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Mother Holle’s Healing Well: A HEALING, Peaceful Bathing Ritual

In need of rest and healing from the inside out? Try our fairy-tale inspired bathing ritual. Ever heard the story of Mother Holle? It’s one of our most beloved bedtime stories because it features a hag in the Otherworld who was once a powerful Germanic goddess. Sure, she’s called Mother Holle in the tale and is painted as an ugly old hag. But in her original form, she was a beautiful deity named Holda or Hulda. She may also be the same goddess as the child-protecting, spinning Berchta. Either way, Mother Holle grants riches and rest to those who work hard and are pure of heart.

Mother Holle’s Healing Ritual Bath

Ritual Name: Mother Holle’s Healing Well of Rest and Regeneration
Purpose: Healing
Timing: New Moon

What You’ll Need:

– A clean bathtub
– flowers and flower petals (your choice)
– apple bread or pie
– a white candle or two
– cleansed golden jewelry or clothing OR white clothing

Something to understand before the ritual: Your bathtub and bathroom are playing a symbolic role of Mother Holle’s sacred well. The sacred well in pagan (and Christian) times symbolizes the earth’s womb. We return to the earth’s womb upon death, rest there, and then are reborn. Water in the well (tub) plays the conduit of healing and rebirth.

Well-dressing is an ancient custom in which people in Europe decorated sacred wells with flower garlands in honor of the goddesses/spirits and energies there. I recommend reading the full fairy tale Mother Holle, which can be read here. This spell is a recreation of the fairy tale and harnesses Mother Holle’s regenerative healing gifts to those who are pure of heart and hard working.


1. Before the actual ritual takes place, you’re going to set up the sacred space which will be your bathroom or wherever you bathe. Cleanse it with smoke or however way you deem fit. Turn on relaxing music (preferably with no lyrics). Light a few candles.

2. Next, decorate the bathtub with flowers and flower petals. This is called well-dressing and is an offering to Mother Holle, who resides at the bottom of the well. Set the apple bread/pie closeby, as well. This also serves as an offering to Mother Holle whose sacred symbols include bread and apple.

3. When everything is ready, undress and turn down the lights. Carry a white candle with you to the tub. As you step in, carefully close your eyes and sink into the water, visualizing yourself descending down into Mother Holle’s well. This may seem a bit unnerving to some, but relax and breathe. Feel Mother Holle’s healing, earth energy surrounding you.

4. Keep your eyes closed and rest. You are in a period of rest and regeneration at the bottom of Mother Holle’s sacred well. Rest and relax in the bath as long as you feel necessary. Let no one interrupt you. Feel the healing vibes from the water and the well penetrate your weary bones and soul.

5. When you feel completely rested and renewed, emerge from the tub. Let yourself drip-dry then wrap yourself in white and put on your gold jewelry. The white represents purity and rebirth; the gold represents Mother Holle’s gifts to you. Wear your white and gold the rest of the day/night.

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