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Confident Witch: Boost Your Self Confidence With Magick & Mindfulness

Most of my life I felt like I was less than. Less than pretty. Less than smart. Less than confident. Then I hit a pivotal point in my life when I wanted better for myself. I made a decision to change my life, and I started by working on my self esteem and confidence. Witchcraft wasn’t just a spiritual path, it became an empowering motivator. It helped me heal and lifted me up from the pits of self loathing and unworthiness. Here are a few of the witchy ways I boosted my self confidence. I hope they help you become the confident bad-ass witch that you truly are!

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Ways to Boost Your Confidence as a Witch

1. Look in the Mirror

The first thing I started doing was looking at myself in the mirror daily. Really looking at myself and choosing one thing about my appearance that I like and that makes me feel like the beautiful witch I am. I focused on positive aspects instead of focusing on the negative. For example, maybe you’ll look in the mirror and think, “I love my old soul eyes.” Or “my hair is wavy like the ocean.” Do this every day. One positive thing – no negatives!

2. Dress Yourself in Magick

Self confidence articles will tell you to dress yourself nice if you want to feel nice. While it seems cliche, it’s true. As without, so within. Plus witches understand the magick of color – use it to your advantage! I found myself wearing a lot of black. Not only to repel negativity but also to make myself feel like a powerful, beautiful witch. Wear black OR wear the color that makes you feel beautiful! Instead of grabbing for a pair of sweats, put on a witchy dress or pair of skinny jeans. A little extra effort goes a long way.

Boost your self confidence by invoking the goddess within.

3. Invoke the Goddess

An invocation means to invite the Divine in. Invoke the goddess in times when you need to feel like a warrior, a queen, a sorceress, etc. When I needed to stand my ground, I invoked strong warrior goddesses like the Morrigan, Sekhmet, Athena and Artemis. When I wanted to feel sexy and powerful, I invoked Aphrodite, Hathor, and Freya. The goddess is already within you, you just have to bring her out. Talk about a self confidence boost!

4. Move, Witch!

As much as I fought it at first, I realized exercise was necessary if I wanted to feel good about myself. Is it hard? Yes. Do I sometimes hate it when I’m in the middle of it? Yes. But our bodies were made to move, not sit around on our butts all day long staring at computer screens. Do you think the gods would be moving or sedentary? Exercise doesn’t just get your body in shape, it gets your MIND in shape. Get those endorphins flowing and watch your confidence rise. It’s also about setting small goals for yourself and achieving them.

Witchy Exercise Options & Goals

Start out with a witchy exercise that interests you. Some options are yoga, belly dancing, aerial acrobatics, and tai chi. OR get outside and connect with nature by hiking, nature walking, kayaking/canoeing, etc. Don’t dive into exercising head-first with a program that’s 7 days a week, ease into it slowly. Try a fifteen minute home workout three times a week and increase from there.

5. Achievable Goals

A great way to boost your self confidence is to set small achievable goals and then achieve them! In addition to setting exercise goals, set some witchcraft practice goals, too. For example, maybe you’d like to learn how to read tarot cards in a month’s time. Set the goal, create a plan of study and practice, then squash the goal. It feels great to know we can accomplish the things we set out to, and this is what will boost your self confidence in the long run.

6. Something New on the New Moon

Even as witches, we get into comfortable patterns and routines in life. We get cozy inside our warm little boxes. Guess what? Comfort doesn’t help self confidence. On the New Moon, try something new. Try something that even scares you. Don’t like being in front of a crowd? Go out for karaoke night. Don’t like heights? Time for a hike or a roller coaster ride. Are you afraid of the deep water? Go out for a boat ride. Doing new things that scare us also challenges us and shows us that we are powerful, capable witches.

Mind your self talk. Replace negative thoughts with positive.

7. Mind Your Self Talk

Negative thoughts used to eat me alive. I tore my own self down with my mind. Told myself I wasn’t good enough. I was fat. Ugly. Anything mean and self deprecating, you name it. I thought it. Mind your self talk. Call yourself out when you think negatively about yourself. Replace negative thoughts with positive OR redirect your thoughts elsewhere. In The Witch’s Book of Self Care, Arin Murphy-Hiscock says to talk to yourself like you are a child. It sounds silly but it works. “Ouch. Did that hurt? I bet it did.” “Oh, look at that butterfly over there! I wonder where it’s going?” Change your mind. Change your life.

8. Chakra Balancing

Raising your self confidence and self esteem takes healing work. It’s not going to be a quick thing that happens in a day’s time. It takes time. It’s a journey. And on that journey, your spirituality will be a key factor in helping you heal. Chakra meditations, particularly for opening your solar plexus, are powerful to help your self confidence and power. Try out a free guided chakra meditation on YouTube. Focus on your solar plexus as it is the center for your self esteem.

9. Cleansing Rituals

I’m a big cleansing ritual witch. I use them often and I preach it to my fellow witches. If you don’t do regular spiritual cleansings on yourself and your home, start now. Negative thoughts can manifest in many ways including low self esteem, anxiety and depression, and addictions. Your negative thoughts can attract negative energy from the outside world. Smudge yourself OR perform a ritual cleansing bath. Cleansing your space is also a necessity. Do both on a monthly basis (at least).

10. Journaling

As a witch, many of us keep a Book of Shadows or grimoire at the ready. Now’s the time to dust it off and use it. In addition to rituals and spells, I also write down my thoughts, emotions and day’s events in my grimoire. Journaling about your road to self confidence is beneficial in many ways. One day you’re going to wake up and feel powerful and confident and FULL of magick. And you’ll read about the first day you began your healing journey and realize how far you’ve come!

11. Shadow Work

To own your true power is to be in tune with ALL aspects of yourself. That means acknowledging and embracing the shadows within. Your fears, dislikes, triggers, and areas of your life that you need to work on are your shadows. Shadow work is a potent method for witches to integrate their shadows and therefore become whole again. A witch that’s looked into the darkness of herself, seen and recognizes her shadows is a powerful witch. Learn more about shadow work here in our podcast.

You Want to Be a Powerful Witch?

Think about one witch you admire – either fictional or historical. Did that witch sit around moping and feeling down about herself? Or was she self confident and aware of the power inside of her? Witches come and ask me how they can be powerful, how they can make their magick produce results. Your magick won’t be powerful if you don’t believe in your own power. Start with your self confidence and your magick will blossom.

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Confident Witch: 10 Ways to Boost Your Self Confidence With Magick and Mindfulness


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