How to Activate Moldavite PLUS 7 Uses for Healing and Magick

For awhile there, everyone was all about that moldavite life. And, being that I’m not a big crystal pusher, I was sort of remiss to buy this popular stone. But I kept hearing the word over and over and, eventually, I caved and bought a piece of it. Raw authentic moldavite. I’ve been working with its energies for a few months now. And so I figured I’d share how to use moldavite and also how to activate moldavite.

What is Moldavite?

Put simply, moldavite is a crystal believed to have healing and magickal properties. What makes this stone so special? Moldavite comes from a place in the earth that was touched by a fallen meteor millions of years ago. So, the belief is that these stones absorbed the energy from an ancient piece of outer space. This mysterious stone is forest green to nearly black in color. And it is part of the tektite family of rock. It’s high-vibrational and emits intense energy frequencies. When I unwrapped my piece of moldavite from its package, I immediately felt a strong, pulsating vibration radiating from it and into the palm of my hand. Honestly, I’ve never felt such a strong energy from any stone (and I’ve owned quite a few in my lifetime). I wasn’t expecting that!

How to Find Authentic Moldavite

With the current new age trend, spiritual folks have flocked to the world of healing crystals. And moldavite is no exception. In fact, moldavite has seen a huge boom in sales in the past few years. Unfortunately, with any material item in demand, you’ll have people trying to falsify the product to make a few extra bucks. So, yes, it is possible to buy fake moldavite on the market. Here’s a few ways to tell if it’s authentic moldavite:

  1. Authentic moldavite is typically sold from the Czech Republic
  2. It has bubbles and inclusions in it (it won’t be perfectly smooth in shape and texture)
  3. The fake moldavite will look wet or shiny (authentic pieces have variations in texture and color)

Moldavite isn’t cheap. If you spend your money on a piece of this amazing stone, do your research first. Choose a trusted seller with good reviews. When I purchased mine, I found a seller on Etsy who had lots of positive reviews. In addition, I made sure it was coming from the Czech Republic and that the photos showed pieces that looked real, according to the specs above. When I received it in the mail, I opened it and knew immediately that it was real. I could feel the stone pulsating and tingling! This is a powerful stone, my friends.

How to Activate Moldavite

When you hear “how to activate moldavite”, it almost sounds like we’re working on a top secret space mission, doesn’t it? Well, that’s because it kind of is! But instead of thinking too scientifically, let’s think spiritually. What does it mean to “activate” a crystal or any spiritual tool, for that matter? It means to charge it with spiritual energy or awaken it’s own energy. There are different ways to activate moldavite, and depending on your preferences, you may like one way over another. I recommend experimenting with different charging rituals and see what works best for you.

Ways to Activate Your Moldavite

  • First, cleanse your piece of moldavite using smoke or by burying it in earth. If you don’t know how to cleanse, click here to learn more. Cleansing is important because crystals have a tendency to absorb energies from their environment. Both bad and good.
  • Next, choose a charging ritual to imbue your moldavite with positive energy and awaken it’s own powerful vibrations:
  • How to activate moldavite by moonlight: set your moldavite outside or in a windowsill where the moonlight will touch it. This is most effective on a full moon. Leave the moldavite out over night, then remove in the morning.
  • How to activate moldavite with your own energy: hold your moldavite between your hands and close your eyes. Feel it’s vibrations. Feel it radiating universal divine energy, flowing into one palm. Then climbing your arm, traveling through your heart and down your opposite arm. Then flowing back into itself.
  • You can also use earth energy to charge your moldavite by burying it in soil for 3 days.
  • Charging your moldavite with water is also a possibility. This stone isn’t water soluble
  • Meditating with your moldavite held to your heart chakra is another way to activate its divine energy

How to Use Moldavite: 7 Ways for Healing and Magick

Despite moldavite’s mixed reviews, my feeling is – if you like it, you can use it in your magick. Experiment with different ways to use moldavite. Here are 7 ways you can use moldavite for healing and magick:

1. Starseed Origins and Awakenings

There was a rumour going around that in order to feel moldavite’s energy or activate its energy, you must be of starseed origin. Honestly, I know I’ve had starseed incarnations but I don’t consider myself a full-fledged starseed. And as soon as I opened my moldavite, it was like lightning in my hand. Energizing and exciting me! Here’s my thoughts on it – you don’t have to be a starseed to connect with moldavite. You DO have to be receptive to working with its unique vibrations. HOWEVER, if you feel you have starseed origins, moldavite may help you awaken to those dimensions.

2. Moldavite Helps You Connect to the Universe

Because moldavite was “touched” by a meteor millions of years ago, it’s likely it carries the energy of outer space. Which means that moldavite will help foster a connection to the universe. Use it in meditation and Reiki sessions to call on your spirit guides, particularly if you have otherworldly star beings, ascended masters or angels as guides. I don’t recommend sleeping with it, though others have tried it and connected to their guides in dream time.

3. Warding negative energy

After you’ve activated your moldavite, it has SO many uses. One that many people have found to be significant is its ability to ward off negative energy. Anything low vibrational doesn’t stand a chance near a piece of moldavite. Keep a piece near your bed at night to ward off nightmares and low level astral entities. Wear a piece (not all the time) but when you go out in public to ward off negativity. Or just keep it in your house as a protective ward.

4. Heart chakra alignment

We go through a lot on this journey called life. And these experiences, both good and bad, affect our essence. And, in turn, sometimes throws our chakras off-balance. Sometimes our chakras close completely, depending on the intensity of your situation. Moldavite, it’s green color and vibrations, aids in re-balancing and opening your heart chakra following traumatic events.

5. Expand Your Consciousness

Because moldavite holds a piece of the divine universe, use it to help expand your consciousness. It’s extra helpful when working through personal biases and opening yourself to new opportunities. If you find yourself feeling closed off from the world, work with this high-vibing stone.

6. In Times of Transformation

Moldavite is called the stone of transformation for a reason. It aids in the ascension process. So, if you find yourself awakening to your true purpose and the universe itself, moldavite will help facilitate this growth. Some people even say a “moldavite flush” happens when you begin working with this stone. It helps to shine a light on the negative in your life, thereby allowing you to let go of what no longer serves you. This opens the way and makes more room for the positive in your life. Moldavite “flushes” the negativity away and assists in your highest transformation process.

7. Shadow Work

Moreover, when you’re going through transformation, it never feels good. Sometimes we pull away and try to stay the same. Remain our old selves. This is a time to explore our shadows, not shy away from them. When we say shadow work, we mean exploring those things in your life that are holding you back. Fears, phobias, dislikes, hesitations, etc. Exploring the darker (hidden) aspects of yourself will bring past pain and trauma to light so that you can heal and ascend.

Does Moldavite ruin lives? Clearing up the TikTok Rumor

A few years back, there was a rumor running through TikTok that moldavite will “ruin your life” if you aren’t ready to work with it. My honest opinion? No stone or crystal will ruin your life, the choices you make will. What powerful stones like moldavite do cause is a shift in energy. Often, high vibrational stones come in and shake up energy that has been stagnant in our lives. For example, maybe you’ve been sitting around, unmotivated and not setting goals for yourself. You acquire a piece of moldavite, and all of a sudden someone starts pushing you to get a job. Or go back to school. This isn’t ruining your life, it’s raising your vibration.

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  1. Gloria J. Anderson

    November 9, 2021 at 10:55 am

    One thing is certain- Moldavite is not for the “faint of Heart”! My very first personal experience with Moldavite was in the form of bath salts. I also added Wintergreen alcohol and used my 528 hz (attuned to A=432) to “activate” the bathwater. Needless to say, the energy surge was amazing and for that moment- I felt no pain! Since then, I purchased a Moldavite stone to wear, but the energy was too strong it made me feel weird. Despite, this- I just cannot part with my Moldavite! Your article describes it perfectly and I received a surge just looking at the one in the article. Really powerful stone!

    1. kitty fields

      November 21, 2021 at 8:05 am

      It’s not a stone one should wear every day, that’s for sure.

  2. Egypt

    October 28, 2021 at 12:12 pm

    I enjoyed reading this article. As I’ve been exploring more on Moldavite recently. Interesting on your take on the thoughts about having to be of straseed origin or not with Moldavite. I consider myself a Starseed. I consider all people in some way or another really. Yet although I haven’t worked intimately with moldavite yet. I intuitively feel one can connect with it, whether they consider themselves starseed or not. As in witchcraft/spiritual workings, intention plays a big role. Thanks for your in-depth article on this powerful energy.

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