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Magical Metals: Magic Properties & Uses for Gold, Silver, Copper & More!

We read all about the magic of crystals and gemstones, but we don’t often recognize the power of magical metals. When’s the last time you thought, “I’m going to wear this silver band to increase my psychic abilities?” In this article, we take a look at the power in magical metals, provide you with the magical properties of the most common metals, and give you ideas of how to do magic with metals.

First, Why Are Metals Magical?

In Western magical traditions, metal is not recognized in the forefront of natural elements. In Eastern traditions, metal is actually one of five elements: earth, air, fire, water and metal. It represents strength, wisdom, experience, righteousness and justice. In Chinese beliefs, metal represents crystals, stones AND metals. It’s linked to the Yin, Divine Feminine, and is dry and contracting. But at a basic magical level, metal is powerful because it is forged in the earth along with the other elements. Metal is the basis of alchemy.

In the old days, the blacksmith or the individual who could wield fire and bend metal was considered a person of magical ability. They were able to make tools but also weapons…and were a person each village could not do without. Blacksmiths were almost akin to shamans in many ways. There are legends and lore about blacksmiths with magical powers and how they saved their people because of it. Just look at Greek mythology and the god Hephaestus to get an idea.

Silver scrying spell: scry with moon water in a silver bowl or vessel and speak this spell.

Magical Properties of Metals: Gold, Silver, Copper and Iron

Here we take a look at the magical properties of the most common metals found in our homes, wardrobes, technology and jewelry boxes.

Gold’s Magical Properties

Gold has been one of the most coveted types of metals for hundreds of years. Ever heard of the California gold rush? How about pirates pillaging for gold? But what makes gold so magical? Gold is linked to the Sun, wealth and vitality. The chemical symbol is Au. Gold has been used by humans, particularly by the wealthy, to make jewelry, coins, artwork, furniture and more. In modern times, we wear gold via necklaces, rings, earrings, etc.

Silver’s Magical Properties

Silver is linked to the Moon, the Goddess, and water. Silver’s magical properties include increasing psychic abilities, intuition, love, protection and fertility.

Copper’s Magical Properties

Copper is used in electric and wiring because of its conducting abilities. In the same way we use it for technology, we can also use it in our magic to move/conduct energy. Copper’s magical properties include love and healing.

Iron’s Magical Properties

Iron has been part of many households since ancient times. It’s also a part of much folklore and legends, particularly to do with fairies. Iron wards off evil, witches, and fairies from the home. Iron’s magical properties include war, strength, smithing, confidence, honor and ferocity. The smith was once considered the master of fire, he worked closely with iron on a daily basis, and people considered the smith something kin to a shaman or magician. Some traditions say iron is the “blood” of the earth and is sacred.

5 Ways to Use Magical Metals in Your Craft

1. Wear Metal

The easiest way to incorporate magical metals into your craft is to wear them! You probably already wear a watch made of silver, a gold necklace, or silver rings. By simply acknowledging the magical energy of these metals, you are empowering yourself and the metal to manifest your will. When you want to draw love into your life, wear copper or silver. When you want more financial security, gold!

2. Silver Plates and Vessels

I was given a couple silver plates and bowls by my great grandmother. Then I tucked them away in a cabinet for years, until I realized…I could use them in my magic! Charge water under the moonlight and in a silver bowl or vessel to really capture the essence of the moon. Silver is linked to the moon, after all. Or charge potions in a silver cup before drinking to increase psychic intuition and protection!

Magical metals like iron are useful and ward off evil.

3. Cook with Magical Metal Pans

I don’t know about you but my favorite pan is my cast-iron skillet. It’s versatile, heavy and makes the most amazing eggs, bacon, fish, and much more. By cooking your food in iron skillets, you ground extra energy and increase vitality. By cooking with copper pans, you infuse your food with love and healing vibes.

4. Ward with Iron

If you have a problem with items going missing or nature spirits wreaking havoc in your home, hang an iron horseshoe above your doorways. The iron wards off evil and mischievous spirits of all kinds! Just by having iron in the home, you are adding a layer of protection. Cast iron skillets can be placed under the bed when psychic attack is suspected and you’re experiencing nightmares, night terrors, or sleep paralysis. These are also great to cook with as it adds extra iron to the food…thereby infusing YOU with its warding abilities and nutrients.

5. Make Jewelry or Art

Many witches and magicians enjoy using their hands to make things to please the gods or for spellwork. They enjoy crafting amulets and talismans out of various magical metals. You can try to make copper-wire jewelry, sculptures with wire, OR if you’re brave and strong enough…get into smithing with iron!

Magical Metals like Gold, Silver and Iron Can Be Used in Your Witchcraft

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