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5 of the BEST Oracle Decks for Green Witches

Oracle cards are amazing for a few reasons: 1. Because they allow the witch to divine messages based mostly on intuition. 2. It doesn’t take years to learn how to read oracle. Bonus: the artwork on some of these oracle decks is PHENOMENAL. Green witches are attuned to the earth, the elements, gardens, forests, and fairies. For those reasons, we chose these 5 as the best oracle decks for green witches.

1. The Faery Forest

The Faery Forest Oracle: An Oracle of the Wild Green World by Lucy Cavendish is our absolute favorite oracle deck for green witches. Why? Have you seen the artwork by Maxine Gadd? Feast your eyes below. Not only are there faery queens, elvish gods, volvas, shamans, and wise women, but the vibe of this deck screams GREEN WITCH. Every time we’ve used this deck, the energy is spot on. This oracle deck for green witches doesn’t lie and will sync up with your energy almost immediately.

Best Oracle Decks for Green Witches include this deck - the Faery Forest.
The Faery Forest Oracle Deck for Green Witches

2. Wisdom of the Hidden Realms

We weren’t sure about this oracle deck when first purchased, but after some time and getting to know it, we love it. Wisdom of the Hidden Realms Oracle Cards by Collete Baron-Reid is quite similar in style to the Faery Forest Oracle by Cavendish; however, there are more cards in the deck and the energy is a bit different. Somehow this oracle deck feels a bit on the wild side. You never know what character’s going to pop up and surprise you from the deep woods, desolate deserts, or witch’s herb garden.

4 of the BEST Oracle Decks for Green Witches
A peak at the Wisdom of the Hidden Realms Oracle Cards

3. Earth Magic

Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven D. Farmer was one of the first oracle cards for green witches we purchased. We’ve been working with this deck for at least five years and love the spirit of it. Many people deny Farmer as a legitimate oracle source because of his connection with Doreen Virtue (she recently denounced oracle and all forms of magic); however, don’t let that dissuade you from these cards. Featuring natural landscapes, animals, basic human concepts, the moon, and sabbats, this oracle deck is perfect for green witches AND beginners.

Favorite oracle decks for green witches including Earth Magic by Steven D. Farmer.
Earth Magic Oracle Deck being put to use.

4. Soulflower Plant Spirit

Our fourth favorite oracle deck for green witches is the Soulflower Plant Spirit Oracle Deck by Lisa Estabrook. This is not an oracle deck on Amazon or any large company online. Find this GORGEOUS oracle deck on the artist’s website mysoulflower.com. If you want to really dive into flower magic and plant familiars, this is the oracle deck for you. The artwork is subtle but powerful and each card will have a deep meaning for your readings. What’s a better oracle deck for green witches than one based solely on the spirit of flowers?

Soulflower Plant Spirit Oracle by Lisa Estabrook

5. Amy Brown’s Faery Wisdom Oracle

Were you a huge Amy Brown art fan in the 90s and early 2000s? I was! Just this year she released her first oracle card deck Faery Wisdom Oracle. The deck comes with a guidebook, not to mention how beautiful the box is that it comes in. This deck is playful and mischievous, just like the fae. I use it mostly for personal oracle readings and have truly enjoyed the vibes so far. It’s a great choice for green witches, because…well, most green witches enjoy working with the fae. In addition, the elements are represented throughout this oracle deck.

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