Lepidolite: The FAIRY Stone With Healing & Magical Properties

Lepidolite: The FAIRY Crystal with Healing & Magical Properties

If you’ve ever held lepidolite in your hand, you’ll understand when I say it’s a mystical stone. Some might even say it’s an enchanted key that opens the door to the land of the fae. When I work with the good folk, I frequently use this amazing stone. Come with me on a journey to learn all about the lepidolite crystal’s spiritual uses, its healing and magical properties. Plus how you can harness its energy and boost the magical vibes in your daily life.

First, What IS the Lepidolite Crystal?

Lepidolite is a mineral in the silicate family, a type of rock that makes up nearly the entirety of the earth’s surface. Its colors set it apart from others – beautiful shades of lilac-gray and rose. This stone is a source of lithium as well as the alkali metal rubidium. Because it’s a pegmatite rock, it’s origins are igneous meaning its made from the cooling and hardening of volcanic lava. It’s interesting to note that lepidolite comes from a group of trioctahedral micas, which typically contain iron in some form. However, the fairy stone contains lithium in place of iron. Therefore making it tolerable and favorable to the fae (since fairies are often irritated or even banished by iron). It’s mostly found in quartz and granite formations in California, Brazil, Russia, Canada and Madagascar.

The Greek SCALE Stone and Sacred Geometry

The word Lepidolite stems from a Greek word that means scale. Essentially, lepidolite is all about balancing the scales. Neptune and Jupiter rule this beautiful crystal and Libra is its zodiac sign. Being that lepidolite is a form of Mica, we see ties to ancient cultures that might have found it of worth. According to the New World Encyclopedia, Ancient Egyptians, Aztecs, Romans and Greeks all found use of Mica for its physical and spiritual properties. In Mexico City, the ancient site Teotihuacan features pyramids made for the sun by ancient peoples using mica. And in India, the bright colors of the Holi festival contain mica.

Lepidolite’s chemical shape is tri-octahedral. That might sound complex, and it is. A mineral that’s tri-octahedral has occupied all 3 octahedral spaces available, meaning there’s 3 sets of 8 sides. When we add those numbers together we get 24 which reduces down to 6. In numerology, the number 6 represents unconditional love, completion, and harmony. And if you look at a tri-octahedral shape in picture form, you’ll notice its uncanny evocation of sacred geometry.

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Lepidolite Crystal Healing Properties

Ancient peoples knew how to use crystals to heal physical, emotional and spiritual ailments. Today we are beginning to remember this form of energy healing. Lepidolite is gaining more and more popularity for its healing properties. Here are just a few:

  • Soothes nerves and promotes calmness
  • Aids in relieving and removing addictions
  • Breaks through mental dependencies and emotional blockages
  • Helps balance bipolar disorder (it contains high amounts of lithium)
  • Used to ease obsessive thoughts and compulsions
  • Boosts immune system
  • Lepidolite relieves anger and depression
  • Healers employ lepidolite in easing symptoms of Alzheimers, epilepsy, and other neurological disorders
  • Detoxifies skin, muscles and tendons
  • Relieves nerve pain and neuralgia
  • Helps one relax and loosen strained muscles
  • Used in menopause to relieve symptoms
  • Tendonitis
  • Allergies
  • DNA Restructuring and cellular healing

Lepidolite is Heavy in Lithium

In doing some further research, I discovered lepidolite is rich in the mineral lithium. Lithium is a key component in batteries and is also used in the medical field to treat certain mental health disorders like bipolar disorder. Because of this, lepidolite is a sought-after stone and has come up in the news frequently in the past few years. This is due to the increase in production of electric vehicles, as these types of vehicles use lithium batteries.

Another interesting fact – apparently the popular soda 7Up contained lithium in the 1940’s (though not any longer)…which subsequently would “lift” your mood. So it makes sense that lepidolite’s medicinal properties would include soothing nerves, anxiety, and balancing mood, doesn’t it? Now, that doesn’t mean I’m saying to consume lepidolite. Follow the recommended methods of use for this amazing stone in the section below.

Lepidolite’s MAGICAL Properties

Lepidolite has long been one of my favorite stones to use in my magical practice. It’s the color, yes, but it’s also the vibes it emanates. First, if you’re looking for a crystal to jive with otherworldly beings, this is it. As mentioned before, lepidolite contains no iron which wards off the fae and its found in the earth’s surface. Making this a stone the fae enjoy having around. In addition, here are the rest of the lepidolite magical properties:

  • Fairy stone: aids in communication with the fae
  • Great balancing stone: helps when there’s an imbalance in the aura and chakras
  • Wards off negative vibrations in your environment and in one’s aura
  • Brings cosmic awareness: connection with divinity, the universe, and all beings within it
  • Used in shamanic journeying
  • Aids in accessing the Akashic Records to learn of one’s past/present/future lives
  • Holds a mirror up to show one’s emotional blockages so they can be removed
  • Ushers you into the future and helps let go of the past
  • Finds balance between work and family life
  • Great to use in ancestor work since lepidolite is from the earth’s surface, where the ancestors lie
  • Clears the air of electromagnetic vibes coming off of computers and other electronics
  • Helps when reconciling rocky relationships (pun intended)
  • Assists students in studying before a big test – promotes memory and focus
Lots of lepidolite has a beautiful lavender, lilac or rose color which adds to the magick.

Remember too that PURPLE is the color of magick and other things:

I like to always consider the color of the stone that I’m working with as part of its inherent magick. With lepidolite, you’ll find much of it has a lavender or purple shade. Therefore the color purple’s magical properties also apply to purple lepidolite including magick in general, metaphysics, energy healing, dreams, spirituality, imagination, wisdom, luxury, royalty, and emotional sensitivity.

OR if Lepidolite has a Rose color:

If your stone has more of a rosy tint, apply the color red’s magical properties too. Including passion, motivation, dedication, anger, lust, stimulation, attention, protection, and ancestor work (being linked to blood and the root chakra).

How to Use Lepidolite in Your Spiritual Practice

How you choose to use lepidolite is up to you. Everyone’s spiritual practice will be different from the next person’s because we are all individuals. The great thing about this stone is it has a plethora of spiritual, metaphysical and medicinal qualities to harness. And there’s truly no limit as to how you can use it. My favorite way to use this stone is simply holding it when I need to ward negative energy or prevent nightmares. But here’s a few more ideas:

  • Enchant jewelry and use as an amulet or talisman
  • Add to spell jars and witch bottles
  • Add to spell bags
  • Place around the tub during ritual baths
  • Encircle your candles in candle rituals and spells
  • Hold or wear during meditations
  • Hold, wear, or place on the body during chakra alignments
  • Use along with Reiki in healing rituals
  • Lepidolite wands can be waved over a person or place for any of the listed metaphysical properties/intentions
  • Some runes and other divination tools are made from lepidolite, which increases their power
  • Lepidolite is frequently used in purification rituals in spaces with negative energy buildup
  • As offering/gift to the fae folk, ancestors, and ancient gods
  • Placed under the pillow to relieve nightmares and induce visions of the fae
  • Worn to ward negative energy and promote chakra alignment
  • Set in fairy gardens to promote fairy presence
  • Used as warding stones in the 4 corners of property to ward negative energy and balance the household
  • Placed around the bedroom to balance energies between lovers
  • Carried in vehicles to absorb negative energy on the road from electromagnetic waves and road-ragers (I swear it works!)

How to Use Lepidolite for Healing Purposes

So how do you use lepidolite for healing purposes? Well, you don’t drink it in your soda. Mainly, you’ll be borrowing and benefiting from the energy instead.

Lepidolite’s Daily Uses

This is one of my favorite stones to use on a daily basis. Though some people find its effects overwhelming. If this is you, ground the extra energy with hematite or black obsidian or any crystal that corresponds to the root chakra. How do you use this stone in your daily rituals and routines?

Place pieces of it around the home, particularly in places that need protection from negative energy like the front door, near computers and TVs, etc. Wear lepidolite to aid in universal connection and seeing the beauty all around you. This is especially helpful if you often find yourself feeling weighed down and overwhelmed by the mundane.

Why It’s Called the Fairy Stone

To share a personal story about the fairy stone – the first time I wore lepidolite it was gifted to me by a witchy friend. I was in need of universal connection, as I’d been at a tumultuous point in my personal relationship. I was feeling sad, depressed and lonely. Very disconnected with my guides and Mother Nature in general. Lepidolite was able to raise me out of my lower chakras, elevating my energy and focusing it in my third eye and crown chakras. About two weeks wearing it, and I was having intense dreams about the faery folk. One in particular in which a beautiful, illuminated elven woman came to me and told me exactly how to heal a physical ailment that had been plaguing me.

Another reason I refer to lepidolite as the fairy stone is how much the Celtic fairy queens and gods seem to like it as an offering. I’ve given a piece of it to Cliodhna and Queen Medb, and both appreciated the gesture immensely. So much so they appeared in my dreams with messages afterward. In addition, a child that’s close to me is of elemental soul origin and is extremely drawn to these stones. As soon as he’s around my altar, he reaches for lepidolite.

How to Care for this Beautiful Crystal

According to the Jewelry Shopping Guide, lepidolite is actually a softer stone so it can be scratched or chipped easily. If you plan to wear it on a daily basis, take it off when performing any hard work with your hands in the garden, construction, and housecleaning. Keep it separate from other stones and jewelry that could scratch it.

Be mindful of how much water you’re exposing the stone to. To clean dirt or residue off the stone, a mild soap and a small amount of warm water is okay. But the Jewelry Experts also say not to swim with it or bathe/shower while wearing it as continued exposure to water could break it down or put it at risk of damage. For those who use lepidolite for spiritual and healing purposes, its best not to cleanse it using a water source OR bury it in salt. Our recommendation for cleansing this stone is via smoke-cleansing, sound-cleansing or by using another high vibrational crystal like selenite.

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