Fruit Magic Grimoire Pages (Set of 18 DOWNLOADABLE Files)


    HUGE Set of 18 Fruit Magic Grimoire Pages with magic properties and uses for most magical fruits – DOWNLOAD the Files and PRINT for your own personal Book of Shadows today! Makes a great addition to the Kitchen Witch’s Book! Size is North American standard letter size 8.5″ by 11″.



    These downloadable files include a set of EIGHTEEN (18) fruit magic grimoire pages on many fruits, their lore, and Magical Properties. Once you purchase this virtual item, you will be able to download the files. From there, you can save the files to your device AND/OR print them for your own personal Witch’s Book of Shadows! Size is North American standard letter size 8.5″ by 11″ (this is NOT the same as A4, please note).

    NOTE: You may have a slight white margin around the edges of your printed papers, this is a normal aspect of most printer settings and something I cannot change. IN ADDITION, if you want to have access to your downloads more than just once, you MUST set up an account on the site! **If you have any issues with the download, please email me at and allow 24-48 hours response time.** 

    Are you looking for beautiful grimoire pages for your own personal magic book? Kitty at Otherworldly Oracle knows how important it is for witches to build and preserve their own traditions and it starts with making the witch’s grimoire. We encourage you to make your grimoire using some of our authentic, DOWNLOADABLE / printable grimoire pages!

    In addition, check out our full article on Magical Fruits and Their Properties to learn more!

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