DIY Witches Starter Kit for New Witches Using Things On-Hand and Cheap!

Witches Starter Kit DIY for New Witches: Put YOURS Together for FREE

First coming to the path of a witch can be confusing. Nearly every new witch believes they need tools and ingredients to perform spells. Some of those ingredients are rather expensive. So what about a witches starter kit? There are stores online that sell these too, and they’re just as expensive! Instead of spending a ton on a witches starter kit, I’m going to teach you how to put one together for yourself using items you already have in the house and/or items you can purchase cheaply. Let’s get witchin’!

Witches Starter Kits: The Truth

The truth is, you don’t need a ton of stuff to be a witch or practice witchcraft. If you were living in the middle of a desert or in a prison cell with nothing but the clothes on your back and yourself, that is enough. However, certain materials and tools are helpful and can lend their powerful energies to your magick. If you have access to them. Another truth is you don’t have to spend much money on magical items for your rituals and spells. Here’s some ideas on what to put in your witches starter kit that you can find around the house:

Candles around the house are great for witches starter kits.

1. Candles

Do you have a few votive candles that you haven’t used yet? How about a pillar candle currently being used as a decoration? Neither of these? How about birthday candles? All of these can be put in your witches starter kit to use in candle spells, divination rituals, and more. Or grab some birthday candles from the grocery store – pack of 12 for 2 bucks. Dollar tree candles work just a good as any others when imbued with intention. Some folks will tell you never use a candle for magick that’s already been used for something else. But if it’s all you have, I say you can. Cleanse it well beforehand.

2. Herbs and Spices

Every witch seems to have a beautiful cabinet filled with magical herbs and plant matter, ready to be utilized at any magical time. Your witches starter kit can have magical herbs, too. Time to raid the kitchen! The spice drawer in your kitchen no doubt has quite a few magical herbs that will be useful in your magick, including: bay leaves, rosemary, thyme, garlic, salt, pepper, chili powder, oregano, mint, cumin, ginger, clove, etc. Confiscate some of these for yourself or buy them cheap at the dollar or grocery store.

Spices in the kitchen double as herbs in a witches starter kit.

3. Jars, Bottles, and Bowls

Jars, bottles and bowls are helpful to a witch for a number of reasons. Storing magical herbs and ingredients is one reason. Jars and bottles are also used as vessels for spirits and spell workings. Bowls are useful for mixing ingredients during ritual, crafting, and also as offering bowls for gods and spirits. You probably already have jars and bottles in your recycling bin OR dump the expired crap out of them, wash them well, and recycle them for your witchcraft. A regular bowl from the cabinet works just as well as fancy ones! Pickle jars are a boon for spell jars and storage.

4. Nature Items

In addition to having a few magical herbs on-hand for spells, offerings, teas and rituals, items from nature are extremely potent for a variety of magical reasons. Have a collection of random seashells? Put a few in your witches starter kit. They are great for candle spells, offerings, divination, altar decorations, ritual work and much more! That collection of stones from your childhood? Great in a witches starter kit! Don’t forget acorns, pinecones, pine needles, flowers, and even dirt from your backyard make the best witchcraft supplies.

5. Homemade Divination

Witches enjoy practicing divination: this is a way to connect with one’s spirit guides, ancestors, gods and other spirits using methods like tarot, pendulum dowsing, crystal ball gazing, etc. But what do you do when you don’t have money for tarot cards or fancy crystal balls? Make a set of rune cards using cardstock and paint. Use a necklace on a long chain as a pendulum. Scry messages in the clouds, local body of water, or read nature signs and omens. All of these are using things you have on-hand or outside.

6. Book of Shadows

As a new witch, it’s important to write things down. Heck, it’s important for old witches, too! Can’t afford a beautiful leather-bound grimoire? Use a blank journal, old notebook, notepad, or composition book to record your experiences, dreams, written and practiced spells, magical info. etc. I’ve even known witches who keep their books of shadows fully digital on their computers and online.

7. Altar

Let’s face it. We all long for those gorgeous, elaborate altars we see on IG and Pinterest. But is a big, flashy altar necessary when you’re first starting out? NO. In fact, for many years I never had a dedicated altar to practice on. I kept my items in a basket under the bed and brought them out when I felt I could. Now I have an altar where I honor my ancestors but much of my witchcraft work is done in my kitchen on my stove or counter OR on my dining room table! If you can set up an altar, do so. But don’t feel guilty if you have to use your dresser or bedroom floor or even a stump outside for your witchcraft practice.

After Your Witches Starter Kit is Together…

Start practicing! Get creative! What can you do with the pinecone in your hand, the candle in your drawer and the bowl from the kitchen? What other items do you have around the house that you can use in your spell work? Do you have glitter or paint to decorate the pinecone with? Do you have olive oil to roll your candle in before covering it in herbs? It’s all about studying and practicing. I’ve learned so much more from actually doing magick than just reading about it. So get to it!

DIY Witches Starter Kit for New Witches: How to Put Yours Together for FREE or Cheap!!!

10 thoughts on “Witches Starter Kit DIY for New Witches: Put YOURS Together for FREE

  1. I started witchcraft in July. Buy I didn’t realize it was a NEW MOON that night until later. I always knew something needed to change. That ended after I started witchcraft.

  2. Started listening to your podcasts and really enjoy them which led me to your wonderful website. About 30+ years ago I started having this overwhelming urge like I had to be someplace starting in the middle of June. It’s always been baffling to me. Very strange. And just as hard as it hits, at the end of June this weird pull disappears. I also noticed it’s about that time I’ve always started researching witchcraft. Not at Halloween like most people. It’s very odd. Is there some kind of connection or am I just plain nuts!

  3. Thank you for this info, I know this may sound crazy, but i always knew i was different growing up as other kids stayed away from me and i didnt have many friends. About 11 years ago i met my mother and she told me she was a grey witch. Honestly that was first time i heard that. I have had times through out my life that i can not explain or understand, until i met my mom when i was 35. I know i’m starting late. Over the years i have looked for information off and on. However I just received a crystal from my daughter, that’s supposed to help with healing, but all of a sudden it seems like i have a stronger pull to wanting to know and learn. Any advice on where to start. Could it really be possible that the crystal is pulling me in this direction?

    1. Anything is possible, really. The best advice I can give is listen to your intuition. Your intuition is your soul and higher self speaking. It’s never too late to learn, and if you’re feeling drawn to learn more, I would trust that feeling and follow it. There’s a lot to learn, and a lot of info out there. Take what resonates within yourself and leave the rest. Your highest self knows what lessons you came here to learn and will guide you if you listen. I wrote a little note and put it in my pillowcase, asking my spirit guides and ancestors to give me guidance. Welcome to the old path!

  4. Hello my name is Ari and I have always known I was different growing up but whenever I brought up Wicca people freaked out and shamed me I’ve only now able to get help in learning to use Wicca

  5. This is so cool I just started witchcraft about 2-3 months ago and I need major help I have a big beautiful alter and stuff but I still need help with spells and deity’s

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