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Tea Offerings: How to Craft Teas for Gods & Goddesses

Who doesn’t enjoy a cup of hot tea to relieve stress and wind down after a long day? Did you know you can craft your own teas for ritual purposes? Did you also know the gods and goddesses enjoy tea offerings? In this post, we teach you how to craft teas for your gods and goddesses.

Why Craft Teas for the Gods?

Just as with any relationship, building a connection with one’s god or goddess is an ongoing routine. It’s a continual ritual of give and take. We give offerings to our gods and goddesses to show them our gratitude and build a bond. Then they bless us in return. The ritual of crafting and brewing teas dates back thousands of years, and at one time our ancestors offered teas to the gods. We can follow in their footsteps and craft teas to please our deities today (not to mention our tummies).

1. Research Traditional Tea Offerings

First, think of the culture your god or goddess hails from. Are they a Celtic god from Ireland? A Norse god from Denmark? An ancient Egyptian god? Research traditional teas from that ancient culture online and see what you find. For example, ancient Egyptians enjoyed chamomile tea. This would make a great offering for Egyptian sun gods like Ra, Horus, Sekhmet and Bastet. Catnip tea is favored by Bastet…she’s a cat, right? Think outside the proverbial box, too. For Celtic gods, teas made with red clover blossoms, yarrow, nettles, dandelions and elderflower are all favorites. For the Norse pantheon – nettles, blackberry, pine and dandelion. You get the idea.

Research herbs associated with your god or goddess.

2. Herbs Associated With Your God or Goddess

The next thing to do is research whether your god or goddess has any herbs associated with him/her. If it’s a deity that’s popular with neo-pagans, this information may already be available. A google search for herbs associated with Hecate reveals: almonds, lavender, dandelion, mugwort, etc. Almonds and lavender make for a delicious tea and offering to the Witch Goddess.

WARNING: Always research herbs before taking internally!!! Many are toxic and/or can interact with medications and other herbal supplements. Consult with your licensed health care provider. Your health is YOUR responsibility!

3. Research Natural & Native Herbs

If you can’t find any traditional teas related to your god or goddess, next you’ll research herbs that grow wild in the region where your god hails from. For example, is your goddess Brigid? Research wild herbs that grow in Ireland. Results might show: clover, borage, buttercup, anjelica, daisy, etc. Make a list, then you’ll need to research whether these plants are indeed edible and are non-toxic. This is especially important if you plan to consume the tea you craft for your god or goddess!

Crafting tea offerings is simple and enjoyable!
Have a tea party with your god or goddess!

4. Putting It All Together

You have a list of herbs to use in your god or goddess’ tea. Now what? Now it’s time to put it all together! Let’s say I’ve listed chamomile, nettles and roses for my goddess. I can simply throw the ingredients together, pour hot water over it and offer it to her. This works as a tea offering. OR if I want to put extra effort into it, I can make it into an entire ritual which might include prayer during the brewing process, charging in moonlight, and setting it on the altar. How you present your tea offering to your god or goddess is entirely up to you!

5. Drinking Your God/Goddess Tea

You’ve spent all this time putting a special tea offering together for your god or goddess. Should you drink it, too? I find that drinking the tea at the same time of offering it to your god or goddess can be incredibly enlightening. It’s like you’re having a tea party with your god or goddess! Keep your god or goddess’ tea offering separate from your own cup, of course. And leave the tea offering out for your deity for at least a few hours, if not 24 hours total. Pour on the ground or down the drain when done.

Some people ask if you can drink the tea offering that you gave to your god or goddess. My suggestion is not to; HOWEVER, if you live in a home where you have to be in the “broom closet”, you can drink the tea that you offer. Simply tell your deity that the tea you are drinking was made to honor them. And may it be an accepted gift through your consumption. Something like that.

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  1. Ice

    September 30, 2021 at 11:10 am

    Hi!! Can I ask what should I do with the cookies I offered with the tea at the same time? should I eat it or no?

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  3. Jennette Blount

    August 4, 2019 at 2:30 am

    So the challenge was to read it, and I have to say I really enjoyed this . I’m pretty new to all of this and I’m not sure about a lot of it, but I do know I love trying new types of tea. My garden is full of great items and I’m getting into scavenging for natural items. I’m interested in trying this because it might make it alittle easier to find who I connect more with. Thank you 😄 # witchlife #kitchencoven

    1. admin

      August 4, 2019 at 2:35 pm

      Hi Jennette! I’m so glad you enjoyed this. I am truly a tea-lover and so to give tea to the gods seemed appropriate!

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