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7 Chakras, Blockages, & How to Unblock Chakras Using Crystals

Chakras are wheels of energy within our bodies and interwoven with our auras. If your chakras are blocked, negative vibrations, attachments and illness occurs. For me, I had a blocked throat chakra for many years. Once opened, I was able to speak my truth and communicative effectively. I’ll show you how to unblock chakras using crystals, an effective and fun way to spiritual wellbeing.

The 7 Major Chakras and How to Tell Which Are Blocked

Each person has 7 major chakras aligned along the spine from the top of your head to the bottom of your spine. We’ll identify why it’s crucial to unblock chakras. Here are the major 7 and what they represent starting with the root and going up:

1. Root Chakra

Your root chakra is a spinning wheel of energy located at the base of your spine – your coccyx. It’s color is dark red to black and links us to the energy of the earth beneath us. If you’re grounded and connected to the Earth’s energy, your root chakra will be unblocked and spinning freely. You attract financial prosperity and have a level head.

When Your Root Chakra is Blocked…

When your root chakra is blocked, you may feel scattered and have financial problems or money blocks. You feel disconnected to the earth and anxious. You may even have back or hip pain or problems – reasons to unblock chakras ASAP.

2. Sacral Chakra

Your sacral chakra is the wheel of energy located between your navel and coccyx. It spins in the area of your reproductive organs and is the color orange. The sacral chakra represents sexual health and creativity. When it’s unblocked, you express your sexuality in a healthy way AND creativity flows into all aspects of your life.

When Your Sacral Chakra is Blocked…

Your sacral chakra governs sexuality, so when it’s blocked sexuality isn’t expressed or satiated. You may have blocked sexual energy, be confused about your sexuality, OR struggle with imagination and creative thought put into action. Illness and infection with sexual or urinary organs may also be present.

3. Solar Plexus

Your solar plexus IMO is one of the most important chakras in your body. It’s located between the bottom of the sternum and above the belly button. The solar plexus is a yellow color and connects us to the divine energy of the sun and the light. It is your energy zone that supports self esteem, courage, and your personal power. If your solar plexus is healthy, you exude confidence and tackle goals with clarity and fervor.

When your solar plexus is blocked…

you may struggle with self esteem and confidence. You look in the mirror and don’t recognize your true power and beauty. Depression may result from a blocked solar plexus, as well as struggles with career paths, maintaining healthy relationships, making new friends, etc. Digestive illness and problems may surface.

4. Heart Chakra

Your heart chakra is located over and through your heart. In the middle and middle-left of your chest. It’s green in color and manages all things related to love in your life – romantic love, friendships, family members, etc. It also governs self-love. If your heart chakra is freely aligned, you give and accept love freely, maintain healthy relationships, and love yourself wholly.

If your heart chakra is blocked…

you have trouble loving yourself and may engage in reckless behaviors to self-medicate the emptiness. Low self esteem and feeling isolated from others. You may be overly-defensive and don’t trust others. You may also have heart or lung problems.

5. Throat Chakra

Your throat chakra is located over your throat in the middle of your neck. It’s blue in color and governs how you speak to others and how you speak of yourself. Communication is the key aspect of the throat chakra and relates to ALL forms of communication including writing and music. It’s how you express (or don’t) express your truth. If your throat chakra is functioning well, you communicate your feelings and needs with others in a healthy manner AND express your true self.

When your throat chakra is blocked…

you may have a problem with pathological lying or simply “stuffing down” your feelings. You are afraid to be yourself and express your truth. Communication is blocked in your relationships and with yourself. Throat and thyroid problems may occur.

6. Third Eye

Your third eye is located between your brows, slightly above the bridge of your nose. It’s purple in color and allows you to see the truth in others, energy in the spiritual realms, and brings clarity of mind and soul. When your third eye is open, you see the beauty in the world and in others, as well as being able to see auras, invisible truths, etc.

When your third eye is blocked…

You have a spiritual block and don’t see the beauty in others or the world around you. Signs from the universe go unnoticed. You feel disconnected from others and your own spirituality. Headaches, sinus infections, eye problems and other head illnesses may occur.

7. Crown Chakra

Your crown chakra is located at the very top of your head and is the color white. It is your direct link to the energy of the universe – to Source energy a.k.a. God, Goddess, or the Divine. Its your source of spiritual connection and gives you the ability to hear god’s voice, accept divine healing, and feel the presence of your guides and angels.

When your crown chakra is blocked…

you may not believe in god or any other power outside of physicality. Hearing divine guidance or feeling the presence of spirit guides is non-existent. You may feel “unlucky” or angry because of past traumas. You’ll feel disconnected spiritually and alone in the universe. Headaches and other illnesses may occur.

The location of the 7 chakras and how to unblock chakras.
The 7 major chakras

How to Unblock Chakras Using Chakra Crystals and Techniques

Once you’ve figured out which chakras are blocked, target them with various chakra-aligning methods. OR do a full chakra-alignment with crystals and meditation.

Our Favorite Crystals to Unblock Your Chakras

Crystals come directly from the earth and therefore vibrate with healing earthly energy. All of our medicines come from the earth and so why can’t natural resources also provide some sort of healing? They can! This includes crystals and stones of various types and colors. Here are my favorite crystals to unblock chakras and how to use them:

1. Root Chakra: obsidian, red jasper, hematite, ruby

Any black or red stone is useful in unblocking and healing the root chakra. Place a small to medium size stone directly over or nearby your root chakra while bathing, resting, or meditating. Allow enough time for the crystal’s energy to lend to your own.

2. Sacral Chakra: carnelian, garnet, bloodstone, orange calcite

Any orange to red stone or crystal will help unblock the sacral chakra. Again, place a small to medium stone/crystal over your sacral chakra during meditation or ritual bathing. Wear or carry an orange or red stone to align your sacral chakra throughout the day.

3. Solar Plexus: citrine, yellow calcite, yellow quartz, gold tiger’s eye

Yellow and gold stones and crystals are wonderful for unblocking the solar plexus. Wear on your person or place over the solar plexus for solar, healing vibrations.

4. Heart Chakra: green calcite, peridot, jade, emerald, rose quartz, watermelon tourmaline

Any green or pink stones and crystals aid in aligning the heart chakra. My favorite for self-love and the heart chakra is rose quartz. Watermelon tourmaline is great because it has pink and green colors which balance relationship and self-love qualities.

5. Throat Chakra: angelite, sodalite, turquoise, blue calcite

All blue crystals and stones aid in unblocking the throat chakra. The best way to use crystals to unblock your throat chakra is to wear it as a necklace. My favorites are sodalite and turquoise. They vibrate truth, communication and healing vibrations. PLUS the blue stones provide peace and comfort.

6. Third Eye: amethyst, sugilite, lapis lazuli, and sapphire

The third eye chakra is purple to blue in color and therefore all purple and dark blue crystals help to realign it. My favorites for opening the third eye are amethyst and sugilite. Place a crystal over your third eye while laying down and feel its divine vibrations blessing you with intuition and psychic abilities.

7. Crown Chakra: selenite, clear quartz, diamond, amethyst, moonstone

The crown chakra is linked to Divine Consciousness and cosmic connection and vibrates a light purple to white color. White, clear and purple stones work well for unblocking the crown chakra. While laying down, hold a crystal to the top of your head or while meditating.

How to Unblock Chakras with Crystal Methods:

  • Wear chakra crystals in jewelry or carry in your pocket to unblock chakras
  • Place over the chakra while laying down, meditating, or bathing
  • Infuse water or tea with crystal vibrations (make sure you do this safely! many crystals and stones are not safe to put directly into liquids)
  • Place around the bathtub while bathing
  • Hold over your blocked chakra for 15+ minutes while watching TV or resting
  • Create crystal grids on your altar, nightstand, table, etc. using crystal chakras with an intention of aligning your chakras
7 Chakras, Blockages and How to Unblock Chakras with Crystals!!!


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