Chamomile Magic: 8 Ways to Use Chamomile in Your Craft

Chamomile Magic: 8 Ways to Use Chamomile in Your Craft

One of my all-time favorite witchy herbs is chamomile. I’ve always loved chamomile tea, and when I began practicing witchcraft I realized how many magical uses chamomile has! In this article, I’ll provide you with chamomile’s magical properties and associations, as well as give you eight ways to use chamomile magic in your craft.

What is Chamomile?

Chamomile is a white flower in the daisy family and is found all over the world. It’s most popular for its use in herbal teas as it has a pleasant flavor. Its name, chamomile, means earth apple. The two most popular forms are German and Roman chamomile. It’s also used to make essential oils, in folk medicine, and in the craft for its magical properties.

Chamomile Magic Properties and As Medicine

Chamomile is considered a flower and an herb, and it has medicinal and magical properties. Its magical properties are often associated with the magic of the Sun: prosperity, masucline energy, growth, and confidence. In addition, chamomile magic properties include good luck, money, dreams, love, and warding off negativity. Chamomile’s medicinal properties are many, including to bring on restful sleep, relaxation, to ease sinus infection symptoms, and to improve digestion. I’ve used it many times to aid digestion and calm stomach ailments of all kinds.

8 Ways to Do Chamomile Magic

Chamomile magic is only limited by your imagination and creativity. It’s one of my favorite herbs for a reason: it’s versatile and you can easily purchase it online in bulk OR find it in the grocery store tea or herb/spice aisle. Here’s eight ways to do chamomile magic:

Chamomile Tea is Magic

1. Chamomile Tea

This is the most obvious way to do chamomile magic. Drink it as tea! What makes chamomile tea magical? All of chamomile’s magical properties PLUS your intention while drinking it. Drink chamomile tea to boost your self confidence, personal power, and self esteem. Also drink chamomile tea to draw money or love to you, OR simply to have a good night sleep.

2. Chamomile Candle Magic

Chamomile is great to use in candle magic. Use the loose leaf chamomile flowers OR chamomile essential oil. Anoint your candle with oil and roll in the dried herb OR anoint with essential oil. This aids in bringing love, good luck, money and good fortune. Or encircle a candle with chamomile flowers for Spring and Summer magic.

3. Chamomile Magic Dream Pillows

I’ve stuffed dream pillows with chamomile and then had wonderful restful nights of sleep. Chamomile can also be added to sachets and placed in the pillowcase to resolve bouts of insomnia. When mixed with mugwort in a dream pillow or bag will increase prophetic dreams.

4. Chamomile in the Bath

Another wonderful magical use for chamomile is in the bath. Add a bit of chamomile to your ritual bath to cleanse your aura, align your solar plexus, and ward off negativity. It’s association to the sun will leave your aura glowing!

5. Magical Simmering Potpourri

Ever tried a simmering potpoutti on the stove? It’s as simple as putting a pot of water on the stove, adding herbs and spices, and allowing them to simmer. The simmering infusion puts off steam and aroma into your space, also releasing any magical properties of the herbs. Add a handful of chamomile to a pot of water and let it simmer. A great way to cleanse your home of negative vibrations in the Summer!

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6. Chamomile Magic Handwash

If you’re a gambler, or play a game with your hands, try making a chamomile magic handwash. This is a tradition in folk magic for gamblers to attract money: simmer chamomile on the stove or brew a cup of chamomile tea. Then let it cool and wash your hands in the chamomile water before leaving to gamble or play your games. It brings such good luck!

7. Offerings to Sun and Egyptian Gods

Chamomile was used in ancient Egypt for medicinal reasons and in the mummification process. Therefore, chamomile in any form is an appropriate offering to the Egyptian gods. Use it as an offering to sun gods and goddesses like Helios, Apollo, and Amaterasu. Chamomile oil can be used to anoint an Egyptian god or goddess statue or altar and tools!

8. Chamomile Floor Wash or Sweep

I’ve made floor washes and sweeps using chamomile that have always brought my family good fortune and health. A floor wash is simply an infusion of herbs made on the stove, then cooled and used to wash the floor with your intentions. Add chamomile to a floor sweep with mint and basil, sprinkle it over your business’s floor, and allow it to sit for awhile. Then sweep it up and visualize money flowing into your business.

Chamomile Magic: 8 Ways to Use Chamomile in Your Witchcraft

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