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Thresholds to the Spirit World & How to Enter the Spirit World Safely

Some people believe the spirit world is a parallel dimension to ours. That it lies directly on top of ours, fully functioning in its own way all around us without us ever knowing. But some of us know. Some of us experience spirits our entire lives while others don’t see or experience a single thing. But the question remains – are there doors to the spirit world? Our ancient ancestors believed there were thresholds…lines we could cross to get to the Otherworld. These lines all around us, sometimes in obvious places. Learn about the thresholds to the spirit world and how to enter the spirit world safely.

Thresholds to the Spirit World

If you’re sensitive to spirits and energy, you might be able to feel or see the entrances to the spirit world easier than others. Typically, a door to the fae realm will feel light and airy. You might see flashing lights or auras around trees or other objects. A “pulling” feeling might occur in your chest or third eye chakras. You may hear music or whispering. Keep your mind and heart open.


Since prehistoric times, caves were an entrance to the land of the dead – the Underworld. Our prehistoric ancestors left their markings on cave walls. One of the most famous cave paintings is located near Montignac, France. In addition, the Aztecs feature caves in their myths as the place of creation, namely the Seven Caves of Chicomoztoc. The ancient peoples revered caves, not only for comfort in winter months, but for what caves represented – the womb of the earth. From the earth we come and to the earth we return; therefore, caves are an entrance to the spirit world. If you were to travel deep into a cave, you’d reach the Underworld. NOTE: don’t be stupid and go spelunking if you’ve never done it before! Always have a partner, as well.


The cemetery is an obvious threshold to the spirit world. It’s not only a resting place for the dead, it’s hallowed ground, and a place where people gather in love and loss. These things come together in a whirlwind of energy to provide a definitive threshold for spirits to come through. There are spirits that are still attached to their bodies, as well as guardians of cemeteries who were either once human spirits or angels. When you cross the cemetery gates, you cross the threshold guarding the outside world from the land of the dead. The gates of cemeteries are iron to keep the spirits from getting out.


I once saw a woman state in a FaceBook group the crossroads is a metaphorical place not a literal place of spirits. I’ll bet this woman never sat at the crossroads after sunset. In many traditions all over the world, the crossroads was a place where spirits congregated and could be contacted by the living. There’s quite a few deities associated with the crossroads: Hecate, Papa Legba, the Devil, and more. It’s a junction where two roads meet or cross each other – a liminal place that’s neither here nor there. Spirits linger in liminal places. If you work with spirits of the crossroads, be warned – some are tricksters. Because they guard the door to the spirit world and only let those enter whom they feel worthy.


In the older days, our ancestors believed spirits lingered in doorways and windowsills. Just as a door or window protects the household inhabitants from the physical world, they also protect us from the spirit world. Spirits are attracted to the living, be it their loved ones or enemies, and may try to enter a home. But sometimes they get stuck on the threshold for one reason or another. This is why it’s bad luck to step on a threshold – you should always step over it. It’s possible to step through a door into the world of spirits, just as we step through a door into a building or to the outside world. Scott Cunningham says to leave your front door a jar just a bit during twilight hours, then peer outside. You may see the spirit world. 

Edge of the Woods

Corners, edges, doorways, all of these things have a common factor – they mark the perimeter of a place. The edge of the woods marks the beginning or end of a group of trees, plants, and animals. The wild places left in the world are still teeming with spirits of nature – fairies, tree spirits, forest guardians, the Green Man, and more! Therefore, when you cross the edge of the woods, you cross into the forest spirit realm. We’ve all heard stories of people getting lost in the woods and experiencing creepy things. I wonder if this is because the forest spirits are feeling territorial, etc. 

The edge of the woods - thresholds to the spirit world.

Fairs & Festivals

This one seems odd – why would spirits be somewhere lots of humans gather like a fair or festival? I believe it’s a common misconception that spirits are to be found in quiet places away from society. In fact, many spirits gather in places where there’s lots of human activity for a few reasons. One reason is they are attracted to the energy that living beings give off. Another reason is because they may think they’re still alive. Yet another reason is because some spirits feed off the energy produced by large crowds of the living. In Judika Illes’ Encyclopedia of Spirits, she says spirits “enjoy them as much as we do.” It depends on the spirit, too. Fae and elementals may congregate moreso in wild places, while the deceased are attracted to places of the living like fairs, festivals, parties, feasts, etc. 


Groves are circles of trees. There are oak groves, pine groves, sequoia groves, cedar groves, willow groves, just about any tree that groups together could be considered a grove. Druids considered groves their sacred sanctuary. Groves house ancient tree spirits and land guardians, and therefore are another threshold to the spirit world. 


The hedgerow is a row of bushes that guards one’s property from the wild. It kept animals and intruders out. The hedgerow itself is a threshold between the family’s property and the wilderness, and therefore is a liminal place where spirits gathered. Once again – a place that’s neither here nor there but in between much like a door to the spirit world. This is where the term “crossing the hedge” comes from – it means to cross the threshold of our world in to the spirit world. If you don’t have a hedgerow, but you have a fence, this too is a threshold. Pull off 3 splinters of wood from your fence and infuse in flying ointments and shapeshifting oils.


Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest one of all? Mirrors are powerful spiritual tools – tools that not only reflect our images but are also a threshold or door to the spirit world. You might have heard of people covering mirrors after someone in the family dies – this is to prevent the soul from getting trapped. Many people refuse to keep mirrors in their bedrooms because mirrors “freak them out” (TBH, I have 3+ mirrors in my bedroom and have never had a problem). There are stories of haunted mirrors, like the mirror of the Myrtles Plantation, and superstitions about breaking mirrors. Still others use mirrors to “scry” or see into the other world. Mirrors are a powerful tool to peer in to the realm of spirits. Use them wisely. Cleanse and charge them.


The seashore is a liminal place – bridging the gap between the earth and the ocean. It is another powerful threshold to the spirit world. To the ancient Celts, the spirit world was under the ocean. In addition, water is a conduit for spirits which adds to the sacredness of the seashore. Elemental spirits gather at the seashore and are more active during a Full Moon. Ever heard of ghosts along a seashore? It’s no wonder there are ghost ships and spirits seen walking the beach. 

How to Enter the Spirit World

There are different ways to enter the spirit world, and all take great practice and caution. Other ways to enter the spirit world include walking over or through a threshold to the spirit world combined with entering an alpha state of mind. You can do this physically by entering a cemetery or sitting at the crossroads and opening your mind and senses to the spirits around you. Offerings to the spirits are helpful in creating rapport. Always cover your head and back of your neck with a scarf, bandana, hat, etc. when physically traveling to spirit thresholds – this keeps spirits from attaching.

Some people enter the spirit world naturally without even knowing it. I believe sleepwalkers are natural spirit world wanderers. If you’re a sleepwalker, you’ve probably entered the spirit world during one of your episodes. Astral projection also takes you into the spirit world while asleep. Another effective way to enter the spirit world without even leaving your home is through guided meditation. Look up meditations on shamanic journeying and traveling up or down the World Tree.

Before performing such powerful meditations, it’s best to cleanse your space and yourself. When you come out of the meditation, be sure to close out your session with the spirit world by grounding your energy and sternly stating out loud that no spirits are to follow you into this realm – the door to the spirit world is closed. Another cleansing is advised to rid yourself and space of negative energy/spirits.

Spirit World Entry and Exit Tips

  • Cover your head and back of neck when going to spirit thresholds and crossroads
  • Cleanse yourself and/or space before entering the spirit world
  • Cleanse yourself and/or space after spirit world contact
  • Never eat food or drink while in the spirit world – you may get stuck there
  • Set an alarm or have someone wake you out of your journey
  • Always be polite to the spirits and deities you meet there but don’t allow any to push you around. If they feel malevolent, they probably are.
  • Ground your energy after spirit world meditations
  • Offerings to the spirits at thresholds and crossroads are crucial!
  • Practice third eye opening meditations to aid in seeing spirits
  • For forest entry – carry iron, pull pockets inside out, or wear clothes inside out
  • For cemetery work – leave a few coins at the entrance for the guardians of the cemetery. Do your work and never look back once you’ve left the cemetery.

How to Enter the Spirit World through Thresholds to the Spirit World


  1. Brian

    January 1, 2020 at 1:03 pm

    Why are there evil spirits and demons? What purpose do they serve? Can they trap us from ever reaching heaven or is there no heaven? Sounds really scary the spirit realm.

    1. admin

      January 3, 2020 at 2:20 pm

      Because there are light beings (angels, gods, etc.) there’s a balance in the universe and there are dark beings like demons and lower level entities. I don’t know that they serve a purpose other than to please themselves….it’s kind of like asking what purpose do animals serve? Or what purpose do humans serve? I don’t believe in heaven and hell. I believe in an afterlife but demons won’t prevent you from going there…your own beliefs may though.

  2. Anony

    April 6, 2019 at 4:08 am

    What would be considered an offering? Certain foods, objects?

    1. admin

      April 6, 2019 at 2:24 pm

      Anony – Yes, both! Also – water, flowers, beverages.

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  4. Lori Binder

    February 4, 2019 at 2:27 am

    Why on Forest entry would you turn all you are wearing inside out? And what is the iron used for?
    I really love this article.

    1. admin

      February 4, 2019 at 12:05 pm

      It’s old Irish folklore to turn your clothes inside out as a means to avoid being fairy-led or elf-struck. I don’t know why…it’s just an old custom. Iron warded off evil spirits and fairies.

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