Magical Properties of Fruits A-Z

Magical Properties of Fruits and Their Ritual Uses for Modern Witches

Have you ever eaten a banana and thought it was magical? How about an apple or strawberries? Fruits are some of the most magical ingredients on the planet and often overlooked in the witchy community. Here we dive into the magical properties of fruits and discuss their ritual uses.

Magical Properties of Fruits A-Z

We will cover the most common fruits and their magical properties starting from A and going to Z. I want to let you all know that just because I call it a “fruit” in this article doesn’t mean it’s necessarily considered a fruit by science. It’s just considered a fruit by the general population. Think about it like this – if you don’t choose to use fruit in ritual or spells, just eating fruit on a daily basis makes every day magical!

Magical Properties of Fruit: Apple Magic & Its Uses

The apple is one of the most magical fruits IMO. If you cut it in half horizontally, the sign of the pentagram is hidden within. Apples are linked to the Otherworld (Avalon) and to the Goddess therefore are potent fruits to eat or include in a divination session. They are also linked to love and healing. Ever heard the phrase “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”? Dry apple slices and add them to magical teas, spell bags, desserts and more!

Magical properties of fruits: apple

Banana Magical Properties: Fertility and Virility

If you thought the banana was related to fertility because of its shape, you were right! Bananas should be eaten by men to increase fertility and virility. The banana is ruled by Venus (the planet of Love) and the Water element. The Banana tree is hermaphroditic, meaning it’s both male and female, and thus represents the gods in some Voodoo rites. Banana slices can be dried and used in fertility and prosperity spells.

BlackBerry Magic: Protection and the Underworld

The blackberry’s first magical property is protection. Why? If you’ve ever gone picking blackberries you’ll know it’s not an easy feat. The blackberry grows on a bush called a bramble because it’s FULL of thorns. BlackBerry is a favorite fruit among witches, it’s dark purple to black-ish color symbolizing mystery, magic, and the Underworld. It’s color connects to the third eye. Eat blackberries or drink their juice before divination. You can also use the juice as face paint to evoke dark goddesses before ritual.

Blueberry Magical Properties: Speak YOUR Truth

Blueberries are sweet, magical fruits that pack a healthy antioxidant punch. In herbal books, you might see them called bilberries. Their blue color links them to the throat chakra. Eat blueberries to clear your aura and speak your truth. Powdered blueberries can be sprinkled over thresholds to cleanse and protect a space or used in healing, peace, and communication rituals.

Cherry Magical Properties and Uses: Love and Lust

Cherries are one of my favorite fruits and for good reason! Cherries are linked to the root chakra, passion, love and more. This love fruit’s rulers are the planet Venus and the Water element. Eat cherries to increase your attractiveness and induce lust. Drink the juice before giving love tarot readings.

Coconut Magic Properties

The coconut is useful for many magical and medicinal purposes including for purification and protection. The coconut’s magic properties also include fertility and chastity. Those seem like polarizing concepts, but the end result is up to the practitioner. The hard shell of the coconut screams protection: fill the coconut with herbs, crystals, etc and bury on your property to shield the home. Drink coconut milk and eat coconut to increase fertility and love. I personally associate the coconut with survival, as it seems to be the fruit that lost castaways and survivalists find in the tropics that keeps them alive! What a MAGICAL fruit!

Cranberry Magical Properties

A beloved fruit used liberally during the Autumn and Winter seasons, the cranberry packs a magical punch. It is linked to the planet Mars, harvested in Scorpio season, and is ruled by both the Fire and Water elements. Eat it as cranberry sauce, drink it as a juice, and use it as garnish in adult beverages. However you eat it, the cranberry brings passion, love, protection, and many other blessings.

Cucumber Magical Properties and Uses

The cucumber is often considered part of the veggie world, but it is technically a fruit. So I’ll be including it here. What do you think of first when you see a cucumber? It is indeed a phallic symbol and therefore has been used in fertility magick for centuries. It increases vitality and youthfulness and is thought to be powerful in healing spells. The cucumber is linked to the feminine, the planet Venus, and the water element. It’s crisp texture and fresh flavor make it the perfect addition to a Summer salad and many other dishes.

DragonFruit Magical Properties & Uses

The dragonfruit is one of the most interesting looking foods, in my opinion. With its bright pink skin and soft spikes, it sort of resembles a dragon. When you cut into it, the pink skin gives way to either bright pink flesh or sometimes white with small black seeds. The fruit itself isn’t as vibrantly tasteful as you’d think, but nonetheless is soft and refreshing. Dragonfruit comes from the Hylocereus cactus, whose flowers open at night linking this plant to the moon and lunar goddesses. It’s known as a superfood for its high nutritional values and antioxidants. And therefore is a popular food among health enthusiasts. Eat dragonfruit to connect to the moon, open your sacral chakra, increase creativity, and while working with the dragon spirit guide.

Fig Magical Fruit Properties and Uses

Figs have been eaten and enjoyed in the Mediterranean for thousands of years. Because of this, they are linked to ancient gods and are appropriate offerings to these gods. Demeter, in particular, is a goddess of agriculture from Ancient Greece who is credited with teaching man how to grow and harvest figs. The fig’s magical properties are sensuality, transformation, spiritual enlightenment, prosperity, sex, and fertility. Among many others.

Kiwi Magical Fruit: Mother Earth Love and Health

Growing up one of my favorite magical fruits was the kiwi. The magical tropical fruit originates in China but is purchased in nearly every produce aisle. It’s green fruit links it to the heart chakra, therefore linking us to the love of Mother Earth. The abundant seeds spell out fertility and the protective brown skin indicate protection. This fruit is high in vitamins and is said to lower blood pressure when eaten in a balanced diet. Also used as an offering to ancient Chinese gods.

Lemon Magical Properties and Uses

Lemons are powerful purifiers. If you have a lemon or lemon juice in your kitchen, you have a way to cleanse your space and yourself. Add a tablespoon of lemon juice to the bath to cleanse the aura. Add a bit to the mop water in a cleansing floor wash. Also ruled by Venus and the Water element, lemons are magical in many ways and are connected to the solar plexus. Add lemon to a cup of water to kickstart your metabolism in the morning.

Lemon: magical properties of fruits

Lime Magical Properties and Uses

Lime is a citrus fruit similar to the lemon but is green in color. There are different types of lime trees on which the fruits grow including sweet lime, key lime and desert lime. In the eighteen hundreds, limes became a boon for British sailors. If they ate them regularly, they prevented getting scurvy. Lime’s magical properties include healing, joy, plus cleansing and prosperity similar to its cousin the lemon. Cook and bake with lime, but also consider using lime essential oil in your magical practice.

Mango Magical Properties and Uses

Another tropical fruit, the mango originates in Southern Asia and Eastern India. It’s a favorite there today as well as in The Philippines. The dark yellow fruit connects to the solar plexus and therefore can be eaten to increase self confidence, personal power, and success. The mango is a symbol of joy and love and is given as a gift to increase the receiver’s luck. It’s also a sign of friendship. Incorporate into rituals that involve your friends, particularly a full moon Esbat.

Orange Magical Properties and Uses

Oranges are representative of success, growth, and the Sun. Eat oranges and drink orange juice to increase creativity, aid in aligning your sacral chakra, and therefore promote healthy self sexuality. Dry orange slices and add to career and confidence spells. Hang on garlands with cinnamon to bring prosperity to the household. Add to Christmas stockings to beckon the sun’s return. One of my favorite fruits to use when utilizing the magical properties of fruits.

Passonfruit Magical Properties

If you’ve ever seen the passion vine growing, you’ll know just how special the passionfruit is. Passionfruit grows easily in subtropical and tropical regions, so easy in fact, that it will take over your yard if you let it! The flowers are beautiful and otherworldly and contain the sign of the cross within. In addition, the flowers of the maypop species are steeped in tea and induce relaxation and sleep. The passionfruit itself has magical properties of love, calming down a chaotic relationship, and sleep.

Pineapple Magical Properties

They say to eat a butt-load of pineapple to stimulate labor if you’re baby’s not wanting to come. I ate some…two days later it worked? LOL! But for real, pineapple is a magical fruit and tree for many reasons. It’s linked to fertility and in fact it’s said Polynesian women were forbidden from eating it. Pineapple juice, strangely enough, is said to hinder lust when drank. The pineapple is masculine and ruled by the Sun and Fire. Useful in money, luck, and fertility (and oddly chastity) rituals.

Pomegranate Magick: The Fruit of Persephone

The only other fruit that evokes the feeling of the Otherworld (to me) other than the apple is the pomegranate. One has to only read the story of Persephone and Hades to understand why. In the same breath, if you eat a pomegranate it’s good luck…but you have to make a wish before eating it! Pomegranate is used in candle spells to evoke ancestors, dark deities, and as offering to Persephone and Ceres. It can be eaten before journeying to the Underworld.

Pumpkin MAGICK

Yes it’s a gourd and often people mistake it for a vegetable. But the pumpkin is actually a fruit. It is linked to the moon, to the water element, and carries many magical intentions including protection (think the Jack O’ Lantern), more specifically warding off evil, prosperity, creativity, luck, and shapeshifting. When eaten in a pie, roll, soup, bread, or pasta, it will help you manifest your intentions. And the seeds of this magical fruit are just a powerful as the fruit and can be cleaned, dried, roasted, eaten, OR put into spell bags and bottles.

Raspberry Magical Properties: The Woman’s Fruit

Like it’s cousin, the blackberry, the raspberry is a protective plant because of its thorny bramble. The planet Venus and the water element rule the raspberry. It’s magical uses include love, protection, and alleviate labor pains during delivery. Their pink color link it to femininity, self care and self love. Red raspberry leaf is known to help regulate periods and female hormones when taken regularly as a tea.

Strawberry Magic: Aphrodisiac and Sacred to the Goddess

The strawberry is another delicious fruit linked to Venus and the Water element. It’s an aphrodisiac, drawing love to you when eaten or drank in a wine, elixir or potion. Strawberries are sacred to goddesses like Freya and Berchta. Their leaves can be dried and carried in your wallet or purse for good luck. Use strawberry infusions and sprays to amp up the vibes in the bedroom.

Watermelon Magic: Ancient Egyptian Medicine and Abundant JOY

If I said I loved another fruit the most, I’d be outright lying to you. I grew up eating watermelon every Summer…barefoot in the grass, wet swimsuit, spitting out the black seeds lest I “swallow one and grow a melon” in my stomach (according to my jester uncle). Nowadays most watermelons are “seedless”, but I sort of miss the days when fruit had seeds. Just seems more natural to me.

The watermelon is truly a magical fruit and its origins date back to ancient Africa. We can’t talk about magical properties of fruits and disregard it. The ancient Egyptians ate watermelons and used it as medicine (which explains why I love it so much – I lived multiple lives in Egypt). It’s ruled by the water element and brings prosperity, fertility, good health and joy. The red pulp links it to the sacral chakra, so its also good for reproductive and sexual health.

Watermelon: Magical Properties of Fruits

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