming negative to positive energy as the source energy meets anything negative in your energy body.
  5. Allow the white light to transmute the negative energy while pushing the flow of the energy through your roots and into the core of the earth.

Empaths Should Learn These Important Techniques

Earthing therapy, flushing, and grounding yourself are all techniques that allow those on the empath spectrum to rid themselves of unwanted negative energies. Earthing and flushing are useful for those with busy lives and are accomplished in as little as 5 minutes. Grounding, though more involved, provides a reset button to leave you feeling refreshed. Science is starting to catch up with spirituality and has shown in research studies that these methods provide enormous benefits to anyone who chooses to use them.

Many of those on the empath spectrum feel chaotic and isolated because they are yet to understand the principles of their own energetic body work and how to provide themselves with proper care. Hopefully this article has provided some much-needed tips and tricks for embracing a healthy self-care practice for your energetic body.

Coming Up in the Empath Series…

Keep following along in the series as November’s article is all about Resources for those on the empath spectrum including books, community websites, courses, and more!

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