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How to Use Your Zodiac Element to Enhance Your Magick

I didn’t realize how powerful it would be to tap into my zodiac element…until I used it. Everyone has a zodiac sign (actually 3 but we’ll get into that later) and one of the four elements is linked to that sign. This means that YOU are linked to that element, so why not use this knowledge to your magical advantage? Why not incorporate that specific element’s energy into your spells, rituals and daily practices?

Your Sun Sign and Main Element

Your sun sign is your “main” zodiac sign. It’s the one everyone refers to in horoscopes, online, etc. In which house the sun was positioned during your birth. It’s also sometimes called your star sign. It also represents your personality and traits that stay the same through your life. Each zodiac sign has one of the 4 main elements associated with it. For instance, my sun sign is Sagittarius and the element associated is fire. Here’s a rundown so you can find yours:

Zodiac Sign & Associated Element

  • Capricorn: Earth
  • Aquarius: Air
  • Pisces: Water
  • Aries: Fire
  • Taurus: Earth
  • Gemini: Air
  • Cancer: Water
  • Leo: Fire
  • Virgo: Earth
  • Libra: Air
  • Scorpio: Water
  • Sagittarius: Fire

Your Moon & Rising Signs

In addition to your sun sign, you also have a moon and rising sign. Your moon sign explains how you express and experience your emotions. Your rising sign is the person you show the world (not necessarily who you truly are deep inside, keep in mind). I recommend using your sun and moon signs’ elements in your magick over your rising sign. You can google how to find your moon and rising signs, if you’re curious.

How to Incorporate Zodiac Elements Into Your Magick

Think about how your zodiac elements can be used in your magick. If you’re a Pisces sun sign and Capricorn moon sign, think of how you can use more water and earth in your magick. How about taking a ritual bath and adding herbs? That’s using both water and earth. In addition to focusing on elemental magick in your spells, select herbs, tools, and stones that are linked to your element. Here’s some more ideas on how to use your zodiac element to enhance your magick:

Fire Element (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

Fire element signs are typically fiery in nature. They are passionate, driven, and sometimes quick to anger. If you are a fire sign but feel you don’t exemplify these characteristics, it could be a number of things influencing you. Your moon and rising sign play a part, but it could also be that you’re holding yourself back. You may be hiding the true you. In this case, I recommend embracing your zodiac fire element by immersing yourself in FIRE. Not just in your magick but i daily life.

A few ways to harness that fire element energy in your magical practice includes: casting candle spells, making bonfires, sunbathing, making sun water, charging your tools with sunlight, focusing on herbs associated with fire like pepper and cinnamon, using stones and crystals linked to fire like obsidian and citrine. One particular form of magick the fire element signs are particularly adept at is purification and banishing rituals. You might find banishing unwanted spirits comes naturally to you, as well as cleansing spaces of negative energy.

As far as your daily life, jump into the fire (metaphorically speaking) and focus on your solar plexus chakra. Perform solar plexus meditations. And also wear fire colors like orange, yellow, red and blue. Eat foods associated with fire like spicy foods, peppers, and cook over an open fire. Infuse your water with fiery herbs and spices.

Air Element (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra):

Air element people are frequently inspired by the muse. They are artistic and great at communication. Sometimes they can be finicky and have a hard time committing. If you’d like to harness the energy of the air element and all of its best qualities, here’s a few ways magically and in your daily life.

Making magick with your air element sign might include wind spells, aeromancy (cloud scrying), cloud bursting, bubbles, smoke scrying, cleansing with smoke, incense crafting and burning it, feather magick and divination, and casting spells through your artwork, music, spoken word and writing.

On a daily basis, connect with air through outdoor activities like hiking in the mountains, flying kites and learning about birds and other winged creatures. Wear the colors of air: yellow, white and blue (any pastel color, really). Eat foods associated with air which are any light or subtle tasting veggies, fruits and legumes. And focus on balancing your higher chakra points like your crown.

Water Element (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio)

Water element signs tune into their emotions and others’ easily. They dream frequently and are drawn to the ocean or river. Many are empaths and old souls. By tapping into watery energy, we balance our emotional bodies with our physical. We get the energy flowing through our bodies, just like the ocean’s waters flow.

A few water element magical methods include taking ritual baths, cleansing our spaces with holy water, brewing teas, engaging in ocean and sea witchery, crafting moon waters, working with mermaids and water spirits, floating your spells downstream (biodegradable/environment-friendly), focusing on dreaming, intuition and developing psychic abilities, using seashells and coral in your craft. W

Incorporate the water element in your daily life by wearing water colors: any shade of blue, seafoam green, white. And eat water-heavy foods like lettuce, grapes, watermelon, watercress, and drink MORE water! Focus on your heart chakra.

Earth Element (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo)

Ahhhh, earth element signs. One of my favorite elements and types of magical people! I am a fire, double earth sign, after all. Earthy people are grounded in reality, tuned into Mother Earth including its plants and animals, and live in the moment. They are present in their physical bodies.

Some forms of earth element magick are crystal magick and healing, tree and plant magick, medicinal herbalism, magical gardening, collecting and using dirt and sand in your craft, animal connection, working with earth spirits and household fae, ancestor work, kitchen witchcraft, crafting poppets, and divination with runes, bones and ogham.

In your daily life, focus on balancing your root chakra with meditation. Being creative with your hands is earthy in its essence, as is motherhood and parenthood in general. Wear earthy colors like brown, tan, and green. In addition, eating more foods directly from the earth is beneficial like vegetables, fruits, meats (if you’re a meat-eater, that is).

What if You’re Already Doing These Things?

If you already tend to focus heavily on one element in your magick, perhaps it’s time to mix things up and choose another element. Maybe you rely heavily on fire magick and you’re an Aries sun sign. But your moon sign is Libra which is air. Try focusing on air elemental spells and rituals, adding air foods and colors to your every day life. Take note of the difference it makes in your life and magick. I like keeping a journal on my magical practice and how it affects my daily life. More specifically, keep journal pages dedicated to your elemental zodiac work.

The 4 Elements And Us

The four elements effect every aspect of our lives. In fact, the four elements are a part of us – a part of our physical make-up! If you’re a fire sign, have you noticed anything particularly fiery about your body? For example, when you get sick, you may experience hot inflammation that needs to be cooled or moistened to ease the pain or illness. For water signs, do you get respiratory illnesses with lots of mucus? This is an imbalance of water in your body.

In addition to illnesses/infections, the four elements make up our bodies – fever and passion? Fire element. Womb and blood? Water element. Lungs = air. Bones are earth. The more you study and connect with the elements, the more you’ll see their presence in everything you do. And the more you’ll know how to utilize their energies to fuel your spells, rituals and healing!

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  1. What if your sun = air, moon = water, rising = fire;
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  2. I have been studying tarot cards. My sun sign is Aquarius. I was born January 24 1956 but back then they never put a time. I have been having a hard time to find my other two signs. Any ideas?

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