Charging Crystals & Moon Water: Your TOP FAQ Answered!

Charging Crystals and Moon Water: Your Most FAQ Answered!

Each time the Full Moon appears, you’ll also see people talking about charging crystals and making moon water. And while these recipes and processes seem simple, sometimes there’s other factors that make them seem complex! Here we answer all of YOUR frequently asked questions and explain how to effectively charge your crystals, make moon water, and make sun water.

Charging Crystals FAQ

First, let’s answer what it means to charge crystals. I see a lot of folks confusing cleansing with charging. Cleansing your crystals before use means to energetically remove/strip bad energy from the crystal. Charging crystals means to infuse or “fill up” your crystals with energy. Similar to charging a phone! If you want to learn how to cleanse your crystals click here.

1. What are some ways of charging crystals?

I always recommend using the sun or moon to charge your crystals with energy. Depending on the kind of energy you want, that is. For example, charging a piece of citrine with sunlight is most effective if you’re using the citrine for energy yourself (don’t leave it out too long or it can fade, see below for more info). Charging amethyst crystals with moon energy makes sense because amethyst is an intuitive, dream-working stone in alignment with the moon’s vibrations.

2. How long should I leave my crystals to charge in the moon or sun?

Charging crystals under the moon means you can leave them out as long as you’d like, as long as the sun doesn’t hit them in the morning. I typically leave my crystals out overnight, as it’s easiest, and then when I wake up I bring them in. But if you only have 3 hours to leave the crystals out, that’s fine too! If you’re charging crystals by sunlight, the same rule applies. HOWEVER…this brings me to my next question and answer…

3. Can the sun damage my charging crystals?

Do your research before setting your stones and crystals to charge in the sunlight. Some crystals will fade in sunlight including topaz, sapphire, turquoise, and even quartz crystals like citrine. WAIT…didn’t I say to charge citrine in the sunlight? Yes, I did. But there’s a caveat – don’t leave it out so long in direct sunlight that it fades! The point here is this – do your due research, folks!

4. How often should I charge my crystals?

That depends on how often you use your crystals. If you use a crystal daily, consider re-charging it once a month on the Full Moon, etc. If you only use that crystal once every few months, re-charge it once every few months. Truly there’s no right or wrong answer here – it’s up to you how often you want to charge your stones! See the next question and answer about re-using crystals.

5. Can I re-use a crystal after it’s been used in a spell?

Again, this is truly up to you, but I believe you can re-use crystals after using them in spell work. But for me, it depends on the type of spell done AND if the spell has completely manifested or not. For example, if I use a piece of bloodstone in a healing spell to extract a blood disease/illness, I would choose NOT to re-use that stone. However, if I used a piece of rose quartz in my room to elevate the love vibes – YES I will re-use that crystal! I simply cleanse it then re-charge it.

6. Does the moon or sun cleanse my crystals in addition to charging them?

This is something I’ve mentioned before, but a lot of folks think the sun or moon cleanses AND charges at the same time. While you can make up your own mind about this, I have always used one of the 4 elements to cleanse my crystals and then subsequently used the sun or moonlight to charge them. Look at it this way – when you plug your phone in to the charger…does the charger clean your phone too? No. Cleanse then charge.

7. Do my crystals have to be hit by direct moonlight?

What if it’s a cloudy night and the moon barely peaks out from the cloud cover? Does this mean my crystals won’t be charged? In my experience, my crystals are still charged by the moon’s light even on cloudy nights. Just because you can’t see the moon through the clouds doesn’t mean the energy isn’t there. However, if you have a clear night with the full moon’s light directly on your crystals, you may get a more powerful charge.

8. Can I put crystals into a bath or in my water bottle?

Only certain stones and crystals can safely be put into the water. Most quartz is safe including clear quartz, rose quartz, amethyst and citrine. In addition, calcite, aventurine, obsidian, aventurine, moonstone, amber, agate and bloodstone are all safe for the bathtub. As a general rule of thumb, research before putting any stone in the water. Because some will dissolve and some may leak toxic chemicals into your bath or water bottle.

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Charging Moon Water: FAQ

Moon charged water has become a popular spell ingredient in modern witchcraft. That’s because it’s easy to make and powerful! Here’s your frequently asked questions about charging moon water:

1. How do I charge moon water?

Making moon water is pretty simple: fill a vessel with water and set it outside to soak up the moonlight. The water source, vessel, and where you put it is up to you. But to give you a further understanding, read through the following FAQ on charging moon water. Or click here to read a full article on how to make moon water.

2. What kind of jar or bowl can I use?

While it’s perfectly acceptable to use whatever you have on hand, I’ve found it best to use a glass or silver vessel. Silver is traditional because silver is the metal of the moon. However, most people don’t have a silver bowl or bottle around, SO glass is also great! If all you have is a plastic bottle, that works too. I think most people recommend not to use plastic because it’s bad for the environment and it’s not as natural as glass. Try it out and see!

3. How long do I leave the moon water out to charge?

I typically leave my moon water out to charge overnight then remove it in the morning before the sunlight has touched it. But if you only have a few hours to charge it, that’s better than nothing! Consider leaving it out for an odd number of hours, as odd numbers are typically more auspicious than even numbers in magick.

4. What happens if my moon water is touched by sunlight?

What happens if you forget to bring your moon water in and it’s been sitting in the sunlight? At this point, you’ve sort of negated the idea of having moon-charged water. Now it’s sun and moon charged. Which isn’t a bad thing! You have two options: use your sun-moon water and see what happens. OR dump it out and try again another time! My point is – sun-moon water won’t do any harm but it might have a different experience or effect than moon water.

5. How long can I keep my moon water?

If you plan to drink moon water, I’d say you’d want to refrigerate it or boil it before drinking. Refrigeration obviously preserves the water and prevents from bacteria or other parasites to develop. If you’re using your moon water for other non-consumable reasons, it stores for a few weeks or so in my experience. It truly depends on how you want to use your moon water.

6. Can I drink my moon water?

If your moon water is in a closed-vessel and its a cooler night, I’ve never had a problem drinking it in the morning. If it’s a warm night and you have bugs or dirt in your moon water, obviously don’t drink it! Bacteria and other parasites can inhabit the water. Use your common sense. If you’re unsure, you can always boil the moon water to remove any impurities. No, the boiling process doesn’t remove the moon’s energy from the water.

7. What if my moon water freezes?

What if you leave your moon water out overnight and it freezes? Now your moon water has more beneficial magical properties! Frozen moon water’s magical properties include everything moon water does, but it also instills a peaceful, restful vibe. Use it in spells and rituals to give yourself pause and self-reflect or to slow down an unwanted situation or person.

8. What if my moon water collects bugs or debris?

If you leave your moon water out overnight and it doesn’t have a lid or top on it, it might collect bugs or dirt. You can do one of a few things: strain out the bugs and dirt and use the moon water without consuming it. OR dump it out and try again. Next time use a lid or top.

9. Can I put herbs and crystals in my moon water?

Yes, you can! Fresh or dried herbs are a great addition to any batch of moon water. You can strain it out or leave it in, depending on how long you keep the water. As for crystals, if you add them directly to the moon water, research which crystals are safe in water beforehand. Some crystals dissolve in the water or give off toxic chemicals.

10. Can I make moon water on a Blood Moon or Lunar Eclipse?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people say you should never do rituals or make moonwater on a Blood Moon or Lunar Eclipse. I’m here to tell you, I’ve done both and had amazing results. It was never a negative experience for me, personally. So my answer to this question is – do what you feel is right. You can make moonwater on a Blood Moon and you can perform ritual. If it doesn’t turn out well, don’t do it again. Simple as that. But you may find the Blood Moon to be the most powerful moment of your life…who knows? Learn more about the Blood Moon here.

Charging crystals and moonwater FAQ

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