30 Household Items You Can Use in Witchcraft

35 Everyday Household Items You Can Use In Witchcraft

Witchcraft doesn’t require fancy, glittery wands, swords or chalices. Your altar doesn’t have to look like a scene from Game of Thrones (unless you want it to). In fact, there are everyday household items that most people have in their house that can be used in witchcraft. These household staples are just as powerful as a store-bought magical tool (if not moreso). So get ready to check around your house for these magical items and get to witchin’!

1. Sugar

Almost everyone has a bowl or canister of sugar in their kitchen. But did you know sugar has magical properties? Sugar comes from a plant called sugar cane that’s been grown in the South for centuries. Use sugar in love spells or to sweeten someone’s attitude. Adding a teaspoon to a self-love ritual bath sweetens your demeanor and increases your personal self-esteem.

2. Mirror

Have you read our article about haunted and magic mirrors? Mirrors are connected to water and represent our emotions, intuition, and dreams. BUT mirrors can also be portals to other worlds. Use mirrors in candle spells to reflect magick back at a person, scry your future in the mirror, and cast a little glamour magick while looking in the mirror. Mirrors in the bedroom promote sensuality and mirrors facing the front door protect the house from negative energy.

3. Candles

This is an obvious one, but should be mentioned. If you can’t afford to go out and buy a bunch of new candles solely for witchcraft, use the candles you have around the house. Birthday candles and votives are great for candle spells! Candles also give off a magical ambiance and set the mood for casting and ritual. Still have a yankee jar candle you haven’t used? Repurpose for a longer spell. These are particularly great for seasonal workings (i.e. Evergreen candles for Winter joy and peace spells). Learn how to do candle spells here.

4. Ribbons and String

Whether it’s a rogue shoelace, ribbon, yarn or string, this is a staple any witch can use in her magick. The easiest magick with string is knot magick. But ribbons and string can also be used to draw out your magick circle on the floor, decorate the house for Beltane and Midsummer, or can be enchanted and worn on one’s person as an amulet or talisman. Not to mention you can tie up a spell bag or mojo bag with a piece of yarn or ribbon! Ribbons, lace, string, yarn, etc. magical properties include: binding, fate, creative projects, love, friendship, and more.

5. Refrigerator/Freezer

Say what? How does one use the refrigerator or freezer in witchcraft? Easy! Are you dealing with a “hot” situation with angry relatives or co-workers? Write the situation and people involved on a piece of paper, roll it up, and pop it in the fridge to cool everyone down. The freezer works to “freeze” a fast-moving situation or stop a person from making any decisions. Don’t forget you can freeze a name or situation by putting it in water and popping it in the freezer. Learn how to do a freezer spell here.

6. Broom

Everyone has a broom in their house for cleaning purposes. But the broom has been a magical tool of witches for centuries. Start at the front of the house and move counter-clockwise, sweep the negativity from each room out the back door! Turn the broom bristles up when not in use, especially if it’s behind a door or in a corner. Never take an old broom to your new home. Leave it or bury it. Witches also use brooms to cleanse ritual space before a ritual or spell working.

7. Honey

Also found in the kitchen of many homes is a jar or bottle of honey. Honey has been used in the Hoodoo tradition for centuries to sweeten someone up. While sticky, honey can be used to dress a candle for a love spell (lightly), or spells can be covered in honey and sealed up in a jar. Honey is also a great offering to love gods and goddesses and the ocean. Anoint your power points to take on the likeness of the bee.

8. Jars and Bottles

Speaking of jars and bottles, why not save your pickle jars, spice bottles and other glass containers to use in future spells? Clean them out thoroughly, then cleanse them with smoke or the elements, before making witch bottles, jars, or storing your spell ingredients and herbs. There are SO many ways to use jars and bottles in witchcraft.

9. Tea Kettle

Super easy magick involves making a simple cup of tea! Your tea kettle becomes a ritual tool for relaxation, medicine, and magick on a daily basis. Draw symbols of power over the tea kettle with your finger while waiting for the water to boil. Learn more about tea witchcraft here. Who doesn’t love the comforting whistle of grandma’s old tea kettle? That was magic in and of itself.

10. Stockpot or Crockpot

Cauldrons were once standard in our ancestors’ homes found at the hearth. Now our kitchen is the hearth of the house and our cauldrons are our pots and pans. Use your stockpot or crockpot to cook magickal meals or simmer magickal potpourris. I’ve also made herbal infusions and decoctions with my stockpot. And brew a floor wash in your stockpot before cleaning your floors! A more modern approach to the cauldron might also be the instant pot!

11. Soap

And now you’re thinking is she crazy? Soap can be used in witchcraft? To that I say, of course! When washing in the morning or at night, use your bar of soap in a downwards fashion from head to feet to cleanse yourself of all negative vibes. You can even buy soaps made by witches for specific purposes!

12. Clothing

Everyone has to wear clothes, right? Why not enchant your clothing before putting them on? Select certain colors for certain intentions. For example, wear pink when you want to increase the romance in your life. Wear green when you want to attract more money. Shoes and jewelry are also magical tools common in every household. Jewelry becomes protective amulets. Write or draw spells on the bottom of your shoes. Get creative!

13. Buttons

Have a jar of buttons you don’t know what to do with? Use the buttons in your witchcraft. Add them to your spell bags and adorn your poppets. Buttons make great eyes and noses for poppets. Sew buttons into a pattern or symbol inside a jacket or coat to align with a magical intention. NEVER pick up a button in your path…it’s bad luck!

14. Flour

Every house has a bag or canister of flour in the kitchen. Flour is typically made from wheat, rice or corn so it also carries the magical properties of the plant from which it’s made. Obviously, flour can be used to make magical breads and pies, BUT you can also use it to draw out circles and sigils on the ground.

15. Bathtub

If you have a bathtub or shower, you have access to an incredibly magical experience. A safe place where you can connect with the water element. Take a shower to cleanse away negative vibes from the day, or add herbs and flowers to your bath to cast spells for money, success, love, etc.

16. Paper and Pen

Every household has paper and pen or pencil, right? We take the ability to write for granted in modern times, but many of our ancestors were never taught how to write. Nor did they have access to paper and writing utensils. Write your spells on a piece of paper, then burn the paper to release the magick. You can also bury the paper, freeze it, cut it in shreds and watch it blow away, etc. Paper and pen are also important when keeping notes on spells and ritual.

17. Books

Speaking of paper, books are magical items in many different ways. Not only do they educate and entertain us, but they can also be used in witchcraft. Press a special flower, plant, or feather in your favorite book. Later when you open the book, your magical item will fall out and bring you luck! Ask a question to the universe, then flip a book open to a random spot. Whatever sentence your eyes land on will be your answer!

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18. Milk

Milk is a staple in many family’s refrigerators. If you have cow’s milk, you have an ingredient with magical properties of motherhood, nourishment, protection and abundance. Cook or bake with it or add a bit of it to the bathtub. Almond and coconut milk also have magical properties related to the plants from which they are made.

19. Spices

I’ll bet you have a drawer or cabinet filled with random herbs and spices in your kitchen. If so, you have access to a plethora of magical herbs! Cinnamon, oregano, pepper, cumin, parsley, curry, cilantro, and basil are just a few of the magical herbs most people have right in their kitchen! Learn more about magical kitchen spices here.

20. Coffee Pot

You know that wonderful machine that brews a magical potion every morning to wake us out of our slumber? Yeah, the coffee pot is just as magical as a cauldron! Enchant it by drawing a symbol in the air over top. Then sip your coffee and thank the coffee gods for energy and vitality! Add coffee or coffee beans to any spell to speed up and strengthen the results.

21. House Plants

I think a lot of people forget that house plants are just as magical as herbs or flowers in the garden! Succulents, ivies, and small trees all have their own magical properties. Gather fallen leaves and foliage, dry and use in your spells. Place a jade plant by the front door to bring in abundance. Etc.

22. Salt

Is there anything more purifying and protective than salt? I bet you have some in your kitchen! If so, salt can be used in the bathtub, sprinkled around candles in spells, left in a bowl on the altar for purification, sprinkled in the corners of the house and on windowsills. And so much more! Go down the salt rabbit-hole, so to speak, and experiment with different types. There’s black lava salt, Himalayan pink, kosher salt, sea salt, and witch’s black salt (to name a few).

23. Ancestral Heirlooms

Did your grandmother give you a quilt? Did you inherit a special item from your uncle or father? Ancestral heirlooms are some of the most powerful items to have in one’s home. They tie you directly to your ancestors! Place them on the ancestral altar or simply hold in your hand while praying to the ancestors to bridge the gap between you and your passed loved ones. Add their energy to spells and divination sessions.

24. Seashells

You know those seashells you gathered at the beach last summer? Are they sitting in a drawer somewhere not being used? Add them to the altar to represent the water element, encircle a candle to aid in fertility and water magic spells, include them in your own personal divination charm bag, or make them into a necklace for magical use.

25. Olive Oil

If you have olive oil in your house, you have the ability to bless and anoint your home and magical tools. Dab a little on your index finger and draw protective symbols on the doorways and windows. You can also use olive oil to anoint your third eye and chakras before ritual. Infuse herbs into oils and use to anoint candles, tools, etc. Learn more about making herb-infused oils here.

26. Silver Bowl

If you have a silver bowl or vase, pour water in it and leave it to charge under the next full moon. BAM. Instant moon water. Silver bowls and plates are also great for candle spells and offerings.

27. Animal Figurines

My great grandmother gave me a small owl figurine made of glass. I now keep it in my living room and it watches over my magical workings. If you have any animal figurines around the house, you can turn these into your magical guardians. Click here to learn more.

28. Knife

One of the first magical tools I ever used was a kitchen knife. Back when I was a teenager, Wicca was the main witchcraft movement and it “required” using an athame for many rituals and spells. If you have an old kitchen knife, you have an athame. Even if you’re not Wiccan, a knife can be used to carve symbols and letters into candles. It can be used to cut things in half like twine, string, etc. It can also be used to draw symbols into the earth for ritual.

29. Bell

Whether small or large, a bell is a household item that has cleansing properties. Ring it a few times and send negative energy and spirits running. It can also be used to signal the start to a ritual or gathering.

30. Sewing Machine

Do you have a sewing machine? Time to make magical altar cloths, tablecloths, curtains, clothing and more! I’ve also used my sewing machine to make magical cloaks and poppets. Cleanse it and enchant it for added magical effects!

31. Stove and Oven

The oven in your kitchen is the modern-day replacement of the hearth (or fireplace) of our ancestors. Treat it as such. Craft herbal concoctions on the stove. Bake bread infused with your herbs and intentions in the oven. Make candles on the stove. It represents the fire element and is the center of the home. And if you have a gas stove with an open-flame…even better! A grill can also serve as a magical household appliance.

32. Lemons, Limes and Oranges

Lemons, limes and oranges can be used in candle magick in many different ways including filling them with oil and making them into candles! You can also stick a taper or bell candle into a lemon or lime, load it with herbs and oils and burn the candle this way. Squeeze the juice out of lemons and limes and use in your cleansing baths, floor washes, sprays, etc.

33. Pie Tins

Don’t have a silver plate or fancy candle holder to burn your spell candles? Aluminum pie tins work just as well! Cheap and recyclable, too. PLUS you can add all of your other ingredients to the candle and around it and not make a mess. I got this idea from The Witchy Mommy.

34. Cooking Oils

What to do with oils? Oh so much! Infuse them with herbs. Then dress candles, anoint your altar and tools, add them to baths, use in your kitchen witchcraft, etc. Coconut oil is literally good for everything including as a natural skin moisturizer.

35. Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is one of those old school witchcraft and folk remedy staples every witch should have in her cabinet. Great for warding off colds, stimulating hair growth, and down-right cleansing negative energies out of the home. And talk about affordable – a few bucks and you have a big bottle of magical vinegar! Also used to “sour” in folk magic traditions.

36. Potatoes and Onions

Potatoes can be loaded with herbs and buried or thrown into a river to rid yourself of enemies and negative energies. Same with onions. Also, cut an onion in half, pop into a brown paper bag and put under your kitchen sink to absorb negative energies. Can also be placed under the bed to soak up illness.

37. Garlic, Ginger, Fresh Herbs

There’s always fresh herbs in the produce section that can be used in your magical cooking and to make teas, concoctions, elixirs, of all kinds! Ginger and garlic are effective in magick and medicinal teas, as well. All affordable witchcraft supplies.

EASY Witchcraft with 30 Everyday Household Items!!!

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