Guitar Magick: A History and How to Manifest With Your Guitar

Guitar Magick: How to Invoke and Manifest With Your Guitar

I’ve wanted to play an instrument my entire life. Namely – the acoustic guitar. I recently came to a point where I realized, if I didn’t start learning now I might never have another chance. Getting to the end of my life and regretting not doing the things I could have done is one of my biggest fears. SO, I purchased a guitar and started taking lessons on a weekly basis. And I realized something amazing – the guitar can be used to make your own unique form of magick. To connect with the gods. To manifest. Here’s how to cast guitar spells.

A Brief History of Music As MAGICK

When I say music IS magick, I’m not making it up. It’s not pretend. It’s history. But before we dive into its origins, tell me. When you hear that certain song come on, does it stir strong emotions in you? Memories, either good or bad, that seem to have been forgotten but were pulled to the surface by lyrics or musical notes? Music makes us dance, cry, smile and even has the power to evoke fear (think horror movie soundtracks). That’s the power of music. Now on to the history.

In Ancient Egypt, the music came from the gods, namely the goddess Bat (who later would become Hathor). They believed music helped to civilize humanity. Some of the first instruments include the lyre, reed flutes, and drums of various kinds. Musical instruments have been found in some of the oldest places, including the ancient civilization of Ur (modern day Iraq), Greece, throughout Africa, pretty much everywhere. Our ancient ancestors made music as a form of entertainment, but also as a means of preserving their oral history and culture. To teach lessons. To make magic.

In Ancient Celtic cultures, the bard was a person with special talents. He or she kept the oral histories of their people through the spoken word and poetry, as well as through music. Bards were typically employed by nobility or the wealthy, and resided at the family’s estate. Not only to tell stories and make music but to collect and preserve that family’s history. Depending on how far back we go in time, most people (or none at all) could read or write. SO keeping a bard in employment was necessity. And who could enchant a crowd like a bard playing the harp and speaking heroic tales of brave warriors, powerful sorcerers, and saints?

I could go on and on about the history of music as a form of magic, but I think you get the picture. To solidify the concept, though – know that in the Middle Ages the Church banned certain forms of music and even certain notes when played together. Why would they ban music if it didn’t have some sort of innate, otherworldly power? To learn more about the history of witchcraft IN music, read this article at Flood Magazine.

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Are You a Musical Witch?

Music has been in my family for decades. And, more recently, I discovered it’s been in my family for centuries. I truly believe music runs through our veins. And if you study the history of music, the ancients believed it was a source of incredible power. It connected us to the Otherworld, kept the people’s stories alive and taught valuable lessons. Musicians were highly valued people in ancient societies around the world: from the Celts to the Egyptians. And it wasn’t just because they made pretty sounds.

If your ancestors or family members are musically-inclined, you’ll likely to be musically inclined. Maybe you’re saying, but I’m tone deaf or I can’t sing. You don’t have to be able to sing to be musically-inclined. There are dozens of instruments for you to try! Drums (traditional and handheld), guitar, bass, keyboard/piano, violin, harp, I could go on and on. If one doesn’t appeal to you, try another.

If you’ve always been drawn to music in a way that no one else seems to understand, you’re likely a music witch. Music witches also tend to have a LOT of the air element in their natal charts. Air is the element of communication and inspiration (hello, MUSIC). Are you an air sign? Aquarius, Gemini or Libra? Check your moon and rising signs, too. Drummers will see a lot of the earth element in their natal chart. The elements also correlate to specific instruments. Are you a writer? Love to sing things into existence? You can use music to make magick, to connect with your ancestors and gods, and much more.

Signs and Synchronicities: Is the Music Calling You?

When I decided to pick up the guitar, it was strange. It was like my ancestors and guides urged me forward with dreams, signs, and synchronicities. I started seeing the guitar everywhere. I was even shown a siren playing a violin in a book (copyright Lucy Cavendish). Randomly, mind you. I knew it meant I was on the right path. What does this mean to you? Ask your guides to send you signs. To confirm you’re headed down the right path. If you’re not, they’ll tell you. Trust me.

First, Acquiring Your MAGICAL Guitar (Or Instrument)

When I first began lessons, I purchased an affordable Yamaha guitar off of Amazon. I know. I know. Judge me, if you’d like. I needed one quickly and many of the guitars through the music stores were on backorder. Including the PERFECT guitar for me – a moonflower Luna guitar. I saw this guitar and knew it was for me – an emerald green acoustic, 6-string adorned with moonflower vines, a hummingbird moth, and the FULL MOON at the top of the neck. It screamed magick to me. Not to mention, I’ve grown moonflowers in my garden for years and have used them in my magick. It seemed this guitar was made for me. So I ordered it. And waited for months. Until…one day…it came!

If you’re unable to afford an expensive instrument, just hang in there. Find a used guitar from your local music store or online on websites like ebay. Borrow your instrument from a friend, family member, or even a music teacher. You’d be surprised how many people want to help you once you say you’re interested in music. There are also some affordable options on Amazon. I purchased my first guitar, a Yamaha acoustic, for less than $180. Once you have your guitar, how do you use it to make magick?

Next, Cleanse & Charge Your Guitar

Wait a second. You mean, cleansing your guitar is necessary? If you’re going to use it to make guitar magick or honor the gods/ancestors, YES. Cleansing is necessary. Especially when you first acquire your guitar. I don’t recommend using the water element when cleansing your instrument. Smoke-cleansing (carefully) is a quick and effective method. OR use a soft cloth and a small amount of guitar polish. YES you can clean and cleanse at the same time! Charging your guitar with your intentions is as simple as playing it while visualizing, speaking, or saying your intentions out loud while playing it.

“When I hear music, I fear no danger. I am invulnerable. I see no foe. I am related to the earliest times, and to the latest.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

Finally, Making Guitar Magick

The way in which you make magic with your guitar will be unique to you. I have my own way, and truthfully, I’m brand new to playing guitar so I know my magick and practice will evolve over time. However, here’s a few suggestions on how to make guitar magick:

  • Learn and play a song that corresponds to your intention: for example, a love song to draw love to you
  • Play the guitar to honor your ancestors, deities, spirit guides, etc. Ask them what they’d like to hear, and make each song an offering to them
  • Write and play your own song: this is where you’ll have FULL creative autonomy. SO the options are endless here. Each note, each lyric becomes magical energy that carries your intentions into the ether
  • Create your own magical correspondence between notes/chords and magical intentions or even match them to ancient alphabets
  • Practice and play your guitar as a form of self-care. Caring for yourself, mentally and emotionally through music, is a powerful way to fuel your personal intuitive and magical abilities
  • When you practice, create and make music of any kind, the energy you put into it is the fuel. The music that comes out is the vehicle that transports your intentions into the spirit world.

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