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Witchy Self Care Routines and Rituals to Boost Your Manifestation Powers

For me, I do find self-care to be important and it is something that I try to incorporate into my life and practice but it is a challenge sometimes to keep that momentum going. When we get a break from life and the outside world in the Winter-time especially, or in the very hot summer breaks, this is a great time to turn inward and focus on caring for ourselves. As well as doing shadow work.

The Importance of Self Care for Witches

Speaking of the importance of self-care, WHY is it so important for us to take care of ourselves body, mind and soul? And why is it important for WITCHES, more specifically? When we neglect ourselves, in ANY way (body, mind or soul), our life force weakens. Our connection may weaken. And our power to manifest our goals and desires into reality depletes.

It’s ESSENTIAL for witches because most of us have some kind of ability or gift that needs nurturing. Not to mention, most witches take on energies from different sources including other people, animals, even world events can affect us. We are easily affected by the change of the seasons, astrological events, moon phases, weather patterns, etc. Often our gifts, I’ll use empathic abilities as an example, may leave us drained of our essence, and so self-care offers us ways to protect that life force and replenish it. The same goes for witches with all kinds of abilities: be those abilities one of the clairs (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, etc.), divinatory abilities, spirit workings, or healing of all kinds. Even if you are using your own energy to fuel a spell, this requires you to REPLENISH that energy through some form of self-care. Side note – I hope you all learn how to use other energies outside of your own so you’re not always tapping into your own life force for spells.

Essential Elements of Witchy Self Care

What are the essential elements of the witch’s self-care? I think we can break this down by the 3 main parts to what we call the human experience, which are: body mind and soul.


What are the main ways to care for the witch’s body? We’ll break them down by food, movement, indulgence, sleep and affection. And how to turn these self-care routines into witchy rituals.

Food IS Witchy Self Care…Here’s How…

To add witchcraft to your meals – choose more earth-based foods and less processed foods (I know you’ve heard this a million times but it is truly crucial to your health and makes a huge difference with your own personal manifestation powers). Add your favorite magical herbs to your meals and to a bottle of ice water! I love adding strawberry and rosemary to my water. Or lemon and basil. Indulge in decadent foods occasionally…you have to enjoy life, right? Chocolates, red wines, meads or ales, partake in these, but do so moderately. Drinks LOTS of water. I can’t say that enough. We are made up of at least 60% water, therefore we need water. When you have the time and if you enjoy cooking or baking, make it into an enjoyable experience and witchy self-care ritual. Turn on music, light some candles, drink a glass of wine while you cook a magical meal.


You don’t have to work out doing some crazy cardio or lifting massive weights to get your body moving in a witchy way. Lots of witches enjoy learning a certain form of dance like belly dancing. I’ve known witches that do aerial yoga and acrobatics. Do you have a pool? Go for a swim! My favorite ways to move are dancing when no one’s watching and walking through nature on a daily basis. Your body NEEDS to move. We aren’t here on this planet to sit still in a chair or on a sofa all day long. We would literally just be a sack of potatoes if that was the case. So move your body in some way! I promise you’ll feel better. This is essential for witchy self care. Make it something you enjoy.

Indulgence (Spoil Yourself!)

Some of this witch’s favorite ways to indulge in a little self-care is to create a relaxing, ritual bath. Add topically safe herbs, salts, flower petals, oils, etc. to your bath and take a dip. While you’re bathing, either allow your mind to go blank OR engage in positive self-talk (think of the things you like and love about yourself ONLY). Other ways to spoil your body include getting a massage and facial, saunas, mud bathing, sunbathing, manicure/pedicure, and also relaxing in a safe, comfortable place with a good book or movie, etc. Even buying yourself a new magical tool or that pair of shoes you’ve been eye-ing is okay sometimes!

Sleep: SO important!

Experts say you should get a minimum of 7 hours to 9 hours of sleep a night. Every night. If you’re missing a lot of sleep and you think you’ll “catch up” on it at a later time, your body and mind don’t work that way. If you’ve having trouble sleeping, it’s time to figure out why and try some witchy ways to induce a good night’s sleep. Herbs, teas, diffusing essential oils, ASMR, music, prayer, etc. Not to mention, when we sleep, the spirit world often reaches out to us during our dream time. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to increase your psychic abilities.

Affection: yes this is something that is necessary for everyone. Show yourself affection as well!

You might think you don’t need physical affection from yourself or others, but you do. You particularly need it from other individuals – affectionate physical touch. Why? Because it releases specific hormones in your body that are known to elevate mood…balancing mind and body. Ask your family member for a twenty-second hug once a day, and I promise you you’ll feel better. Affection is an important part of witchy self care.

Self love spells don't have to be difficult.

Witchy Self Care for the Mind

Caring for your mind is, in my opinion, just as important as caring for your body. If your mind is neglected or ill, the rest of your life will struggle. Does this mean that everyone always feels good in their mind? No. We all struggle with mental health issues from time to time. But it’s essential to care for our minds. Sometimes to acknowledge that we need help. If you feel you are struggling with your mental health, FIRST please seek a qualified professional to help you work through it. In addition to caring for our mental and emotional health, it helps to put yourself in a state of learning. Absorbing new information or learning a new skill, for example.

Knowledge In

Witchy self-care for the mind first includes whatever way in which you nourish your mind with new information. For me, that’s study through books and practice. It’s also through listening to the gods. I acquire a lot of wisdom through my dreams, so I also keep a dream journal. These are particularly helpful if you can go back and review your dreams, looking for patterns and distinguishing your own personal dream symbolism.

Knowledge Out: Let Those Emotions Out Through Art!

Finding a witchy creative outlet is crucial to your mental and emotional health. You have to let out your feelings and thoughts and all of that energy inside in some way to release your mind. This could be writing in a journal, singing, dancing, artwork, crafting, cooking. I believe this also includes spell casting and divination (obviously there’s crossover here between all 3 body, mind, soul elements but you get the picture).

Witch’s Self Care Rituals for the Spirit

Truly the answer here is whatever gives YOU that inner peace and joy, do MORE of. For witches, that answer might be one or more of the following:

  • Meditation
  • Prayer
  • Deity invocation
  • Healing through shadow work, dream work, reiki, crystals, etc.
  • Being in nature (HUGE for most witches!)
  • Divination
  • Spell work (see our recommended self love spells below)

When do we find the time to engage in witchy self care?

This is the issue modern witches have. When to find the time to engage in witchy self care rituals and routines. The answer is – you have to work it into your daily life. You might not always be able to take a long ritual bath or buy that pretty new deck of tarot cards. BUT you always have time to eat! Set aside even ten minutes in the evening (or when you have quiet time) to read a book that you like or drink a cup of tea. Take care of your body AND spirit by walking in nature fifteen minutes a day, during your lunch break, even. And if your job is causing you too much stress…consider a NEW witchy career path. YOU are worth the effort, I promise!

Self Love Spell #1: Rise and Shine, Queenie!

What You’ll Need for this SIMPLE Self Love Spell:

  • a mirror


  1. Upon waking in the morning, after your feet have hit the floor, look in the first mirror you come to.
  2. It doesn’t matter how you look, if your hair is frizzy or you’re wearing old make-up. Smile at yourself for at least 5 seconds and see yourself made up and looking like a queen/king.
  3. Then say out loud, “I am beautiful. I love me. And I deserve an abundance of joy and peace. I am royalty.”
  4. Say three times every day for at least three days.

Doesn’t sound like much of a self love spell, but I promise you positive affirmations and visualization together pack a BIG punch! The mind is a powerful thing. When you tell yourself you love yourself and that you’re beautiful, truly mean it. It might be difficult at first, but you’ll find after a while that you start believing it.

Self Love Spell #2: Worship My Body

What You’ll Need for this Self Love Spell:

  • bubble bath
  • rose petals
  • glass of champagne/wine
  • clean bathtub
  • robe
  • candles


  1. Draw a hot bath with bubbles. Set your glass of wine or champaigne where you can reach it while bathing.
  2. Add rose petals to your bubble bath. Turn down the lights. Light a couple candles.
  3. The point of this self love spell is to make your bath feel like a romantic moment – but the romance is focused solely on YOURSELF.
  4. Once in the tub, using shampoo, wash your hair. Take your time doing this. Massage your scalp and say, “I worship my mind. For I am powerful and intelligent. I make good decisions for myself.”
  5. Rinse and then move on to washing your face. Say, “I worship my face. I am beautiful and radiate beauty to the world.”
  6. Wash your neck and say, “I worship my throat. I am strong enough to always speak my truth.”
  7. Wash your shoulders, arms, and when you get to your chest say, “I worship my heart. It feeds my body with nourishment and radiates love. I love myself.”
  8. Move down your body, washing every part and saying, “I worship _____. It does ________ for me.”
  9. Relax in the tub as long as you’d like. Sip your drink and bask in the glory that is YOU!
  10. Emerge a self-loved being, feeling and knowing you are a god/goddess!
Un-tangled Self Love Spell involves brushing intentions in and removing tangles of struggles.

Listen to our podcast on Self Care:

Self Love Spell #3: Un-tangled

What You’ll Need for this Self Love Spell:

  • a brush
  • a mirror


  1. On a day when your hair needs to be brushed, take a brush and go sit in front of a mirror.
  2. Take the brush and start at the crown of your head. Brush outwards with a long, gentle stroke.
  3. While doing this, visualize your struggles and worries, your insecurities as tangles in your hair. The brush is removing these worries and struggles, un-tangling your life with each stroke.
  4. Continue to do this, brushing and visualizing your insecurities becoming un-tangled and your beauty growing with each stroke.
  5. Take at least ten minutes to brush your entire head of hair, even if your hair is short. If you finish before ten minutes, start over and repeat the process.
  6. At the end, look in the mirror and envision your hair as white light, beaming with the love of the gods.

A Word on Self Love Spells

You see, self love spells don’t have to be elaborate or difficult. They are often simple because let’s face it – caring for others in our lives is difficult enough! When we actually have time to care for ourselves, it should be relaxing and empowering. Feel free to tweak these self love spells as you see fit. No circle needs to be cast for these self love spells, nor do you need to ground your energy following the spells. One final word – you are loved!

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