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Kitchen Witchcraft: How to Turn Any Recipe Magical

When I first began practicing kitchen witchcraft, I was confused on how to incorporate magick into my cooking and baking. Do I write my own recipes? Add things to recipes I already use? How do I turn a recipe into a magical spell or charm for a certain intention? It took me some time, but I figured out how to turn any recipe magical. Now I’ll share it with you!

First, What is Kitchen Witchcraft?

If you’ve come to this post and you’re wondering what it actually means to be a kitchen witch, let me explain it to you. Being a kitchen witch is as simple as it sounds – making magick in your kitchen. And claiming your power as a witch through your cooking, baking, and home-maintaining rituals. I find being a kitchen witch came naturally to me, as I am a mom and wife and I LOVE to cook, make herbal teas, and bake homemade bread. Kitchen witchcraft means weaving your magick, spellwork, and intentions directly into your meals, chores, and daily life.

Some Examples of Kitchen Witchery

Everyone’s witchcraft practice will be different and unique unto them. Even if you’re a kitchen witch, you might find the next kitchen witch a city over does things completely different than you. And that’s okay! That’s one great thing about witchcraft – we celebrate each other’s unique practices and beliefs. There are some similarities, however. So here’s a few examples of kitchen witch practices:

  • Cooking magical meals (choosing an intention and selecting ingredients to match)
  • Baking bread with homegrown herbs
  • Brewing herbal teas and crafting tea recipes
  • Making all sorts of herbal concoctions: oils, salves, sprays, etc.
  • Baking magical desserts like cookies, tarts, pies
  • Making cascarilla powder from eggshells
  • Infusing salts and sugars with herbs and intentions
  • Honoring ancestors at the hearth (in the kitchen)
  • Keeping an altar in the kitchen
  • Honoring kitchen/hearth deities like Hestia and Brigid
  • Working with household fairies like kobolds and brownies
  • Weaving magick into daily chores like adding moon water to laundry loads, mopping with herb-infused waters, washing your front door with a magical door wash, etc.
  • Sweeping to cleanse your space of dirt AND negative vibrations
  • Crafting protective amulets or items for your children
  • Divination with everyday items like soap bubbles in the sink, fire scrying with candlelight, reading omens via Old Wives Tales, etc.
  • Growing culinary and medicinal herbs in pots or a garden

How to Turn Any Recipe Into a Spell

Something I had to learn on my own was how to infuse my meals with energy and intention. When I first started practicing, there was nothing in books that taught me this. I had to find my own way. And I soon learned that everyone else will too. But if you’re curious how I turn any recipe into a spell, here’s how:

1. First, Choose a Favorite Recipe

I have certain recipes that I use on a regular basis. Either it’s because they’re quick and easy OR they’re just plain delicious and family-favored. Choose ONE of your favorite recipes to turn magical. OR for an added ancestral boost of power – select a recipe from heirloom cookbooks.

Turning a recipe into a magical spell or ritual isn't as difficult as you'd think.
Some of my inherited cookbooks from my grandmother.

2. Set Your Intention for the Kitchen Spell

For every magical working there must be an intention. A goal. The same goes for kitchen witchcraft. After you’ve chosen your recipe, identify your intention. Is it for your family’s health? Peace in the household? Protection? Monetary prosperity? Keep in mind, with kitchen witchcraft and magical meals, you can choose multiple intentions! This is one of the few areas of the craft where you can add intentions to meals like ingredients!

3. Look at the Ingredients

The first thing I do when turning a recipe from the mundane into kitchen witchcraft is to look at the ingredients. Is there meat? Dairy? Vegetables? Fruits? Herbs and spices? Every ingredient has a magical property or folklore attached to it. If you don’t know any, look it up! Literally googling “sugar’s magical properties” gives hundreds of results. Now, will every single ingredient you use be specifically attuned to your magical intention? Probably not. But you can work around this.

4. Assign a Magical Job for Each Ingredient

After you’ve looked up the properties and/or lore for each ingredient in your kitchen witchcraft recipe, it’s time to assign each ingredients a magical duty, so to speak. This means, if I’m making lemon thyme green beans for protection, for example, I would assign magical duties like this:

EXAMPLE: Kitchen Witchcraft: Lemon Thyme Green Beans for Protection

  • Green beans: protection from evil spirits
  • Lemon zest: cleansing of negative energies from the aura
  • Butter: maternal ancestors’ protection
  • Thyme: protection from disease
  • Salt: purification and protection from negative entities
Kitchen Witchcraft is as easy as being mindful and resourceful!

5. Put It All Together

You’ve figured out what you’re making and how the ingredients will benefit your magical intention, now there’s nothing left to do except make it! As you cook your magical meal or bake your magical dessert, with each ingredient you add, talk to them and tell them what their magical duties are. For example, “I melt this butter and call on my maternal ancestors to protect my house and family.” “I add this thyme and summon its ability to protect my family from disease and illness.” Etc.

More Tips on Cooking Magically

In addition to adding the ingredients and assigning them magical duties, you should also be visualizing your intention as if it already happened while cooking or baking your dish. Stir clockwise to grow something or for a positive change, stir counter-clockwise to banish something from your life. Be mindful of emotions and energies that go into your meals. Those energies may transfer to your family or whomever else you feed.

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