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Busy Mom Witch: How to Fit Magick Into Mommy-hood in 11 Ways

I’m a mom of two. And I don’t know about you but it keeps me busy from sun up to sun down. Finding time to practice my craft let alone take a shower seems like a funny joke at times. Yet over the years, I’ve learned how to integrate my witchcraft practice and spirituality with my busy daily routines. Here’s 11 ways to be a busy mom witch AND keep your sanity balancing life, work and your craft.

The Key to Being a Balanced Busy Mom Witch

The key to being a balanced, busy mom witch is to fit small rituals and magical habits into your daily mundane routine. THEN when you have extra time (the gods allowing) on the weekends, nights, and holidays, fit your more elaborate rituals in.

1. Transportation Magick

Most busy mom witches are driving their kids around from place to place. We are literally our children’s chauffeurs on a daily basis. In the midst of all the driving, instead of loathing the commute, mix a little magick into your journeys! Play your favorite witchy music, look for divine messages on license plates or in the clouds, and talk to your guides once the kids have left the vehicle. Lately I’ve really been digging magical and folklore podcasts like The Midnight Library and Supernatural on Spotify. In addition, I have an essential oil diffuser in my car to diffuse peppermint, lavender, and eucalyptus depending on the mood.

2. Morning Blessings

In the morning, bless your coffee, tea, and breakfast by drawing sigils or symbols over them. Pray to your goddess while getting ready in the morning (you can easily work praying into your showering and while getting dressed). If you are an early riser, try waking up earlier than the family to spend a few moments at your altar. Give offerings, pray, chant, or meditate while the house is still quiet! Don’t worry. If you’re not a morning person, try evening rituals instead.

Busy mom witches should find time to work magick during the quiet times in the morning or night.
Pray blessings over your coffee in the morning.

3. Divination on the Fly

Whether you’re in the car line picking up the kids or running down a grocery aisle, divination on the fly is a great way to add magick to any moment and connect with the divine. Read nature signs while outside, practice listening to others’ conversations to divine a message, OR try a Rune or Tarot app on your mobile phone. You could pick a card or rune anywhere and at any time. I also highly recommend listening to the songs stores play, as sometimes my ancestors send me songs while I’m shopping!

4. Lunch Break for the Busy Mom Witch

If you’re a working mom and get a lunch break, take advantage of the time you have. Instead of eating inside, take your lunch outside and enjoy the fresh air and connect with nature. Or eat your lunch then go for a quick walk. If you can’t get outside, sit quietly and listen to a witchy podcast or meditation through your phone/earbuds. If you have your kids at home with you, take them for a nature walk too! While you walk, point things out to your kiddos that you find magical: a crow flying by, a pretty flower in bloom, the buzz of honeybees. I use these moments as teaching moments too.

5. Add Magick to Your Chores

As a busy mom witch, the chores never seem to end. Some days I feel myself drowning in laundry, other days I want to throw the dishes away in the trash. Instead of loathing or avoiding our chores, why not work some magick into them? For example, bless your laundry room and dedicate it to a domestic goddess. Add different herbal infusions to your wash for different intentions. Scry with soap bubbles while doing the dishes. Sweep the house and sweep away negative energy. I also love listening to witchy or pagan music while cleaning.

A smart busy mom witch knows how to incorporate witchcraft into her daily duties like cooking.

6. Cooking Magical Meals

Cooking is one of those things we have to do as busy mom witches. If you’re a kitchen witch, you may already work magick into your meals. But if you’re not, consider learning how to add intention into your meals, work with culinary herbs, make teas and more! All easy ways to be a busy mom and a witch simultaneously – practice while cooking and cleaning. You can even get the kids involved – make moon cookies, craft fairy offerings, and more.

7. Checking the Mail

You wouldn’t think checking the mail or taking out the trash could be magical, but I’m here to confess that it is! Any time I walk outside, I take in the world around my driveway and home. I look for nature signs and omens, i.e. feathers on the ground, birds in the trees or flying overhead, new plants or flowers, etc. While you check your mail, say hello to Mother Nature. A simple yet serene moment in a busy mom’s day. Can’t see much nature? Look up into the sky!

8. Less Screen Time

While TV and scanning our phones may seem relaxing, in reality we are cheating ourselves of key spiritual and mental time. I’ve made an effort to lessen my screen time at night by replacing it with thirty minutes or more of reading. Read a witchy fiction or non-fiction after the kids are asleep instead of scanning through FaceBook or watching Netflix.

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Trade your nightly screen time for 30 minutes of witchcraft study.

9. Locking Up the House

Every busy mom has a sundown routine. You know what I mean – you walk around the house and close the blinds, turn on lamps, and lock the doors for the night. Have you ever thought of adding a little witchcraft to that routine? While locking my doors at night, I also magically lock them by drawing a protective rune with my finger over them. I also take a quick moment to pray to my ancestors and goddess for protection and blessing over my house.

10. Cherish the Holidays and Moments

Even though it gets busy on the holidays, most of us have at least a few moments of relaxation and family quality time. Cherish these moments – create your own witchy family holiday traditions to continue each year. Even if it’s not a holiday, breathe and be thankful for the small moments with your children and loved ones. Love is what keeps a witch’s power flowing.

11. Get the Kids Involved

Trying to figure out how you can work magick and keep the kids entertained? Get your kids involved! There are so many fun crafts and activities that kids would enjoy that would also support your witchcraft practice. Craft suncatchers, sew dollbabies/poppets, bake fairy cakes, etc. My daughter enjoys looking at my oracle card collection, so when I want to do a quick reading I let her admire the artwork. There are many ways to be a mommy AND a witch…you just have to be creative!

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7 thoughts on “Busy Mom Witch: How to Fit Magick Into Mommy-hood in 11 Ways

  1. I am a first time mom ( single mom) . I have been a witch since I was younger , but never really read any books etc . Now I feel like all I have time to do most days is read, and learn new things which is ok when I think about it . I look at it like – I can use these few years when a lot of hands on parenting is required etc to learn all I can do when I do have the time for more Elaborate workings I will be super knowledgeable and feel ready!

  2. Hola senoritas, n brujas,
    I became a witch when I was very young. I knew I was going to lead a life full of nature and have always felt deeply connected to every living being, animals, plants, and most of all mother earth. Then my curiosity for my own existence, lead me first to the moon and stars, then deeply exploring the 12 major constellations, galaxies, solar systems, and much more. Having been born on February 29th, (Leap day) I knew I was unique and had divine connection, but it wasn’t until Motherhood that I blossomed and understood life, creation, and balance. In witchcraft for what you cleanse, you must replace, for every sage cleanse (burning sage), take the time to follow it with your favorite incense for aromatherapy, and a light sweetgrass or cedarwood burn to replenish good energy back to the home. My children love holding the sage bundles (un-lit of course) and chanting wih me as we smudge the house together. It is a beautiful feeling knowing my children are helping create the positive energy and love that protects our home and uplifts our souls! I just started ritual bathing with my children, who are (2 & 4) yrs old. I feel my son is an old soul like myself, and my daughter is a soul so pure and energized I had not felt energy like hers before, even carrying her maternally felt new and unfamiliar from what I had experienced before in being with child. i feel in her energy she is here to guide me but it will all be clear in time. The moment I brought life onto this earth was the moment that Mother earth, the Universe, and the divine awakened the part of my soul that questioned life’s deepest connection. When I ground myself, I ground my children, I extend that new found love and energy to my husband so he can root himself better after long days at work. To my fellow witches and warlocks, we can empower our next gen, we can make a difference with our kindred teachings of reflect, release, revive, replenish, and our little ones will re-discover a healthier way of life. Thank you …
    ps- This is my energy needing to dive into a ritual myself! Night my witchy witches!

  3. This is an eye opener. First time mommy with a 1 year old, and a beginner witch. I feel like I only have time to journal and research, but these small steps truly make me feel magickal!

    1. Halley – You just have to get creative and work it into your routine. Try different things and figure out what works for you and your family. 🙂

  4. Right on!
    Glad to know there are others drawing symbols in their beverages and perpetually scanning for omens. Also, talking to nature. 🙂

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