Magical Dirt Including Graveyard, Church, and More

Magical Dirt: POWERFUL Graveyard, Church, Bank Dirt and More

Everything in nature has magickal properties. And when I say everything, I’m even talking about dirt. Dirt and soil have been used across cultures in folk magick for centuries including Hoodoo, Norse, Celtic, and in Indigenous nations around the globe. So, what’s so special about dirt? And why all the buzz over graveyard dirt and the like? In this exciting post, we break it down for you (pun intended) and identify the properties of various kinds of dirt as well as how to use it in your witchy practice.

Mystical History and Major Properties of Magical Dirt

For one thing, dirt is part of the Earth element. It can and has been used in spells and rituals to physically represent Earth, fertility, the ancestors, and prosperity. Secondly, if you’ve ever made a mud pie, dirt mixed with water can make a clay-like substance in many instances. Peoples used this knowledge to create body adornment paint in various shades from brown to white to red ochre. In fact, red ochre is the oldest form of face and body paint known to exist.

Now that we have a little background on the use of dirt among varying cultures, let’s dive into sympathetic magickal use. Any time you use an ingredient that symbolizes your intention and is used to represent that intention, it’s known as sympathetic magick.

So, how do we use dirt to represent our intentions in our spellwork? It’s actually a simple answer: collect dirt from a symbolic location that aligns with your intentions and the type of spell you are casting. This could literally be anywhere you feel drawn to collect the dirt. Consider the location, as well as the people, history, and wildlife there, when collecting your magical dirt.

Here are some examples of different types of dirt, where they can be found, and uses. Remember, this is just a starting point. If you think of symbolism not listed here and would like to use it in that way, by all means GO FOR IT!

Magical Dirt #1: Graveyard Dirt

Graveyard dirt can be used to hex or curse, speak with the dead, or aid in a variety of spells. The reason for this is because, traditionally,  you would seek out the grave of a person who could help you manifest. Confused? Ok, it goes like this. Let’s say you are doing a prosperity spell. Who do you think is a person that could help with that intention? I say try the grave of a banker or a wealthy aristocrat.

Be careful about your selection and always do your research. If it’s a benefic spell, avoid the graves of people who suffered extreme trauma or those who may be unwell. And you can search unwell spirits here on Otherworldly Oracle if you’re not sure how to discern them.

Malefic Magick and Grave Ethics

By the same token, if you want to work malefic magick, the grave of a person who suffered the same fate you’re wanting to induce is recommended. Due to modern laws regarding cemeteries and graveyards, you must have a purpose for digging dirt on someone’s grave. The most common-sense approach is to take flowers with you to offer to the deceased. You need to leave an offering anyway. And this gives you a perfectly normal reason to be digging on a grave.

Recommendation: Ask and Borrow from an Ancestor or Loved One’s Grave

If you’d like to avoid digging on anyone’s grave that you don’t know, consider borrowing a bit of magical dirt from the grave of an ancestor or a passed loved one. Leaving an offering in exchange for the dirt is recommended. Flowers, candy, or a thank you note works wonders. As does a simple quarter or coin sat atop the grave.

Magical Dirt That is Super Accessible from Your Yard or Garden

Dirt from your own front yard, backyard, or garden is an excellent addition to any spells that involve the protection, peace, and/or safe return of the family and/or property. Adding dirt from your property is an excellent addition to herbal warding mixes as well sprinkling it in the shoes of family and friends to ensure they return safely. It is also recommended in grounding rituals, when you’re feeling extra chaotic or your energy has been stretched too far. Collecting and using dirt from the four corners of your property is extra powerful and an old Southern magic tradition.

Church Dirt

Church dirt can be used for cleansing, purification, healing, protection, mending relationships and even in matters of justice. If you go to church or feel specifically drawn to a church, consider digging a little dirt from this churchyard over just a random church. Abandoned churches still hold that same power in their subsequent property.

Your Enemy’s House Dirt

Dirt collected from an enemy’s house is potent in hex and curse work. The reason to collect the dirt would be to have a physical item from your enemy in order to target the spell at them. However, because it’s the dirt of the property, it will target all who live in the dwelling unless you specify otherwise. Use with caution!

Courthouse Dirt

Courthouse dirt is great for legal, justice, and truth matters. It’s particularly powerful if you know you’ll be attending court at that particular place. Some places might frown on someone digging a hole in the yard, so our suggestion is to take a small dustpan and handheld broom and sweep it up quickly from the parking lot or near to it. And if anyone asks, you can always say you dropped something and are cleaning it up.

Police Station Dirt

Police station dirt is great for protection, law keep away, and justice spells. Again though, it might be a little tricky to collect the dirt without some ninja-like reflexes. See courthouse above.

Jail Dirt

Jail dirt is great for law keep away and protection spells. One common use is to sprinkle it along the baseboards of the home to invoke energetic bars of steel to protect the home’s occupants.

Dirt from your yard is particularly helpful in family protection spells.

Hospital Dirt

This dirt can be gathered from the hospital or any other healing facility. As you probably have guessed, hospital dirt is excellent to use in healing works. CAUTION: If you are using it to physically heal someone, be sure they are also seeking professional medical help. This dirt is similar to graveyard dirt in ways as it can also be used for malefic reasons.

Bank Dirt

This dirt can be used for prosperity, abundance, money, and employment spells. Since banks are where the majority of the world keeps their money, its dirt can symbolize the obtaining and collection of money and wealth.

Crossroads Dirt

Crossroads’ dirt is a great addition to road opening spells. It is also especially useful in underworld journey work as it connects you to the gate keeper at the crossroads which you must pass through to descend into the underworld, and it used as an offering to crossroads spirits like Hecate.

Your Place of Employment

Tired of getting passed over for that promotion? Need a raise? Dirt from your place of employment can massively add to workings of this nature. It’s also useful to hex that co-worker or boss who just won’t give you a break.

Railroad Dirt

Trains have been used for centuries to bring cargo in and take cargo away. Adding railroad dirt to your spell can aid in drawing it to you or pushing it from you. This isn’t a complete list of dirt that can be used in spell by any means. That’s because if you can think of a place that has dirt, it likely has magickal symbolism that can be used in sympathetic spell workings.

Abandoned Places Dirt

There’s something mystical, haunting, and magical about abandoned places. Would you agree? Did you know you can gather dirt from an abandoned house or business and use it in your magical practice? Abandoned places dirt may carry properties such as primality, fae magick, isolation, contemplation, and releasing of the past.

Forest Dirt

Collect dirt from the floor of your favorite forest. Or from each forest you visit. This dirt is powerful because it holds all the creative energy of Mother Earth herself. This dirt can be used in spell bags, bottles, and jars to ground chaotic energy, connect with the fae, and for prosperity and growth.

Beach Sand

Sand from the beach is a potent ingredient for many types of spells including fertility, intuition, dream work, emotional stability, and connecting with merfolk, sea gods and goddesses, as well as ancestor work. Why ancestor work? There are quite a few cultures who believe the Underworld is under the sea. Therefore the sand marks a liminal place between the physical and spiritual realms.

Magical Garden Dirt

Soil from your garden is just as magical as any other. And, check this out. If you tend your garden often, the dirt not only contains the energy of the plants growing there but it will also contain YOUR energy. The soil you tend is connected to you. Use garden soil in magical workings to GROW your business, spirituality, and success. It’s also helpful in grounding rituals and ancestor work.

Other Places to Consider Gathering Magical Dirt

You can literally gather dirt from anywhere you feel drawn to. Consider other natural places like mountains, forest paths, swamps, desert, and meadows. Places like farms and their dirt are great for “personal growth” or fertility spells. The dirt collected from a schoolyard may help in studying spells if you are a student or doing spellwork to help a student’s passing of exams, etc. Dirt gathered from historical places will likely carry some residual energy so consider that.

A few tips about gathering magical dirt:

  • Always make sure you appear to have a logical reason as to why you are collecting the dirt OR have a plan that doesn’t incite people to question your actions. For instance, you want courthouse dirt? You may want to accidently drop something and pick it up with a handful of dirt ready to put in an opened container in your pocket.
    • Don’t get arrested for the sake of getting dirt. While dirt is a powerful ingredient, there is always something that can be substituted in its place.
    • Take into account all of the people on a particular property if you are using the dirt to add to a targeted spell. You will want to adjust your spell so that those you don’t wish to affect remain untouched by the spell.

Magical Ways to Use Graveyard Dirt, Crossroads Dirt and Others:

  • Add to protective powders that you spread around your property and over thresholds
  • Add to floor washes and sweeps to cleanse, ward, and protect the home
  • Use as ingredients in spell bottles, bags, jars, etc.
  • Sprinkle in a circle around your sacred space, candle spells, etc. to set up magical boundaries during ritual
  • Add a pinch to a ritual bath for whatever intention the spell dirt matches
  • Put a bit of the dirt in a magical herbal oil to amplify the intentions and energies
  • Add to the inside of stuffed lemons, potatoes, apples and other items used in burial spellwork
Graveyard Dirt and More: How to Use Soil in Spells

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