Magical Birthdays: Patron Saints and Gods, Zodiac Signs and More

Magical Birthdays: YOUR Moon Phase, Patron Goddess, Zodiac and More!

Did you know your birthday is MAGICAL? Yes, you! Everyone on this planet was born on a special day. And, I’ll let you in on a little secret, if you’re a witch or magical being, your birthday is probably that much more special! Maybe you’re thinking, I already know my zodiac sign. But birthdays are more than just your zodiac sign. Come with me and explore the magical origins of the birthday celebration PLUS find out how you can find the magic in your birthday!

Magical Birthday Origins

Celebrating birthdays is not a modern invention. Nor is it particularly “Christian”. Scholars believe birthday celebrations date to ancient pagan times. There’s reference to the ancient Romans being the “first” to celebrate the common man’s birthday. At least his fiftieth. On a man’s fiftieth birthday, he was given a cake. And the birthday candles are supposedly ancient Greek in origin. Candle-adorned cakes were given to the goddess Artemis and the candles were blown out to send one’s prayers to the goddess herself. When you blow out your candles this year, send your wish to your birthday’s patron god, goddess or saint!

If we look at the spiritual significance of one’s birthday, we see the day of someone’s birth is inherently a liminal time and space. This means you’re on the threshold of another year or cycle around the sun. Liminal space is powerful because it opens us to the spirit world. In that same breath, liminal space and therefore birthdays, were once considered a “dangerous” time too. A time when spirits and energies thereof could influence your life easily. Coming together as a group to celebrate an individual’s birthday was a means of protection. And check this out – singing, clapping and loud noises scares off evil spirits and bad luck!

1. Magical Birthdays: First, Let’s Talk About Your Zodiac SIGNS and Natal Chart

So the first thing we typically think of when someone says “magical birthday” is our zodiac signs. For those who don’t know, you have more than just ONE zodiac sign. In fact, you have three main signs: your sun sign, moon sign, and rising (also called ascendant) sign. Your sun sign is the one we use to answer someone when they ask us what our sign is. The moon sign is dependent on your time of birth, date of birth and place of birth. Your rising sign has to do with your time of birth, as well. So find your birth certificate and input this information into an online moon and rising sign calculator to find yours!

Why do you have three zodiac signs based on your birthday? Your sun signs defines your true identity. While your moon sign represents the emotional self. And your rising sign? That is the personality or side of you that you show to the world. Each of these 3 signs may be different, and in discovering this information, you may unlock information about yourself you didn’t know before. Don’t forget too, that your FULL birth natal chart will reveal even MORE about your personality, likes and dislikes, goals and achievements in life, shadows and much more. You can also use your zodiac element as your main form of magick.

Listen to Allorah’s podcast episode all about Your Natal Chart:

2. Next, What About the Moon Phase on Your Birthday?

Yes, this seems like it would be the same thing as your moon sign. But, alas, it’s not. You can find what moon phase you were burn under (meaning what phase the moon was in) by looking up your birthday online + moon phase. For example, enter “September 23rd moon phase” into Google and see what you find! Depending on what phase the moon was in on your magical birthday, this will affect how you experience the moon phases in your daily life. For example, I was born under a New Moon. Once I realized this, it made sense why I always feel energized and ready to make magick on the New Moon. While others seem to feel more pumped on the Full Moon. PLUS you can use this birthday moon phase knowledge to fuel your magical workings: spells, divination sessions, dreamwork, and much more!

Born On a New Moon

If you were born on a New Moon, you might notice you feel exhilarated, inspired, and motivated on the New Moon. Many people find it to be creepy, as it is the darkest part of the month but you feel differently. You feel good on a New Moon in many ways. You notice the air has a certain “magical” quality on the New Moon that it doesn’t have the rest of the month. Your energy is increased and your senses heightened. You get an urge to create, develop, or finish projects around the house or in business on the New Moon.

People born under a New Moon might have some or all of these qualities:

  • are creative and inventive
  • are adaptable to change
  • enjoy new challenges and get bored in a set routine
  • love to meet new people but…
  • can sometimes be introverted or “closed off” to others
  • reflective of self decisions and qualities – both good and bad
  • have a hard time trusting others

Born on a Waxing Moon

Are you a waxing moon baby? The Waxing Moon is when the moon is in the process of growing to its full phase. Therefore when waxing moon babies go through the waxing moon phase each month, they tend to feel growth in many areas of their lives. This is the time they feel the best all month long! They feel inspired to grow their finances, family life, love, social life, etc. Again, the energy of the Waxing Moon will make you feel enlightened, alive, and vibrant. Look forward to the Waxing Moon each month and notice how it influences you in such a positive light!

People born on a Waxing Moon have some or all of these qualities:

  • are constructive and productive
  • are positive people with a positive outlook on life
  • are trusting and outgoing in a comfortable setting
  • are here to learn and grow in love and success
  • are goal-oriented people
  • are considerate of others’ feelings and needs, sometimes to a fault
  • sometimes need a motivating force to drive them (i.e. a friend or loved one to push them to succeed)
The moon phase on your birthday also affects your personality just like your sun sign.

Born On a Full Moon

Oh Full Moon babies…such unique individuals! If you were born on a Full Moon, you are one of those people who feel best on a Full Moon (which is rare indeed!) Maybe you’ve always noticed how alive you feel on a Full Moon and you never quite understood why others feel chaotic. You feel energetic, motivated, and focused on your goals and life’s outcomes on the Full Moon. This is because you are a Full Moon baby…

People born on a Full Moon have some or all of these qualities:

  • are extroverted and super friendly
  • tend to change their minds quickly / fickle
  • are motivated by success and accomplishment
  • like to see their efforts come to fruition quickly
  • are usually concentrated on business endeavors
  • are likely to be good with bringing in the dough ($$$)
  • learn things quickly and move on to the next challenge
  • will “tell it like it is”; are very truthful individuals
  • are great lovers!
  • extremely passionate

Born Under a Waning Moon

Being born on a Waning Moon means you feel your best when the moon is in the waning phase. This phase follows the Full Moon and is when the Moon is withdrawing its light…soon to die and be reborn as the New Moon. If you were born on a Waning Moon, you feel the most comfortable with yourself and your surroundings during this phase. You feel confident and ready to take on the world under a Waning Moon, whereas others feel withdrawn and less focused.

People born on a Waning Moon have some or all of these qualities:

  • are really good at reflecting upon themselves and making necessary changes
  • make wonderful healers in the medical and holistic communities
  • love things to be clean and pure
  • appreciate the beauty all around them
  • are particular about the cleanliness of their surroundings and hygiene
  • are motivated by the actions of others and learn from others’ mistakes
  • are easily able to relax and relieve stress within themselves and others

3. What’s Your Life Path Number?

In addition to researching your zodiac signs, natal chart, and moon phase, have you ever looked up your life path number? This magical number is based on numerology and is the single digit you get when you add your FULL birthday all together. And keep adding until you get one single number. Like this:

January 13th, 1985 = 1+13+1985=1999 =1+9+9+9= 28= 2+8= 10 =1+0 =1

This person’s life path number would be 1. Once you have your life path number linked to your magical birthday, research what your life path number means.

4. Is Your Magical Birthday on a Saints’ Feast Day? PLUS Patron Gods and Goddesses

Have you ever looked up your birthday to see if it falls on a Saint’s feast day? There are hundreds of saints, according to the Catholic Church, so I guarantee you’ll find at least one saint linked to your magical birthday. But how does this make your birthday special? It does in a few ways: a. this saint is your patron saint and b. it may link you to a specific ancient god or goddess. Whether you are Catholic or not, having a patron saint whose feast day is on your birthday means you can call on that saint when you need him or her. Most saints have special attributes and things they can aid you with. For example, if you were born on Saint Michael’s Day (September 29th), call on Michael for protection, strength, and to ward off illness. And receive his swiftest response. But let’s take this saint talk to the next level…

Patron Saint….or Patron God / Goddess?

Did you know quite a few of the Catholic saints were originally pagan gods and goddesses? SO now that you know who your patron saint is, now begin searching for links to ancient deities. For instance, if you were born on Saint Valentine’s Day, Saint Valentine is your patron saint. AND Cupid is your patron god. YES, Cupid was originally an ancient Roman god of love. Eros is Cupid’s Greek equivalent. Now you’re not just born on a Saint’s Day, but you were also born on the feast day of an ancient god or goddess! And, in turn, you can call on this deity to aid you in your daily life and magical practice!

5. Does Your Birthday Fall on Any Holidays or Sabbats?

We mentioned Saint Valentine’s Day above, but what if your birthday falls on another holiday? Or CLOSE TO another holiday? There may be some magical significance there, as well. I’ll use Christmas as an example. If Christmas Eve is your birthday, research Winter Solstice celebrations around the world (or specifically cultures you’re drawn to/are in your heritage). You’ll find Christmas is a modern Christianized holiday that was once close to the Norse/Germanic Yule feast AND the Roman Saturnalia. Winter, in general, is an EXTREMELY magical season anyway!

Were You Born on or close to a Pagan Sabbat?

Comparatively, if you were born on a pagan sabbat or other ancient holy day, your magical birthday is imbued with that sabbat’s sacred attributes, energies and magick. Let’s say you were born on or near the Spring Equinox, also called Ostara. This means your magical birthday is soaked in all of the energy of the Spring season: rebirth, regeneration, fertility, love, friendship, new opportunities, and more. Even if you weren’t born directly ON a major sabbat like the Equinoxes or Solstices, BUT you were born close to them, it still counts. Most of our ancient pagan ancestors didn’t celebrate these holy days for ONE DAY each. They typically celebrated for weeks and sometimes months on end! Where do you think the “Twelve Days of Christmas” came from?

Check the Old Calendars, Too!

Thirdly, when you’re researching your birthday and any holidays or sabbats that it may fall on, consider the old Julian calendar vs. the more modern Gregorian calendar. Your birthday may not be on Beltane in modern times, but perhaps in centuries past you would have been a Beltane baby! Also, another tip, don’t just look for major holidays and sabbats, research your birthday in various cultures and religions to see if you find a match! Search for Roman pagan festivals and holy days, Norse/Germanic feast days, Celtic pagan days, etc.

6. Lastly, Consider Your Birth Month and Day of the Week

Even the month you were born in has magical meaning. Let’s say your birth month is May. How is May a magical month? This month is named after the Roman goddess Maia. Maia was a goddess who was a loving, nurturing mother in Roman mythology. She was the mother
of Hermes and sort of adopted other deities when their mothers ditched them. The name of Maia is thought to have meant “larger, greater” and therefore the goddess Maia is associated with growth of plants, animals, trees, and the womb. See? May babies are under the watchful eye and love of the earth goddess!

Magical Birthdays and Days of the Week

How about the day of the week on which you were born? Every weekday has powerful energy attached to it. Therefore, so does your birthday. If you’re not sure what day you were born on, a quick google search will reveal it. What if you were born on a Tuesday? Tuesday is named after the Norse god of lightning, justice, and war – Tyr. Being that Tyr was a powerful god with strength and virility, Tuesday’s magick includes: justice/legal issues, protection, binding, banishing, reversal, courage, power, passion, self esteem and confidence, and more. This may mean that YOU are particularly good at casting spells with these intentions! AND you can work with the god/goddess attached to your birthday’s day of the week. Learn more about the magical days of the week here. As well as their magical properties/associations.

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