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Brand new by Otherworldly Oracle: Compendium of Pagan Gods, Volume 1

Are you looking to enchant your life? Are you ready to ascend from the mundane and exist in the magical? Learn how to work with the gods of old in Kitty Fields’ newest book Otherworldly Oracle: Compendium of Pagan Gods, Volume 1. This is the first in the ongoing Otherworldly Oracle Collection, where you’ll find all the OO archives in an organized, beautiful bevy of books for your witchy bookshelves!

The Otherworldly Household: A No-nonsense Guide to Enchanting the Witch’s Home

You’re a witch and your life is magical. Do you feel your home is a manifestation of your inner witch? The witch’s home shouldn’t be mundane and plain. It should be sacred, cozy, and Otherworldly! In this exciting new book from Otherworldly Oracle, writer Kitty Fields takes us on a witchy style “HGTV” mission to transform our homes from muggle to magical!

In The Otherworldly Household, we will explore:

  • The home’s physical and magical structure and ancient origins
  • How to protect our homes with spells and charms
  • Enchanting home d├ęcor themes
  • Color magic and how to align each room’s palette with your intentions
  • Meeting the different kinds of household spirits and how to begin a relationship with your household’s spirits including house faeries, household gods, and ancestors
  • Break down and transform the Otherworldly Household room by room: the Kitchen, Living Room, Bedroom, Bathroom and more!

Modern Witchcraft: A Beginner’s No-nonsense Guide to the Craft

Do you want to learn how to practice witchcraft: cast spells, connect with the earth and heal yourself? Do you want to feel empowered and able to thrive? Kitty Fields, lead writer at Otherworldly Oracle, wrote an e-book just for you, that can be purchased on Amazon. It’s called Modern Witchcraft: A Beginner’s No-nonsense Guide to the Craft.