Witch Names: How to Find YOUR Magical New Identity in the Craft

When many of us begin walking the path of witchcraft, we feel we must let go of our old beliefs about ourselves. We seek to embrace the path fully, which also makes us want to claim our own personal power. AND claim new witch names for ourselves. Keep in mind, this doesn’t mean we are leaving our identities behind…it just means we are willing to step onto our new path with a new outlook on life. Here’s how to find magical witch names inspired by nature, deities, historical witch names, and the cosmos.

First, What Does it Mean to Claim a Witch Name?

It does seem a little strange to claim a new name when coming to the craft. But don’t worry! We aren’t a cult looking to erase your true identity or change anything about you that you don’t want to change. Instead, claiming a new witch name gives you a spiritual identity. It gives you a name to claim when you’re journeying to the other realms. And some traditional covens will ask you for your witch name to use while you’re engaged in ritual or celebrating sabbats and esbats. This used to be a way to hide a witch’s true identity when witches were hunted and executed in the past.

What’s IN A Name?

What’s in a name? Why do humans name one another at all? Names are a way to differentiate you from the next person. They give you an identity, a sense of self. Interestingly, did you know the surname (last name) wasn’t introduced until Medieval Times in order for the government/church to account for everyone’s taxes? As society progressed and as we moved out of tribal situations into villages, towns, and cities, government sought to keep track of us. Before we had names like “Robert Johnson”, we were called by first name only and possibly by what tribe or location in which we lived. For example, Bjorn Son of Bjorn of the Alemanii.

On another note, names are sacred and powerful. Did you ever hear the fairy tale Rumpelstiltskin? A mischievous little goblin fell to a woman’s power once she learned his true name. This is also why a lot of our ancestors named their sons and daughters with the same first names. They believed if the Devil knew their true name, he could take their souls. So they gave their sons the same first name, but used their middle names inside the family. This is why you’ll see so many Marys, Marthas, Johns, etc. all in the same family line. Then over time it just became a tradition to name each other after other family members.

How to Find YOUR Witch Name Via Inspiration

How long your witch name is in length is up to you. Some witches opt for two names: a first and a last. While others claim one name only. You can even have a first, middle and last name, similar to most names in the U.S. nowadays. Any combination of the categories of witch names below will work perfectly. Again, it’s what calls to you.

Witch Names Inspired by Nature

Witches are nature lovers. Our entire religion and way of life centers around Mother Earth: the trees, flowers, herbs, roots, rivers, gardens, deserts, creeks, animals, and insects. So why not take your witch name’s inspiration from some of your favorite features of nature? Here are some ideas:

Herbs as Witch Names

Herbs and witches go together like milk and cookies. If you’re a witch and you haven’t worked with herbs, don’t worry. You will. Witches were the orignal healers and knew how to use herbs to heal most ailments. They used herbs as food, medicine, and as a way to connect with the spirit world. Why not choose an herb you’re drawn to to incorporate into your witchy name? There’s some examples in the table below OR use your idea.

CorianderBella DonnaYarrowHenbaneVerbena

Flowers as Witchy Names

If you love flowers as much as I do, you might feel inspired by your favorite flower. Flowers come in all colors, shapes and sizes and are found in nearly every eco-system worldwide. Here’s just a few enchanting flower names for witches:

FoxgloveApple blossomLilyLotusPeony
SileneSnapdragonSun dropSweet peaTiger lily

Animal Names

Maybe there’s an animal you’ve always been drawn to. You’ve had wolves around you your entire life…or you lived on a horse farm and always had a connection with horses. Dragonflies come and sit on you frequently. Whatever your animal spirit guide is, perhaps you take your witchy name from them and combine it with other categories. I.E. Lavender SpiderMoon, Rowan DancingHare, Ebony StagMoon, Fox BloodMoon, etc.

FrogLizardCatHoundBlack Widow

Crystals and Stones for Witchy Names

Maybe you love crystals and working with stones in your witchcraft practice. In that case, consider using the name of a crystal as part of your new spiritual name. Examples might be Amber CrystalFox, Rosemary Amethyst, Turquoise Moon, Bear Bloodstone, etc.

Lapis lazuliCalciteTourmalineRubyMorganite

Mythical Creature Names

If you’re anything like me, growing up I had an obsession with mythical, otherworldly creatures. My favorites were of the fae variety. But I also love dragons, werewolves, and centaurs. If you feel particularly connected with a mythical being, add their energy to your witchy name. Examples: Scarlet SelkieMoon, Dark Dybbuk, Undine Rainbow, Lapis Phantom, Citrine DragonHeart.

PhoenixUndineElf / ElvenWerewolfMinotaur

Tree Names

Many witches find themselves hanging out under the trees…sometimes even IN the trees. As a child, my favorite thing to do was play in the woods. I felt at home there. So when I chose my first witchy name, it included one of my kindred trees – the oak. Examples of combinations with tree names: Circe ScarletCherry, Hecate Hawthorn, Aurora IvoryAspen, Sycamore Warrior, Yarrow YellowAsh, etc.


Landscape and Elemental Names

Any place in nature that inspires you and becomes your power place. A power place is where we feel the most alive, and where our magick flows naturally from the inside out. Combine your power place name with historical witch names or crystals, animals, etc. Examples: Stormy OwlEyes, Misty Moor, River RedRock, Loki DarkForest, Crystal Ocean, Amethyst Flame, Cerridwen Fields, Sunny Seashore, etc.

RiverOceanRainforestSwampBreeze / Breezy
ForestSeashoreTundraBogMist / Misty
SavannahVolcanoMoorFireStorm / Stormy
MeadowIsle / IslandDuneFlameRock / Rocky
FieldDesertHillWaveFog / Foggy
LavaSandstoneSeaglassSand (Sandy)Root

Historical Witch and Mystic Names

Some witches engage in spirit work and in particular with witches, wizards, alchemists, and magicians from the past. We call these our Mighty Dead, our ancestors in the craft. If one of these historical witches or mages adopts you as their student, you’re lucky indeed. Examples of historical witch name combinations: Heidr SnowyOwl, Giles Son of Pan, Albruna SturgeonMoon, Aleister Algiz, Sybil SnowMoon.

JezebelMoll (Dyer)CleopatraBoudiccaElizabeth (Bathory / of York)
EveBridgetGrigoriHeidrGiles (Corey)
BathshebaBiddyMarie (Laveau)HildegardMartha (Corey)
BesseAleisterDelphiAlbrunaRagnar (Lodbrok)
KnightScribeMageWise ManWitch

Cosmic Names

Astrology plays a large part of modern witchcraft. In addition, some witches feel they are starseeds or have lived past lives in other solar systems and universes. Or maybe you’ve just connected to the moon or sun deeply. Here’s more examples of witch names using the cosmos: Opal Moon, Andromeda Onyx, Draco Blaze, Dragon JasperSun, Ursa MysticMonarch, Athena AquaRigel, Passiflora Moon.

SpiralMarsBlack MatterCelestialAngel

Deity Witch Names

If you came to the craft by way of a god or goddess calling to you, you might find it beneficial and elevating to take on the name of your deity. Again, combining deity names with crystals, elementals, mythical figures, cosmic names, and more makes for an enchanted witch’s name. Examples using deities: Hathor BlueMoon, Lugh of the GoldenMoors, Skadi Supernova, Braggi SharpBlade, Loki EmeraldSerpent, Sunna SnowyPeak, etc.

AuroraHathorPanCliodhna (Cleena)Braggi

More Name Combination Examples

Herb Name + Deity Name = Athena Agrimony
Tree Name + Color + Cosmic = Rowan RedMoon
Deity + Color + Animal = Cernunnos GreyHawk
Historical + Descriptor + Elemental = Isobel HealingRiver
Cosmic + Color + Tree = Sunny ScarletOak
Mythical + Animal + Elemental = Phoenix WolfFire
Color + Mythical = Ivory Sphinx
Witch Tool + Color + Animal = Athame ScarletAsh

OR go completely unique and combine your ancestors names with place names. Have you built a family tree? Or have a special relationship with a loved one who has passed away? Claim one of their first names or surnames and combine it with your power place name like this:

  • MacGregor Moor
  • Nile Namibia
  • Rosa Nazas
  • Alexander Thames
  • Bjorn WildWood
  • Martha TallMountain

OR go ancestral name plus one or two of the categories provided above. Examples:

  • Ragana RedFox
  • Maxwell Firefly
  • Freya GreenMoss
  • Holly HeartField

What if you still can’t figure it out?

I’ve been a practicing witch for 22 years and truly a witch my entire life (36 years). And over the years I’ve claimed quite a few names, but none ever felt like they stuck. Most were used as online aliases or pennames. Some for old YouTube channels that are no longer. And so I just gave up on having a legitimate witch name. Until recently, when one of my gods literally whispered a name to me. And I knew it was my time to finally have my witchy name.

The point is, if you don’t have a witchy name immediately, don’t worry about it. It will likely come in time. Ask the universe, your guides, ancestors or gods to grant you a new spiritual name. You’ll use this name in ritual, while in meditation, and during shamanic journeys to represent yourself in the Otherworld. It gives you true power to claim your own name, PLUS provides you with protection.

WITCH Names: Find Your Witchy Name Here


  1. Letisha

    February 14, 2024 at 10:32 am

    What do I do if I feel like a god or goddess is calling to me but I don’t know how to respond or answer their calling

  2. Gwenyn

    January 31, 2024 at 6:20 am

    Gwenyn Garnette, Gwen means light and honors my British heritage, I changed it to Gwenyn to be a bit different. Garnet is my birthstone, I added an extra T and an E again to be different.

  3. Julia

    January 8, 2024 at 10:42 am

    Amythyst Pheonix. Out of all possible names, these immediately stood out because they appeared in color.

    1. Catherine

      February 13, 2024 at 2:39 pm

      Help me find a witchy name and help with more witchy things a can learn just starting out and life is busy 2Jobs and 3 kids .

  4. Anonymous

    December 28, 2023 at 5:38 am

    Siren Ash Aster is what Iā€™m taking with me

  5. Destiny

    December 15, 2023 at 10:57 am

    I have been practicing only about a year but would like to take on a witchy name. I have always used the alias Raevyn online. While coming up with my witch name, I put together Raevyn Sage and loved it. I tried Raevyn Faye and Raevyn Moonflower but that just didn’t sound right. Plus I wanted it to sound like an actual name, so Raevyn Sage it is.

  6. Christina

    October 26, 2023 at 6:28 pm

    I want a name that says I am beautiful yet powerful and resilliant; I have suffered yet came out of the ashes stronger and wiser. Hecate is my deity along with the Lord One Hormed God and Lady Triple Moon Goddess. So I wanted to honor them by encompassing them as well. Yet, out of all this power, the word “Lavender” remains vigilant. I looked at my list and I wanted butterflies and lilacs, love and compassion….lavender, to me, covers that. So the name I have found for myself (for now, I will let it steep a bit to see if it still strikes me in a few weeks) is Lavendar-Phoenix MoonShimmer. I’ve always loved to spell lavender with an ‘a’. My twist on my name.

  7. LunaMaria

    July 5, 2022 at 2:21 pm

    I, too, have had many names. Recently, however, I heard LunaMaria (Maria being my legal name and Luna for moon and my favorite HP character, Luna Lovegood). Further, I am moving nearer the sea and my specific path as a sea witch is making itself known. So the name is perfect and it feels like it will stick šŸ™‚

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