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Water Element: Water Magical Properties & Spells for New Witches

The water element is powerful in so many ways. In Wicca and other western magical traditions, it is one of the 5 major elements from which all life is sustained. From an ocean wave to a dew drop, witches use the water element in their magick and spiritual practice for many different purposes. Learn all about the water element, water magical properties, simple water magic spells and more here.

Water Magical Properties

Depending on the tradition and even the individual, water’s magical properties will vary. When the water element means dreams and emotions to one person, it may mean destruction and purification to another. These are meant to be guidelines; adjust as needed.

Direction: West
Substance: Rain, tsunami, ocean waves, dew drops, rivers, creeks, ponds, lakes, waterfalls.
Zodiac Signs: Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio
Planets: Moon, Venus
Water Magical Properties: purification, emotions, intuition, dreams, love, rebirth/renewal, understanding, harmony, friendship, connection to the dead/ancestors/spirit realm
Water Animals: seagulls, seabirds, sea turtles, fish, sharks, whales, dolphins, crabs, starfish, seahorses, otters, seals, walrus, penguins, octopus, squid, barracuda, frogs
Colors: blue, teal/green, silver, white
Magical Tools: chalice, cauldron, bowl, scrying mirror
Magical Creatures with water magical properties: selkie, Chinese dragon, undine, mermaid, kelpie, siren, sea serpent

Deities associated with Water: Manannan Mac Lir, Lyr, Cliodhna, Sequana, Danu, Yemaya, Poseidon, Triton, Aphrodite, Oshun, Hapi, Osiris, Dodola, Nantosuelta, Sirona, Boann, Sinann, Freyr, Njord, Medusa, Oceanus, Neptune, Ganga, Saraswati
Plants with Water Magical Properties: lettuce, blue lotus, water lily, bella donna, burdock, spearmint, periwinkle, watermelon, lobelia, aloe vera, fern, seaweed, algae

Ideas for Water Magic Spells

If you are a water zodiac sign, your most powerful magick will facilitate the water element to make change. Water magic spells don’t have to be complicated, unless you want them to be. Here are some easy ways to cast water magic spells and harness the energy of the water element:

  • ritual baths and bath spells
  • making magical waters: rose water, moon water, sun water, war water, etc.
  • send off spell remnants in a flowing river/creek
  • water and mirror scrying
  • asperging (cleansing) by sprinkling blessed water on a person/place/thing
  • messages/spells in a bottle sent off into the ocean
  • storm magick: harnessing the storm’s water to use in magickal endeavors
  • working with sea gods and goddesses
  • brewing teas and other concoctions
  • making herb-infused oils and salves
  • floating candle spells
  • cleansing/purification ritual by swimming in the ocean/river/lake
  • collect rain water, ocean water, river water, creek water to use in spells
  • collect dew to use in spells
  • using various magical waters as an offering on altars
  • snow and ice spells
  • making and using moon water

The Unique Magick of the Water Element

The water element works in conjunction with all other elements to sustain life on this planet. Think about how water works with the others: water extinguishes fire or is evaporated by fire, water feeds the earth, water is made with and moved by air. We require water to live and our bodies are made up of at least sixty percent water. The planet is mostly made up of water.

Water Element Exercises for the Beginner Witch

As a witch, you will commune and connect with all 5 elements over the span of your lifetime. Sometimes you’ll love one element over the others. But you should explore all elements in the same regard. With the water element, study the water magical properties. Write them down in your grimoire or Book of Shadows. Learn about chalices and cauldrons. Collect and charge water by storm, moon, sun, etc. Take time to connect with water by ritual bathing. Understand the very essence of water. You can eat things that relate to water. Wear the colors of water. Study the animals and plants associated with water.

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Water Element: Water Magical Properties and Water Magic Spells for New Witches


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