Witchy Birthday Party: 6 Magical Themes, Decor, Gifts and Games

Witchy Birthday Party: 6 Magical Themes, Decorations & Gift Ideas

The magical mold burst open the day you were born. I’m serious. I believe every person and every witch’s birthday is cause for a kick-@ss celebration. And so did our ancestors, otherwise birthdays wouldn’t even be a thing, now would they? So why not make the next birthday party magical for that special witch in your life? Or for yourself? Here we explore some enchantingly witchy birthday party themes, decorations, games, and gifts.

Witchy Birthday Parties

I’m one of those people who loves a good themed birthday party. Call me cheesy or old fashioned. And I’ve been thinking lately – birthday parties for witches could have some pretty creative, fun themes! Here’s a couple I’ve thought up along with decoration, game and gift ideas for each.

Every witchy birthday party should have divination of some kind!
Fortune Teller and Tarot Cards – perfect for any witchy party!

1. Gothic Witch Birthday Party

For this theme, think dark purple, black, and lots of velvet. Tapered black candles, candelabras, and miniature coffins. Find witchy gothic birthday party supplies by visiting Spirit’s 40th birthday party section where there’s black plates, cups, etc. Tablecloths could be velveteen fabric picked up from Joann’s or Walmart. Dim the lights, play soft dark ambient music, and use shaved ice in a bubbling cauldron as the centerpiece OR a fake skull. Skull party favors and small glass vials of alcohol shots that resemble potions! Party-goers could wear fancy masks and veils. Lots of lace and black clothing. Any Victorian or gothic party theme ideas would work for this one! Just add a witchy spin!

Games for a gothic witchy birthday party include:

  • Making “potions” – mixing drinks at a gothic bar (you can go both alcoholic or non-alcoholic. Nowadays there are so many options for cocktails AND mocktails out there. There’s entire books on how to make witchy cocktails)
  • Costume competition: who wore the scariest/darkest/classiest costume?
  • Having a seance, reading tarot cards, mirror scrying with individual small mirrors at every place setting, crystal ball gazing – Victorian party games were focused on talking to the dead!
  • Making witch’s spell boxes in miniature coffins: everyone can paint and decorate their coffin and place different things inside
  • Cards against humanity: who doesn’t love a fun tongue-in-cheek game?

2. Enchanted Garden Birthday Party

This theme could be used for a day or night witch’s birthday party. Colors should be more natural or bright to mimic a fairy or enchanted garden. Spring party supplies work great! Twinkly lights strung around the party. Candles, tea cups and saucers, light Hors d’oeuvres. Flowers and greenery around tables and chairs. A may pole would be awesome! Make it look like an enchanted garden from a fairy tale! There are witches in fairy tales, after all. Have everyone dress in long, wispy clothing, crowns and wings.

Games for an Enchanted Fairy Witch Party:

  • Craft your own magical wand
  • Bead your own magical amulets and talismans (beading kits)
  • For adults: drink champagne every time someone says “fairy” or “garden” (choose your own drinking word!)
  • May pole dance
  • Reading the ogham or runes OR faery oracle or tarot cards
  • Make symbols like runes or pentacles out of twigs and flowers
  • Make flower crowns

3. Seasonal Witchy Birthday Party

Depending on when you’re throwing this witch’s birthday party, harness the magic of the season to inspire your theme. If it’s Spring, all flowers and Ostara themed (see above). For Summer – gardens, the Green Man, the water element (swimming/beach party). In Autumn, a Samhain or Halloween themed witchy birthday party would be a blast! And then in the Winter, all Yule or Winter Solstice decor – evergreens, snow, Winter deities and fairies, etc.

Decorate with foliage for that Season. Use seasonal ingredients for party menus and drinks – berries in the Spring, hot beverages in the Winter, apples in Autumn, watermelon in the Summer, etc. Every witch would enjoy a party focusing on the magic of the season!

Consider what sabbat or pagan holiday your birthday is closest to and throw a Sabbat-themed party. For instance, I was born in December which means I’m closest to the Yule sabbat. I would throw myself (yes I totally would) a Winter Solstice themed birthday party with Wintry colors, Christmas foods, and Yule gifts. If you were born near Samhain, a Samhain or Halloween themed birthday is super fun with costumes, orange and black decor, black balloons and more.

4. Sun and Moon Witchy Birthday Party

Instead of the seasons, turn your witchy birthday party into a Sun and Moon party. All decor should focus on the sun or moon. Moon phase garland strung from tables and chairs. Lots of lights and candles. Silver and gold would make a perfect color scheme for this birthday party. Everyone could get fake sun and moon tattoos.

Games could include making your own sun or moon water (depending on time of day and supplies). Teams for games: sun coven and moon coven, etc. A cake with half sun half moon icing on top. Moon milk or sun tea as drinks. Here’s an entire menu for a Full Moon party. Hand out party favors – little sachet spell bags with sunflower petals or moonstones.

5. Harry Potter Birthday Party

Almost every witch I know is a Harry Potter fan. And there are wizards, witches, and magic in Harry Potter. So why not throw a Harry Potter party for the birthday witch? This one will be easier to plan because there are a TON of Harry Potter birthday party resources already online! Google Harry Potter party OR find awesome ideas on Pinterest. Sor everyone into houses for games, play quiditch, drink butter beer every time someone says “Hogwart’s”, etc. This is a great theme for a teen or adult witch!

Witches brew cocktails are fabulous for any witchy party!

6. Historical Period Witch Party

We talked about the gothic Victorian witch party in number 1, BUT what about another time period of witchcraft? Throw a Colonial witch’s birthday party and be inspired by TV shows like Salem. How about a Medieval witchy birthday party? You could be REALLY creative and throw a vintage witch birthday party and choose a decade like the 50’s, 60’s, etc. and mix witchcraft into it! Watch The Love Witch movie for ideas on a 70’s witchy birthday party.

Witchy Birthday Party Menu Ideas:

Here are some general ideas for a witchy birthday party menu. Choose your drinks, food and desserts based on your witchy theme!


  • Bloody Mary with olives (eye balls)
  • Witch’s Brew Cocktails
  • Herbal teas and herbal infused cocktails (potions)
  • Champagne with fruit and fresh mint
  • Moon milk: blue or pink depending on your theme
  • Butterbeer for a Harry Potter theme (obviously)
  • Wine poured into goblets or chalices
  • Mead (GREAT for Norse, Celtic, and Medieval time period witchy parties!)
  • Blood orange sangria
  • Caramel apple cocktail (think poison apple – Snow White)
  • Mulled wine in a dutch oven (cauldron): particularly great for Autumn or Winter witch birthdays

Witchy Foods:

  • Seasonal fare: salads, cold soups, tea sandwiches for Spring; watermelon and fruits for Summer, soups and stews for Autumn, Christmas fare for Winter, etc.
  • Witch themed foods for Samhain / Halloween witchy parties
  • Sun and moon cakes
  • Moon-themed food like this full moon food guide menu
  • Cupcakes and cakes decorated with edible flowers or floral icing designs
  • Traditional historical recipes for time period parties

Witch Birthday Party Games and Crafts

Again, depending on your theme, choose witchy party games and crafts below OR tailor them to fit your theme. These are witch-crafts and games nearly any witch (or muggle) would enjoy!

  • Craft a magical wand
  • Make wishing witch bottles (maybe fore-go the yuckier ingredients and opt for pretty sand, glitter, charms, and crystals)
  • Bead bracelets and necklaces as amulets / talismans
  • Bobbing for apples (Autumn)
  • Tales of the Crystals Game
  • Bonfires and throwing releasing / wishing spells into the fire!
  • Birthday candle magic (everyone gets a birthday candle, candle holder, and makes a wish)
  • Craft small witchy wreaths (depending on Season)
  • Make floral or herbal crowns (Spring, Fairy, Green, Etc.)
  • Mix your own potions (cocktails)
  • Maypole dance
  • Guising and putting on witchy plays
  • Costume competition
  • Drinking games with a witchy twist
  • Painting/enchanting your own 7 day candle
  • Making spell or mojo bags
  • Divination: tarot or oracle readings, runes, ogham, crystal ball gazing, palm reading, tea leaf readings, etc.
  • Hire a professional Tarot reader to give readings at your party
  • Crafting or decorating a besom/broom
  • Loading apples with magical items (core the apple and provide small spell supplies for party guests to fill their apples with)

Gifts for a Witch’s Birthday

Last but not least, let’s talk about a witch’s birthday gifts. What does the witch in your life absolutely love doing? Is she a green witch – give her seeds, gardening supplies, books on foraging and herbs. Kitchen witches might enjoy an apron, oven mitt, carved wooden spoons or spatula that says kitchen witch! Tea kettles, herbal teas, and tea accouterments are great gifts for almost any witch. Books on astrology, mythology, witchcraft, religion, etc. make great gifts for witches. So do crystals, incense, essential oils and candles. Witches are easy to shop for.

How to Throw a Witchy Birthday Party - 6 Magical Themes, Decor, Games, etc

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