Money Spirits to Invoke for Prosperity: Gods, Elementals and More

14+ Money Spirits & How to Attract Money Spiritually by Working With Them

Need some extra cash? Witches have a myriad of magical ways to attract money right at their wand-tips including working with money spirits who will bring good luck and abundance. Learn how to attract money spiritually by calling on these ten ancient money spirits from various pantheons.

What Is a Money Spirit, Exactly?

Witches work with all kinds of spirits to manifest various intentions in the real world. For instance, some witches might invoke gods and goddesses of love to draw romance and passion into their lives. Aphrodite, Venus, and Freya are a few examples. Invoking peaceful spirits like Kuan Yin brings harmony and healing to one’s life and home. So what does a money spirit do, exactly? By working with a money spirit, i.e. a god or goddess linked to prosperity, you draw financial prosperity into your life.

How to Work With Money Spirits Successfully

Just like with any spirit, money spirits have their own cultures, origins, personalities, likes and dislikes. The first thing you should always do before invoking or working with a money spirit is to get to know them. Read all you can about them online, in books, listen on podcasts, etc. Most prosperity deities have myths attached to them, ancient cultural traditions, and more. In addition to learning their history, setting up sacred space for that spirit works wonders. Most spirits, like us, need fuel for energy.

Offerings and a space to dwell give them the energy to do the work you need them to do. In this case, bringing home the money. By constantly asking a money spirit to bring you money, and never reciprocating, these spirits might leave and never come back. And, in some cases, you might anger them and they take their money with them when they leave. Learn what they like as far as offerings, and when you ask them for a favor, give them something in return. Or beforehand.

Money Spirits from Various Cultures

Nearly every ancient culture has a deity they linked to prosperity. These could be earth goddesses and gods of grain, deities that grant wishes, or saints that bring good luck. Our recommendation is to seek out the money spirit closest to you. Or who you feel drawn to work with.

1. Fortuna (a.k.a. Lady Luck)

Fortuna is a Roman goddess of luck. The name Fortuna = fortune. In ancient belief, she brought good luck but sometimes bad luck depending on the individual and situation. In modern times, most people know her as Lady Luck, and she is often summoned unknowingly by gamblers. You might have heard someone say, “I wonder if Lady Luck is on my side tonight.” Place her emblem, The Wheel of Fortune, on her altar. Offer this ancient money spirit portions of honey, milk and poppies or a mixture of these ingredients.

Lady Luck, a modern money spirit, was once Fortuna a Roman goddess.
Gamblers often unknowingly invoke Lady Luck aka the goddess Fortuna

2. La Madama

La Madama is a beloved spirit in the Latin Espitisimo religion. She particularly favors fortune tellers, healers, mediums and psychics. Some fortunate people in these professions inherit a La Madama of their own. There are multiple La Madama spirits, just like guardian angels or spirit guides. If you are blessed with a La Madama spirit, she will bring great fortune in your profession. Her image looks similar to vintage Aunt Jemima. Her colors are red and white and she loves offerings of tobacco, rum, flowers, herbs, oils, playing cards, seashells, etc.

3. Joan the Wad

Joan the Wad is a money spirit of the faery variety. She’s found in Cornwall and is Queen of the Pixies. While most pixies are tricksters and may lead the unsuspecting to misfortune, Joan the Wad leads the worthy to good fortune and happiness. You can use her image when gambling to bring money OR place her on your altar. Joan the Wad is a pixie and therefore is associated with fire and water, and she may enjoy flowers and sweet offerings. Most fairies will partake of desserts like cake and cookies, as well as fresh fruit, cream and mead.

Joan the Wad is a money spirit of the fay variety.
Joan the Wad, Queen of the Pixies, will sometimes bring good fortune to those she favors.

4. Mami Waters

Originating from West and Central Africa, Mami Waters is beloved by many because of her generosity. If you guessed that she’s Mother of the Waters, you were right! Not only does she bestow wealth to her followers, she heals illnesses and brings joy and love. She’s associated and depicted as a mermaid or a snake and loves fancy things. Bring her offerings of non-alcoholic sweet beverages like lemonade or Coca-Cola. Mami Waters also loves make-up, mirrors and dolls.

5. Lord Ganesha, Remover of Obstacles

In the Hindu religion, Lord Ganesha is one of the most popular deities for a reason. He is typically depicted with the head of an elephant, and he’s known widely for removing obstacles. This means, if you have a blockage that’s preventing you from money-flow, Ganesha is a great deity to petition. He is thought to be good luck and to bring blessings to those who are worthy.

6. Mermaids As Money Spirits?

Mermaids are either benevolent or malevolent, so be careful which mermaids you call up. They’ve been known to rescue drowning victims OR purposely drag people into the depths. In the same breath, mermaids are known to grant wishes, bring prosperity and fertility and teach prophecy. They are linked to the moon and water and enjoy seashells, music, combs and mirrors. Call on them to help you attract money spiritually. Just be careful not to let them drag you under.

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Mermaids bring good fortune and healing if the right ones are approached. They will help you attract money spiritually.

7. Dwarves

Dwarves are mythical creatures in Scandinavian folklore and mythology. They live deep in the mountains and in caves and have a long-standing reputation for being miners. They know where the earth’s treasures are, and they will aid in money workings. Be careful when working with dwarves though, as they can be capricious and sometimes downright mean. This type of money spirit can be unpredictable. We recommend reading more about dwarves in Norse mythology before attempting to invoke them.

8. Dragons

Dragons are guardians of the earth and its treasures. This is why dragons are frequently portrayed in movies as “gold hoarders”, protecting caves filled with jewels and gold as far as the eye can see (think The Hobbit or Harry Potter). Some believe dragons are actually spirits of the land itself, also called genius loci. Whatever they are, they know how to bring monetary abundance to those who are worthy. You can call on a dragon guardian or familiar to aid in your money spirit workings.

9. Mother Holle

In Grimm’s Fairy Tales, there’s a story about a woman named Mother Holle. This particular woman lives in an otherworldly realm. One day, a hardworking daughter enters Mother Holle’s world through a well. Mother Holle asks for the young woman to do chores for her and feed her in exchange for room and board. The young woman works hard and doesn’t complain. When the girl asks to go back to her own world, Mother Holle leads her back and rewards her with a shower of gold. But be aware, if you’re lazy and rude, she’ll shower you in pitch instead.

10. Teutates, Celtic God of Fertile Lands

In ancient Gaul and Britain, a god by the name of Teutates was well-known for bringing fertility and prosperity to the land. He was so popular, in fact, that the Romans adopted him as their own but instead syncretized him with their deity Mars. Appeal to this money spirit with a green, earthy inspired altar. And offerings of a Celtic nature – mead, grains, bread, and meats.

11. King Midas

He’s got the “Midas Touch”. If you’ve ever heard that phrase, which is even featured in songs, you might have wondered what it means. Well, King Midas is a mythical figure in Greek mythology, known for his ability to turn anything he touched to gold.

11. King Midas

He’s got the “Midas Touch”. If you’ve ever heard that phrase, which is even featured in songs, you might have wondered what it means. Well, King Midas is a mythical figure in Greek mythology, known for his ability to turn anything he touched to gold. Can you invoke the spirit of King Midas into your life? I don’t see why not! I suspect his altar wouldn’t be complete without shades of gold and a little real gold as offering (any small piece of jewelry you can give).

Dragons are guardians of earthly treasures.

12. Abundantia: The PERSONIFICATION of Abundance

Apparently the Romans liked having riches, because they didn’t have just one deity who brought prosperity. They had several. Abundantia is another ancient Roman deity who’s directly linked to abundance. In fact, her name means abundance and she is the divine personification of riches. So when you ask for abundance, you are inadvertently invoking Abundantia. Another name for this money spirit is Copia. She is typically depicted as a beautiful woman holding a cornucopia filled with money and grain. Appease her with an altar of earth colors, as well as a horn of plenty (either an actual basket or symbol).

13. Tyche: Greek Goddess of Luck

In ancient Greece, luck came in the form of a deity named Tyche. A daughter of Aphrodite and Zeus, she gave more than luck to individuals. She actually foretold and could grant prosperity to an entire community or city. As such, she’s considered a tutelary spirit or guardian of a place. If you’re looking to increase the overall economy of your hometown, state, region, or country, Tyche may be the right spirit to call upon.

14. Freyr

Freyr is an Old Norse God whose name means “lord”. As the term “lord” was used in ancient to medieval times to denote someone’s ownership of land, Freyr was ruler of the entire earthly plane as well as his Elven realm called Álfheimr. Ancient Germanic peoples called on Freyr for fertility of the land, which also meant prosperity and wellbeing. He was one of the three main gods worshiped at the ancient temple of Uppsala in Sweden. The Norse and Germanic peoples sacrificed a wild boar to him to ensure a good harvest – one at Litha (Midsummer) and one at Yule (Winter Solstice). When setting up his altar, use red and gold colors. Offering pork is preferred but Freyr will also enjoy alcohol, apples, bread, nuts and barley.

How to Attract Money Spiritually By Working with Money Spirits

The money spirits detailed here are all different, but each have the ability to bring you monetary abundance…after some preliminary work on your end. With most spirits, you can’t just ask them for a favor without first getting to know them. Build a relationship with each by studying who they are. I’ve mentioned each money spirit’s colors, associations and/or what offerings they may prefer above to make it easier for you to get started. Research the money spirit that resonates with you and set up a small space for them. Provide offerings to them and begin talking to them through ritual, divination, and prayer.

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